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  • Day49

    Ausflug nach Zhujiajio

    October 19, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    An diesem Tag haben wir einen Ausflug zu einer typischen chinesischen „Wasserstadt“ im Umland von Shanghai gemacht. Der Ort ist wirklich eine sehr schöne und malerische Kleinstadt. Auch wenn, wie immer, die Stadt doch sehr touristisch war... (die Menge an Menschen war gerade noch erträglich, aber dass so viel los war lag vllt auch daran, dass es Samstag war 🙈)
    Dort angekommen, begegneten wir einer Frau, die uns eine Halskette mit Kreuz entgegenstreckte und uns damit wohl sagen wollte, dass sie (auch) christlichen Glaubens ist.
    Wir schlenderten durch die Gassen, in denen es haptsächlich Essens- und Verkaufstände gab und besuchten einen Tempel, einen chinesischen Garten und ein paar kleine Museen, z.B. zur Post in China und zur Aquarellmalerei.
    Natürlich hatten wir dann dort auch einige Leckereien probiert. Es gab handgemachte Cracker (total lecker!), zuckerglasierte Miniäpfel, gebratenen Tofu und eine Art Reispancake mit Bohnenfüllung (nicht so unser Geschmack 🙈).
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    Stefanie Riedl

    Oh geilo 🥰

    Bettina Horvat

    Tolles Bild!

  • Day21

    Day 21: Weary wander around the waterway

    June 18, 2017 in China ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Day out to Zhujiajiao. Both equally underwhelmed, as we were told this water town is the Chinese Venice. It was nowhere near as impressive, but still a pleasant Sunday stroll. Enjoyed sitting on the waterfront outside Starbucks, where Emma sampled a delicious iced green tea java chip.

    Of all the shops in Shanghai Emma found the local Tesco to pick up some conditioner and her new favourite crisps - lime Pringles.
    Had a much needed lazy evening to recuperate after 21 days on the road - it's going so fast...unlike Gill's cough!

    Gill & Em x
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  • Day48

    The Venice of Shanghai

    March 17, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    It was an early season pre-Spring afternoon when we had a chance to visit Zhujiajiao - Shanghai's Venice and most famous water town. It is an ancient town that was built on three canals. Even amidst the at times intense Sunday crowds, we were privileged to enjoy a few quiet moments of reflection - literally! - over the water.

    There are many similarities to Venice actually - the quirky cobblestone streets that are too narrow for cars, the beautiful bridges full of character that enable people to traverse the canals, and of course the gondolas. Fortunately, Chinese gondoliers are not in the habit of singing. It would have been rough and at some points during the day the traffic on the canals was such that there was a veritable queue of gondolas cruising by. Singing would definitely not have been advantageous for anyone.

    In an attempt to get a bit away from the crowds, we headed down a side street away from the “downtown” area toward where the locals actually lived. There we encountered a fascinating sight that we certainly don't recall seeing in Venice! Along one of the back alley canals, Davy remarked that the gondolas “parked” by the sides of the houses appeared to be made of concrete! Poppy at first guffawed, but then upon closer inspection we realized that the young bean was quite right! The villagers indeed seemed to use gondolas that must have been made of a very thin layer of concrete - perhaps wood is rather expensive in this part of the world?
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    Jen Schrade

    This reminds me of when I was there in 2009 - so pretty! :-)

  • Day48

    Little eats around Zhujiajiao

    March 17, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Well we definitely got Poppy hungry enough to try street food with us today! After a whopping 15k+ steps, and looking at a subway schedule that would not get us back home until after 8pm, we decided to roll the dice on a welcoming spot with a friendly serving lady who cooked us up some veggie fried noodles and one of Mommy's favourites - fried flat rice noodles. Fortunately, Poppy did not notice the once again yellow (merely satisfactory) health inspector’s certificate until after we had placed our order. The food arrived quickly, was tasty enough and at some point mid-meal, a mute guest arrived and ordered by pointing at what we had on our plates! As he was Chinese, we’ll take that as a sign that we did allright.Read more

  • Day48

    Gondola tour through Zhujiajiao

    March 17, 2019 in China ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Ah, what a classic! Per textbook Jones family tradition, we waffled about taking the kids on a gondola ride, were totally indecisive about whether it was a go or no-ho, sat around for what felt like hours *watching* the gondolas, before finally heading over to queue for tickets... at which point we ended up behind a giant tour group and decided to try another dock. Upon arriving at the alternate dock, we discovered that it had just closed for the day... Fortunately we recalled that there was one more dock that we had seen earlier - after running out there to find it still open (phew!) we noticed that it charged a 25% premium for a shorter route - presumably at least partly for being open an hour longer to catch stragglers like us!

    In any case, also textbook Jones - all was well that ended well. We got on the gondola and enjoyed a nice late evening ride along the main canal of Zhujiajiao. It was a nice novel experience for the kids, especially not having been to Venice in Italy yet, or even punted along the Cambridge Backs.
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  • Day48

    Adventures in the ancient town

    March 17, 2019 in China ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Aside from sitting by the boat dock watching the gondolas go by, there was plenty to see and eat at Zhujiajiao. We sampled lots of street food and watched craftspeople demo their trades - from glassblowing to cake decorating to candy making to this one lady who made golden Peppa Pig lollipops by drawing on marble using hot liquid sugar and a simple ladle - pretty impressive!

    At some point we got a bit lost and wandered into what was a sort of trades school training center. The sign on the building read “Happy Education” and it featured two very large graffiti works depicting the town’s main bridge and temple, as well as a quite nice metalwork sculpture in the entranceway. As usual, the kids thought Insta-Mommy was breaking some kind of law by taking pictures. The arrival of a security guard, did not help make the case... or did it?! Surely if we were doing anything forbidden, he would have let us know?

    Later on in the day, walking along one of the waterways, we suddenly heard a loud splash! We looked over to see a young boy, probably between the ages of Davy and Meg, fallen into the canal. He was fully clothed and it was not evident that he could swim. Several ladies were screaming and very quickly a man jumped into the water to lift the boy back up to safety. Fortunately there are stairs (micro-docks?) every 10-20m or so along the canal - the man managed to get to the nearest set and haul himself out of the water too. Reminder kids: Don't horse about by the water's edge.
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