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    December 5, 2014 in France ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Since this is my first post on find penguins I have to mention that i have been to Mexico for half a year as an exchange student. Especially a lot of people from France have been there as well. Also one of my house mates - Amélie. So almost one year after we saw each other for the last time a few friends of our Mexican travel and housing group decided to have a little revival in Paris. It was simply awesome - especially if you are not a tourist but a guest! Obviously we did some touristic stuff as well, but still with a local person it is different in so many ways to explore a city than by a travel guide (doesn't matter if it's just a book or a person).

    Part of our Group: Julien who is also living in Paris and Mica who joined the weekend trip from London.

    We had an awesome start on Friday with a French dinner. Self-made Crepe and self-bought drinks gave us an insight of how the French are preparing dinner while having an apero preparing it. Before, when we were buying all the ingredients we passed a cultural center where people were dancing randomly to music in front of an artificial skull. This was one of the many advantages you have as a guest instead of a tourist ;-) We spent the night at Amélies place because everybody was a little bit tired from travelling to Paris.
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