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  • Day42

    planänderung die 17.

    April 13 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    wir fahren seit ein paar stunden richtung norden.

    nachdem wir in einer sehr komischen kleinen stadt nähe niagara falls unsere wäsche gewaschen haben (die besitzerin hat uns 2 stunden vollgelabert, unter anderem damit, dass die kanadier so freundlich und happy sind und seitdem das rauchen von pott überall gestattet ist sie NOCH glücklicher sind, dann ging es damit weiter, dass sie uns erzählt hat, dass sie pott anbaut und das auch schon getan hat bevor es legal war und danach kamen noch etliche weitere witzige geschichten wie zb dass sie diabetes heilen kann, bei katzen und menschen!) wussten wir nicht so recht wohin mit uns.

    also haben wir uns entschieden um den lake huron rum zu fahren und dann bei sault ste. marie die grenze nochmal in die staaten zu überqueren.

    also nicht wundern kann sein, dass ich mich einen augenblick nicht melde 🌚
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  • Day27

    First day of Axsium camp

    September 19 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Ok so I am officially back at work but not working 😁
    Up at 6am breakfast, a goodbye to Stella and into a car with 2 colleagues, Joe and Camilo for a 2 hour journey down to Fern Gully resort. Was a great trip we laughed a lot, stopped for coffee then again for snacks before arriving at 10am.

    Checked in, got my present back with my team t-shirt, yellow. Then into the main pavilion for a company overview.

    They hired the Toronto comedy club who do improv comedy and I was well eager! They picked me first, gave me a 🎤 and told me to say the first thing that came into my head. They started easy with my name and how long I had worked for Axsium. Then they passed me an imaginary parcel which I had to open and explain what I had got... ‘a monkey’ I screamed. Then they asked who the card was from ‘Angelina Joly’. Then what the card said ‘I left Brad for you’ hahaha was a lot of fun!

    The camp is gorgeous. Surrounded by lakes. Lots of games, paddle boats, canoes, ropes. My room is enormous!

    At 5pm we broke for an hour before cocktails.

    Cocktail hour and a walk around meet and greet bingo where you find people who have things or done things to tick off. Great way to interact. A couple of hours then it was time for Trivia. 6 rounds with our yellow team coming 4th in the end.

    Played some darts with my car buddy Camilo then it was time for bed around 11:30pm.

    Yay camp Axsium!
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  • Day20

    Wasaga beach campground

    June 17 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Eigentlich wollten wir hier einfach mal zwei Tage stehen und nix tun außer Müßiggang und über unseren schönen Flug sinnieren, aber ganz ehrlich: für Erwachsene ist der Platz einfach hässlich 😂 direkt an der Straße, kleine Plätze, wenig Pflanzen, fieses Sanitär. Aber die Besitzer sind super nett und haben Maxi drei Minigolfschläger und einen Basketball bis morgen ausgeliehen. Beides ist ununterbrochen im Einsatz. Max ist egal welcher Sport grad möglich ist, Hauptsache es hat mit einem Ball zu tun und man kann es stundenlang trainieren. Das ist wichtig. Alles muss so lange trainiert werden, bis es besser klappt. Thildi war Maxis Ballmädchen beim Minigolf 😍 für sie ist alles ein großer Abenteuerspielplatz. Sie klettert und turnt durch die Welt und läuft mittlerweile ganz oft alleine los. Sie lässt unsere Hände los und wackelt wohin sie gehen will. Sie ist so groß geworden hier. Und frech😍! Sie stibitzt sich Dinge, die sie nicht haben darf und freut sich diebisch darüber wenn es geklappt hat😂. Wenn man sie bittet, es zurück zu geben, schüttelt sie den Kopf und lacht sich tot. Abends ist sie noch schmutziger als Max. Das muss man erstmal schaffen! Ein Glück, dass wir eine Dusche an Bord haben und die meisten Plätze Frischwasser und Dumping am Platz 😂 Max ist auch groß geworden. Er möchte alleine zum Spielplatz und alleine zum Basketballfeld gehen. Ich weiß, dass er es kann, aber ich hab immer Angst wenn ich ihn nicht sehen kann 🤢. Ich weiß ist langsam alt genug dafür, aber ich muss das noch ein bisschen lernen... Am liebsten würde ich es ihm verbieten, aber das geht natürlich nicht, weiß ich ja😉!

