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  • Day4

    Plovdiv, free walking tour

    June 21, 2017 in Bulgaria

    Ville bien plus touristique que Sofia, plovdiv a aussi son free walking tour que j'ai eu l'occasion de faire ce matin !
    Un peu d'histoire pour commencer: Plovdiv, est la ville la plus ancienne d'Europe 6000 ans d'existence, avec en essayant de le faire dans l'ordre les thraces ( = les mecs comme spartacus), les romains, les bulgares, les ottomans, et de nouveau les bulgares qui ont eux même été sous l'autorité des communistes (ça c'est ce que j'ai à peu près compris mon anglais étant loin d'etre irréprochable, je m'excuse si imprécision il y a!)
    Autant vous dire que tous ces gens ont voulu laissé leur traces en Bulgarie ! A Plovdiv on peut surtout voir des ruines de l'empire romain avec notamment une partie du stade/arène qui non seulement pouvait accueillir 30000 personnes mais pouvait aussi se remplir d'eau afin de se transformer en piscine géante ou des combat de bateaux avait lieu, sacrés Romains!
    Nous pouvons seulement voir 10metres de ce stade car les bulgares n'ayant jamais aimé les ruines se sont dit que c'etait mieux de tout recouvrir et d'y mettre la plus grande rue commerçante de tout le pays, pourquoi pas dirons nous ! :)
    Les monuments religieux ont eux aussi une histoire, la plus grande mosquée de la ville est à la base une église, mais quand l'empire ottoman est arrivé à plovdiv, les Bulgares ont capitulé assez rapidement, du coup ils ont "simplement" transformé l'eglise qui étaient là plus grande de la ville en mosquée au lieu de tout détruire!
    Sur les photos vous verrez aussi "milo le casanova" cet homme s'installait tous les jours à cette place, il était connu de tous et surtout de toutes car apparemment il était sacrément bien fourni (d'ou la main dans la poche) il était aussi sourd de l'oreille gauche (d'ou la main à l'oreile), aujourd'hui la légende dit qu'en lui disant un voeu à l'oreille celui ci s'exhausserait avant la fin de l'année ? :)
    Le Macdonald que vous voyez est aujourd'hui sur le plus gros monument communiste de la ville, si ca ce n'est pas un message...
    Bon voilà quelques exemples que j'ai pu retenir de ce free tour vraiment super, je ne vais pas vous spoiler plus si vous avez l'intention de venir !
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  • Day6


    October 28, 2016 in Bulgaria

    Mit dem Bus geht es ca. 2h südlich nach Plovidv, die zweitgrößte Stadt Bulgariens.

    Der erste Eindruck des Hostels ist überwältigend. Das Hostel liegt mitten in der wunderschönen Altstadt und gleicht einem Schloss. Ganz zu schweigen von der wahnsinnig herzlichen Begrüßung (siehe Bild).

    Neben der tollen Altstadt und zwei antiken Theatern lohnt es sich die 6 (ursprünglich 7) Hügel der Stadt zu erklimmen und tolle Aussichten zu genießen. In dem lebendigen Kapana-Viertel, auch „The Trap“ genannt, finde wir viele süße Cafés und Bars.

    Außerdem verbringen wir einen Abend mit Irina aus Plovdiv, profitieren von ihren Essensempfehlungen und lernen über die Traditionen des Landes. Ich bekomme ein Armband geschenkt (Martenitsa), welches ich am 1.März anlegen muss und an einen Baum hängen soll, sobald ich einen Storch sehe. Bringt Gesundheit & Liebe. Habe mir eine Erinnerung ins Handy eingespeichert.

    Herausforderungen: Zwiespalt zwischen Erkältung auskurieren und diese wundervolle Stadt in vollen Zügen zu genießen; frühstücken, ohne dass eine Katze auf den Schoß hüpft; Kopf schütteln heißt „ja“, nicken heißt „nein“.

    Travelmate: Hosam (Ägypten / Kanada)

    Fazit: Ich habe mich in das bulgarische Essen verliebt!
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  • Day34


