Humedal de Córdoba

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  • Day144


    December 25, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    So unglaublich ufgregt bin ich am 24.12 in Bogota ahcho und so fröhlich han ichs 4 Täg spöter weder verloh. Mit ehm Luca sim Flug esch zum Glück alles guet gange und mer händ üs nach über 5 lange Mönet ändlich weder gseh!

    Mer händ es härzigs chlises Airbnb gmieted und händ vo det us chli d Stadt erkunded und üsi wiiteri Reis planed. D Stadt hed üs viel besser gfalle als erwarted. Mer händ ah ehnere free Walking Tour teilgnoh, sind ihs Goldmuseeum und zu ehnere Chile uf ehmene Bärg go d Wiehnachtsbelüchtig ahluege 😊.
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  • Day436

    Schweizer in Bogota

    April 17, 2019 in Colombia ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Bogota beheimatet um die 8 Millionen Menschen, liegt auf 2600 M.ü.M. und ist das wirtschaftliche und politische Zentrum Kolumbiens. Wir haben für einige Nächte in einer Unterkunft im historischen Viertel Candelaria eingecheckt.
    Zusammen mit Sabrina (eine Freundin von Manu) stiefeln wir in der Stadt herum. Wir besuchen die historische Walkingtour, welche uns sehr viel, fast zu viel, geschichtliches näher bringt. Dafür war die Graffiti Tour am kommenden Tag umso besser und interessanter. Die verschiedenen Techniken, welche die jeweiligen Künstler anwenden, sind eindrücklich und die Resultate richtige Kunstwerke.

    Zufälligerweise war Leandra‘s Verwandte (welche wir in Leticia knapp verpassten) zur gleichen Zeit auch in der Stadt. Dieses Mal klappte es mit dem Treffen und wir freuten uns auf vertraute Gesichter. 🤗
    Ansonsten hat uns Kolumbiens Hauptstadt nicht vom Hocker gehauen, vielleicht schafft sie das ein ander Mal, denn wir verlassen Kolumbien schon wieder in Richtung Karibik.🌴 Wir sind uns jedoch einig, dass wir das Land auf einer anderen Reise genauer erkunden werden.
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    Jeannette Aebischer

    Wer genau vo Fam Imholz isch do drbi? 🤔😁


    Onkel, Tante und Cousinen😊

    Jeannette Aebischer


  • Day119


    January 28, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Puooo isch die Stadt gross... das hend mir ersch recht gmerkt wo mir mitem Seilbähnli ufde Huusberg ufegfahre sind... hend alli gmeint me sölli nöd abelaufe das segi viel z'gföhrlich usgraubt z'werde... es isch aber e reinsti Völkerwanderig durab xi... E interessanti Stadtführig über d'Gschicht vom Pablo Escobar und en bsuech im berühmtischte Goldmuesum vode Welt hend mir in Bogota auno unternoh... würkli feins z'Esse finde isch i dere Statd isch trotz grössi eher schwierig... defür hemo ime chline Workshop einiges über de Smaragd (Emerald) erfahre und sogar so en Stei übercho :)Read more

  • Day6

    Week 1 part 2!

