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    • Day 2


      June 4, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Die erste Station des heutigen Tages war Brügge - 1h Zugfahrt mit dem IC. Die Stadt ist sehr schön erhalten, die alten Backsteinhäuser sehr idyllisch und an jeder Ecke wartet ein hübsches Restaurant oder Cafe auf die vielen Touristen.
      Für den Überblick ging es auf einen Turm und danach in einen Schokoladenladen (um die Schokimünder glücklich zu machen 😍) Und der erste Waffelladen wurde angesteuert, sehr lecker!
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    • Day 8

      First day in Bruges

      February 8, 2020 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

      Bruges has always been a place on my bucket list and I'm so happy to be here went on a free walking tour it was amazing to learn all about the history and see the sights but it was wet and cold.

      Now time for some beers and rugby and met a couple of nice people already!.

      Bring on Bruges!!
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    • Day 9

      Last day in Bruges

      February 9, 2020 in Belgium ⋅ 🌬 13 °C

      Another amazing day in this beautiful city. I recommend you visit. Stunning architecture, history, beers and chocolates. You could walk around here for hours and never be bored.

      Spent the morning at the beer Museum and of course had to sample 3 beers..... It's a hard life. Took some selfies haha.

      Also had a chance to catch up with Dana a friend and colleague from Lanzarote which was lovely, had a bit of lunch and a good chat.

      I love it here and I will be back for sure.
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    • Day 4

      Venise du Nord

      March 11, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Après une bonne nuit de sommeil dans notre airbnb, nous quittons Bruxelles pour aller en direction de Bruges, situé à 1h de train. On pose rapidement nos affaires dans l’auberge qui nous accueillera pour la nuit, on mange un bout sur la terrasse en plein soleil (la météo nous sourit décidément !) puis on repart d’aussi tôt découvrir Bruges, aussi appelée la Venise du Nord.
      Et bien il se trouve qu’on n’aurait pas pu lui trouver meilleur surnom ! Bruges a fait l’unanimité grâce à ses petites maisons de briques et ses allées en pavés toutes plus jolies les unes que les autres. On en profite pour prendre un petit goûter sur la place centrale de la ville, puis on rentre à l’auberge pour manger et passer la nuit.
      Au réveil, alors que nous devions quitter nos chambres avant 11h, l’opération « Footing matinal 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️» est annulée pour cause de manque de temps. Elle est remplacée par une petite révision de nos supports de cours (toujours sous le soleil 🌞) que nous allons présenter d’ici 2 semaines lors de notre première intervention dans l’école de Berlin 🏫. Après un rapide repas, nous récupérons nos affaires puis direction la gare, pour passer la soirée à Liège chez une amie de Clara !
      La suite au prochaine épisode…
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    • Day 12

      Bruges, Belgium

      June 11, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Off to find Belgium waffles in Bruges! Or Brugge? As I researched, I was confused on which city to visit or if they were the same place or not. Even navigating was tricky, because the train listed both names. Come to find out it goes by two names depending on which country you come from. The Dutch and German call it Brugge, while the French and English call it Bruges.

      What a beautiful city! Windmills, boating on the canal with swans, playing at the park, strolling the cobblestone streets, drinking local beer (often cheaper than water or soda around here) and eating waffles were just some of the things on our agenda for the day.

      We wondered towards the city center taking in the architecture, history and the constant smell of waffles & chocolate that swirled around us. We sat in the Market Square people watching as horse hooves clopped across the cobblestone. Addy and I love that sound!

      Dozens of chocolate specialty shops surrounded us as we explored the town, so of course we tried some. Well, everyone except for Adalynn of course. She could not relate to this city's love of chocolate. They even have a museum called the Belgium Chocolate Story here! My favorite chocolate in Belgium has been the bar Demi gave me earlier this week, but the caramel filled truffle today was very good too.

      We tried two waffles today. The first from House of Waffles while on the go. It was dense with something caramelized on it's surface that made it heavenly. We added whipped cream and strawberries on top for the girls. We let Addy pick the toppings since she did not have any treats because she loathes chocolate. This waffle was rich and full of flavor. Delicious! Later in the day, we tried our second one as we dined in at Lizzie's Wafels. They brought out little containers for the girls pre-wafel that had animal crackers and candy that resembled circus peanuts. Seth ordered pancakes and waffles for us all to share. Both were ginormous and almost too much for the five of us to finish. Both were delicious, but the first waffle of the day wins for me. The pancakes came with a brown sugar crumble powder. The pancakes were crepe like but with a bit more fluff. Sooo yummy!!! I would definitely order those again!

