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  • Day17

    Niagara Falls

    June 28, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Erster Stopp heute: Werkstatt. Wir kommen nach kurzer Wartezeit direkt dran und die Inspektion unserer Schiebetür ist nach ca. 10 Sekunden abgeschlossen. Wir haben wohl aus Versehen die uns bis jetzt unbekannte Kindersicherung der Tür aktiviert. 🙄 Wir schämen uns etwas, aber die Mechaniker nehmen es mit Humor. Sie wünschen uns eine gute Weiterreise und lassen uns ohne Bezahlung weiterziehen.

    Wir halten eine Straße weiter und erkunden Niagara Falls ab hier zu Fuß. Wir erspähen die Wasserfälle samt Zuläufer bereits aus der Ferne. Als erstes gehen wir zur wahrscheinlich beliebtesten Touri-Aktivität und fahren mit einem Boot direkt zu den Wasserfällen. Zuerst sehen wir die kleineren aber trotzdem imposanten US-amerikanischen Falls und anschließend die bekannten Horseshoe Falls aus nächster Nähe. Die ausgeteilten Ponchos sind hier wirklich notwendig, wenn man nicht von Kopf bis Fuß durchnässt werden möchte. Wie wir hinterher feststellen ist der Blick auf den "Hufeisen"-Wasserfall auf der kanadischen Seite an Land z. T. sogar noch besser und eindrucksvoller. Trotzdem ist die Bootsfahrt ein spaßiges Ereignis und wir können sie Preis-Leistungs-technisch sowie von der erstaunlich kurzen Wartezeit her weiterempfehlen.
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  • Day40

    Niagara Fälle

    July 1, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    Nicht immer online, daher mit leichter Verspätung. Die Touri Attraktion schlechthin gesehen. Trotz der Menschenmassen sehr beeindruckend. Wo man in Island darauf setzt, alles möglichst ursprünglich zu lassen, pflastert man hier auf beiden Seiten alles mit Hotels und Kram zu. Auch ein Ansatz...
    Danach ging es aufs Land, wo wir die nächsten zwei Nächte in einem Luxus Zelt verbringen werden.
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  • Day313

    Roadtrip Niagara Fälle

    August 21, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Von Chicago aus startete unser erster Roadtrip in den USA, also ab ins Auto und Richtung Niagara Fälle. Glücklicherweise durften wir mit unserem Auto auch in Kanada fahren. So haben wir auf unserem Weg noch ein kurzem Zwischenstopp in Detroit am Henry Ford Museum und im Greenfield Village gemacht und sind danach weiter nach Toronto. In Toronto haben wir wieder etwas Sightseeing gemacht und waren auf der kleinen Erholungsinsel der Einwohner.
    Danach ging es dann auch zu den Niagara Fällen. Die Nacht zuvor haben wir noch bei Crystal Beach geschlafen und waren dort baden. Das ist sozusagen am oberen See, der dann in die Tiefe stürzt. Bei den Niagara Fällen angekommen, waren wir echt begeistert und erstaunt über die Unmengen an Wasser die dort runterstürzen. Aber warum dort manche für viel Geld mit dem Boat ranfahren und sich nass spritzen lassen versteh ich nicht ... ne ordentliche Dusche bekommt man doch auch schon für weniger Geld.
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  • Day43

    Journey Behind the Falls

    August 23, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    Last stop was an elevator ride down to an overlook halfway down horseshoe falls with tunnels behind the falls. You really get to see & feel the force. Up at street level there are great views of the falls. As great day with a great guide.

  • Day11

    water to wine

    August 30, 2016 in Canada ⋅ 🌙 61 °F

    What an absolutely mind blowing day, first up..I'm shattered so I will probably come back and add more to this at some point but for now....

