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  • Day77

    The Angkor Wat

    April 21 in Cambodia

    You read about it in books, maybe you’ve even been here. We have all wanted to see this place, some of us since we read about it in elementary school. There really are no words to describe the Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. You have to accept that there are literally thousands of people there the same day as you with the same anticipation.
    Words, and unfortunately pictures, wont do it justice.
    Here are a couple posts that don’t even scratch the surface of what you see here. One of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Wonder, thats a good start.
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  • Day2

    Angkor Wat

    April 6 in Cambodia

    Heute morgen hieß es aufstehen, aber nicht allzu früh. Um 8:30 hat uns unser deutschsprachiger Guide abgeholt, der uns heute und morgen die weitläufige Stadt und Tempelanlage zeigen wird.
    Begonnen haben wir beim bekanntesten und größten der Tempel, Angkor Wat. Die reich verzierten Mauern und die schiere Größe der Anlage sind sehr beeindruckend. Wir haben hier ca 3 Stunden verbracht bevor wir uns nach dem Mittagessen noch einige kleinere Tempel angesehen haben. Zum Abschluss haben wir uns noch den Bayon Tempel besucht, der für seine vielen Gesichter bekannt ist, dieser hat mir persönlich am besten gefallen. Da es sehr heiss war haben wir beschlossen den besuch des letzten Temples des Tages, in dem ein Teil von Tomb Raider gefilmt wurde, auf den nächsten Tag zu verschieben.
    Abends gab es eine Fußmassage und sehr interessantes Essen. Wir waren in einem schicken Restaurant im dem wir in einem 5 Gänge Menü verschiedene kambodschanische Gerichte in abgewandelter Form probiert haben. Zum Teil war das für uns gewöhnungsbefürftig, aber geschmeckt hat alles, vor allem das Dessert 😋
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  • Day6

    Angkor Wat

    March 11, 2017 in Cambodia

    Being a tourist in Siem Reap, or Cambodia for that matter, means you are obliged to go visit Angkor Wat temple. Being the biggest temple out of the many in Cambodia it's certainly a must see.

    It was a 5am wake up to see this beautiful temple at sunrise and wow was it worth it. We spent a total of 3 hours at this impressive site, exploring the ins and outs of it all. I think it's amazing that after the 1,000 years this temple has been alive, so much of it is still standing. I've seen many pictures and postcards of Angkor Wat, yet not until you go visit do you experience how incredibly vast it is or appreciate the work that must of gone into this masterpiece.

    After returning back to the hotel sweaty, tired and hungry I ate a well deserved breakfast of pancakes with syrup and baguette (very traditional I know). Despite the early morning, there was no rest for the wicked, heading straight out to the markets of Siem Reap. The markets have so many options and it's almost overwhelming what you can buy. But as the sun became stronger and the afternoon approached we began to wilt and decided to head back to the hotel for a swim and lie down. Delighted to have a free afternoon, I spent the rest of the day by the pool reading my book, finishing it and soaking up some vitamin D.

    To finish the day off we went out exploring the night market and life in Siem Reap and to say good bye as it is our last night.

    And finally, after a total of 14,636 steps today, I believe my sleep is more well deserved than ever.
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  • Day5

    Exploring Siem Reap

    March 10, 2017 in Cambodia

    Oh my goodness I am in love with this place.

    The highlight of the day had to be the circus we watched this evening. I can't even put into words how amazing, incredible, superb, fantastic this show was. The participants in the show are young adults from very poor backgrounds who have been given a chance by the group (Phare, an NGO) that run these shows. Needless to say it was worth everyone dollar I spent on it. I would highly recommend ANYONE who visits Siem Reap to see this show (Phare, the Cambodian Circus) even if you do nothing else.

    During the day however, we visited 5 temples and it is safe to say I'm certainly templed out. All of the temples we visited were different in their own way and stood for a different religion, built by a different king. Before heading out for the evening we had a swim and dinner by the pool to recover from the extreme heat we had experienced during the day.

    Nevertheless, the circus has ended my day on a high.
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  • Day46

    Angkor Wat

    April 2 in Cambodia

    I don’t really believe in the idea of having a bucket list. But, if I had one, visiting Angkor Wat — which is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world — would have been near the tip top of the list. And, as much as I had read about the complex, and thought that I understood the size and scope, I was still completely unprepared for the actual majesty of the site.

    Angkor Wat was built between 1113 and 1151, during the reign of King Suryavarman II. It is estimated that between 500,000 and a million people worked on the structure, with the assistance of 3000 elephants and 6000 horses. It was originally built as a Hindu temple, honoring both the God Vishnu, as well as to the greater glory of the King. It is the largest religious monument in the world — covering approximately 500 acres. The complex consists of an enormous, man made moat with a length of approximately one-half mile on each side. To enter the complex, you must cross the moat on a bridge that is almost 1000 feet long. Once you cross the moat, you enter into a set of buildings/corridors that form the outer wall of the complex. Every surface that you see is covered with carvings. As you pass out of the buildings, you cross an enormous “square” or “plaza,” which has both open spaces and buildings. It is believed that the buildings were libraries that held sacred texts, and that the open spaces were for pilgrims. You then come to the main part of the temple, which is comprised of enormous galleries, enclosing courtyards and five towers. The central tower is 65 meters tall. Adorning the outside of every tower were hundreds of statutes, most of which have been eroded by time. But, inside the buildings are elaborate carvings, many of which tell Hindu stories, such as the Ramayana. (There are four enormous galleries which have long friezes running the length of each gallery.). The carvings are comparable to the Elgin Marbles in terms of complexity, but are far, far larger.

