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  • Day144

    Krapets - Sonnenstrand

    September 19, 2019 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Reisekilometer 17.052 km
    Tageskilometer 178 km

    Nach dem die Nacht wieder einigermaßen spannend startete, weil Martina sich Stunden lang Gedanken machte, warum unser Stellplatznachbar noch spät und im Dunkeln vom Strand wegfuhr, war es dann doch noch eine ruhige Nacht.
    Der Strand und der Stellplatz waren super schön, aber ausgerechnet jetzt wo wir hier stehen und gern noch ein bisschen geblieben wären wird das Wetter schlecht. Heute und morgen ist Regen angesagt. Na dann fahren wir halt weiter nach Süden. Es ist tatsächlich gar nicht mehr soviel Zeit und deshalb fahren wir durch bis Sonnenstrand. Landschaftlich ging es erst flach durch Agrarlandschaft mit riesigen abgeernteten Getreidefeldern und zwischendurch Paprika, Wein und Lavendel.
    Später wurde es nochmal richtig bergig.
    Wir wurden witzigerweise über Schilder auf deutsch angewiesen runter zu schalten.
    Sonnenstrand war tatsächlich noch richtig belebt. Ferienort voller Touris. Allerdings konnten wir nicht an den Strand fahren. Wenige Kilometer weiter haben wir dann unseren Stellplatz gefunden. Mit Sicht auf die Stadt und direkt an der Klippenkannte über dem Meer. Keines der Hotels in ganz Sonnenstrand hat so eine schöne Lage. Dafür haben wir hier keinen Trubel und kein Nachtleben.
    Ist schon krass, da fährt man im Ort auf einem kleinen Sandweg, neben einem Hotel vorbei, über Huckel und Löcher und plötzlich steht man einsam in den Dünen,mit Blick auf das Meer.
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  • Day11

    Nessebar, historic... and tacky!

    May 27, 2019 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Late departure from Veliko Tarnavo today, so we had some time for a walk and shopping after breakfast.

    Only one scheduled stop today on the way to Nessebar, and it was the village of Zheravna, an isolated village at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, with 500 inhabitants, and 300 houses mostly of the Revival Period of the 18th century. The architecture differs in this village because the traditional houses are made entirely from wood, with the stone used for the perimeter walls.

    We arrived in Nessebar, on the Black Sea coast, in late afternoon, and had a bit of a kerfuffle getting into the old town - only residents and hotel guests can bring a vehicle into the old town, but you have to physically collect an entrance card from the hotel before you can enter, so Nadya had to walk 750m to the hotel to collect the card, then when she got back the card didn't work because the hotel forgot to check it "out"... so the system wouldn't let us in because it thought we were already in. The guard on the gate refused to open it manually and he insisted she walked back to the hotel to fix it, so, with our car now causing a major traffic jam, there was much swearing in Bulgarian and arm waving before it was sorted!

    Nessebar exists in two parts separated by a narrow man-made isthmus, with the ancient part of the city on the peninsula (previously an island), and the more modern section on the mainland side. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and claims to have the highest number of churches per capita in the world - there are 41 churches, the oldest from the 5th century AD. Unfortunately it has also become a magnet for masses of (mainly) English, Russian and German package tourists, and the shops are a seemingly endless stream of tacky souvenirs and overpriced food amongst the spectacular old buildings.
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  • Day104

    War of flies

    August 17, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    We had the choice: Take the road that is partly highway OR take small paths in undefined condition.

    We started the first half of the day on the highway with lots of traffic. We made some way but it definitely sucks to cycle there.
    After a relaxing lunch break at the beach in the shade and a swim, we changed our strategy and moved on to the small roads...

    ... which lead us into deep forest. The path was very steep and going up and down. Stones and sand change with potholes and bumpers. The first flies arrived and we did not realize early enough to better have returned ... until ...

    ... we were fully occupied by thousands and thousands of small black flies. The were everywhere. Trying to fly into nose and eyes. Trying all parts of our body. The summing noise in our ears was like a swarm of mosquitoes. We tried to breathe trough clothes. We tried to cycle away. We tried to wave and shake. But they just came and stayed. It was horrible. It was hard to not panic. Our pulse was too high. It was too hot. And far too many flies!!!!

    The only hope was to endure this nightmare and to reach the next city. It took around 30 minutes. But we made it.