    An earlish start to the day, picking up a car at 8am (yes that's right, me who has barely driven in the past 3 years was let loose on Canada), dive the hour and a half down to Niagara falls today not really knowing what to expect and preparing to be underwhelmed by a big waterfall....oh my god, so wrong, absolutely spectacular. All told I think I was at said waterfall for about 4 hours, just looking, finding different vantage points, taking a million photos ( )....just amazing

    After that I was a bit stuck for what to do as I know there are a million tourist things in and around Niagara and I just couldn't decide, I thought rather than do the tourist trap planet Hollywood or hard rock I would head out of town a but and see what else there was to decision ever.

    I put "Niagara on the lake" (a smallish town) into the satnav and started driving, the busy city streets and neon signs of Niagara falls quickly gave way to industrial and retail areas, some quite run down...but then just as quickly that gave way to some of the most scenic, rustic, beautiful landscapes. Long winding, tree lined roads past beautiful country villages offering farmers markets, pick your own peaches and about a million happy and tanned cyclists.

    After driving for half an hour or so the tree lined roads started giving way to huge vineyards as far as I could see and lots of signs for tours and tastings.... Who was I to argue.

    A beautiful few hours were had in the grounds of the Andrew Peller winery, tasting some interesting, very young wines, none of the vines are over 10 years old and the wine makers are still being very experimental to find the grapes that grow best on the Niagara peninsula. Their speciality however is ice wine, an amazing desert wine picked from hardy grapes well into winter. After 3/4 samples I thought I should probably get some food on board and drink some water and so I made my way over to their bar/ restaurant and had a great pulled pork and a couple waters before jumping back in the car and doing a 2.5 hour drive out to Elmira too stay with Bev and Barb (friends of mum and grahams) who couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly and have some very cool interesting local stuff planned for me the next couple days....

    Fyi I was so shattered writing that I feel asleep and just woke up 6 hours later to finish it

    Edit: made a video of Niagara
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  • Day11

    Niagara Falls - New York & Canada

    June 27, 2017 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 63 °F

    Niagara Falls is a truly impressive sight. The surrounding area is a great example of capitalism at a disgusting extreme. It is a dirty, seedy embarrassment to a national treasure. The park, itself, is nice.

    The beauty and majesty of the falls is yet again something that the camera just cannot do justice to. Still, we got some great shots.

    We did something I have wanted to do since I was a little kid. We saw the falls on the Maid of the Mist boat tour. It was cold, windy and wet... awesome!!!! Quinn and I dragged Casey and Jenn along. I think they are glad we did. 😉

    The sky was blue when we went down to the boat, but storm clouds blew in while we were on the water. Luckily, it didn't start raining until we left, not that we would have noticed. 😊

    While we were there we visited the Canadian side of the falls. We entered another country. Add it to the list!
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  • Day13

    Niagara Falls

    July 9, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We only had one day in Toronto - fly in on Sunday evening and then leaving on the train Tuesday morning. Emma Bugg said that we should do Niagara Falls, so I booked a day trip from Toronto [the Canada side] before leaving Hobart to ensure we didn’t miss out.

    Trip advisor generally just brought up the tour operators one at a time - I read the reviews. Prices are cheap from $55 to $125 for the bus only. Most had 4 or 5 reviews, but when I look at the Chariots of Fire Tour they had thousands - almost all positive. I choose them. As I received confirmation I noticed that they were a Christian based organisation and did a lot of youth group tours - I hoped that I had made a good choice.

    As we were leaving Calgary - at the airport I received an email saying that we were the only ones booked for Niagara on Monday and would we consider another day? Without a phone to contact them - I could only say No via email and advise that I could not be contacted until late Sunday night. Bit of a panic, but when we got to Toronto I had another email saying then other bookings had come through and so the tour was on - what a relief - I was going to go crazy.

    We walked to the city square on Sunday night to find the bus departure point. Toronto has a brilliant skyline of high rise building, curious shapes and a mix of old and new grand buildings - something to see everywhere you look. They also have a vast underground full of shops - we went for a troll through the biggest one - sure neat and eye catching window displays. The city square is a mine Time Square with huge neon and video signs all around - most impressive. Like all big cities there we homeless everywhere - a real shame.

