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    • Day4

      Our Long March

      September 30, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Once again I was keeping robber's hours this morning. Up just after 5am and checking out of the grand opulence of the Shanghai Park Hyatt headed for jewel of the East, Shanghai Disneyland. Riding the 87 floors to the lobby one last time we emerged into the weak early morning light. I confidently whipped out my phone and was ready to fire up the Didi app to order a ride the 30k's to the theme park. But wait, no network connection! Skinny roaming was having a sleep in. Wake up you lazy Western imperialist tool! Alas, it was not to be, technology had yawned in my face and rolled over. Fortunately Jean sprang into action and headed back up 87 floors to the lobby to have them phone a cab. In just minutes our chariot had arrived. When I say chariot, that's a little kind. It was a beat up Volkswagen, that looked like Mao himself may have driven it. No matter, it had four wheels and delivered us through the endless sprawl of Shanghai into the green hinterland. In just over 30 minutes and 120 Yuan we were ushered through the doors of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. Obviously we had to check our luggage, as like all hotels this one was part of the rort which has you pay for a full first day when you can only check in after 3pm. That's a rant for another day. Bags stowed we boarded the hotel shuttle for the park and just after 7am we approached the special Disney Hotel Guest entrance to the park. This perk lets the chosen ones enter the park without the drama and scuffle of the main entrance, plus you get into the park a full hour before the standard ticket holders. This is the golden time, where queues are short and crowds sparse. We immediately power walked to Tron. This is one of Disney's hero rides. A fast coaster based on the Tron movie, where you ride a lightcycle rollercoaster through high speed pitching dips and turns, all to the driving beat of the movie's music. After wobbling off this ride we walked across to the far side of the park to the Pirate's of the Caribbean. This bears the same name as the Anaheim original ride, but it's that ride reimagined for the 21st Century. It makes full use of the latest ride technology and is a visual tour de force. I will be riding this one again! Leaving the Seven Seas behind we rode Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan and then sought shelter from the heat at the Pirate's of the Caribbean Stunt Spectacular. This is as advertised, a live stunt show. Although it was all in Mandarin and I missed a couple of punch lines it was time well spent, and in the haven of air-conditioning. By now we had worked up a mighty appetite, so we weaved our way back across the park towards Disney Town, this park's shopping precinct. Just before we reached it we realised the parade would start in just 15 minutes, so we did as the locals and staked a claim on a piece of parade route real estate and waited for the mobile Disney magic to dance, cheer and sashay past us. Nobody does a parade like Disney and so fully entertained we resumed our trek towards vital calories and announced ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory. What happened next is too graphic to share, but I can say that enough calories were consumed to choke a starving hippo and the cheescakes are flown in daily from the States and they are still magnificent!
      Now clinically obese we staggered out into the sunlight and roamed Disney Town for an hour or so before finally setting our compass for the hotel. We are finally checked into our Park View room and are regathering our strength for a planned night time assault on the Park.
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      Do you actually get to ride the bikes properly or do they just sit there?


      They fly along at a wicked pace. They are connected to each other of course, like a coaster. It is extremely high speed!


      I have got visions of an emancipated starving hippo, choking on a cheesecake lol...

    • Day5

      Shanghai Storm

      October 1, 2019 in China ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

      We were up and at em this morning for our second and final magic morning at Shanghai Disneyland, Another early start had us at the Hotel Guest park entrance just on 7am, but this time we were covered in ponchos and jumping puddles as forecast rain stubbornly sat over the park. We managed to fit in Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean and Soaring around the world within 90 minutes, which is stunning considering yesterday's wait time for Soaring Around the World by itself was 180 minutes. After this early morning ride tour de force it was time for the consumption of mass quantities, which naturally meant another visit to Remy's Pattisserie on Mickey Avenue. This has become our brunch du jour as we feast on haute cuisine, a sausage roll and giant chocolate chip cookie. I could really get accustomed to this health food. Now fully mentally and physically replenished it was time for our scheduled Fastpass ride, Seven Dwarfs Minetrain. This is a very popular ride, and even in steady rain the queue was sizable. Fortunately our Fastpass queue only took about 15 minutes and then we were flying through tunnels, roaring past dwarves and zipping by animated critters. Once I had enjoyed the company of the little people I could select a new Fastpass and the only ride I had yet to do was Roaring Rapids. This is very similar to Grizzly River Run at California Adventure, and both rides guarantee you get wet. Today that outcome was a moot point as everybody was already soaked. Jean doesn't do these rides. Too many drops and too much moisture, so she hiked back to the warmth and dryness of the hotel. I had an hour and a half to kill, so I roamed the park and Disney Town. The shops in Disney Town have followed the Disney trend of being more expensive than their counterparts anywhere else and these shops are right on trend, which means the tightass in me ain't buying anything. I'm still happy to browse though and give the shop assistants false hope. One peculiarity of the shops here is that you are greeted when you walk in and then one of the shop assistants stands beside you wherever you go in the shop. Eventually I decided to test this, so did three laps of the Superdry store as my new shadow dutifully followed. Could be a new Olympic sport!
      Eventually my Fastpass time rolled around so I trekked back across the park to Islands of Adventure and Roaring Rapids. This is a great, fun ride and my seven new Chinese chums in our raft, giggled and shrieked in all the right places as we made the most of the moment. Wandering off the raft I finally sloshed out of the park and made my way through the wind and rain to refuge of the Disneyland Hotel. So long Shanghai, it's been wonderful. Tomorrow we say Ni hao Hong Kong.
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    • Day4

