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  • Day15

    Exploring Brussels

    September 18, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    We started the day with a nourishing breakfast at a lovely cafe - Le Pain Quotidien - located in the Gallerie de la Reine (we are practically neighbours). Ian had scrambled eggs and bacon, and I had their special Quotidien breakfast, which included a soft boiled egg, apple juice, coffee, bread and a croissant. It was delicious, but I couldn’t eat all the bread. We then headed off to the supermarket to pick up some supplies. On our way back to the apartment, Ian located the Fontaine de Jeanneke-Pis (little girl pissing) - a companion to Manneken-Pis - which was installed down a laneway, and not the easiest to find.

    After dropping off our supplies (climbing up 3 floors of steep steps), we headed out to the Grand Place, Brussels’ central square, which is literally 200 metres from our apartment. We walked around and took some lovely snaps before heading off in search of Manneken-Pis, a bronze statue of a boy urinating into a fountain basin (it is Dutch for Little Pissing Man). The one on the street is a replica of the original statue that was designed by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the elder, and was installed in 1619.The original statue is kept in the Museum of the City of Brussels, and is the best known symbol of the people of Brussels and also embodies their sense of humour. Today it was dressed in a costume.
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  • Day15

    Musee des Instruments de Musique

    September 18, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    This museum of musical instruments was very interesting. It is housed in the Old English Building, which used to be a department store. The self guided tour is excellent, as you input a number to the audio guide and then hear the sound of the instrument you are looking at in the display being played. The collection is extensive, and it was interesting to see how many countries, for example, used bag pipes or some version of pipes and a bag. I knew there would be a large range of stringed instruments, but again, the diversity of shape and sound was very interesting. There was a whole floor dedicated to keyboards, as they claim that the only instrument that definitely has its origins in Europe is the keyboard.

    The architecture of the building was also lovely, as it was once a department store, it had a lovely central lift that was fully operational. We caught the lift to the top floor where there is a restaurant and terrace that affords you wonderful views across Brussels.
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  • Day15

    BLASE - Artist

    September 18, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Blase creates new paintings out of old damaged artworks, and gives them a second life by adding subversive details. He is French, and recently had a new “exhibition” called White Trash in Brussels,which we stumbled upon. There was also some other art in the same area which I have included.Read more

  • Day1

    In the capital of chocolate...

    June 24, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    So wie Croissants und Baguettes zu Paris gehören, ist Brüssel untrennbar mit Pralinen und Schokolade verbunden.

    In der Capitale Belgiens verführen unzählige Schokolaterien, vor allem rund um den historischen "Grote Markt" und in der "Galeries Royales St.-Hubert", zu einem süßen Einkaufserlebnis der ganz besonderen Art!

    Schokolade in jeglicher Form, wird in Brüssel zum Kunstobjekt - hochwertig bis extravagant von den "Maitres du Chocolate" in den Schaufenstern und Verkaufsräumen ihrer Fachgeschäfte präsentiert - dabei überraschen die unterschiedlichsten Konzepte!

    Wie direkt aus einem Harry Potter Film entnommen, verzaubert ein fantasievoll gestaltetes Schaufenster mit seinen Leckereien. Direkt daneben ziehen der spektakuläre Schokoladenbrunnen und Skulpturen aus der süßen Versuchung die Blicke besonders langsam gehender Passanten auf sich, während die Verkaufsräume einer Schokolaterie gegenüber, mit wertig präsentierten Köstlichkeiten, eher an einen teuren Juwelier erinnern ( ) - wahrlich, bei weitem nicht nur ein Fest für den verwöhnten Gaumen!

