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    • Day3

      Fietsen door Ardense dorpjes

      July 24 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Foto 3: pauze met nood proviand. Geen eet en drank mogelijheid in de kleine dorpjes (een zondag helpt ook niet).

      Foto 4,5: eerst stop plaats met drink en eet faciliteiten ( croque monsieur of spaghetti)Read more

    • Day17


      August 14 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Heute waren wir unterirdisch unterwegs.
      Wir haben die Tropfsteinhöhlen von Han erkundet.
      Die Höhlen und der angrenzende Tierpark sind die Attraktionen des Ortes.
      Am heutigen Sonntag war das Städtchen sehr belebt.
      Am Abend sind die Parkplätze leer und auch auf dem Stellplatz ist Ruhe.
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    • Day5

      Han sur Lesse Caves

      May 15, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      After extremely large breakfast - Peter managed a full English followed by full continental and I wasn't much better! We drove to Han only 25 mins away from Dinant. You get to the caves via a small train. Entering the dark cool entrance dressed lightly due to blazing sunshine outside we realised too late we should have probably brought coats! The guide (very hunky whose main job is breeding horses for eventing.... sorry got distracted for a moment) The tour guide was very good and as our group was small and all understood English meant we didn't have to listen to 3 languages which seems necessary in Belgium. Fab caves extremely large with lots to see. We walked 2 kilometres of the 17 km network. Peter waited until we were in the largest cave half way into the hillside before asking about earthquakes in the region... some shuffling of feet but nobody headed for the exit. Evidently last rock to fall was in 1984.
      We raided a supermarket for a cheap lunch and headed back to hotel....Gala dinner tonight for all the MG owners then tomorrow we head off on the route to Malta probably a different hotel every night so should make some distance on the map 😎
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      Angel From Belgium

      I'm happy you have seen all the gardens and caves! Beautifull Belgium :-) Tuesday and Wednesday the weather should be very nice and warm in Belgium 24-27 ° hope you can take some on your trip trough France. GOOD LUCK !!

      Jean Johnson

      I'm shivering while looking at that picture and a bit scared.

      Andrea Knowles

      It looks lovely, it makes you want to visit Belgium. If you get stuck you could stay & become a tour guide

    • Day5


      May 15, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      I had noticed the fuel consumption was rather high and at first I thought it was me calculating it wrong but it wasn't. I found a fuel leak which was only present when the engine was running or just after I filled the tank as that was the only time the level was high enough for gravity to let petrol dribble from the banjo connection to the front carb. It was easily fixed by tightening the bolt which must have vibrated loose.
      Although pleased to find the fault I was feeling miserable at having lost about 30% from the last two tank fulls so after I came back to my room I checked the two lottery tickets I had bought before leaving home and both had won. One gave me an entry to the next draw and the other won £77 which more than covers the lost petrol!
      I met a very helpful chap called Paul Ireland who convinced me we should spend a little time checking the carburation as it was rich and the ignition timing. I was reluctant as the car was running well. We weakened the mixture two flats on both carbs and slightly advanced the timing using his bulb on a wire to tell us when the points are opening. It has improved things and should also contribute to better fuel consumption and cooler running. He was right as today's run showed to temperature was running about 6 degrees cooler today.
      Paul has a PhD in experimental nuclear physics which might explain the strange glow coming from under the bonnet of his TC.
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      Angel From Belgium

      A lot of Technical info. Sorry I lost it :-) ENYOU the trip!

      Jean Johnson

      Glad problem solved, the engine fairy must be watching over you.

      John hood

      I'm glad you found that leak, could have been nasty.

      Tim Pitt

      Hi Peter/Mandy, I was surprised at the fuel consumption mentioned on day one as it equated to around 21/22 MPG, worse than my old Range Rover. Pleased to hear you have it sorted and are enjoying the trip.

    • Day15

      Rochefort then on to the Castle

      October 18, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Wiggling and weaving we travelled from our wee town of Lompret to our castle in Luxembourg.

      First! A stop at our third Trappist beer town..Rochefort. There are 11 places in the world who make Trappist beer, 6 in Belgium and we have hit 3 of them! Such great beer - will be hard to settle with Canadian craft or even Brit beer. Fab lunch on a sunny patio yet again - loved this beer too! Shared amazing charcuterie plates - Mike and Britt with a flight of beer with matching abbey cheeses - cheeses will never taste the same again either!!

      Nice short stints between stops - Mike and Britt sharing driving and navigating with R and I - quiet rules evolved from the beginning LOL, those in the backseat stay mainly quiet while others are in charge LOL. It worked.