    May 7, 2017 in Bulgaria

    Wakey wakey.... ehhhhhh -.-
    We slept in past 10 because I think the checkout time here is 1. We weren't sure but the reception dude is never there anyway.
    We walked to the servo and it took over 20 minutes for us to get a taxi. So many went past but they either already had passengers or didn't speak English.
    The dude we finally got was a crack up. He hardly spoke English but spent the whole trip trying to get us take a taxi instead of bus to Plovdiv. He kept speaking Bulgarian and we kept laughing together because no one had a clue what was going on.
    We finally got to the bus station and bought our tickets but we were hungry so we got a later bus so we had time to eat first.
    My $3 baguette was delicious.
    We got the 2pm bus and I slept the whole way. It was fantastic - the bus windows were higher than usual so I could actually rest my head on the ledge.
    When we arrived it was pissing down rain and we got saturated while getting our big bags off the bus and running to shelter. We waited for a little while before we attempted to find a taxi.
    I showed the driver the address and he said yes so I thought he understood but he drove us to some fancy hotel. I said no and he became really stressed. He took my phone with the address on it into the reception inside for them to translate. We eventually go to the hostel and me and driver clapped with relief when we did.
    I was thankful he didn't give up on us and make us get out at the wrong place. He was kind and im thankful.
    Our hostel is suspicious looking..
    We weren't sure if we were entering the front or back door.
    Some chick showed us our room. It doesn't look as advertised but it will do. We are both in the top bunks on opposite sides of the room and I think I might be the only girl in our room lol.
    The pillows look dodgy but they provide clean enough sheets.
    There are lockers but I don't know how the locks will go so I'm just keeping my passport on me until we investigate more.
    Good luck to Will, he might break the bunk.
    We sat in the common room and it was super awkward at first but Will started up a convo with an American dude which broke the ice.
    We played a game of chess, Will won but I didn't get slaughtered like I thought I would have. I haven't played in years and years.
    Will then played the American and won that game too.
    We went out for dinner which was ok and then just walked down the old town street. We didn't want to do too much looking in case it takes the awe out of the tour we hope to do tomorrow.
    I need a salt shaker omg.
    We couldn't find a supermarket. We will need to buy cereal tomorrow.
    We bought Oreos hehe.
    We went back to the hostel and got invited to dinner. In the spirit of making friends we went along anyway.
    We went with this 73 year old man - strange.
    Then another Aussie guy and girl and an American.
    I love the American girl. She had me in stitches. She reminds me of Tina Fey.
    The Aussie girl annoyed the crap out of me. Her accent was wrong and after knowing her an hour she made me sign her 'book' with a personalized note for her, add her in Facebook and look at several ALBUMS on her phone of her travels. I did not care.
    Very self absorbed person.
    She also whipped out a condom that the manager of the last hostel left under her pillow. She claims to fell sexually harassed but
    Uhm, 2 questions, 1 - why would you keep it in the first place and secondly, why would you keep it in your carry bag . Like, she had it on her person at dinner in a resturant...
    Attention seeking to the hills omg.

    The food they served looked deliciously authentic. We might go back. We walked back to the hostel and were stoked to find out the old guy and annoying girl were from a different hostel.
    So they left woohoo!
    We spent the evening talking to Nick and Ilana. (Aussie and American) we get on well. They are doing a tour tomorrow and if there is room we might join them.
    I'm currently just hopped into bed. It was so difficult not making noise in the dark.
    The bed russles with every movement I make.
    Going to be an interesting sleep.
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  • Day35