    Das die kleinen, kalorienhaltigen Kunstobjekte einen ganz "besonderen" Preis haben, erklärt sich von selbst - jedoch, diesen sind sie definitiv wert, zaubern sie doch nahezu jedem ein Lächeln ins Gesicht!
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    Engelhafte Angelika

    Hoffentlich bringst Du Susanne auch welche mit 😜


    Solidarität unter Frauen😊😊😊😎

    Engelhafte Angelika

    Logisch und wenn Du schon mal an der Quelle bist 🙋🏼

  • Day16

    AM - Atomium

    September 19, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Today we ventured out a little further afield, so we used Brussel’s public transport system. I had a bit of a sleep in this morning, as I had a fitful night’s sleep due to me having to cough continuously once I went to bed - poor Ian would have had a disrupted night too.

    We headed off for the central station, easily bought tickets, and found our way to the correct train going in the right direction. We had to catch two different lines to make our way out to the Atomium, and it all went pretty smoothly. The Atomium was originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World Expo. It is located on the Hershel Plateau, where the exhibition took place, and is now a museum. It was designed by the civil engineer André Waterkeyn, and architects André and Jean Polak.

    It is 102 meters tall, and it is made up of nine 18 metre (diameter) stainless steel clad spheres that are connected, by tubes. The whole structure forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times. The Atomium was designed to last for 6 months but, due to it’s popularity and success, its destruction was postponed for several years until a decision was taken by the city to keep it. In 2004, 46 years after it was constructed, the Atomium closed for renovation and maintenance. It reopened to the public in 2006.
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  • Day17

    Tea and Biscuits @ Maison Dandoy

    September 20, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Today Gui met us at our apartment, as we intended to go to the climate manifestation (we call it a demonstration) today, part of the global school strike for climate change action. Before the demonstration, we had some time to do a few things we had been wanting to but hadn’t had the time.

    Our first stop was Maison Dandoy, about 100 metres from our apartment. They are famous for their biscuits, which are delicious. The title of this footprint is tea and biscuits but, alas, I couldn’t have tea as they only serve earl grey, which I can’t stand, or herbal and fruit teas. What is it with these people, nobody serves English Breakfast! So, I had a latte. The plate of biscuits I ordered for us to share turned out to be huge. We couldn’t get through them all, so the waitress kindly bagged them up for us to takeaway, and threw in a few extras for good measure.

    We then did a bit of a wander around Brussels, with Gui as our guide, which was lots of fun. We joined the demonstration just after 1.30pm, and found ourselves near the start of the marchers. More on that on my next footprint.
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    S. L.

    OMG!! They look so yummy, even though I can’t taste sugar at the mo. 😋😋😋. hope you've gotten over your cough, etc. need to byo your own EB tea bags.. 😉

  • Day18

    Early birthday celebration

    September 21, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    It was to be my cousin Brigitte’s birthday on Monday 23 September. As we were only in town until the 22nd, Brigitte kindly arranged an early celebration with the family. We got to see Nathalie, Ahmet and Sohan, Gui, Geertje and Lisa, and Stefan and his daughter Emma, as well as Paulette. The only one we didn’t see is Rob, maybe next time. It was a lovely late afternoon with blue sky and sunshine, and a temperature of 27C, and so we had dinner in the backyard, which was lovely. Brigitte had arranged a barbecue that Stefan cooked, and which was delicious. Nathalie made a chocolate cake with cream and homemade blackberry jam, which was delicious also. It was great to catch up with the family even for such a short time.

    Gui drove us back to Stockel to catch the metro back into town. When we arrived we found some roads blocked, and police around many intersections. We thought it might be in preparation for “no cars day” in Brussels the following day, but we were wrong. When we arrived at Galerie de la Reine, we found that the centre of the Galerie was cordoned off and there were police at the start of the cordoned off area.

    As we walked towards our apartment entrance, we turned around to see runners heading down the cordoned off area - hundreds and hundreds of runners. They all had on head lights, and they were participating in the Brussels Night Run. It starts at 9.45pm at the Place de la Bourse, and also finishes there. It is the third year the race has been run and participants run an 8km course around Brussels. We watched and cheered on the runners for a while before heading upstairs. There must have been thousands of competitors, as many more runners ran through after we got upstairs, and we had a great vantage point to watch them all go through the Galerie.
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