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  • Day4

    Next stop was a walk through the bazaar in the Muslim Quarter of Xi’an. There is a very big Muslim community here, all from the North. They have brought many delicacies and you could buy anything here...from fried octopus on a stick (they were a bit freaky looking) to fresh durian to all kind of spiced nuts. It was a hive of activity, and very interesting!

  • Day6

    Xi'an First Impressions

    November 9, 2017 in China

    Waiting for dinner. We are behind the Drum & Bell Tower in the Muslim quarter. Xi'an is different again from Beijing and Pingyao, lots of traffic, lots of street life and the sadly the first beggars we have seen. We walked from our hotel about 200m to the tower and all of a sudden we were in a crowd of people all shouting to sell food, queuing for food and generally having a good time. Loads of stalls selling things on sticks including, I think, whole crab but as it was covered in batter it was hard to tell. As it is raining a little we have come inside to eat, Chang'An (Xian used to be called Chang'An) chicken for me, shrimp meat with nuts and vegetables for Dad and eggplant with long beans to share. As it is the Muslim quarter we are washing it down with a jug of water melon juice.... The whole lot is costing about £17 which about usual for dinner.
    On the table next to us they are settling an argument with rock paper scissors!
    Oops I seem to have ordered the long beans with chilli. All good though.
    As it is raining back to the hotel without lingering. This time we have studio apartment on the 11th floor inc mini kitchen (but I am not intending to cook!). It's quite a contrast from our courtyard room.
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  • Day9

    Xi'an bei Nacht

    October 24, 2016 in China

    Ja ist denn schon Weihnachten...? Nein.
    Xi'an bei Nacht. Alles was geht wird beleuchtet. Sehr schön der Trommel- und Glockenturm. Wir hatten vorher schon lecker gegessen, deshalb haben wir am Lammfüsse Stand auf dem muslimischen Markt nichts gekauft. Nur bei den Süssigkeiten konnten wir nicht wiederstehen.

  • Day110

    Muslimisches Viertel, Xian, China

    August 23, 2014 in China

    Eigentlich wollte ich noch die grosse Moschee besichtigen. Doch sie kann nicht so gross sein, denn ich finde sie nicht. Allerdings sind die Gassen im muslimischen Viertel auch verwinkelt, eng, unbeschriftet und voller Menschen, Speisen, Güter, Düfte. So dass ich bald die Moschee vergesse und überlege, in welcher dieser vielen Gassen ich zu Abend essen werde.

  • Day30

    Swiftly moving on

    March 18, 2017 in China

    And within a blink of an eye we are on the move again. Tiayuan was really a stop over between Beijing and Xi'an and we managed to achieve the couple of things we wanted to do there. We boarded another train this morning but this time got there within plenty of time unlike our last train journey. It took about 3 and a half hours to get to Xi'an and luckily we were arriving at a station that allowed us to then get the metro to the area of the hostel. The metro is so cheap, roughly 60p each for a half an hour journey! We arrived and had pretty poor instructions to go with from the hostel so spent a good 20 minutes on the road showing people the address is Chinese and being sent up and down the road. Luckily a lovely man who spoke a little English offered to help us find it. He said someone helped him when he was travelling in Europe and he always wanted to return the favour when back in China. After a while he managed to find the building which was within a complex of gated buildings. Turned out the complex was about 30 metres from the metro entrance! After Nick jumped the fence we were in the area and found the hostel. we were greeted and taken upstairs where a guy told us to wait. We sat at a table while a group of guests were sat on chairs with yukalaies and taking it in turns to play guitar and sing. 45 minutes later and almost falling asleep it finally ended and they wanted to check us in. Although we booked ages ago they had given our dorm beds to someone else so we were upgraded from a 6 bed dorm to a private 6 bed room with a bathroom and balcony on our own! We're unsure if anyone will join us but hopefully not. This made up for the issues with check in a little. We headed out and found a shopping complex with a food hall to eat and luckily a lovely lady saved us when the cashier was trying to explain that we couldn't pay with cash but only an app. She paid for us and we gave her the money. Everyone is so willing to help here. The supermarket downstairs after was amazing especially a garden section that was even decorated with a huge fake blossom tree. They semester to put detail into every aspect of it. After some food shopping we wondered back and walked down a bustling street with music playing and women dancing as well as singers performing. The atmosphere was amazing and certainly a change to all we have seen so far.Read more

