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  • Day107

    Valparaiso - ca. 2 Stunden mit dem Bus von Santiago de Chile entfernt, liegt diese wunderschöne Stadt direkt am Pazifik. Vor dem Bau des Panamakanals war es eine wichtige Hafenstadt für die Schiffe, die um das Kap Hoorn gefahren sind. Danach wurde es etwas ruhiger, mittlerweile ist es ein bedeutender Umschlagplatz für Obst, Gemüse und Wein. Als wir einen Blick auf den Hafen geworfen haben, wurde gerade ein riesiger Frachter namens "Hamburg-Süd" gelöscht - kurz überschlagen, passten da über 6.000 Container drauf.
    Die Stadt besteht zu einem Teil aus recht modernen Hochhäusern und zum anderen aus vielen, kleinen, bunten Häusern, die sich an die aufsteigenden Hügel angesiedelt haben. Großartig fanden wir auch wieder die Straßenkunst - fast jedes zweite Haus hatte ein Graffiti. Kein "Chantal-Isch-liebe-Disch-Geschmiere" wie in Köln Chorweiler, sondern richtig ansehnliche Sachen - hat die Stadt echt aufgewertet. Dies haben wir ja bisher schon in mehreren Städten hier beobachtet, wäre vielleicht auch mal eine Idee für unsere - teilweise recht tristen Gegenden. Ditsch, Dich sehe ich da in Köln ganz weit vorne, schnapp Dir doch mal ne Spraydose und lebe Dich in Kalk oder Nippes ein bisschen aus.
    Mit unserer Airbnb Bude hatten wir mal wieder einen Glücksgriff, 50 qm groß in einem alten, umgebauten Krankenhaus gelegen, kleine Terrasse, Pool, großer Innenhof, recht modern, Küche mit allem Zip und Zap und vor allem Lage, Lage, Lage..
    In den paar Tagen haben wir uns einfach ein bißchen treiben lassen , ausgeschlafen, gemütlich auf der Terrasse gefrühstückt, durch die Stadt getingelt, Markt besucht, Essen gegangen und abends mal ne Runde Netflix geguckt - alles ganz entspannt.
    Die Menschen hier in Valparaiso waren übrigens alle durchweg freundlich und sehr hilfsbereit.
    Wir haben bisher generell glaube ich noch kaum über das Wetter geschrieben, komisch eigentlich. Erster Tag in Valparaiso war recht mies, danach nur noch Kaiserwetter. Jetzt geht es für ein paar Tage in eine Weinregion südlich von Santiago..tschöö. Melden uns wieder, wenn wir mit einem Gläschen Vino in den Weinbergen sitzen..
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  • Day84

    We continued our walk while our local guide explained us the meaning and the reasons behind a lot of the graffiti. At about 5:15 pm we stopped at an empenada shop with 82 varieties of empenadas. By now, Alexandra was also free so I sent her our coordinates so she could join us.

  • Day6

    8. - 12. January
    Oh what a lovely city you are, Valparaíso! Spent 4 nights in a lovely hostel called Casa Aventura in Cerro Alegre, great spot!

    The colorfull hills and the street art is just incredible. To just stroll around and get lost in this city is a great day spent.

    - Street art in Cerro Bellavista (and the rest of the city)
    - taking a funicular (Ascensor Artilleria)
    - doing the walking tour at 10.00 (tour4tips)
    - boat trip
    - seaing sea lions!
    - the view from the different hills
    - that people don’t have a leash on their dogs - and there is dogs everywhere. (Many of them are stray dogs - that part I don’t love)
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  • Day118

    This city has a very bohemian feel to it. It's a stark contrast to the south of Chile. We took a stroll through one of the local neighborhoods, famous for its street art graffiti. "Artists" come from all over the world to paint shop fronts, cafes, houses etc.

  • Day142

    Valparaiso is a small, seaside city about two-hours bus ride from Santiago. Prior to the Panama Canal being built, this city once was a major stopover for ships travelling across the Straits of Magellan and was considered the “Jewel of the Pacific”. Now, it is home to the Chilean National Congress and a popular place for tourists, with the historic quarter declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    We arrived in the afternoon and caught a microbus to our apartment, which was located at the top of one of the many hills in the city. We rang the door bell and waited. We knocked on the door and waited. We waited some more. We messaged our Airbnb host and waited for a response. We thought that this might have been Mendoza all over again. At least we knew the apartment existed this time; we just needed to get in. After about 40 minutes, a woman poked her head out of the window above us and muttered something. We took it that she would be down straightaway. Yay, we have a roof over our heads for the next three nights!

    Most of the houses in the area are built into the mountain and are made from galvanised corrugated iron, painted in bright colours. Street art covers many of the houses and adds to the bohemian atmosphere of the city, although a sign proudly claims that they “are not hippies [they] are happies”. While the economic downturn of the last few decades has resulted in some places being abandoned and some buildings becoming dilapidated, there is a certain charm about the city. If nothing else, the brightly coloured houses and street art provided a great backdrop for photos.

