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  • Day179

    Vienna's other Christmas markets

    December 22, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ -2 °C

    Vienna has 16 Christmas markets in total, one had closed the day we arrived so we didn't see that but we wanted to immerse ouselved in the Christmas experience and explore as many of the others as possible. Armed with the map of the U-Bahn network and an information leaflet telling us where the markets were we visited 4 markets that evening. The first was in a pedestrianised side street and had a hippy feel with lots of street food, knitted garments and wooden decorations, toys and instruments. The second was in the Museums Quarter in a large square surrounded by imposing stone buildings. Instead of huts or stalls, it had polytunnels selling drinks and food. It felt quite 'studenty' but not very Christmassy, it somehow exuded a 'too cool for Christmas' vibe and we didn't stay long.

    Next, the Christmas Village was distinctive for where it was, in Maria-Theresien Platz sandwiched between two incredible palaces built to mirror each other over the square. One had changing light images projected on to its walls, with images of baubles and holly.
    The final market of the evening took us through the arches of Hoffburg Palace, past its massive white stone statues of wrestling men, under an arched dome with a beautifully painted ceiling and out into the 'posh' part of town. The market reflected the white stone buildings with its white wooden huts lit by falls of fairy lights. Pairs of horses stood patiently in front of their plush carriages ready to whisk those with more money than us to burn on a tour of the city. The surrounding streets all had different hanging lights down their centres, some with candles, others with giant spheres or chandeliers. Everywhere we looked were designer names; Dior, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Cartier and too many others to remember. What we will remember however are the public toilets! They cost 50c but the assistant opened and closed the frosted glass sliding door to the large vintage tiled cubicle with porcelain toilet and basin with dark wood and gold furniture. They were old but in immaculate condition and they may well be the best public toilets we ever visit!

    Many markets closed on the 23rd so we had a double trip in the next day. The morning saw us perusing the Old Viennese Christmas market that had some lovely handmade decorations, including some made out of steel and of straw together with food stalls selling vegetables, meat and fish. Vicky treated herself to an apple and fig slice with shortcrust pastry - yummy!

    Because the cold was beginning to take its toll, we warmed up with some beef goulash in a 1950s style cafe on the way to Belvedere Palace. The palace was a little way outside the city centre and had a small market in its extensive grounds. We don't recall seeing a building with so many statues on it and have never known a city with so many palaces!

    After a rest and some time spent back at the van with Poppy, we returned in the dark to find 3 more markets. We had been in two minds over whether to do this evening visit because we thought we may well have seen all there was to to be sold on the stalls we'd seen already. We were to be proved wrong at the Art Advent market on Karlszplatz! The beautifully lit Karlz Kirche with its domed roof rose above strings of warm white lights and the traditional wooden huts that were arranged around a central area that had been transformed into a petting zoo! There were tons of original items on the stalls, with the artists themselves selling their creations. We'd have been shocked if the next two markets (a small collection of food stalls and a lackluster traditional market at the university) had been anywhere near as interesting. However we did get to watch a game of curling at the latter. Tired but very happy, we returned to the van after a full but fun day.
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  • Day26

    Time Flies

    February 16 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ -1 °C

    I can honestly not believe how time flies..
    I just arrived in Vienna on Monday and today I had my first day of work. Looking back at this week, I have the feeling that I’ve been here for ages already. Talking about Vienna, I am super impressed. The city ist beautiful. I would even say it’s prettier than Hamburg, and that says a lot. The architecture is really old and modern at the same time, you can really see that not a lot got destroyed during world war 1 and 2. After checking out the city and walking around a lot, I noticed that I developed a feeling of comfort. Lately I had the general impression that, it doesn’t really matter where, it is easy for me to feel comfortable in a new place. Maybe I’m just getting used to the constant moving or the places I’m choosing are super inviting. Anyways, I’m curios how the next week will be, especially regarding work. Cheers, Justine :)Read more

  • Day2

    Abendlicher Genuss

    May 20, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Als Ausklang eines herrlichen Tages durfte der berühmte Kaiserschmarrn und ein Drink nicht fehlen! Eher zufällig ist uns auch der Beste der Stadt begegnet!
    Zu Nati's Freude haben wir am selben Ort ebenso ein Atelier entdeckt, das Teil der Uni ist, an der ihr Chef auch als Professor unterrichtet: Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.Read more

