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  • Day57

    Mile "Zero", Dawson Creek

    August 11, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Started our day with Auggie's morning constitutional, a walk until he has, well, never, this is when I really miss having Cindy here! I

    This morning was a little cold and foggy!! Yes, foggy, don't ask me how or why, all I know is it was foggy! Maybe from cold air over Charlie Lake?? It was too foggy to tell....

    Even though we suspected that the view might be compromised, we drove out to what is known as Site C, the third BC Hydro dam project on the Peace River. This project is so big, even in the fog we could see the progression of work. It started in 2016 and is due to complete in 2024. Onsite worker housing is in place for over 3,000 employees, and they are working on the diversion tunnels, numerous riverbank re-enforcements, and infrastructure. The project, as with ALL dam projects, is highly controversial.

    We had hoped to get to another nice overlook of the Peace River valley back in town, but with the fog, we didn't even try. And then we discovered the local museum was closed on Sundays, two strike we went to Tim Hortons and got more breakfast treats and coffee!

    Hit the road for Dawson Creek which was only 50 miles away. We did have a very interesting stop at Historical Milepost 21, the Kiskatinaw Bridge. (I had to get my brochure out to spell it correctly) This is the only original wood trestle bridge left from 1942. It really is a beautiful curved bridge, and we walked on it as well as drove. It is no longer on the current highway because this is one of many sections of the Alaska Highway that had been re-routed.

    This section of the country is now just gentle rolling hills, lots of agricultural, and definitely looks like cowboy country. No mountains to be seen, but still very green! They grow a lot of hay here, and grain used for canola oil, besides oil, natural gas, and timber. So pretty rural looking.

    Arrived at mile "zero" about noon and checked into the visitor center for camping rec's and city tours. With our Dawson City "master" museum pass we also got a "free" commemorative pin and certificate of completion.

    Sundays are VERY quiet here. Most all locally owned business are closed. Had some lunch at a franchise restaurant, Original Joe's, which is like the pub version of CPK... excellent tomatoe bacon soup with crostini! Water instead of beer because I was trying to be frugal. (And the beer list didn't look that interesting) Tom stuck to fish, but in a taco format for a change.

    Then spent the afternoon at the Alaska Highway House, a museum dedicated to the story of the highway. Watched a PBS film about the construction that was really good, and was a nice ending to our experience with the highway. From here south we will just be on one of several "access" highways to the actual Alcan as it used to be named. We also got another "free" commemorative pin!

    Since it was 4 p.m., we headed slightly out of town (9 miles) to our camping spot for the night, Farmington Fairways Golf Course and RV Park. I think this must be a public course...Not bad, a little tired looking and showers were not very warm. I guess the premise is that you can vacation right at the golf course. So several of the sites had an RV and a golf cart. And some of these sites look like the occupants are here for the whole season...but there certainly is plenty of walking space for Auggie and I!

    Fish, pasta and a glass wine, done for the day!
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    That Jeep looks like Sarge from cars movie. Michael


    You're right!!


    It's so perfect that it looks almost fake, wow! Lollie

  • Day58

    Done with Dawson

    August 12, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    So slept in fairly late for us, about 7:30 a.m., so had a slow start this morning. Think we are losing a little momentum....we might need a day where we dont go anywhere, or do anything but sit in camp. When we do have a little non travel time, I am usually doing some laundry and updating my Quicken. All this sight seeing and traveling does (sort of) wear on you a little. But as any one who knows me will understand, my thoughts go to phrases like; "I might not be back here again" or better yet " if I am just going to sit around I might as well be at home". I am trying to corral those thoughts and be open to where the day might go, maybe God has an even more interesting day then the one I am planning!

    Well today was just not that interesting...we did a little sightseeing in Dawson this morning, their history, railroad memorabilia and natural sciences museum, or perhaps we should just call it a collection. This was all located at the Visitor center, as well as the Dawson Art Gallery. I always enjoy art galleries, any of them, but Tom chose a bench that had the distinction of being in the sunshine! It was a beautiful day.

