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  • Day11

    Prince George, BC

    June 26, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 54 °F

    Took an easy day again!? We ate never going to get to Alaska before Cindy (July 12) at this rate! Loved our site at the Lowhee Campground in Barkerville. Quiet, good size sites sandwiched between spruce and pines. Nice level sites, no power or water (dry camping) but RV batteries in fine shape. Have to make drip coffee since our Keurig needs power, talk about roughing it!
    Drove on north to Prince George and had more animal sightings!
    Another first: moose! We saw one standing in a meadow, both of us got a glimpse.
    ....and Tom got to see his first black bear because this time I was driving!
    A very eventual drive, for us!

    I haven't mentioned but the one fast food restaurant we seem to notice every where is A & W. I can barely find one in California, but here in British Columbia, they seem to be all over. So we stopped for lunch since we both remember the"good ole days" and how great a root beer float was. Sad to say we were a little disappointed. They pass the ice cream up to the serving counter where the clerk unwraps the pre portioned "ball" of ice cream and drops it into the root beer like an ice cube. We were shocked! No big healthy scoop of ice cream from a tub.... just this frozen ball of ice cream they unwrapped!

    Anyway we did eventually get to the visitor center and got some literature to peruse. The gal told us that they offer bikes for use, so am keeping my fingers crossed they have some in the morning. Checked into campsite early to catch up on a little laundry and get online with Quicken and email. Plan to sight see tomorrow and stay one more night here and then head east to catch the Cassiar Highway going north. We have had great weather, and I was sorry I had long pants on today, it was up in the 70's!

    Happy to say Auggie's cough is getting a little bit better every day, thank you God, amen!
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    Linley Brinker-Harding

    Well if Cindy gets to Fairbanks before you she can go do some reindeer yoga! 😁 But I’m sure that you’ll get it all worked out! It sure looks like beautiful country that you’re traveling through 😊 & especially glad to see that Augi is feeling better!!


    Looks veeeeeeeeery relaxing and peaceful! Lollie


    Love your site.... your own private forest!

  • Day10

    Barkerville, BC; Canada's gold rush days

    June 25, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Breakfast and hot showers this morning! After confirming what a "loonie" is ( Canadian dollar) we discovered that a "single loonie" (3 minute) shower was sufficient! Having breakfast does not necessarily mean that we don't enjoy finding local pastry shops to try once we finished our shopping at the Quesnel Bakery we headed north and east to Barkerville. This is Canada's version of Columbia, only on steroids. Approximately 100 plus buildings, with at least 50 or so equipped with artifacts consistent with the period. Saloons, dry goods, assay office, post office, government office, school house, church, restaurant, boarding houses, miner cabins, residences, Chinatown, the list goes on and on. Staff all in period costumes, mini shows and demonstrations going on all the time. And not nearly as commercial as Columbia is...we spent all day here just wondering and reading. There was LOTS of explanations/descriptions everywhere to read. Rain clouds threatened all day, felt a drop or two, but stayed dry. Clouds always look like they are going to break open with buckets of water, but we're dont seem to get much! Fingers crossed!

    Firsts: 5 mosquito bites yesterday evening!
    ...AND 1 small black bear sighting this morning! Tom did not seeit, he was driving, but I saw this black hump moving across a log.... had to look twice because I never spot animals much. Sure enough, just walking across a log that was laying perpendicular against the slope of the mountain. I think he looked young, but I was in a moving RV, so who knows. Tom was very bummed.

    Auggie update: he seems to be doing slightly better, but he really has been struggling with this awful kennel cough. It is hard to walk him because he starts this horrible hacking sound that makes me feel like I am choking him. I am sure our fellow campers will be reporting us for abuse. At a minimum they do tend to avoid us...

    Sorry for the delay on this particular update, NO cell service or Wi-Fi at this stop. Tom and I are at a total loss....we have had to resort to talking!

    Grateful for a wonderful day, amen!
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    Linley Brinker-Harding

    Talking? Face to face?? What’s that all about... 😂 Enjoy your conversations, hopefully about more than who got to see the bear! 😉 sounds like your day was loads of fun. Sorry to see that Augi is still under the weather 😞 Hopefully his antibiotics will “kick in” soon.


    Perfect place for Tom.He looks like he belongs there. Lollie!


    Good to see Kathy. This is Michaels favorite picture so far. Michael wants to know if it is a 46 international? Lollie

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  • Day20

    Wildlife & Goldrausch

    September 3, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 3 °C

    Die Strecke von Jasper in Richtung Prince Georg und zu der Goldgräberstadt Barkerville war mit ca. 500 km unsere bisher längste. Wir verlassen die schroffe Berglandschaft und bekommen das zu sehen, was man von Kanada erwartet: Wald, Wald und nochmal Wald. Perfekt für Wildlife, wie uns die Straßenschilder ununterbrochen mitteilen. Als erstes haben wir uns an einem kleinen Wasserfall positioniert, der die letzte Stufe bei der Lachswanderung ist. Im ersten Moment sind wir ziemlich skeptisch, hier überhaupt was zu sehen. Das Wasser ist reißend und der Höhenunterschied für die Fische gewaltig (erstes Foto). Aber unsere Ausdauer wurde belohnt und wir konnten einige ziemlich 'dicke Dinger' beobachten (allerdings nur für eine Sekunde, dann waren sie wieder weg). Auf der Weiterfahrt gab es noch Bären, Rehe und Hirsche. Nur ein richtiger Elch fehlt noch. Ich warte schon seit Jahren auf einen Elch und war in Amerika und Skandinavien bisher immer erfolglos. Und hier stehen überall Schilder 'Moose crossing'. Ich hab also 1,5 Tage aus dem Fenster gestarrt (und mir dabei ernsthaft meinen Nacken verspannt ;)) und wollte die Suche eigentlich schon aufgeben. Doch gestern Abend auf dem Heimweg aus Barkerville haben wir es geschafft: ein Weibchen mit ihrem Kleinen. Die ausgewachsenen Tiere können bis zu 3,5m groß werden und schauen eher aus wie Pferde mit einem langen Bart unterm Maul :) Auf dem Elch-Selfie kommt das leider nicht so gut rüber :D Die Goldgräberstadt selber war auch sehr interessant. 125 Häuser aus der Zeit des Goldrausches und ein paar Figuren, die genauso wie damals rum gelaufen sind. Wir haben unser Glück in der ertragreichsten Goldfundstelle der Welt natürlich auch versucht, aber nach 150 Jahren Goldsucher war nicht mehr viel übrig. Egal - der Harti hat sich gleich eine Goldwaschpfanne gekauft ;) Ich weiß schon was unsere nächste Beschäftigung sein wird... Abends ging's ins Casino, das gleichzeitig unser Hotel war (wessen Idee das war, ist ja offensichtlich ;)).Read more

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