    May 8, 2017 in Bulgaria

    What an awful nights sleep.
    We went to bed at 12 but I got up at 1 and sat in the common room until 2 because the beds are so ridiculously rickety that i was getting frustrated not being able to move without making sooo much noise.
    I am the only girl in our down and 3 of 4 of the other boys snore -.-
    The Asian guy below me is so odd. We don't know if he is gay or just Asian in his ways but a really odd person. His English is technically understandable but his sounds are very nasal.
    When I was in the common room I wrote my weekly Facebook update and a cat came up to the window so I went outside to say hi :)
    I eventually got to sleep but the beds are soooooo itchy. They provided sheets but I'll be using my sleeping bag tonight.
    Me and Will kept waving at each their across the room to see if he other was awake.
    We woke up around 6:30 and were so uncomfortable we went to the common room until everyone else woke up.
    Will went for a walk and got us cereal then once our room was empty of people we went back to bed and got up at 1.
    Will wants only private rooms from now on lol.
    Dorms are almost like a right of passage though haha.
    Once awake we decided to go for a walk to the closest shopping center.
    It was either falsely advertised as a mall or they just have crap standards. It was 3 levels but had about 5 shops open and it had no variety. It was all junk stores.
    There was a Aldi type place were we needed to buy Will a razor, batteries and food for the rose fields and I wanted salt, toothpaste and more cat food since I'm running low lol.
    We got a lot of stuff but when we went to pay our card didn't work for some reason. The lady didn't speak English and she gave me some weirdo extension thing to put the pin into -
    Anyway long story short is we pissed off a lot of people. The card failed so Will left to get cash from the ATM but the people behind us couldn't get served until we had so they had to wait. A few people had a go at me in Bulgarian. I just stood there awkwardly.
    It felt like he took an hour but he was probably very quick- we paid and I was happy to get out of there.
    We got a kebab on the way home but it was a hassle too. They had to get a worker from out the back to translate for us.
    The walk is beautiful. Cobbled streets that are frankly quite dangerous and you have to look at the floor every step because it's so uneven but it's fun :).
    The vines and old windows are lovely too.
    Very picturesque.
    We got back to the hostel and I have been shown a new phone app called 1 second a day which you basically upload a 1 second video everyday and it formats it into an awesome mesh of your holiday for you so I've been creating that all afternoon while Will has watched videos on the laptop.
    I want to do the tour but Will isn't keen. Tomorrow it is hah.
    We are happy we didn't go to the UFO Building excursion the hostel did today. They have just come back and no one has seemed very enthusiastic about it. Apparently they spent along time In the bus and it was wet soooo
    We saved money woo!
    I wanted to go for a walk to say we did something today so we did. I had a really annoying cough though, like I had a hair stuck in my throat.
    We found some remains - don't know what of and an awesome sign that had the direction and distance to different countries.
    We got water and then went for a stroll through a park. We found a pond with fish in it.
    When we are millionaires we will have one at our house.
    The park was beautiful. Will got irritated about my excessive photo taking but I'm just trying to capture the beauty. My phone doesn't do anything justice :(
    There was a creepy man with marionette dolls. He had what I think was Elsa and was spinning her around - he had little kid seats set up in front of the show. Odd.
    We found this beautiful fountain place and decided to stay and have a drink in the cafe close by.
    It has big signs saying you can't go swimming because it's treated water.
    Some grubby looking kids were going in at the edges and getting coins out though.
    At one point a security guard went sprinting full charge around the pond in the direction and the 10 of them scattered. It was amusing to watch, the guard was just not fast enough. It was like a scene from a movie.
    We then went walking around, we found heaps of places that had awesome street art! I enjoyed this aspect more than Will.
    We also found a central Perk cafe (Friends) but we had just had a drink so we didn't go in :(
    We also saw the biggest dog - it was like a bear!!
    We found ourselves back at the resturant from last night which serves traditional Bulgarian food.
    Will actually had a vegetable. Amazing.
    He had a Caesar salad and really enjoyed it because they used garlic sauce.
    We also got a hot pot type thing with meat and vegetable which I enjoyed.
    We are now back at the hostel now and people are playing the guitar.
    Nothing makes me cringe more.
    Nothing is more gay.
    Nothing makes me more embarrassed for someone.
    No I do not want to hear you play the only cord you know with your crappy voice. No one asked you to sing, please stop.
    At least this is the hostels guitar, they haven't lugged it around Europe like some people do.
    Those people I can't be friends with. We will never see eye to eye. I honestly can't deal.
    God I hate 'jam' seshes in public spaces.
    Go to your garage.
    Rant done.
    However over the course of our trip I do expect to meet a lot of hipster fruity people who don't shave their underarms, have dreadlocks, nose piercings, surf, are vegan, meditate, and don't use plastic.
    Not keen.

    It's now silent. Bless my ears.

    The owner made a shopska salad and offered everyone Rakia*
    Funnily enough I'm writing this a day late because I only got half way through writing 'Rakia' before I got distracted by the night.

    I refused at first but everyone was having shot after shot so I thought maybe it was a weaker brew... nope.
    I had 2 shots though so I'm proud of my achievements.
    I've learned everyone names now.
    Patrick is the weirdo Asian
    Jacob is the guy that looks like a lumberjack from America
    Nick is the nice Australian Pilates instructor
    Ilana is the histerical American
    Then there is another odd Aussie who's eyes are too close together and another man who has been sleeping the last 48 hours so I don't know who he is.
    Patrick was off his face. He is so smiley it's strange and was fascinated by Jacobs big beard and kept touching it. Jacob was not overly impressed.
    Jacob is hilarious. He is like a easy going guy that appears bored by everything.
    Patrick was like "we should hang out more"
    Jacobs response *shakes head and looks at floor* "noooo" *awkward laugh.
    Me and Ilana peed ourselves hahah
    It's won't ever be funny reading it but his deliveries make things very funny.
    We spent the night outside just hanging out with everyone.
    Everyone is very different but we had A LOT of fun and I spend a long time laughing.
    Patrick kept drinking and fell asleep at the table.
    We all went to bed about 1am.
    Me and Will asked if we could move rooms because the double bed in the lower dorm became available so we jumped at it - its on the floor and doesn't have barricades so he fits woo!
    Only problem is that one of the main slates of the bed is missing so there is an awkward dip in the middle of your back.
    Once you find the right placement it's ok though.
    The bed wasn't squeaky so I slept brilliantly.
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