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  • Day13

    The Starriest Place in Bosnia: Mostar

    August 17 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Immediately, you might ask yourself what makes Mostar the “starriest” place in Bosnia, the answer: Stari Most bridge. After an extremely windy bus ride that lasted roughly three hours (it was so windy that a fellow passenger vomited multiple times throughout the course of the trip), laying our eyes on this magnificently rebuilt stone arc made it all worthwhile. As the aquamarine water of the Neretva river sparkled below, our hearts were filled with incredible joy as we both knew this was the most photogenic scenery we had seen yet. Our timing was just right, as we also got to witness a diver leap into the freezing cold water.

    If you happened to notice that I mentioned the version of the bridge that we saw was a 21st century rebuild, that’s because the original was destroyed during the Civil War in the 1990’s. Graffiti artists have tagged building walls with the words “do not forget.” So although the historic centre has been restored, remnants of bombed out buildings and bullet holes plaster the architecture here.

    It’s hard to imagine such juxtaposition, but here’s an example: our super luxurious two-bedroom accommodations were just built in May of this year (this was easily the nicest place we booked throughout the entire course of the trip, we even jokingly said we would rent out the second bedroom on Airbnb), meanwhile across the street laid the crumbled remains of a high school, just one of the scars left lingering behind after the heartbreaking Civil War.

    With that in mind, we haven’t taken one step for granted, as we have so fortunately had the opportunity to enjoy the treasures this old town has to offer. While drinking and dining by the riverside, we shared a mixed meat plate for dinner, sipped some great craft beers at Old Bridge Brewery and enjoyed the live music at the Black Dog Pub. Rather coincidentally, as we were sitting outside of Marshall Cafe, Sean was spotted by one of his coworker’s brothers, all thanks to a “root of all evil” Whiprsnpr t-shirt he was wearing, what a small world!

    Tomorrow we booked a day trip with iHouse tours, so we’re looking forward to seeing Kravice waterfalls. This is only the second place we’ve stayed in for more than one night, so it will be nice to very temporarily lay our roots and not have to rush off and catch some form of transportation in the morning. KK

    Adding some extra context to meeting my coworkers brother. We didn't know each other. He spotted my ottawa brewery tshirt as he was walking by and decided to approach me. After chatting for a little bit, I invited him and his gf to join us for a beer and thats when we talked more about back home/work and realized he's the brother of the guy who sits next to me at work. So weird! -SP
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  • Day14

    Mostar day 2 - The sequel

    August 18 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    For our second day in Mostar we signed up for a day tour of some local sights outside the city. First stop was at Blagaj, a Muslim spiritual sufi-house that is several centuries old where people would come for deeper learnings on life and philosophies (and religion). The scenery was striking as the tiny village butted up against a massive cliff that hung out over the closer buildings. But much more eye-catching was the river that started right at the cliff face, which is a really bizarre sight for a river to start at a rock wall , which comes from an underground river below the towering cliff. Oh ya, the best part... Kristin had to wear some Muslim garb to enter haha.. she's not aware I'm posting her pic in it :)

    Second stop was at a Muslim medeival mountain side town (Pocitelj) mostly in ruins but still inhabited somehow. The people there survive selling figs and natural juices to passerbyers. Tour guide dropped us off at the top to find our way to the bottom. Wandered through the cobblestone paths and climbed to the top of a very structurally suspect tower and then had to escape the heat and find our way to the bottom.

    One more stop at a historically significant orthodox monastary and then on to gorgeous kravice falls which is not one large waterfall, but numerous veins that spread across an arching ushape area splashing down into pools below. It was especially fun because you can splash around in the pools and also climb up the rock cliffs to get near or under many of the cascading falls. It felt almost tropical like we were in Colombia and not what one might envision as a Bosnia locale. Bosnia by the way is impressibly scenic. Extremely mountainous and many rivers that all have a striking green-bluish color and clear waters. I'm not sure what I expected, but this wasn't it.

    Finished our day sharing a beer with our tour guide, and chilling out at famous black dog pub on the river and calling an early night so we're good for sarjevo tomorrow. Also had another yummy sharing platter with grilled meats and vegetables plus dolmas, stuffed peppers and onions. My God I wish we had stuff like this back home. So good and so affordable. Why are all our platters back home deep fried crap? Forget french cuisine and carb heavy italian, Balkans has it nailed! -SP
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  • Day7

