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  • Day74

    Day trip to the pepper fields

    April 18 in Cambodia

    When we were in Long Beach the lady from Ottawa strongly suggested we go to the pepper fields in Kampot. Have you ever heard of Kampot Pepper Crab? Cambodia’s signature dish. Supposedly amazing. And Kampot is apparently a really neat city of 39,000 on the Kampong River. So our driver took us through the countryside, which is beautiful, all along the coast. The lady was right, it is a neat looking place, with lots of little fishing and farming villages on the way. We ate at an awesome little Indian restaurant before we departed to the hills to check out the pepper farms.Read more

  • Day229


    May 6, 2017 in Cambodia

    Onze eersre stop in Cambodja staat gekend om zijn peper- en zoutproductie. We trokken er met de scooter op uit om beide te proeven. Verder bezochten we een vlindertuin, Bokor hill (een verzameling verlaten koloniale gebouwen) en Kep (een al even verlaten stadje dat leeft van de krabvangst)

  • Day23

    Kampot, Kambodscha

    March 1, 2017 in Cambodia

    Am 26.02. ging es für uns weiter nach Kampot.
    Wir waren da, wo der Pfeffer wächst 😉 -auf den Pfefferplantagen und haben uns angesehen, wie der "Kampot Pfeffer" angebaut wird, sind mit dem Roller durch den Bokor Nationalpark gefahren, waren auf "Fisher Island" und haben die Arbeiter bei ihrer beschwerlichen Arbeit auf den Salzfelder beobachet.
    Die Stadt selbst sowie die Region um Kampot sind wirklich wunderschön, es gibt viel zu sehen und erstaunlicherweise schien alles etwas sauberer und weniger überhäuft von Müllbergen.Read more

  • Day67

    Khmer Roots Cafe

    January 8, 2017 in Cambodia

    We got to the beautiful family run cafe at 11am. I was really keen to do a cookery course whilst we were away and I am so glad we waited until Cambodia.

    The setting made it extra special, right on the shore of the emerald Secret Lake,
    The husband and wife duo (sorry can't remember their names) greeted us with beaming smiles and a refreshing ginger ale with lime.

    Then we set to work of how to create four delicious dishes:

    Massaman Curry
    Chicken Kampot Pepper
    Beef Lok Lak
    Amok Chicken.

    It was so lovely getting an hands on approach, especially as i have missed my kitchen the most whilst being away. The amount of preparation and ingredients that goes into each dish is incredible and i feel so greateful that i can now take these skills home and share with friends and family.

    My favorite dish was the Masssaman curry and the beef lok lak... so yummy and even more tasty because I had cooked it, well with a little help.

    A really fun day!!
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  • Day12

    So as per planned we got up at the crack of dawn to pack, grab breakfast and get our bus to Kampot. What we didn't plan was to get in gone midnight, to be packing at 1am, to only have 4 hours sleep and for the mini van to Kampot to be an hour late and be absolutely ram packed! But all of the above did happen.. Luckily the journey was only 2 hours so we went straight to our hotel checked in and had a rest.

    For the rest of the day we wandered round the town seeing the various monuments and sites and booked a sunset and firefly boat trip for the evening. Wow just wow. The evening was spectacular. The sunset was really beautiful with the mountains silhouetting below and the fireflies were just unbelievable. There were hundreds just glowing in the trees. So peaceful and tranquil!

    The next day we hired a scooter and ventured into the Bokor National Park. We had a fantastic day and for the first time in a long time we actually felt a bit chilly with the wind of the bike, but it was a refreshing welcome. We drove around the mountains and saw the old church and casino. For lunch we sat at a viewpoint and this was the highlight of the day. We saw a pair of Wreathed Hornbills!!! What a delight! Well we aren't 100% sure but we are 95% sure they were, so we just sat for an hour watching them glide around in the distance. After lunch I decided to have a go with the scooter and woohoo I mastered it. It was lots of fun but I definitely need some more practise before doing anything big. It was such a lovely day ☺️

    It's Monday 12th and we are going to the Kampot Pepper plantation and then driving to Kep which is a small village with a butterfly garden. Can't wait!
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  • Day14

    So today we are off to the famous pepper plantation farm and Kep. I've split this day into 2 footprints as I have too many pictures to choose from!