      Thur Mar 29 .. Shanghai

      March 29, 2018 in China ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Left at 730 this morning. Took a walk on the promenade along the river first thing. Visited the Silk factory next . This was very interesting. Lunch was quite good. The same but different as there is an ethnic variation influencing the flavors.  Embroidery factory was next. Pictures made with colored threads. Some amazing works. Next was the Shanghai Museum. Did not have enough time here. Walked the Shopping street. Lots of high end stores. Had enough walking so stopped for a margarita break. Dinner was not special.  Acrobatic show was fantastic. Highlight was the motorcycles in a caged globe about 30 feet in diameter. At the end there were 8 driving in this cage. SCARY!!!!Read more


      Looks like you’re having a great time. Enjoy!

    • Day5

      Venice of the East

      May 3, 2019 in China ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      After a quick stop at the Suzhou silk factory (and a beautiful red cadhmere scarf later) we visited the Lingering Gardens and squeeeeeeezed our way through 10 000 other people also visiting on the 3rd day of the National Holiday - only 1 more to go

      We then cruised along the Grand Canal to view life along China's longest waterway. Marco Polo christened it "Venice of the East" : he must have visited the opium dens before his visit. It had water and bridges but the similarities ended there. It was still really interesting to get a peek into the "backyards" of the peoplewho live here.

      Matt and I split from the group who opted for a traditional noodle lunch by the water and strolled (pushed and shoved) through the crowds and back alleys and stumbled upon a bar where we "had" to stop for our 1st IPA of the trip.

      Then it was back on the bus for a 2 hour trip to our next stop, Hangzhou. We had a walk around the neighbourhood near our hotel, and then had a reasonably early night as we had to be up at 5.30am the next day.
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      A go-go trip! Yes, the crowds are extraordinary. So many people. Such a different way of life. xxxx 💚💚

    • Day111

      27. Mai die 2.

      May 27, 2017 in China ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Jetzt muss ich doch irgendwie meinen kurzen Bericht meines ersten Tages abschliessen. Ich komme gerade aus der Veu Bar. Das ist eine der Bars inn Shanghai wo man die Beste Aussicht haben soll. An den paar Bildern seht ihr auch dass das stimmt. Schon beeindruckend dieses Shanghai bei Nacht. Recht nett war auch, dass ich dort einen Belgier mit seiner chinesischen Frau kennengelernt habe. Er ist schon Rentner und lebt seit fast 30 Jahren in China. War wohl auch nicht ganz arm, FA er mit dem Besitzer des Hyatt Hotel (wo diese Bar auch dazugehört) bekannt ist und dieser ihn für ein paar Tage nach Shanghai eingeladen hatte. Er hätte zwar auch gut deutsch gesprochen, aber aus Rücksicht seiner Frau gegenüber haben wir uns auf englisch unterhalten (die übrigens auch recht nett war) Nebenbei hat er mir noch ein paar Drinks spendiert...
      So hat der Tag einen recht netten und gemütlichen Ausgang gefunden.
      Aber jetzt ist es so kurz vor 00:00 und ich werde jetzt dann ins Bett gehen. Ich hoffe, Euch ist es heute allen gut gegangen!
      Ach ja, das Pokalendspiel werde ich mir nicht mehr anschauen. Bus um 04:00 halte ich heute nicht mehr durch (ich altes Weichei).
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      Hey Martin. Ob dir da die Ereignisse auf unserer Erdhalbkugel nicht zu öde vorkommen?: Das Sprungtuch ist schon da und seit gestern steht das Trampolin. Es herrscht totale Begeisterung bei gut 30 Grad. Heute mach ma eine kleine Runde mit dem Radl zum Wirt.


      Ach, daheim wäre es jetzt auch schön...

