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  • Day45

    Day 45: Testing our sealeggs.

    February 21, 2016 in Chile ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Yesterday at 22:00 the ferry showed up out of nowhere. so we quickly got our stuff and got on. Because we didn't have a ticket all the way to Chiloë we didn't have a real seat. So we tried to get some sleep on the floor of the restaurant. As soon as the ship hits the golf the waves start to get higher. Things fall off tabels and chairs start moving. It was the start of a night without much sleep. After 12 hours we made it to Chiloë and we could start our sunday with about 1 hour of sleep. There was not much to do in Quellon so we got some gas and food and started a normal day. We had 2 days to make it to Castro 90 km away. The first campsite we asked wanted us to pay 12.000 pesos (18 euro) so we went to another for 8.000. still alot but we need a good night sleep.Read more

  • Day48

    Day 48: Where is the entrance?

    February 24, 2016 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Yesterday we explored Castro. This colorful town with a busy fishmarket and a lot of eateries was fun to see. Nino lost his bank card to an ATM. He had to come back today to get it back. We were planning on going to the national park. A short 50 km ride away we found a campsite and tried to get some information. But trying in our best spannish we couldn't get any information on the start off the hike. So we drove around on our bike on the beach for a while. seeing the Passific for the first time this trip.Read more

  • Day95


    January 2, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    From Castro, we drove to Huillinco towards the west on the way to Cucao. Cucao is one of the very few towns on the West coast of Chiloé. The Pacific Ocean passes through a narrow channel and forms the Cucao lake and then through another narrow channel forms the Huillinco lake. Huillinco is on the shore of this lake.
    It was raining and extremely windy when we reached there around 2:45 pm. We stopped for a short while before moving on.
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  • Day95

    Cucao Nature park

    January 2, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We reached Cucao around 3:30 pm and drove past the town to the nature reserve. We missed it completely. There were no boards or entrance marked anywhere. We made a u turn and drove back hoping to see it as marked on Just where there was a trekking trail marked on the map, we saw a small wooden gate. It was closed but not locked. We parked our car on the side of the road and started the walk. There were lovely wooden walkways and thick green foliage around. After a while Hristo and Maria went a bit ahead of us. Its then that a guy running behind us caught up with us. He told us that we needed to move our car to the proper parking and that we needed to buy the entry tickets. He explained where the parking and the reception was.
    We were getting late since we needed to catch the mainland ferry at Chacao about 160 kms away and then drive another 60 kms to Puerto Montt to return the car by 7 pm. We had less than 3.5 hrs to do this. If I went back, moved the car and then came back, it would take me about 30 min, so I told the guy that the car keys were with my friends and we'll catch up with them and then move the car. We continued further into the reserve. The dunes viewpoint was just about 400 mts from where we were.
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  • Day95