    Over its vast history, the temple complex has served many, many purposes. Originally, the complex was built to honor Vishnu. Approximately 300 years later, it was later turned into a Buddhist temple, and 1000 statutes of Buddha were erected — either as carvings, or as separate statutes. Sometime thereafter, the complex was transformed back into a Hindu temple, and the statutes of Buddha were either entirely destroyed, or the heads were knocked off. For many years the site fell into disrepair, and the forest began to overgrow the site. However, it was always used by pilgrims and worshipers. During the years of the Khmer Rouge, the complex was used as a hospital, and a battleground. Today you can actually see bullet holes in many of the outer walls. Fortunately, the site was never bombed, so it is remarkably well preserved.

    I found the site to be unbelievably beautiful . . .so much so, that we actually went three times over the course of three days, including early one morning so that we could watch the sunrise. (Maya opted out of getting up at dawn to see the sunrise, as a friend had told her that there were 1000 people who were there at sunrise. Maya’s friend was wrong — there must have been 10,000 people there at sunrise!). On each of our three visits, I was able to appreciate a different aspect of Angkor Wat. The first time, I was impressed by the size and splendor of the entire complex, and completely intrigued by the history. When we want for sunrise, I was amazing by the beautiful buildings, and the contrast between the forest beyond the site and the complex that was built almost a thousand years ago. On our last visit, I marveled at the carvings that adorned every surfaced, and wondered at the number of workers that it took to build and decorate the structure.

    Although I could have spent many more days exploring the complex, it was time to visit the other temples. But, this was definitely a site that surpassed all expectations.
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  • Day8

    Angkor wat

    May 13, 2017 in Cambodia

    כמו שכבר קראתם, אני והילה יצאנו הבוקר לסיור זריחה במקדשי אנקור.
    לזריחה עצמה במקדש לא ממש הספקנו, אבל עדיין היה דיי מרשים (והיו הרבה יותר אנשים ממה שאתם מתארים לעצמכם)
    בגדול, יש אזור עצום של המון מקדשים (קצת כמו עיר מקדשים קטנה) ובו סיירנו. לקחו אותנו בין כל מיני מקדשים, גם המפורסם- אנקור וואט, גם האחד שבו צילמו את טומב ריידר, אבל עוד כל מיני מקדשים יותר קטנים (הם עדיין היו עצומים).
    את הסיור הארוך סיימנו ב 12 בצהריים (ואני אומרת ארוך כי הוא התחיל ב 4 וחצי בבוקר) דיי עייפות אבל מרוצות.
    רגע השיא היה כנראה כשחזינו בהשתלטות אויינת של חבורת קופים על אחד המקדשים, זה היה ממש מקסים 😍🐒
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  • Day119

    Kambodscha - Angkor Wat #1

    August 31, 2017 in Cambodia

    Was für ein Tag! Wir waren von 7 Uhr morgens bis abends 19 Uhr in den Tempeln von Angkor Wat und Umgebung unterwegs! Und das bei strahlend blauen Himmel und somit locker 35 Grad. Von der aktuellen Regenzeit haben wir auf jeden Fall nichts mitbekommen 😄
    Die Tempelanlage ist wirklich toll und ich war auch bei meinem zweiten Besuch hier immer noch beeindruckt! 😊 Trotz der definitiv höheren Touristenanzahl als 2012 und der Preiserhöhung von 20 USD auf 37 USD für einen Tag 😉Read more

  • Day23

    Das 8. Weltwunder

    January 25 in Cambodia

    Gestern Abend angekommen in Sieam Reap wurde ich von Hostel Driver per Ritschka am Flughafen abgeholt. Mit noch 2 anderen, Jerimias und Magda aus Dänemark fuhren wir zu 3. samt Backpacks mit dem holprigen gefährt zu unserem Homestsay. Meines Erachtens nach völlig überladen. Einige strassen hier sind nur zum teil ausgebaut und so gings mit Vollgas durch unzählige Schlaglöcher. War dann gestern noch auf Erkundungstour und kann nur sagen, der Fingerfood wird immer exotischer 🕷🐜🦂
    Schlangen ist hier auch eine Delikates 🙃
    Bin zwar kein Kulturbanause, aber wer's braucht...
    Mein Abendessen fiel zumindest gestern aus.
    Jetzt treib ich mich in den Tempeln von Angkor Wat herum und versuch noch ein paar schöne Bilder ohne 100.000 chinesen auf dem Foto zu erhaschen.
    See you again...😎✌
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  • Day8

    Ankor, Kambodscha

    February 14, 2017 in Cambodia

    Zum Abschluss unseres Aufenthaltes in Siem Reap waren wir natürlich auch in der Tempelanlage von Ankor mit dem bekanntesten Tempel Ankor Wat. Leider ist der Eintritt sehr teuer, dafür haben sich die Eindrücke aber mehr als gelohnt!

  • Day58

    Angkor Wat

    December 8, 2017 in Cambodia

    Heute waren wir in der Tempelanlage um Angkor Wat unterwegs. Da wir uns das frühe Aufstehen für den Sonnenaufgang nicht antun konnten, sind wir gemütlich um 9 Uhr dort angekommen und ein Tuktuk-Fahrer hat uns zu den 4 Haupttempeln (Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei) gefahren.
    Leider haben uns die Tempel nicht wirklich umgehauen, anders als der Eintrittpreis von 37 US-Dollar.. Zudem waren sehr viele Menschen unterwegs und es wurde zur Mittagszeit ziemlich warm, sodass wir den Nachmittag dann lieber am Pool im Hostel verbracht haben. 😄Read more

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