    Loss of today:
    Jo: bike carbon fork got a first crack
    Wi: lost sunglasses and a lot of nerves
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  • Day1

    Finding our hotel (Central Hotel)

    August 15, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We arrived at the hotel around 2pm. We got here from Bucharest via Vama Veche border because we know the road already and it's a good one even if it's not the shortest.
    Finding this hotel was quite easy. Nothing fancy, it's a regular hotel, with big room, bad refrigerator. Also, even if we chose a queen size bed, it is a queen size bed but with two adjoining mattresses. We fackin' hate when this happens. All good until now.Read more

  • Day1

    Chasing the sun

    August 15, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    After we unpacked, we jumped right in the swimsuits! Damn, I can't wait to get into the water! 😱
    After a Subway sandwich, in 10 minutes we got to the beach. Rent 2 sunbeds and an umbrella. It costs us around 27 bgn ( quite expensive, if you ask me). We like this beach: clean water (even if now is windy outside), fine sand without rocks and shells. Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing! In contrast with romanian beaches, here you won't be disturbed by loud music from all around. Now I finally hear only the people and kids happiness and sea waves.Read more

  • Day1

    Ay ay Captain!

    August 15, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    We were dissapointed because we wanted so bad to eat at the Bolero restaurant (#2 on TripAdvisor at this moment). Bolero was full but we've made a reservation for Saturday. Can't wait!!
    Captain Steak House (#145 on TripAdvisor) wasn't on our plan. But we saw the menu outside and we liked. They have rooftop terrace and it's on the beach so why not?!
    The food came pretty fast. We ordered Hawaii Chicken, Pork with pepper sauce and Breaded Calamari. Of course, draft beer, as always 😝! The meal was surprisingly good. Fantastic I could say. Reasonably priced and good portions. We also loved the atmosphere.
    Good night!
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  • Day2

    Day #2 resume

    August 16, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Few words: great sleep, poor breakfast at the hotel (we don't recommand this hotel if you emphasize this), great donuts, lunch at the MC, afternoon sleep (like the elders).
    Recommandation: Malina Pub (#13 ranked) has the best pizza I've eaten lately. Also Shrimps Tagliatelle was delicious. + Zagorka beer 👌Read more

  • Day4

    Bon appétit

    August 18, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    I couldn't wait to come here and taste this amazing food (Bolero, #2 ranked).
    Our expectations were beated to death by this restaurant. We travelled a lot, so we ate, A LOT! We could say that we tasted various foods in different restaurants, but Bolero is the best ever. We ordered an appetizer (avocado mousse with shrimps) and our appetide has gone wild. My wife was so anxious about the main course, and she was right to be so. The sturgeon with risotto Milanese was the best thing we have ever taste. The risotto was made with sofran and the flavour is just a golden heaven. The sturgeon was a little crispy on the outside, and soft in the middle, and the prosciutto came just right with it.
    Let's not forget about what I ordered - Pepper steak. It was an awesome pepper steak. I gladly recommend it. We had an amazing dinner at Bolero, and we already made a reservation for Monday evening, to end our journey in the best way possible.
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  • Day6

    Last dinner in Sunny Beach

    August 20, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    This is our favourite place to eat in Bulgaria. We visited Bulgaria many times, and we are delighted by this country's cuisine. But Bolero, exceeded our expectations with the most amazing food we've ever tried. We were in vacation in Sunny Beach, and we knew about Bolero. We didn't find a table on Wednesday, so we made a reservation for Saturday. It was worth the wait. We ordered Mousse of avocado and Shimps as appetizer, and then Crispy Sturgeon with Risotto Milanese and T-bone pepper steak. The steak was very good, the appetizer was amazing, but the sturgeon was just Heaven. We made a reservation for Monday evening after we finished the meal. On monday, guess what? That mousse of avocado was so good, we ordered again. And the sturgeon. And some mussels as appetizer. Everything was amazing. We recommend this place to anyone who visits Sunny Beach. The staff is very friendly and careful. The food order was served very fast. We waited no more than 10 minutes for the appetizer and 10 more for main course. The atmosphere was intimate and romantic, with live music (romantic music). I almost forgot about the dessert. CHEESECAKE !!! Maybe the best we've ever had. We are gourmandes, we try local food on best ranked restaurants everywhere we go. Bolero just became one of our favourites.
    P.S. the prices are mid ranged, and small in comparison with the food provided. We paid around 60 BGN (aprox.30 euro) for 2 appetizers(mussels, mousse of avocado and shrimps), 1 main course (sturgeon with risotto Milanese), a cheesecake and 2 glasses of white wine.
    Bolero, we will se each other next year!
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  • Day5

    Prestige Mer dÀzur

    July 22, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Wir kommen am Sonnenstrand an und müssen auf jeden Fall einige Tage entspannen und unbedingt unsere Funktionswäsche sowie die Kombi waschen. Unsere Funktionswäsche hat bis jetzt sehr gut durchgehalten, allerdings war es auch sehr warm die letzten Tage. Die Kombis haben so einiges erlebt und gefüllt 1000 Insekten als Anhalter mitgenommen, oder so.....
    Nach der ersten Wäsche, denn in unserem Appartement war eine Waschmaschine, mussten wir feststellen, einmal waschen reichte nicht!!! Es roch noch immer! Also nochmal rein.
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