    Back to Puerto Montt

    January 2, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We reached the sand dunes viewpoint bit didn't see any sand dunes. Whatever dunes that must have been there were gone now. It was a normal view of the Pacific Ocean and the beach. We quickly walked back to the entrance and drove off towards Chacao.
    We managed to get on to the 6 pm ferry but realized that we would be a few minutes late to return the car. We called them up but were told that they close at 7 pm and we could instead return the car at the airport office where they are open late. We reached Puerto Montt at 7:15 pm so we had to drop the car at the airport.
    We dropped off the girls at our hostel and drove to the airport. There we didn't have any problem with the return. The guys at West rental were very friendly and helpful.
    Since the buses further south are very infrequent and we were at the airport, we decided to check out the car rental options for the next few days. We wanted to rent the vehicle here and drop it off at Coyhaique from where I could catch a flight back to Santiago to fetch my new passport. We checked all the car rentals at the airport but the good ones were all fully booked. Some of the local ones had vehicles available but the cost of returning the car at Coyhaique was more than double the cost of the rental. The rental for pickup amd drop at Puerto Montt was quite reasonable but we would then have to drive 700 kms back which didn't make sense. By the time we were done checking with the last of the car rentals, the collective buses to the town had all left. We went around the airport to find an alternative but found only the private transfer van available. The cost of the collective van was 2500 CLP per person and the private one was quoted at 5000 CLP per person. We didn't believe that there were no collectives anymore so we went to the information desk and asked. There we were told that there would be another collective at 11 pm. It was already 10:30 pm so we decided to wait. Weirdly, the ticket booking for the collective was inside the flight exit area. We weren't allowed inside and were told to wait till the next flight when they would open the gates. By this time, the news of 2 foreigners looking for a ride back had been radioed all over so the main manager of the collective company (Turistour) came over again to sell us a private transfer. He told us that the next collective bus is at 1 am. When we asked about how the people arriving at 11 pm would reach the town, he said that there were no flights at 11 pm. We figured the guy was trying to fool us and told him we'll wait till 1 am. Eventually, another guy came wjo seemed to be a friend of theirs. He had a car which he was taking back to town and wanted to make some quick money. He agreed to drop us at a total cost of 5000 CLP. We agreed and got a ride in a nice Mercedes at the cost of a collective transfer. Interestingly, when we paid, he gave us a receipt of the amount and with Turistour as the agency. We didn't get what was going on but we had made it back safely at no extra cost.
    By this time, all the restaurants in the town were closed. Even the place where the girls were eating had closed and were not serving anymore. We found a bar opposite that was still open and ready to take one last order. We ate there and reached back the hostel at around 2 am.
    The owner was still up and complained that we had just wanted to go to return the car and had not shown up till 2 am. On top of that, the price he was quoting was different than the one we had got at The same issue again. The price we had got was in USD and their machine didn't allow transfer in USD and the conversion rate he was using was way higher than the market rate. On top of that, he wanted to charge us 19% VAT which we knew was for locals and foreigners staying more than 59 days in the country. We told him we'll pay him in the morning and that I would contact to resolve this issue. We were told that the checkout time was 10 am and that a late checkout would be charged as an extra day. I wrote to about the issue and asked their opinion on what to do. After that we slept.
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  • Day36

    Cucao - e bezaubernde Ort am Pazifik

    September 5, 2017 in Chile ⋅ 🌫 7 °C

    Nachere tägige Autofahrt in Süde vor Insle si mr in Cucao acho. Dzwösche hei mr mou na müesse ga tanke u si ganzi 45 Minute agstande... Da lehrt me ächt warte 😉
    In Cucao hei mer es ungloublichs schöns Hostel mit diräkten Blick uf de See gha. Mer hei nis pudelwohl gfühlt u hei sganze Hostel für üs elei gha 😀 Natürlich si mr ou da wedr mou ine Nationalpark bi Räge 💦 Aber da dra hei mer nis scho chli gwöhnt😊. Imposant esch aber vorauem de Strand am Pazifik gsi. Met Chüeh, Röss, Pelikane, Kondor u anderne Vögu hei mer nis de einsami Strand teilt. Wunderschön da!!!Read more

  • Day128

    Cucao (Chiloé)

    February 27, 2017 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Hallo Cucao, du kleines idyllisches Dörfchen. So klein hätte ich mir dich gar nicht vorgestellt 😃. Wie gut, dass ich bei meinem Zwischenstopp in Castro nochmal was zu essen geschnappt und genügend Bargeld dabeihabe, denn nach Supermarkt und Geldautomat sieht es hier nicht gerade aus.

    Und los geht die Suche nach einer Unterkunft. Fest entschlossen klappere ich sämtliche Restaurants und Häuser ab, an denen ich ein Schild mit Cabaña und Hospedaje sehe. Nachdem das erste doch nur ein Restaurant ist, das zweite und dritte mir zu teuer sind finde ich ein Restaurant, welches Zimmer vermietet, meinen Geldbeutel entspricht und sogar mit Frühstück ist. Jippiii 😊. Wie ich kurz später feststelle, hat die Unterkunft nur leider kein WLAN und irgendwie auch kein warmes Wasser, was für zwei Tage aber zu verkraften ist.