    Wir haben entschieden, morgen bis Toronto zu fahren und uns dort einen Tag mehr zu gönnen. Also einen Tag Toronto Sightseeing und einen Tag Safaripark. Das finden die Kinder bestimmt toll da. Hat zwar nix mit Canada zu tun, aber gibt es zu Hause ja auch trotzdem nicht😉
    Thildi sieht wüst aus. Sie ust so zerstochen 😢 ich traktiere sie mit Cortisonsalbe, sie konnte heute Morgen kaum etwas sehen. Ihr Auge war ganz zugeschwollen.
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  • Day9

    Bass Lake Provincial

    August 1 in Canada ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Have you ever thought to yourself..."Man I'm tired of planning all the little details. Let's just wing it and go with the'll all work out"?

    We had one weekend left of camping before arriving at our final destination, Charleston Lake Provincial Park for 12 days of camping with family. During our planning phase we had decided that for this weekend we would just drive along our route and find some fun or cute places to camp along the way. We could watch for signs or talk to the locals...there'd be so many options! Turns out...we never realized it was the long weekend. #fail

    After realizing it was the long weekend, we knew we had to try to actually book something to make sure we had a home for the weekend. We had an Adventure Eco Tour planned for the Saturday in a town a few hours from our destination so we wanted to book something near that location. There were about six or so provincial parks in the area that could have worked and a handful of private campgrounds as a back up option.

    We phoned the first campground, asking for availability for the entire weekend and with a bit of giggle/sound of amusement, they professionally responded with "Um, no sorry. We are booked solid." It was then I realized how silly we sounded trying to book a campsite for a long weekend the day of. I called the second park and received the exact same response. We called all the other provincial parks and most of the private campgrounds and EVERY single park was booked solid for the entire weekend EXCEPT for Bass Lake Provincial Park which had availability for Thursday and Friday night only. We had no idea where this park was, but we knew it was a home for two nights..we could stay there and figure something else out for the next two.

    We arrived at the park late...around 9 PM when the sun had already set. We checked in at the office and trying not to sound too desperate, we politely asked the parks employee if there was anything available for the rest of the weekend. In a quiet/almost hushed tone she told us that tomorrow morning there would be two sites opening up that would be available for the entire weekend. She also informed us that we needed to be there early as there were only two and she already knew of a handful of people coming in to try to reserve them. As soon as she told us this, we immediately made the game plan to be up at 5:00 a.m. the next morning and at the park office, lined up, for 5:30.

    After this we found our campsite. Since it was so late, we were stuck using our headlamps and the truck lights which ended up working great. Trying to not wake up the neighbors and not hurt ourselves in the process, we eventually had the tent set up. We had a nice little fire and a place to call least for a bit.

    5:00 a.m. and the alarm is ringing. We jump out of bed. Mom grabs her book, headlamp, chair and off she goes to the office to line up. I roll over and sleep in until 12...just kidding. I put on the coffee and tea and filled up our thermoses and Charlie and I went to meet grandma at the office. It's 5:30 a.m. and there is absolutely no one lined up except for us..and we're sitting in the dark. Eventually six thirty rolls around and another car pulls up. I quickly scramble out of the truck, and go sit in my lawn chair right in front of the office. The man in the car gives a little chuckle and politely laughs saying he figured he would have been first but oh well. We make awkward small talk until the third person arrives. This guy is a little surprised (and clearly bothered) to already see 3 others waiting in line. We all sit down and make polite small talk. Over the next half hour two other groups arrive and we are all waiting for the 2 available sites left. The office eventually opens and in we all go. Mom and I ended up getting the site we wanted out of the 2 choices (woo!!), the second guy ended up getting the second available site and somehow the third guy lucked out and got his too! Unfortunately the two groups behind us were given a list of private campgrounds in the area that they could try for. We realized how lucky we were and made a mental note to never again wing it when camping on a long weekend.

    We found our new site, set up camp and were thankful to have a home for the entire weekend. The next day we were off to our Adventure Eco Tour in the town of Blue Mountains.
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