    We hired the scooter for an extra day and took an extra change of clothes in case we decide to stay the night in Kep. The road to the Plantation was pretty rough but Will did an incredible job of steering us round pot holes! We stopped at a "Secret Lake" and then to the Plantation. It was really fantastic, with lots and lot of pepper tasters. I was truly peppered out by the end! For those that haven't tried Kampot Pepper it's really fruity and only gives a light pepper kick at the very end and you eat it non dried. The plantation also grew many fruit trees including mango, banana, papaya, pineapple, passion fruit and pomegranate. We then had peanut butter and jam sandwiches before heading back on the nightmare road and then to Kep.Read more

  • Day56


    November 17, 2014 in Cambodia

    Where in Kampot now, home of the famous pepper. But we'll just stay one night, since the places one usually visits from here are the same as from Kep. But we wanted to eat some more pepper.

    So this post is just to prepare you for the fact that updates might be scarce in the next days, cause where we are going, we don't need roads...and there is only limited internet connection.
    OK Nat, reference to which movie can be found here?

    Pic no. 3 is the Kampot Olympic Stadium btw.
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  • Day84

    A new chapter

    October 6, 2016 in Cambodia

    My first day as a backpacker since I got back from my Norway adventure! This time I get to share it all with for fellow adventurers :)

    We made it to Phnom Penh (or as we say, Ping Pong) via air and then to Kompot on Cambodia's adventurous highways. So far we've experienced kind locals, heat and rain, language barriers when it comes to ordering food, fantastic food, and valuable conversations.

    After a long long day, we're completely happy and even more tired, eager to do more exploring. Tomorrow. For now it's bedtime :)
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  • Day155

    Stray - Sihanoukville to Kampot

    September 21, 2015 in Cambodia

    With Sihanoukville behind us we moved eastward to Kampot, our small group changing again. This time we left behind Norwegians, Christian and Mats, with Canadian Chelsea as we and Freddie (22 year old law graduate from Bristol who joined us in Siem Reap) continued on the bus.

    We found Kampot half asleep as we drove in and it never really woke up. Old decaying French colonial buildings lined the streets as dogs and tuk tuks lazily wandered the wide empty roads. The Preaek Tuek Chhu River flowed silently through the town on its way out to the Gulf of Thailand. It was a pleasant contrast to the sleaze we encountered in Sihanoukville.

    In the evening we took a boat cruise up the river to view fireflies in the trees lining the riverbank away from the town. It was an auspicious start when our boat started to trail oil and black smoke 10 minutes after leaving the dock, which left us sat in the middle of the river whilst the boat's engineer stood waist deep in the engine compartment tinkering and talking on his mobile phone. Despite the language barrier it was quite clear that we were not going anywhere fast. Fortunately another boat arrived surprisingly quickly for 'Cambodian Time' to continue taking us upriver (translates to 'it'll be here when it's here and not a minute sooner', applying to food, transport and many other things). After this we quickly left the electric halo of the town's lights and were immersed into night, lit only by the moon, which silhouetted the riverbank's trees. Coming to a halt and the noise of the boat's engine cut, we sat in silence and watched the reddish white glow of fireflies twinkle and float between the trees.
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  • Day42

    Kampot (Cambodja)

    January 10, 2017 in Cambodia

    We chillen lekker verder in een iets groter (en erg toeristisch) stadje: Kampot. Waar je ook kijkt zijn guesthouses, western food restaurants en toerist info shops.

    Gisteren hebben we hier rustig rondgewandeld en vandaag verkenden we met een tuktuk de streek. We bezochten de salt lakes en een Hindoeïstische tempel in een grot. Daarna rustten we wat uit in de hangmat bij de Secret Lake (niet zo "secret" want we waren er niet alleen). Cambodjanen zijn echt meester chillers, elk huis heeft minstens één hangmat of ligstoel.

    Na het meer bezochten we een peperplantage genaamd "The Plantation", super origineel. De gidsen legden het groeiproces van de peperplant goed uit. Behalve peper hebben ze ook veel fruit staan: ananas, durian, passievrucht etc. Het was een leerrijk en lekker bezoek.

    We blijven hier een dagje langer dan gepland en huren morgen een scooter om het Bokor National Park te verkennen.
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