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  • Day10


    May 12, 2018 in Belgium ⋅

    Also die Ansammlung an irre witzigen Autos ist schon lustig.
    Was da zum Teil mitfährt, gehört eigentlich ins Museum.
    Aber wir schlagen uns ganz gut mit unserem dicken.
    Der V12 wurde von Insidern schon sehr lobend als möglicher Gewinner betitelt.
    Sagen wir mal so, wir versuchen es.
    Ende des Tages sollten wir in Eastbourne landen.Read more

  • Day9


    May 11, 2018 in Belgium ⋅

    Nach 774km sind wir nun freudig in Brüssel angekommen. Die erste und eigentlich längste Etappe wäre damit geschafft. Jetzt geht es zum Meet an greet der anderen Teams.
    Wir freuen uns.

  • Day63


    June 5, 2017 in Belgium ⋅

    Woke up and my body was so sore.
    I pretended to be a sleep for a while so I didn't have to get up.
    We did a quick clean of the apartment which included vacuuming Wills hair off the bathroom floor - he is honestly part bear then we did some research on what we could do today.
    There is a interactive EU building called the parliamentarian which I though looked interesting and has a #2 ranking on TripAdvisor behind the Grand Place but Will wasn't too keen - I guess not in a learning mood.
    If we end up in the area I might drag him in but for the moment we agreed to walk to a famous chip shop - supposedly the best in Brussels. It's been around since 1948.
    It was a 2.5km walk but in a different direction which was good so we got to see new streets.
    We eventually got there and Will was his hilarious self and refused point blank to wait in the massive line.
    I figured we had walked all this way and it's a novelty place to go so I was more than willing. I told him to find a place to sit and I'd wait in the line.
    He has no patience - he will struggle when it comes to doing Mundane things with Jaxon. Hahah can't wait.
    We have such different life skills. I am useless at so so so many things but 'being bored' is something I can do with ease. #onlychildskills
    I waited for about 45 mins in line.
    The girl in front of me had deformed hands and I tried not to look at them but I had nothing else to do so I always seemed to be directed back to them. They looked like crab claws.
    Will claims to have seen a really big pigeon. He said something along the lines of it was like a pidgeotto not a pidgey. 😂
    We finally got the chips - a local helped me speak french to the worker and we sat in a local bar to eat our chips. Will got 2 Stellas.
    We then went walking back in the direction of the city centre through a garden but came across this museum looking building - we asked what it was - it was the House of European history and it was free to enter - so we did.
    We had to go through security gates then we got a storage locker then began 1 of 6 levels of displays. It was really good - it basically showed how Europe linked together over time in everything from dog breeds, food, musical instruments, toys, dance styles and of course the usual military and political aspects.
    There was a fantastic royal family tree that I spent a while examining. It's so intricate.
    It then went onto the world wars. I love old war photos. I think they are so powerful. Luckily Will was tired so I was able to sit down and watch a slideshow without him complaining :)
    There was the option of getting interactive tables - in hindsight I'm very disappointed we didn't get one but I didn't want to push Will to being a cranky bum so I went without.
    Because I didn't have one I asked a worker what the significance was of a singular gun in a lone glass display was -!He answered saying it is one of the 3 guns they think shot Franz Ferdinand with so I though that was pretty friggen cool.
    The Hitler display was good too. It showed some of the propaganda and other nazi things - it had a used cyanide cartridge which was grim.

    On the top floor I cast my vote about EU issues even though I'm not a relevant party ✌🏼I found it fun.
    The museum was super duper. It's new apparently so we are lucky to have seen it - apparently the EU spent 55 million on it.
    The EU is based in Brussels (and 2 other spots) but we did see a lot the relevant EU buildings on our walk.

    We then kept walking and came across the parliamentarian and Will said we could go in :D
    It too was free but this time we got the interactive device.
    I learnt a lot about the Schuman Plan and how it essentially created the EU.
    There was also a picture of an 82 year old Italian lady casting her first vote - what a truly special day that would have been for her.
    This museum was more about how the EU works which was a bit beyond my comprehension considering I had no knowledge to begin with. I do feel more informed now though. I can't expect myself to learn an entire political system in an hour.
    I bought a mug in the museum - it was 8€ which Will thought was ridiculously expensive until I reminded him that's how much he had spend on his 2 beers in the morning - he shut up :)

    We walked towards town and walked properly past the Kings Palace - I can't deal, it's beautiful. I got so many photos.
    We then went to a statue we saw on our tour that you are meant to run head to toe if you want to return to Brussels with the same partner and feet to head if you want to come back with someone different.
    I did head to toe. 🙊🙊 I've decided I'll keep him.
    We then went back to mannekin pis because I wanted to see if he had had a costume change - today he was rudey nudey.
    We then had a waffle each. They are advertised as 1€ but that's just for the dough. The add ons quickly jacked up the price.
    Who wants just a waffle though?
    It was impossible to eat cleanly - they gave you a mini fork but nothing to cut it with. I gave up and just chewed it like an animal.
    I figured that's what the napkin is for - removing chocolate from my forehead.
    I then bought myself a Belgium magnet then we went back to the delirium cafe for Will to have one more beer.
    We then did the long, arduous walk home.
    My legs are so sore.
    I hate the water here. We had a break halfway and it made me feel sick drinking the water. It tastes so chemically altered.
    I'm not hungry but Will is so we plan to ask our host for help regarding food deliveries when we get back cause we should be meeting her shortly.
    I also finally bought Baba Penka a post card. I hope she likes it :)
    I'll send it the same time I send Nana's.

    Our host is nice. She made us tea and we talked a little before she went for a run, I rested and Will organised pizza for dinner.

    Will at the pizza, I packed now it's bed time.

    Other notes:
    - Our host works for the EU - focused on the eastern borders so Ukraine, Russia, Belarus etc
    - I found Vanilla Coke 🙌🏼
    - Zeus and Athens got shipped to WA today. They got rescued! 🙏🏽😄
    - I keep banging my head in our room on everything. Will hasn't once - he must be so used to ducking.
    - My roots are getting bad.
    - Our host was shocked we walked to mini Europe - she said she doesn't know anyone who has done that before haha 💪🏻
    - I think we have smashed our Brussels so well.
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  • Day1


    October 14, 2016 in Belgium ⋅

    Seit sechzig Jahren gibt es hier die belgischbesten Pommes. Wir haben zwei große Portionen zu je drei Euro (! und die Portionen sind wirklich riiiesig!) geholt. Dazu sechs verschiedene Soßen, wodurch wir aber nur einen Bruchteil der Soßen probiert haben. Denn, so habe ich heute gelernt, die Belgier lieben Soßen!!! Dafür stehen sie hier auch gerne mal in langen Schlangen an. Lohnt sich aber! In einigen umliegenden Bars darf man die Frites essen, kann sich gemütlich hinsetzen und noch ein schönes belgisches Bier drantun. Zum Beispiel kriek, schön süß, weil mit Kirsche - wie der Name vielleicht verrät.Read more

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Etterbeek, إيتربيك, Етербек, Έτερμπεεκ, ایتربیئک, Bruxelles (Etterbeek), エテルベーク, 에테르베이크, Ietrebecca, Brussel (Etterbeek), 1040, Эттербек, Еттербек, 埃特尔贝克

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