    March 4, 2016 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Day 3 - Thursday: teacher van again, I was almost late but we got there at the same time which was good. Every day except Thursday there is something for the teachers at 7:15, but Thursdays are off so we got to get the classroom ready. I'm also still getting used to the schedule, it's different everyday. Today though Rachel and I talked about my phase in plan, when I'm going to start teaching and what not. I'll start with 5th grade social studies next week, twice. The week after I will do 5th grade spelling and I think 6th social studies. She also does language arts but the curriculum for that is crazy right now so I won't take that over for a little while. After school one of the teachers who lives on my side of the autovista walked me around and showed me where to go to get groceries, money, or anything really. She walked me home and taught me how to do it by myself from the van so that was nice, she's a good teacher! I got home and talked with Angela for a little while. With her being the art teacher she sees every student in the school and knows my kids very well. She told me some of their background and why they act the way they do. It was very enlightening to find out that some of the kids parents don't really care about them. Hearing about their lives made the way they act make sense. It's definitely helpful having Angela! After dinner I skyped my parents and then JP and then got to talk on the phone with Terry. I hadn't been able to really talk to any of them much so it was super refreshing. I still feel homesick but less so now.
    Day 4 - today! Today was a half day so the already confusing schedule got a little more confusing. Yesterday Angela said I was going to take the public transportation with them to school so she could show me how its done and then go with them to the big mall, Santa Fe, after school. However, when I woke up there was a note in my bathroom that she wasn't feeling well and I should just take the teacher bus. I got ready and went to the bus but I was worried that they thought I wasn't coming. And it was about 15 minutes late so I was getting panicked but it all worked out! The half day went well, they did have lunch for us in the cafeteria after the kids left which was nice because there were meetings and stuff so the teachers had to stay. I stayed until the 4:20 bus and got a lot done! I graded the spelling test they took today, made a bulletin type thing outside the classroom, learned some curriculum stuff. Speaking of which, our meeting this morning was about English curriculum. Turns out being an international school means that there are a bunch of different curriculums for everything. The team that was there is all experienced teachers, but they also besides Rachel are not coming back next year. So they are trying to organize what they are teaching for the next teachers. Also because they don't know what's being taught in 5th grade and accidentally reteaching it in 7th for example. I had no idea that these teachers are basically finding their own curriculums to teach. I learned a lot today, and all week! Now I'm exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I might try to post more than once a week cuz this is a pretty long post.
    Random sidenotes: the food is good but different. It's hard for me to eat the breakfasts because they are so heavy and I'm bad at eating in the morning. Lunch is the main meal of the day so dinner is usually light. I'm going way outside my comfort zone when it comes to food and trying everything. Today at lunch I ate an avocado, and kind of liked it. I also just ate a tuna sandwich. I'm growing! But that's about all I got for now, I'm attaching pictures of week 1, general school and what not pics. :)
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    Carly, Enjoying reading your blog. Haven't yet figured out how to access the pictures you refer to. Bless you,



