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  • Day89

    We left Amsterdam at noon after going through the most security we have ever encountered and saw police officers with their assault weapons at the ready. You can tell when it’s the end of the trip as we had breakfast at McDonald’s in the Amsterdam airport and later had a quick dinner at A&W in the Toronto Airport. They were the cheapest airport restaurants we could find. The flights were a little late leaving but uneventful otherwise. On the Amsterdam flight I felt badly for the older man sitting beside me, because when I started coughing and sneezing he wrapped his woolen scarf around his face!

    We did a tally....20 different beds, 9 airplanes, 10 trains, 2 buses, 1 day rental car, and umpteen Metro rides. That was some journey! We reviewed the last 3 months and I felt there was some minor changes I would have made in the Portugal itinerary but other than that we were both pretty happy with our winter escape. Although this year we didn’t quite escape the bad weather, we just exchanged the snow for rain, except for the blizzard in Segovia, and -35 for +12 or so. The rain actually followed us all the way to Toronto! There was a bright blue sky to welcome us home in Winnipeg but I was disappointed to see so much snow in our backyard and to hear about the forecasted -20 tonight.

    This trip put a big dent in our kid’s inheritance but we have no regrets. Hopefully they will see things the same way! This was a one-time event so who knows where we will find ourselves next snowbird season!

    Adeu (Catalan)
    Adios (Spanish)
    Ciao (Portuguese )
    Auf Wiedersehen (German)
    Tot Ziens (Dutch)
    See ya later!
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  • Day240

    One day before my planned departure I got notified by Via Rail that we are delayed and gonna leave the day after around noon. On the website they already warned you not to plan any connecting transits due to possible delays. But starting with already 15,5hrs was quite a lot 😅
    I was early at the train station and checked my big backpack in. Before lining up we got a free lunch box and I was lucky that I randomly picked the one with my favorite pop inside. :) It was free seating and everyone was able to get a double seat for oneself. You could recline the seats and establish a leg extension in two different positions. I was also well prepared with my sleeping bag, inflatable pillow, earplugs and sleeping mask.
    There were just three railcars for economy seating and the rest was first class where they had beds, showers and meals included. But after the second night I had found a rather good sleeping position without changing every hour. ;) Mostly I was up early between 5 and 6 so I could enjoy the rising sun.
    The first day and night we were still crossing Ontario and it felt like we were standing most of the night cause we had to wait for oncoming freight trains.
    The next day we reached the prarie Manitoba and had the chance to go for a short walk in Winnipeg before heading towards Saskatchewan. I also saw some bisons on a ranch. The railway station of Saskatoon was smaller than the one in my hometown ^^
    We were now riding into Alberta and reached Edmonton one day later than planned. It was time to say goodbye to one of my friends (Epiphany) I was playing cards with most of the time on the train.
    From Saskatoon on they also started to give away free snacks and juice and for the passenger leaving a free meal before they got off.
    After Edmonton we gradual rode into the incredible Rocky Mountains of Jasper Nationalpark. :) Just before entering the town of Jasper we had to wait again and gained another three other delay. Many passengers got off in Jasper and at the end we were 12 in enconomy class going all the way together from Toronto to Vancouver like a big family. All different but this great journey in common. Shabir and Alvin had many interesting stories to tell and Zoe and Alex were also fun to talk to. :) Thanks guys for making this trip unforgettable!
    On the 13th of may we finally reached our destination Vancouver with a total delay of 27,5hrs. And I was lucky that I got picked up by my couchsurfer host Khaled from the train station.

    So remember never take the train #1 through the country if you are in a rush. But if you would like to enjoy an unforgettable journey then do it before the government cancel this beautiful train due to unprofitability!
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  • Day38

    Southdale - Home at Last

    April 10, 2017 in Canada

    I slept the entire flight from Maui to Vancouver. At the boarding gate for my Winnipeg flight, Air Canada was asking for 2 volunteers to give up their seat as they were overbooked. I was first in line and received a travel voucher for $800 and meal voucher for $20. Was I crazy to do this as I now had to spend 11 hours in the airport until my 8 pm flight to YWG? After a nap in one of the deserted gate areas, I spent the rest of the day in the Plaza Lounge as I had a free pass from Mastercard. I ate lunch and dinner there and sipped on Pinot Gris while I had interesting conversations with other travellers....all for free! I also had time to reflect on the last 5 l/2 weeks in Hawaii.

