Provincia de El Loa

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  • Day62

    The name "puritama" simply means "hot water" in an ancient, pre-Inca tongue, suggesting that these medicinal springs have been used for millennia. The high concentrations of relaxing lithium and minerals accord all sorts of health benefits. Temperatures hover around 33°C (91°F), so they aren't ridiculously hot, making daytime visits a treat.
    Though most pools have been left in a relatively natural state, there are changing rooms, eateries, campsites, trails, handicrafts vendors and other improvements all around.
    Open daily 9am - 5:30pm
    The "hot springs" are property of Hotel Explora, a five-star brand located in all of Chile's hot spots. The facilities are basic, yet elegant and extremely functional. The entry fee's something to watch out for: 15.000 pesos (25 USD). The landscape is stunning, and the water perfect. Ancient agricultural terraces line the canyon-sides, along with massive stone walls, and even some cacti. The layout of the place is as follows: there are eight artificial pools, cleverly made with volcanic rocks, so that they mesh perfectly with the scenery. The 1st one is the warmest as it is nearest to the source. In the seventh, the water is just a little bit colder, but the pool is very large, and has a sizable waterfall that doubles as a hydro-massage.
    The entrance fee after 2pm is a reasonable 9000 CLP.

    We reached there at around 3 pm and decided to start from the 7th pool as the water would be cooler and it was still quite sunny and then work our way up to the 1st when it would be the coldest in the evening.
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  • Day64

    The road to the Rainbow Valley was very scenic. The valley is situated North of San Pedro de Atacama and about 60 kms away by road. We even saw herds of Vicuñas grazing in the early morning sun. The vicuñas here were much lighter in color than the ones we had seen before.

  • Day61

    After having decided to go to Europcar the next day, we just decided to walk around the town. It was quite pleasant in the evening once the sun had set. The whole place is very touristic. Almost every house is rented to a tour agency and the rest are either restaurants or other tourist related activity shops like bicycle rentals and sandboarding rentals. We went back early and slept again.

  • Day63

    The last stop of the day was at Toconao village. Here we stopped at the main square with the old bell tower from the colonial time (built in 1750) still standing in the square. The door of the bell tower was made of dry cactus. Even the circulares staircase inside the church was made from dry cactus.

    Toconao village, with a population of around 700 people, is at 2,475 m above sea level and located 38 km south of San Pedro de Atacama, sitting on the edge of the vast salt flat “Salar de Atacama”. The geographic landscape that surrounds the village is formidable. The village itself is an oasis, with a sweet water supply free from mineral contamination such as arsenic or acids, and ideal for the cultivation of fruit trees such as pears, plums and quince as well as vegetables. Most buildings are constructed from white, soft liparita stone, quarried locally.Read more

  • Day64

    The route into the Rainbow Valley was through a deep canyon with a river flowing through it. It was an amazing combination of nature's beauty and man made route through it. It was a very cool feeling driving through a gorge with high steep walls on both sides.

  • Day58

    We walked around trying to get warm, enjoying the raw beauty of the place. There were hot springs everywhere. Most of them were around 60-70C. There were 2 that were having boiling water and were near 100C. The place looked so surreal in the morning sun and the steam from the hot springs. It was a different kind of magical beauty than the one at night.

  • Day62

    If there was anu difference in the water temperature between this pool and the 7th, we didn't really detect it. It was still very pleasant. This one too had a waterfall falling into the pool. It was also a bit deeper than the 7th. We spent some 5-10 min having fun here before moving on to the 5th pool.

  • Day62

    The 3rd pool was a bit placid one with no waterfalls and a shallow pool. We didn't spend much time here. It was 4:45 pm no and we still had 2 more pools to see and enjoy, before drying up, getting dressed and reaching the top by 5:30 pm.

  • Day61

    Around 8 am, we reached San Pedro de Atacama. We were quite tired after the night journey. We found a hotel (Hostal Nuevo Amanecer) just opposite the bus terminal for a decent price of 36000 CLP for a twin room. We checked in, freshened up and then went off to sleep.

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Provincia de El Loa

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