    The next morning we walked to the bus stop again. Tourists are easy to spot - I could tell there were others waiting for the same bus - no signs to show where theses would stop. Our bus came, a black Mercedes mini bus with blackened windows nada very small sign “Chariots of Fire”

    The driver was a very softly spoken man, very clean and neat. There were 12 passages and so the bus was full. Off we go, the driver put on his headset and stared to give a commentary [after asking if we wanted one] and rolled off facts and figures non stop for the next hour at least. Its about a 2 hour drive. Talking about the recent history of the First Nation people, the French and the English helped me realise how the American [USA] citizens would still feel they need guns and independence - fascinating really. More research for me to do on our return - even to watch "The Last of the Mohicans”.

    You can judge the prosperity of a city by the outskirts - Toronto looks like it is doing well. All the major car manufactures have factories on the way to Niagara. The steel mills, the shipping and the huge locks on the St Lawrence Seaway were very impressive.

    For the tour we added the Skyline Tower and the Hornblower cruise. First stop is the Tower - our guide gave us some biscuits [cookies] and impressed that we be back at 11:15 am exactly. The view from the tower was worthwhile - good photos of all 3 falls - 2 on the USA side and the large one on the Canadian side. Down in good time we purchased over priced photos, including an image of Mary and me going over in a barrel, had a coffee and were back on the bus in time.

    Next stop the cruise. Our tour guide briefed us on the best place to be on the boat and how to get off quickly and avoiding the delays on the lift that takes us back up the cliff. Needless to say we got very wet - but it is the best way to see the size of the falls and the power of the water going over [2,800,000 litres per second or an Olympic Swimming pool per second].

    More photo opportunities around the lake and along the river and gorge were enjoyed before we headed off to Niagara on the Lake - a sweet little village which has been use as the set for many movies, the most notable being Trapped in Paradise … an ideal place for a movie like this.

    We had lunch in the park, as organised by the tour, watch kids playing in the fountain - Council not afraid of being sued I assume and had a stroll around the village. Most places have a Christmas Shop - the one here had everything you could want for a white Christmas - made us think that one year we would like to do Christmas in the northern hemisphere.

    The next stop was a winery. We had a very informative presentation of local wine - not much chop if you ask me - little character and lacking flavours. They did however have Ice Wine. Picked after 7 consecutive days of grapes frozen on the vine when ripe … both red and white - so impressed I bought a better of Red Ice Wine - cost $50 for 500ml and while very sweet, is a style worth having once in a while. Good for nightcaps on our remaining nights on holiday.

    The drive back was a sleepy affair after all the wine and food and sightseeing. Plenty of Canadian music on the CD on the tour bus helped me go to sleep.

    Back at the hotel - and it was in the down side of downtown - Mary asked if there were local eateries - the answer was yes - plenty.

    This was the start of a long, hot, fruitless and frustrating look for somewhere to have diner. We did go into a Japanese Restaurant sat down, were delivered water - but the menu was uninteresting and the place was so dirty that we just walked out - something I never do !!

    Back at the hotel we just went to bed without eating, looking forward to the business class trip on the train tomorrow to Montreal.

    A big day - lots of memories.

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  • Day101

    Niagara Falls

    July 14, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Wooow, impressive!

    Ik heb de trein genomen vanaf Philadelphia naar Niagara falls. Het uitzicht was mooi, maar daar is dan ook alles mee gezegd. De trein had 2 uur vertraging opgelopen, waardoor ik pas om 1 uur 's nachts in het hostel aankwam. Lekker de hele dag in de trein gezeten dus :) De volgende twee dagen heb ik genoten van de watervallen. Eerst aan de VS kant, waar je dichtbij de watervallen kunt komen. 's Avonds was er ook nog een vuurwerkshow. De volgende dag ben ik naar Canada gelopen om vanaf daar de falls te bekijken; ook in het donker. Super mooi!Read more

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