      And so we arrived at The Castle: Temps D' we stopped at the end of the 2 km drive, pausing to see how we entered, ...the wooden doors slowly opened and out stepped The Count himself...introducing himself as The Count of Ansembourg...and the beginning of enjoying listening to his tales of his background, his heritage, and indeed, his passion for his country and his past. A young 40 years old with 3 children - one his own - Alexander - named before he had read the first line of the "edict" of naming children in his family...oops...however the other Alexander he discovered had passed away and his father was quite ok with our Count using his name. Our Count was educated in Belgium, followed with studying in California (Harvard partner school) then worked in Holland as a strategic partner then formed 5 companies which he 'consulted' in within Luxembourg "if one failed then he could no longer have companies in Luxembourg". A strict upbringing and it sounded like he was doing the same with his Alexander - his other children were from his wife - older than he - 2 girls, one of University age. Alexander already (Iikely 8 -9) studied Russian 3 hours a week, another language and they spoke French to him. Interesting person to say the least, very gracious and keen to have us think well of The Castle.

      Strolled the grounds in such lovely weather...very funny to have him say "you didn't go as far as our other castle" making us realize the security cameras were everywhere which I teased him about. Nice to have witty exchanges. So curious about so much about his history - he spoke so highly of his father....sounded like he passed away relatively young and our Count completed the project he had begun in making the castle (where they live - just across a small bridge) into a successful luxury hotel.

      First luxury dinner!! At Aal Schoul....the chef won Top Chef in Luxembourg last year - second in Top Chef world wide and oh my.....the dinner was spectacular from the starting Amuse Bouche to every bite being a treasure to the dessert of a lemon shape, coloured white chocolate ball of yogurt/light filling that soothed the palette. Interesting that the server was so adept at being concerned about our Pinot Gris from smelling the cork and sure enough it was "corked" and on to a new bottle. The service was absolutely impeccable with careful, caring attention, English explanations as much as possible...a precious meal - to be remembered for a long time...complete with being entertained by well to do Europeans sitting at a table of 10 or 12 next to us...stories in my mind LOL
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    • Day4


      September 5, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

      Han-sur-Lesse ist ein kleines Dorf mit einem beeindruckenden Dorfbild. Alle Häuser sind aus Naturstein Gebaut. Viel los ist hier aber nicht, das Dorf lebt wohl vor allem von der nahelegenden Grotte und dem Tierpark.Read more

    • Day5

      Grotte von Han-sur-Lesse

      September 6, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Die Grotte von Han-sur-Lesse erreicht man mit einer kleiner, etwas lotterigen Bahn. Ich weiss nicht genau, wann die Bahn gebaut wurde, doch die Grote ist seit 1895 für die Öffentlichkeit erschlossen. Ich würde mich nicht wundern, wenn die Bahn auch mehr als 100 Jahre auf dem Buckel hat.

      Einmal angekommen, geht es knapp 2 Km zu Fuss durch die Grotte. Viele von uns waren schon in einer Tropfsteinhöhle. Doch es ist immer wieder aufs Neue beindruckend, was die Natur tief im Berg erschaffen kann.

      Diese Höhle hat uns vor allem gefallen, weil viele der über die Jahrtausende entstandenen Gebilde sehr stark funkeln. Es macht oft den Eindruck, als ob Diamanten mit im Spiel sind. Da ich keinen Blitz verwendet habe, ist das Funkeln auf den Bildern leider nicht wirklich zu sehen.

      Es gibt auch einen sehr grossen natürlichen Raum. Dort gibt es eine beindruckende Lichtshow.
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    • Day5

      Wildpark von Han-sur-Lesse

      September 6, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Dort wo die Bahn zur Grotte losfährt, kann man auch mit einem offenen LKW mit Bänken eine Tour durch den Wildpark unternehmen. Der Wildpark ist eigentlich ein Zoo, der aber in einem 250 Hektar grossen Waldgebiet angelegt ist. Es gibt hier nur Tiere, die hier leben oder mal hier gelebt haben. Zu den spannendsten gehören sicher die Bären, die Wölfe und die Luchse. Die meisten Gehege sind genug gross. Nur einige sind für ihre Bewohner eher zu klein. Doch es ist auch schwer einem Wolf, Luchs oder Bär ein genug grosses Gehege zu geben. Auf alle Fälle sind die Gehege grösser als in den meisten klassischen Zoos.Read more

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