    Chiloé wird auch Isla verde (grüne Insel) genannt. Und ja, es ist hier tatsächlich sehr grün. Warum? Viel Regen, wie ich auch am eigenen Leib erleben kann. Die ganze Nacht bis mittags am nächsten Tag regnet es wie aus Eimern. So sitze ich zusammen mit dem Hausbesitzer in der Küche, er schlürft seinen Mate-Tee und schaut aus dem Fenster, ich esse das Frühstück, das er für mich gerichtet hat. Wir unterhalten uns ein bisschen über das Wetter und die Musik im Radio. Interessant wie sehr sich der Musikgeschmack älterer Menschen auch über Landesgrenzen hinweg ähnelt, wäre der Sender nicht auf Spanisch könnte man glatt meinen es läuft SWR4.

    Gegen Mittag hat es sich tatsächlich ausgeregnet und ich mache mich auf zum Parque Nacional, in dem die unterschiedliche Pflanzen- und Tierarten zu entdecken gibt, auf Wegen durch Regenwald und Strand- und Dünenlandschaft.

    Abends sitze ich noch ein bisschen mit zwei Chilenen zusammen, die in einem anderen Hostel arbeiten, probiere den chilenischen Wein, nutze das Internet und versuche mich auf Spanisch zu unterhalten, wobei sich die „Unterhaltung“ ab einem gewissen Zeitpunkt in eine Art „Chat“ in Google Translate entwickelt 😃.

    Herausforderungen: Bisher war es so, dass die meisten Leute besser Englisch sprechen als ich Spanisch. So langsam wendet sich das Blatt, nur leider nicht, weil sich mein Spanisch von heute auf morgen dermaßen verbessert hat, sondern weil hier niemand mehr Englisch spricht 😃. Das macht die Suche nach Unterkünften usw. noch ab abenteuerlicher und erfordert ein gewisses Talent in Pantomime 😉.
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  • Day32

    Chiloé, tour des églises

    January 14, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Après une matinée au parc national de Chiloé (plusieurs sentiers avec des arbres et des fleurs endémiques), nous avons fait un tour des villages et églises en bois. On a même pu monter dans les toitures et le clocher. Seb a dû se retenir de tirer sur la corde de la cloche. Petits marchés d'artisanat sympathiques en prime, Chiloé est vraiment l'endroit idéal pour flâner.Read more

  • Day32

    Comidas chilotes

    January 14, 2018 in Chile ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Petites dégustations (grosse bouffe) du weekend ...

    Paela marina
    C'est un bouillon de fruits de mer et de poissons. Pas besoin de banane comme échelle pour apprécier la taille des moules. Comme dirait Seb, tu trempes ta cuillère et tu ne sais pas ce qui va en ressortir... Un filet de saumon? Du congre ? Des coquillages ? Des moules ?

    Merluza a lo pobre
    Merlan frit avec des frites et deux œufs sur le plat, et plein d'oignons caramélisés entre le poisson et les œufs.

    Curanto al hoyo (coup de cœur)
    C'est un plat cuit à l'étouffée (chaque ingrédient est entouré de feuille puis le tout est enterré avec des pierres chaudes), savant mélange terre-mer, on ne peut que trouver son bonheur là-dedans ... coquillages, moules, poulet, chorizo, porc, patates, gâteau de patate, ... Et en plus, après nous avoir servi une portion (que nous avions décidé sagement de partager) la patronne a décidé de nous rajouter une assiette de fruits de mer, parce qu'elle en avait trop !

    Dernier repas homemade dans la Dondesta alias Passe-Partout.
    Petit pincement au cœur...

    En bonus, une photo qui n'a rien à voir mais dont Seb est très fier...
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  • Day29

    Chilóe Nacional park

    February 1, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Today we’ve spent the day going to Muelle de las Armas and the national park.

    We spent so much time at Muelle de las armas that we only had a couple of hours for the national park, and only got to walk some of the short routes that are very touristy. I wish we had the time to do some hiking there.

    The walk to Muelle de las Armas was beautiful! The muelle itself was super crowded, a long line of people taking photos at the muelle. We didn’t bother to.

    It was a long, but beautiful day!
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