    Lunch, and then a visit to Pioneer Village, which was pretty well done for a small town. They had a number of relocated historical buildings, a couple of reproductions of older buildings, and they were all staged with old historical items that might be in use at the time. It was a Monday so it was really pretty much empty, so we just strolled around. It was nice because they did let Auggie in, as long as he was not taken inside the buildings, so we just "tag teamed" him through the walking tour.

    Late afternoon we took him to a groomer to have his nails trimmed. I have been giving him some oil supplement that is supposed to contribute to healthy fur, and therefore less shedding. ( that's what i was told...) well his fur does feel healthy; I am not sure if he is shedding any less, but I do feel like his nails grew out very fast! So we took him in for a quick "pawdicure". His nails look lovely, mine look horrible!

    Drove through Chetwynd, and out to Moberly Lake, yet another provincial park campground. Didnt get lakeside, but can see the sparkle through the trees! The only problem we have is the site next to us has a dog that Auggie can see and hear.... so he is a little preoccupied with the window!

    Burritos for dinner, chocolate chip cookie with milk for dessert.

    Happy footnote: in this southern location and at this time of year, sunset is at 9 p.m. or so. Really enjoying having longer nights! Kind of nice to go to bed with a dark room, without covering up windows. It is weird to see a dark night again!
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    Linley Brinker-Harding

    What a cute little furry butt!


    Darling little place! Lollie


    Us moms always seem to take care of every one including our fur babies before ourselves. Auggie looks very well loved. Lollie

  • Day57

    Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada

    July 8, 2015 in Canada ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

    Von New York City sind wir in den vergangenen 15 Tagen 4950 km bis nach Dawson Creek gefahren. Zum Vergleich: Von Hammerfest im hohen Norden von Norwegen bis nach Algeciras ganz im Süden von Spanien sind es etwa 5400 km.

    In Dawson Creek befindet sich die 'Mile Zero', der Startpunkt des legendären Alaska Highway. 1942 wurde die 2285 km lange Trasse nach Delta Junction in Alaska in nur 9 Monaten durch die Wildnis geschlagen.
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  • Day15

    Am Nullpunkt

    June 14, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Keine Angst! Mein persönlicher Nullpunkt ist noch lange nicht erreicht.

    Das Schlaf-Experiment ist erstaunlich gut verlaufen. Obwohl es ein wenig unbequem war und ich nachts einige Male meine Schlafposition anpassen musste (Lernprozess), bin ich recht gut ausgeschlafen, als ich mich auf die letzte Etappe des Alaska Highway mache.
    Auch mein Navi hat sich wieder erholt und weist mir wieder den Weg. Das ist aber auch nicht wirklich schwer, denn es geht immer geradeaus die Straße entlang. Die letzten 450 Kilometer des Alaska Highway sind ziemlich unspektakulär. Auf beiden Seiten der Straße zieht sich nach einem breiten Grasstreifen der Nadelwald hin. Eventuelle spektakuläre Aussichten werden von den Regenwolken verdeckt. Rund 100 Kilometer vorm Ziel hört es auf zu regnen, sodass ich trockenen Fußes in Dawson Creek ankomme. Damit habe ich die Meile 0 des Alaska Highways erreicht und bereite mich auf neue Abenteuer vor.
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  • Day15

    Mile “0” !

    June 1, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Mile “0” of the Alaska Highway! Got a picture of each of the markers because well we are tourists and Kyle is a surveyor, I didn’t want to make the mistake of not getting the correct marker! Dawson Creek is a busy little place. Fun fact, when the railway was being built, it actually bypassed Dawson Creek by 2 miles. The townspeople at the time had no intention of missing out and realized they needed to somehow get their town closer to the railway station. So they literally picked up all the buildings, and using teams of horses and rollers pulled the town to its present location. In November 1982 the Grain Elevator was the latest building to move onto its present site. The Elevator and annex together weigh about 780,000 pounds and were moved separately. They are now the site of the Dawson Creek Art Gallery and were declared a National Heritage Site in 1984. Murals depicting the history and people of Dawson Creek pop up everywhere, along with plaques and pictures on some buildings to give you a good sense of what the town was like as it grew.Read more

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