    Mostar Impressions

    August 11, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The pictures here are a bit of a collection of different days in this micro town.
    The night shots are from my first evening, when I went up the “sniper tower“ with a couple of people. In reality it's an abandoned bank building that was used by snipers during the war. Nowadays, some tourists climb up the naked stairs to have a view from the rooftop. Entering this building that is covered in broken glass and fallen rocks at night by climbing over the walls, and especially imagining what happened here 20 years ago, was one of the creepiest experiences of my life, but definitely worth doing.
    The sandwich on the next picture is only one example for the delicious and creative breakfasts we got every morning at the hostel, individually prepared for each guest once they woke up.
    The rest are some images of the town on my last day, including the old bridge, where people jump 24 meters deep into the 7° cold Neretva river and a fountain at one of the mosques. I didn't really do much more this day, it was just way too hot. The 45° in combination with the tour the day before made me incredibly sleepy, such that I only walked around a bit and had some ice cream. Later, I met with the English guys for refreshing beer and dinner. It turned out that I should probably spend my whole life with only a few marks left in my pocket - I didn't spend a cent the whole day but lived in luxury, being paid more things than I'd even wanted.
    Then it was time to say goodbye to Bosnia. It may not be the country with most places to visit or the easiest accessibility, but it's absolutely worth going. Especially it's multi-ethnic character makes it very different from most countries I've seen so far - and I'll really miss the chanting prayers from the minarets at every corner.
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  • Day37

    Mostar, wir sind begeistert

    May 22 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Zeitig ging es heute morgen zurück auf die Straße 🚐💨. Ja es steht fest, wir verlassen für die nächsten Tage Kroatien 👋 und fahren nach Bosnien Herzegowina 👏.

    Also brettern wir mit Finn hoch ins Biokovo Gebirge ⛰ und fahren ganz entspannt über die Grenze nach Bosnien. Nach einem kurzen Blick 👀 in unsere Pässe und auf unsere grüne Versicherungskarte sind wir drin 💪.

    Jetzt hieß es Ausschau halten nach einem ATM, wir benötigen die bosnische konvertierte Mark 💰, die sich an der deutschen D-Mark (wer kann sich noch erinnern 😉) orientierte. Der Kurs zum € entspricht daher fix dem damaligen Umrechnungskurs zwischen DM und Euro. Nachdem auch diese Hürde genommen war, ging es zu unserem Camp ⛺️. Wir hatten das „Half Island River Camp“ ausgesucht. Am Camp angekommen, finden wir eine grüne Wiese 🏕 und einen kleinen Bungalow vor, unten am Wasser winkt schon ganz aufgeregt 🙋🏼‍♀️eine ältere Dame. Direkt erzählt sie in gebrochenem deutsch/englisch/bosnisch Mix, dass sie die Mutter von Gaga ist, dem Host des Camps. Wir werden so herzlich begrüßt, dass wir uns sofort wohlfühlen 😊.

    Nachdem wir mit Hilfe der Mama 😉 den aus ihrer Sicht besten Platz auf der Wiese gefunden hatten, mit direktem Blick aufs Wasser, packen wir schnell aus. Finn 🚐 hat bereits eine Freundin gefunden ... die Katze 🐱vom Camp.

    Einige Zeit später trifft auch Gaga ein und gibt uns noch den ein oder anderen Tipp (auf englisch) zu Mostar und der Umgebung. Dann geht’s auch schon los. Die Bushaltestelle 🚏ist nur wenige Meter vom Camp entfernt auf der Hauptstraße und dank der Hilfe von Mama sind wir pünktlich Vorort. Für 1,10 € brettern wir mit offener Türe in Richtung Mostar.

    Wir besorgen noch schnell eine SIM-Karte bei der bosnischen Telekom und los geht’s in Richtung „Old Town“. Schnell fühlt man sich wie in eine andere Welt versetzt ...

    Ein wenig Basar-Feeling, gleichzeitig tolle alte Architektur, für unsere Begriffe ein toller Mix 👍! Und dann ist der Ausblick perfekt 💫 ... die Sicht auf die „alte“ (neu aufgebaute) Brücke vom Mostar. Wer kennt sie nicht, die Bilder aus dem TV und jetzt stehen wir selber hier!

    Die ganzen Eindrücke müssen wir erstmal bei einem Eis verarbeiten🍦... Wahnsinn eine Kugel kostet hier noch 0,50 € ... wie lang ist das her 🤔, dass wir soooo kostengünstig ein Eis genossen haben 😊 in Deutschland .... irgendwann zu Kinderzeiten! Wir haben Glück und können noch dem Spektakel der Brückenspringer beiwohnen, da gerade ein Bus 🚌asiatischer Touristen eingetroffen ist und ein paar Euros 💶 springen lassen.

    Später geht’s mit dem Bus zum Camp zurück. Den Abend genießen wir ganz alleine, niemand ist mehr auf dem Stellplatz dazu gekommen. Da Gaga meinte „feel like home“ und wir gefragt hatten, ob wir ein Campfire machen dürfen, gab es zum Ausklang eines perfekten Tages ein Lagerfeuer 🔥. Sooooo schön 😍 - Vanlife pur!