  • Day31

    Never ending wall

    March 19, 2017 in China

    For our first full day in Xi'an we headed ten minutes walk up the road to the city wall. It's a wall that has completely been modernised and maintained so that it is in tact and accessible to the public. There was the option to purchase a combined ticket for the wall and museum that was inside so we opted for this deal. The museum however was a little bit of a disappointment. It's main features which made up 60% of the exhibits were stone tablets with Chinese enscriptjons. Unfortunately they provided no translation or information on what the tablets said or their meaning which limited us to appreciate their significance. There was however a gallery of beautiful Chinese art as well as a large collection of stone carvings including a maze of pillars with characters carved on the tops. After the museum we headed to the wall and entered at the south gate which is nearest to where we are staying. The size of the wall was impressive but it was also incredibly wide so you can see how it provided aged deference barrier. We started walking at about 2.30 and didn't finish the complete circuit until 7.30 so it was quite a long rectangle wall to walk. There was the option to cycle around the top but that was more money so we didn't go for this option. Unfortunately the weather was awful; it was rainy and freezing cold. Xi'an as well seems to have a lot of pollution so that combined with the rain made visibility a views very poor which was a shame. Because the walk took so long we were still on the wall when it went dark and they switched on all the lanterns. They also lit up the turret style buildings so the once very boring samey wall suddenly transformed into something much more beautiful. Although it is impressive I did find it a bit too commercialised and much preferred walking the walls of York with my sister which have such character and interest and haven't been so restored.Read more

  • Day32

    An archaeologist's dream

    March 20, 2017 in China

    What an incredible sight! Today we visited the Terracotta Army about an hour away from Xi'an. I was very proud that we managed to get there ourselves based on TripAdvisor reviews and recommendations alone. That in itself felt like such an achievement. We entered pit one when we arrived which was where the site was discovered by farmers digging a well in the 70's. The scale of the hall took you aback and the rows upon rows of hand carved figures staring up at you was so impressive. There is 6000 soldiers and horses in this one site and only 2000 have been uncovered and restored. Seeing the fresh sections that had only just been exposed we caught a glimpse at the challenge they face trying to piece together these broken and worn down figures. This made the site even more phenomenal that not only were these statues hand made once but they have also been hand made again by the current archaeologists. There are two other pits of soldiers as well. One is equally as big but has little work to yet be done on excavating this section yet. It's amazing to think we could return in 50 years time and the whole site would be completely different. We did stop at one point to have a coffee and as a lovely treat were shown the traditional tea making of China and allowed to sample three different teas. This made the expensive coffee far more worth while! Overall a pretty great day indeed.Read more

  • Day33

    Lazy last day

    March 21, 2017 in China

    Today we had a very lazy day indeed. We fly to Japan tomorrow morning at 8.10 and our hostel annoyingly would not let us check out earlier than 8am probably because they didn't want to get up! They also wouldn't do the night before and we decided that actually a whole night at the airport was just too much to do. We booked a hotel right by the airport with a free transfer service running 24 hours. So this morning we packed up, did a bit of food shopping, treated ourselves to a shared Starbucks and checked out at the hostel at 12 (the latest time we could). We found out there is a tomb of an emperor that is like a small version of the Terracotta Army near the airport that was actually discovered when they wanted to build a new run away. Our plan was to check in to our hotel and then head there as a last thing to do. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. We got the metro to the nearest point to the airport as it's so cheap then got a taxi to the hotel. Turns out the hotel was further than expected and in a small mini neighbourhood that's a bit rough looking with not much going on. We were certain we wouldn't have any means to the head out again and get a bus or taxi to the tomb. We expected our fate and instead chilled in our massive room planning things for Japan and Australia. We went hunting for a restuarant but were certain the few kebab shop like places we saw wouldn't have English or many pictures so we came back and luckily the woman on reception kindly went and got us some noodles. In a way we were relieved that we didn't witness the style of "restuarant" they came from and we got to eat in the comfort of the room which was a bonus. We had such a chilled day I didn't even take 6 photos! The last photo is of a cute little chap we saw at the supermarket last week carved from some sort of melon style fruit. They have so many weird and wonderful fruits and vegetables here. We're now saying goodbye to China and heading off to Japan bright and early! We didn't see any pandas, our niece will not be impressed.Read more

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