  • Day11

    Sunny VIENNA

    May 9, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    6AM alarm didn't go off. NO we automatically woke up at 5:30am. We packed last night to make it easier in the morning. Train ride is scheduled for 10:15am.
    Luckily it's just a 5 minute walk.
    With time to spare we walked next door to the mall. Stores were closed so we went to the mall grocery store. Fun to see different items from home.
    Hubby surprised me by buying me a beautiful necklace and earrings from the lobby of our hotel. This will be so meaningful to me cuz he gave it to me in my favorite city. ♥
    Even when we try to take up time we seem be quick.
    So.....guess we'll get some coffee/lattes at the Starbucks next door. We loved the location of this hotel everything is within walking distance.
    Went to the train station and hung out close to our departure train platform. Found our "FIRST CLASS SEATS" they're really comfy with lots of room. Decided to order lunch on this 2.5 hour train ride.
    John had Mac 'n Cheese, salad and beer I had Apple juice from our backpack and a panini which was bread with what seemed like a 1/4 inch bologne slice. (I was hungry so I ate 1 slice of bread with the meat. I don't really like BOLOGNE but like I said "I was hungry".
    The mustard came in a tube which was different. I'm not a mustard person so I just put a dab for taste.
    The view on the way was very pretty. I haven't seen that much green in a long while.
    We arrived in Vienna 10 minutes later than scheduled. We got a taxi right outside the terminal. Our taxi driver a singer who indicated he sang at venues around Austria. Not sure if he was for real but his singing was pretty good.
    We arrived at our hotel. Not going to be one of our favs but it's walking distance to a church, shopping area, taxi and food. Seems to be run by an older austrian man who speaks pretty good english.
    The elevator is so small only two people fit at a time. We have a key to our room and one to the front door of the hotel. Room has everything we need and is spacious. The bed is comfy but it is so low. Guess we can roll out of it. Hahahaha.
    We decided to make our first sightseeing tour by foot and by Horse Carriage. The city is very beautiful. Lots of shopping ~ stores, boutiques, bakeries, high end jewlry stores, shoes, clothes....
    John keeps saying that the streets and buildings look like the fake back drop at a movie studio. I just keep telling him "this is the REAL DEAL"!
    We caught a taxi to drive us back after a nice dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. The taxi driver gave us a tour on the way back. Stopped to view the American Embassy in Vienna where my Uncle Joe worked while serving in the Marines. Not sure if it was the right location but they have it so secured you even have to get an approval to take a picture of it.
    It's been a long enjoyable day. We're tired but have been able ro rest for the next day.
    Tomorrow is shopping, seeing inside of churches more sightseeing and a river cruise. Hoping to get to the ferris wheel for night viewing of the city.
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  • Day13

    Last day/night in Vienna.

    May 11, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Always a bittersweet leaving a beautiful city.
    So today was a free day to go out and take in as much as we could of some places we've already seen.
    We started our journey from our hotel with a leasurely walk to find a place to have breakfast. We found a small place which seemed to be husband/wife owned.
    Had a ham and cheese omelette that reminded me of my mom's. It was hot chocolate for me and John ordered a latte. A crisp morning so a hot drink was perfect to warm up.
    We continued on our walk and stopped at a few, no not a few every souvenier shop I could take John into. LoL
    We took a few pics along the way and continued our walk to places we may have not seen on any tour.
    We stopped at three different churches/cathedrals. We both have enjoyed the beauty in each and every one of them.
    Started heading back to our hotel to straighten up and go through all our souvenirs. Picked up 4 bottles from some people on the street introducing a new drink. Pretty good non-alcoholic drink. Love Freebees.
    After we were done we got ready to go on another adventure.....WALKING. We shopped and walked. Found some hat's along the way. We walked and found this hidden restaurant with some viennese food.
    Kinda fancy yet casual and this nice older man seemed to work the whole restaurant on his own. He spoke very little English but luckily he had menu's in english. Very easy to just point. He was very pleasant and kind and the food was the BEST! Beer, Lemonade, 2 salad bar salads, Vienna Trout with white rice, ribeye steak with potatoes and grilled onions for only $34. Great PRICE for a great dinner in a very nice restaurant. As we walked towards our hotel we realized we were only a couple blocks away.
    John is so good in directions no matter where we are it's impossible to get lost. I just walk and walk and stay right next to him.
    Time to get some sleep it's 10:30pm here now. We'll be checking out very early for our next destination.

    Here we come ROMA, ITALIA!!!
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  • Day2

    Cafeteria Mariahilf

    July 22, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Wie der Name schon sagt, ist das ein Straßen Cafe in der Maria Hilf Straße, eine der zahlreichen Einkaufsmeilen der Stadt.

    Das was man da sieht ist aber kein Caipi, sonden ein Limmetten Getränk ohne den bösen Alkohol.

    Dazu gab es noch Salat mit gegrilltem Pulpo. - lecker.

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