      Next, we hopped on a boat to see Bruges by water on the Zeebrugge (aka Boudewijn) canal. We rode under the lowest and oldest bridges of Bruges. Swans and cygnets stood on the banks nearby and few ventured into the water. These birds are protected here. According to the boat captain, if you kill one of them, you get five years in prison. That is serious! The boat ride was informative and relaxing. Many of the buildings here are original, as they were lucky enough to avoid the bombings during the World Wars.

      We enjoyed the sunny, breezy 18 degree (trying to teach my brain to convert to Celsius) weather as spent most of our day outdoors. We played at the park, ran over bridges and climbed stairs to see a windmill.

      After this full day, we were all tuckered out and ready for one more chill day in Belgium before we are off to see another country.
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    • Day 4

      Belgische Schokolade

      June 25, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

      Weiter ging es nach Brugge. Was eine wunderschöne Altstadt. Eine Stadt mit sehr vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und sehr viel Geschichte. Leider waren einige Sehenswürdigkeiten schon geschlossen, da wir etwas spät dran waren. Auch die heilige Blutbasilika, die wir unbedingt auch von Innen sehen wollten, war leider schon geschlossen.

      Ihr könnt euch diese Stadt irgendwie aus einemMix aus Prag und Bamberg vorstellen. Viele Häuser liegen direkt am Fluss, was uns irgendwie an die Altstadt Bamberg erinnert hat und die prunkvollen Bauten an Prag.

      Wer Schokolade und andere Süßwaren liebt ist hier definitiv richtig. An jeder Ecke, teilweise auch nebeneinander gibt es Schokoladenlädchen. Von feinstem Nugat bis zur filigranen Praline gibt es einfach alles. Wir konnten nicht widerstehen und haben uns ein Päckchen Schoki gegönnt. Ich kann euch eins sagen…. 🫠🤤 ich habe noch nie bessere Schokolade gegessen.

      Diese Stadt hat es uns definitiv angetan und wir waren bestimmt nicht das letzte mal dort.
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    • Day 9

      Brügge mit dem Rad

      August 4, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Mit den Rad ging es heute ca. 32km nach Brügge. Im Vorort haben wir lecker Indisch gegessen und anschließend machten wir eine Bootstour in Brügge und schauten uns die schöne Stadt an.
      Auf der Rücktour gab's ein Bauernhofeis.Read more

    • Day 3

      Basilica of the Holy Blood

      September 26, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

      A beautiful Basilica containing a Relic of the Holy Blood brought from the Holy Land. It is said a cloth used to wash the body of Christ is contained within the relic. It was brought to Bruge during the second crusade.Read more

    • Day 190

      Bruges, Belgium

      November 14, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      Bruges is the capital of the West Flanders Province of Belgium. This was significant to us because while Brussels was French speaking, Flemish = Dutch and another language after only an hour train ride. The common languages were Dutch followed by English, French then German. It was amazing how many people spoke at least 3 languages in this part of the country.

      The old town of Bruges is a UNESCO world heritage site, which, like Brussels old town was littered with Waffles, Chocolate, and Beer. Bruges is the "Venice of Belgium" and it was easy to see why with the beautiful canals that ran through it. Although it was particularly cold this time of year it was a nice time to visit as tourists overrun this city during the spring summer and fall.

      Fun fact, apparently Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series was raised in Bruges.
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    • Day 122

      125ème étape ~ Bruges

      December 2, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

      Nous avons visité la ville la plus belle de Belgique, d’après certaines études. Effectivement nous avons trouvé qu’elle était superbe.
      Nous avons visité le musée de la torture dans la plus vieille prison d’Europe. Bien que c’était un peu glauque, nous avons appris beaucoup de choses.
      Ensuite nous avons fait un arrêt pour manger un hot dog sur la grande place.
      Puis nous avons visité le musée de la frite et bien entendu nous avons dégusté de bonnes frites belges. 🍟
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