    Das Beste zum Schluss, als wir dann gegen viertel nach zehn unter der Dusche 🚿 standen sang/betete der Muezzin von der nahegelegenen Moschee 🕌 noch für uns 😉 .... jetzt sind wir so richtig angekommen!

    Folgt uns gerne auch bei Instagram #finnweltenbummler
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  • Day2162

    Mostar, Bosnien und Herzegowina

    August 13, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Ich kanns nur schwer in Worte fassen wie sehr mich Bosnien beeindruckt hat. Die Natur & die Menschen, ich komm immer noch nicht ganz klar damit, wie "dahoam" ich mir hier im Land vorgekommen bin. Durch den Humor und die Offenheit der Leute hab ich eine Menge hier gelernt, auch zu der nicht ganz einfachen jüngeren Geschichte vor Ort. Jeder Mensch ist und bleibt ein Mensch, und die ganz große Mehrheit davon ist herzensgut, wenn man einander mit Respekt und Aufgeschlossenheit gegenübertritt. Mehr fällt mir dazu jetzt grade nicht ein, auch wenn sich vielleicht ein wenig arg kitschig anhört. Bosnien, wir sehen uns wieder!Read more

  • Day505


    August 24, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Es ist Heikos Geburtstag und dieser beginnt mit einem äußerst schlechten Hotel-Frühstück. Die ersten 40 km der heutigen Etappe radeln wir dann zwar durch traumhaft schöne Landschaft, leider aber auf einer stark befahrenen Hauptstraße...! Gegen Mittag erreichen wir Mostar. Unsere Fahrräder stellen wir auf einem bewachten Parkplatz ab und erkunden zu Fuß die Altstadt (wie viiiiiele andere Menschen auch...).Read more

  • Day5


    April 11 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Heute besichtigen wir die Stadt Mostar. Mit dem Bus sind wir an den Stadtrand gefahren und von dort aus sind wir zur Stari Most gegangen, eine alte Brücke die nach dem Krieg wieder neu aufgebaut wurde. Zu Fuss ist die Stadt auch viel besser zu begehen. In den Gassen sind überall kleine Läden und Restaurands. Es ist eine sehr schöne Stadt der man die Kriegsspuren ansieht.
    Der Bus kommt aber nicht pünktlich, darum nicht zu früh gehen.Read more

  • Day10


    July 15, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Crazy men jump 22 meters from an old bridge into the river for money. That's pretty much what happens here. We didn't go to the waterfalls because it's a tourist trap and super expensive. I would have wanted to see it though, and to swim in the lakes. But instead we got to spend some cozy time by the river and in the town. Marks from the war is a lot more visible here than in Sarajevo which makes it both scary and beautifull to walk the streets. At least those without all the souvenir shops.
    Our last night in Bosnia Herzegovena was spend at a good restaurant right next to the river coloured by the sunset followed by a walk through a ghosty city to the sniper tower. Just as creapy as it sounds!
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  • Day20

    A Journey Through Herzegovina

    June 28, 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Welcome to Bosnia & Herzegovina! As our day in Sarajevo ended, we learned our plan of taking the train from Sarajevo to Mostar was not a possibility. It seems the train tracks are under construction. Uh! Oh! We asked the front desk of our hotel what the options were to get to Mostar. They suggested a bus that would make the 2 hrs trip in 3hrs. Yuck! Not what we had in mind! However, as we both went to our phones to figure out what to do, Rebecca connected with Sarajevo Funky Tours. We could get a private tour guide for the day to show us the sights along the way to Mostar as well as in Mostar and drop us at the end of the day. Done deal!!! Nadir picked us up at our hotel in the morning and off we went. We traveled through the beautiful Bosnian & Herzegovinian mountains and made stops at several places. First was the town of Konjic and it's georgeous ottoman bridge. Next, we stopped at a bridge the locals call The Monument of Stupidity. It was blown up by the Nazis at the end of WWII as they retreated. The Yugoslavian ruler, Tito, evetually rebuilt it but then purposely blew it up again for a movie but never rebuilt it again. Next we stopped at the preserved village of Pocatelj to see an example of a typical ottoman village. For lunch we stopped at Blagaj the location of a Dervish house were Dervish monks continue to stop frequently to reflect & pray. Finally, we made our way to Mostar. The Stari Most Bridge rebuilt after being destroyed in 1993 was breathtaking. We wondered around the narrow streets of the old town exploring. We met a fellow American also staying at our Air B&B and we all made our way to dinner to watch the sunset on the Stari Most Bridge. What beautiful way to end a beautiful day! Onward tomorrow to Dubrovnik & the Adriatic Coast.Read more

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