    After dropping off our luggage, we headed out to explore the neighbourhood and to stock up on supplies. We got a bit worried when we saw two policemen running up the street towards us, one with his gun out of his holster. The signs warning about car theft and delinquents in the street didn't provide much reassurance. But hey, we didn't have a car and there was hardly a person to be seen around the place.

    On our first night, we returned with provisions for the next three days, and before we could even swig down a cold alcoholic beverage, Jason knocked over the “good” wine glasses, which scattered across the whole kitchen and dining area. He claimed that he had not been drinking, but Ricky suspects that Jason has a secret hip flask that he's not sharing. Luckily, there were other drinking vessels, otherwise we would have been drinking straight out of the bottle like true vagabonds.

    The next day, we set out to see more sights of the city and snap more pictures of the street art. At lunchtime, we found a cosy little spot on the harbour to enjoy our lunch. Just as we were about to tuck into our pie de limón, Ricky felt some warm liquid splash against him. He turned around thinking that someone had thrown something at him. But no. He turned to find pigeon shit everywhere, as if the bird had diarrhoea. They say it's good luck but Ricky is still looking for that damn sky rat to wreak vengeance. He says he'll shit on the pigeon if he finds the culprit.

    After exploring most of Valparaiso, including the small historic and downtown areas, we jumped onto a microbus headed for Reñaca and Viña del Mar to check out some of the beaches. Microbus is just a term for a small bus that could have been a decommissioned ride from a nineties theme park, especially as it rattled and chugged up the hills. Nineties techno/house music blared throughout the bus and the driver seemed to match the acceleration of the bus to the tempo of the music. That was until the driver let on a young guy who started to rap to music coming from his portable speaker. This didn't meet the approval of everyone on the bus, as the elderly woman next to us tutted and complained about the “noise”. At this point, we decided to jump ship, as the bus slowed down. The microbuses don't actually come to a complete halt. They only slow down at random spots along the route for passengers to get on and off. There aren't bus stops – people just hail the bus from the side of the road. Beats having to walk for miles to a bus stop!

    Next stop: Antofagasta via Santiago.

    For video footage, see:
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  • Day84

    We reached Santiago early in the morning. On the way, we had booked a place in Le Louvre hotel in Santiago. We arrived at 2 am and slept off. The breakfast was till 11 am and we managed to make it just in time for it. The plan for the day was to go to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. The free tour at Valparaiso starts at 3 pm and we wanted to make it before that. I had also messaged Alexandra about our plan so we could meet her there.
    We started a bit late and barely made it to Valparaiso by 3:05 pm. We directly parked the car in one of the parkings near the main plaza from where the tour was supposed to start. By the time we came out of the parking at around 3:15 pm, tge tour had already left, but we had the tour itinerary and we followed it quickly and managed to catch them when they were about to go up one of the funicular. The city till now had looked very hep with a lot of beautiful graffiti and a lot of hippies smoking weed openly.
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  • Day84

    Our guide explained that there were 3 ways to get graffiti on Valparaiso walls. Sometime people invite artists to paint on their house walls, pay them but then the artists are responsible for maintaining it and keeping it clean and interesting. Another option is some artists requesting and getting an approval to paint the walls of their neighbors. The 3rd way is the sneaky illegal way where artists paint illegally at night.Read more

  • Day84

    We also saw the piano stairs that were painted in memory of a music teacher who used to teach music free to the poor children of the city. One of his students started painting the stairs but he was caught when he was halfway through. He was doing it illegal without permission. He was put in jail for the night. On coming out he explained about the teacher and wanted permission to complete it. The city council granted him permission after which he completed the painting.Read more

  • Day84

    There is a string of hills right next to the ocean with fantastic views over the water. Most of these places have walkways with local artists selling paintings and nick-nacks. Most of them looked like hippies and quite a few of them were high on weed.

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Valparaíso, Valparaiso, Валпараисо, ቫልፓራይሶ, فالبارايسو, ܒܐܠܦܐܪܐܝܣܘ, वालपाराईसो, Горад Вальпараіса, ভালপারাইসো, བལྤ་རཨིསོ, Wǎěr pà lái suǒ, Dakbayan sa Valparaíso, ڤالپارایسۆ, ވަލޕަރައިސޮ, Βαλπαραΐσο, والپارایزو, 瓦尔帕莱索, વાલ્પારાઇસો, ולפראיסו, Վալպարաիսո, ᕙᓪᐸᕃᓱ, バルパライソ, ვალპარაისო, 발파라이소, Вальпараисо, Vallis Paradisi, Valparaisas, 瓦爾帕萊索, വൽപറാസിയോ, बाल्परेझो, Balparaiso, ဗလၲပရမိစော, والپرایزو, Valparais, वालपारैसो, ବଲ୍ପରଇ େସା, ਬਾਲਪਰਾਈਸੋ, والپرائیسو, Valparaėsos, වල්පරයිසෝ, வல்பெய்ரசோவ், వల్పరైజో, บัลปาราอีโซ, Вальпараїсо, بآلپارایسو, Valparayso, וואלפאראיסא

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