    • Day95

      Groen licht voor Tibet

      October 13, 2015 in China ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      Ons plan om over land naar Nepal te reizen is onmogelijk gebleken, nu het gebied rond de grens - nog steeds - in puin ligt. Na wat wikken en wegen hebben we besloten om nog wel naar Tibet te gaan, maar het schema aan te passen. We kaarten alles af met het travel agency en vieren dit met een heerlijke bagel en wederom een prettige wandeling door the French Concession :) De stad viert het met ons mee met een straat vol vrolijke lichtjes. We vertrekken op 26 oktober met de Himalaya Express naar Lhasa en nu kunnen we dus ook het schema tot dan gaan inkleuren. Het lijkt erop dat de dagen in Shanghai onze batterijtjes weer heeft opgeladen. We moeten dan ook onze reisrust beteugelen als we de opties bestuderen. Na ons maaltje dumplings gaan we op zoek naar de 'fake market'. Alle koopwaar is daar, zeg maar: 'Same same, but different' Omdat we over twee weekjes de Himalaya in gaan, oefent Gordon zijn afdingen-skills en wandelt hij weg met een 'Canada Goose'-jas voor net iets meer dan EUR 40,- :) Geen slechte investering...Read more

    • Day94

      The French Concession

      October 12, 2015 in China ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

      Na wat zoeken, informeren en heen en weer rijden met een taxi, vinden we een travel agency waar men Engels spreekt & snapt wat we willen... Yes! Lof voor onze taxichauffeur die - omdat hij een stukje was omgereden - eerder de meter uit zette. We hebben ook via e-mail wat visjes uitgegooid. Het wordt wellicht wat passen en meten wat betreft het reisschema, want treintickets zijn beperkt beschikbaar en door de aardbeving is de landverbinding naar Nepal afgesloten. Wordt vervolgd. Onze rondzwervingen geven ons weer een beter beeld van deze prachtige stad. Overal staan mooie hoge torens te glimmen midden tussen rustige wijken. De straten zijn rijkelijk voorzien van groen en hangen aan elkaar van de boutiquejes. Hoogtepunt was de French Concession. Een wijk waar de originele Europese bouwstijl bewaard is gebleven, maar alles wel in een modern jasje is gestoken. Ook vind je hier de nodige flag stores van dure merken. In de avond hangen we lekker in een bank in de bar van het hostel en nemen de opties van onze Tibet trip door. Al met al een prima begin van de week.Read more

    • Day2


      July 5, 2016 in China ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

      Na een lange vlucht met twee natuurdocumentaires, zes afleveringen van The Big Bang, een dubieuze Chinese film, twee maaltijden en gratis wijn, zijn we eindelijk aangekomen in Shanghai. Onze toch was daar niet meteen vlekkeloos begonnen, want mijn goed plan om de magneettrein te nemen, dropte ons in een wijk tien kilometer van het centrum en zonder geld. Toen we een Chinese dame vroegen waar een bank was, konden we nog net ontcijferen uit haar uitleg "bank... Far away...". Gewandeld tot onze benen eraf vielen hebben we dan maar gedaan en hierbij hordes selfienemende kinderen getrotseerd (waar we trouwens twee erg coole tekeningen van hebben gekregen) om uitendelijk op onze hotelkamer aan te komen. En er is een god. Eentje die airco op kamers heeft uitgevonden. Nu even de jetlag eraf powernappen om dan de hitte en het zweterig nachtleven te trotseren. Muggenspray met deet 1746% in de aanslag.Read more

      De eerste foto's zien er al mooi uit . Geniet van het land van de rijzende zon !!! Groetjes van ons allemaal en be careful :-)

    • Day2

      Shanghai deel twee

      July 5, 2016 in China ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

      Ondanks de jetlag die onze hoofden laat aanvoelen alsof we gisteren te hard zijn doorgezakt in één of ander opium den, hebben we toch twintig kilometer in de benen. We hebben de grote winkelstraat gedaan, de Bund, People's square en garden, enkele typische Chinese achterstaatjes en het geheel hebben we afgesloten bij de Bund by night. Wat opvalt is dat de stad echt twee gezichten heeft: de prachtig afgewerkte en in luxe badende winkelstraten ten opzichte van de achterbuurten waar de mensen praktisch niets hebben, de oases van groene rust ten opzichte van de hectische verkeersaders door de stad, de schroeiend hete periodes ten opzichte van de felle onweersbuien... Ten slotte valt ook de hoeveelheid Engrish echt op. De laatste foto is er eentje van op ons hotel: stay hidden!Read more

      Mooi mooi mooi maar the fuck wat is Engrisch ?

    • Day3


      September 1, 2016 in China ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Süßes Touristen Viertel mit kleinen Läden und sehr idyllisch in Shanghai
      Btw: das auf dem Bild ist Shawn, er will sein Englisch verbessern und zeigt uns deshalb jetzt ein bisschen die Stadt 👍😊

      Ääähhhh - wolltet Ihr nicht euer Chinesisch verbessern???? ;-) Papa


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