  • Day6

    Week 1 part 1

    March 4, 2016 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    What a week. My flight to Bogotá got in a half an hour late which was stressful because I had someone waiting there at 6:50 to pick me up. I get off the plane and follow the crowds to the initial customs line where I gave the nice man my passport and he stamped it that I'm a tourist here for less than 90 days. After that I go to baggage claim, where I find my dad's suitcase he let me bring got badly ripped in transit. An employee filled out a sheet where I can drop off the suitcase and get it fixed for free. But of course that took another half hour and I still had to go through customs. That wasn't terrible though, I gave the nice lady the sheet I filled out on the plane and she asked what food I brought. Then I put my bags on a belt to have them go through security one last time before I could go find my ride. He was waiting there holding the right sign so I walked up and of course his English is bad. Now I was somewhat frazzled, with it being 8pm and my first time in a different country, been up since 4 walking through airports, etc. So my Spanish wasn't great that night. Anyway he gets his car and we drive to the apartment I'm staying in. One thing about Bogotá, the traffic really is awful! It took almost an hour to get there. By this time I just want to sleep, but I need to meet the family and unpack. My host "mom" Angela made me a plate of fruit and some juice and we sat and talked for almost an hour before her husband, Oscar reminded us we needed to wake up for school the next day. I get to my room and start unpacking my clothes so I can wear them the next day, and of course text everyone that I'm home (sorry I forgot you Jenifer!).
    Day 1: because Bogotá is so big and has such bad traffic, they have something called Pico Y placo, which means people with cars can drive every other day, depending on where they live. Luckily, Angela was able to drive Tuesday so she drove me to school. We left at 7:30 (which is actually when school starts but she wanted to give me a chance to rest and she had class at 8, BTW she's the art teacher at ECA). We got there and she dropped me off at the teacher care office for them to take care of me. Rosa Maria was so welcoming and introduced me to a bunch of people, who's names I still don't remember. But she told me the basics of what I'll need and what my time there will be like. Then we went to see Jenn, who has been the one emailing me this whole time. In her office she set up my ECA email address, added me to the teacher list and schedule, and their whole system. From there we go see Pati (part of the reason I'm using all the names is to help me remember lol), who will get me a temporary ECA badge and figure out eating in the cafeteria and what not. While I waited there Rachel, my mentor teacher found me! She had a free period so she wanted to show me around. We walked passed her classroom (the kids were in there doing Spanish class), she showed me the different rooms on the first floor and then took me to the second floor. There is a teacher office there where they had a desk ready for me with my name and everything! It's where all the 5th and up teachers work because they either don't have home rooms or don't have a desk there, like Rachel. I immediately loved it there. I really saw the community of teachers by the way they interacted with each other and were so welcoming to me. I'm still learning all the names but I've made progress! She finished showing me around campus - beautiful!! OH! And when we were in the office at one point someone who was using the computer behind me turned around to ask who I was so I told her and she got so excited and went, "I'm Renee!" Which was super exciting because her and her husband lead the church in Bogotá and I had completely forgotten to tell them when I was coming! We talked a lot and she got my number and gave my information to girls my age who would help me get to events and church. Also, there's always coffee in the teacher office AND the teacher kitchen!! Life is good and caffeinated! I got to sit in on her class and meet the students and observe what will be my life for the next 8 weeks. When the bell rang I went home with Angela and she had two high school boys who live in our complex walk me because she had an appointment. I realized though, I had no idea how I was getting to school Wednesday because I left right away I didn't get to talk to Jenn more about it. Luckily she's on top of things and called the house to talk to me about the teacher van. She gave me all the info I would need to take that to school.
    Day 2 - Wednesday: the teacher van gets to my complex at 6:22 am so I had to be out the door by 6:20. I was kind of scared to wait by myself but I felt better being so close to the apartment. The van came and it was a full one! I got to meet more teachers on the van. Got to school and put my stuff at my desk then went to the class. Every other Wednesday morning the middle school team gets together to pray so I went to that with Rachel. I love that I'm at a school where the staff gets together to pray for the students! We went to class, I saw what people were saying about a super energetic class! I'm also working on remembering all their names, there's on a few who I'm unsure of at this point. All day though I was worried about getting home, because the bus drops off on the other side of the main road (called the autovista) that's basically their highway. I had no idea how to get to the apartment from that side. Also, there was a teacher movie night at 5 to watch War Room that night, and a teacher van leaving at 7:30. But if walking home at 5 scared me, walking home at 8 was terrifying. However, it was able to be arranged that I got a ride home and stayed for the movie. That happened at about 3, so that relieved a lot of stress. Another cool thing, the teachers get Spanish classes every Monday and Wednesday. Rachel asked her teacher about me and he pulled up an online test for me to take to see which class I should be in. I got level two so he took me to their class and I joined in. It was such a fun class, 3 of us teachers and 2 Spanish teachers. I'm really excited to be able to take this class! The thing about Wednesday, was all day I felt this huge tug of homesickness all day. It almost hurt and I was honestly on the verge of tears all day but I made it through. I thought about the movie Brooklyn that I just watched with Lynds and Kassie before I left. In it the main character moves from Ireland to the states and she feels the homesickness a lot. But they tell her it's like a bad sickness that will go away with time. So I told that to myself and it helped. I also texted my parents a little but we didn't get to talk much.
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  • Day122


    June 10, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Hauptstadt. Die Stadt ist riesig was einem aber eigentlich erst vom Aussichtspunkt aus auffällt und ziemlich abgefuckt. Selten so viele Junkies gesehen in nem Touristenviertel.

    Wir haben eine Graffiti Tour gemacht welche ganz nett war und uns eine Fette Mona Lisa angeschaut. Botera, der Maler hat hier ein großes Museum und man stellt fest er hat schon einen eigenen Stil. Darüberhinaus gibt es noch eine riesige Gold Sammlung zu besichtigen.Read more

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