    We couldn't have asked for better weather, with only 2 days of light, scattered showers. The Kauai weeks were 24-27 C and the rest of the vacation was 28-31 C. Trade winds are a godsend as it keeps the humidity down. The UV Index was 12 every day! The sun was scorching hot but only one of us got sunburned (the one who refused to use sunscreen)!

    Kauai continues to hold the #1 spot as our favourite island. The lushness and aloha spirit will keep calling us back. Waikiki had so much to see and do, with the beach just around the corner. The locals and Japanese tourists were all so polite. Despite all the pedestrians and traffic, nobody jaywalked or honked their horn and pedestrians always had the right-of-way. Honolulu continues to have a homeless issue but there were no aggressive panhandlers. There is so much more to explore on Oahu that we didn't get to see. Maui has a traffic problem and because many of the drivers are US tourists they rule the road, a stark contrast to Waikiki. I had to be cautious during my walks. The Upcountry area was beautiful and Maui definitely had the best beaches. Another great vacation for the memory bank!

    Arrived home at 2 am. Whew!
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  • Day1

    Starting Line

    October 4, 2017 in Canada

    Final packing happening. I want to get to the airport early to grab a meal at Stella's. Yay we made it on time. The eating starts now. First time using Nexus card. Skip the line and they let Margot through with me. Card paid for itself in just one use. The lineup would have been about 20 minutes. More food in Toronto.

  • Day92

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

    March 31, 2015 in Canada

    This was a very sad, tearful day. Last evening we spoke with Alyssa who informed us that our 17 l/2 year old Kobi had just suffered what appeared to be a stroke. He had no strength in his hind legs and repeatedly wanted to turn his body to the right side only. He wouldn't eat or drink. It was decided that AS1 and JC would care for Kobi overnight and call his vet in the morning. We said our final goodbye to him by FaceTime. Kobi's spirit was set free 3 hours before we arrived home. Run freely Kobi-dog!Read more

  • Day31

    Southdale, MB

    October 10, 2015 in Canada

    After declaring our surplus of wine (paid for with JS's OAS), the very kind Border Services Officer sent us on our way with no additional duties to pay. We had a short visit with Alyssa and arrived home at 8 pm. Total mileage driven over 33 days.....12,172 km!! We survived another excellent adventure. The internet is back up and life has returned to normal :)

  • Day0

    ... in Winnipeg

    January 8, 2016 in Canada

    January 8, 2016

    It was time to hit the road and escape another Winnipeg winter, although admittedly it has been unusually mild so far. Our departure was delayed a day due to wintery road conditions throughout the midwest. It was a frosty -21 as Linda & I headed south in the Toyota Highlander.

    Our trip involved 2 overnight hotel stays, at Eau Claire, WI and Mount Vernon, IL. In Illinois we saw 4 vehicles in the ditch from the previous day's storm so we were relieved that we did not have to drive on icy roads. On Day 3 we arrived safely at our first destination.....Nashville, TN. Our home for the next few days would be a 2 bedroom unit at the Wyndham Nashville.Read more

  • Day88

    ... in Winnipeg

    April 5, 2016 in Canada

    After an uneventful 3 day drive we arrived home safely. Not surprisingly, as we crossed into Canada at the Emerson border we encountered snow and somewhat slippery road conditions. There is an inch of snow in my yard and more to come. How cruel Mother Nature can be!

    * 88 days
    * 8,772 km
    * 12 timeshare condos
    * 6 hotel stays
    * 1 bicycle mishap

    I'm grateful for my travel companions.....Linda, Gailene, Janet, Ed, and John.....who made my winter getaway much more enjoyable. Adding to that enjoyment was time spent with RVers, Kathy and Blaine. I'm not sure where I'll be next winter but it won't be in Manitoba.

    In the meantime, looking forward to real signs of Spring!
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  • Day57

    Winnipeg downtown

    July 30, 2016 in Canada

    After we made it shortly after 11am out of our very comfy Marriot hotel at the airport / bus terminal we hit the bus to the city, shopping some new outdoor clothes, taking lunch in a mall and exploring the business quarter of the city.

  • Day57

    Winnipeg, organic food market

    July 30, 2016 in Canada

    Further down the park, just past the smobie crowd playing Pokemon go, we got the chance to enter a pretty big Organic food and stuff market including a little tower which provided us the chance to see the city from a distant and above.

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