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  • Day149

    Fertig Pura Vida

    June 14 in Costa Rica

    Wir wollten ja eigentlich gar nicht nach San Jose. Würde sich nicht lohnen, hat man uns auf Anfrage jeweils gesagt. Nun waren wir trotzdem zwei Nächte hier. Ist einfach einfacher um zum Flughafen zu kommen und Sue wollte noch ein wenig shoppen. Bilanz: Eine Mini-SD-Karte, ein Kopfhörer-Splitter (totaler Pärchen-Scheiss), eine Regenjacke für Sie und je ein paar kurze Hosen. Und sonst? Weg hier ...

  • Day1

    San José

    March 26, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Das warten hat ein Ende- heute geht unsere Abenteuerreise nach Costa Rica endlich los!! 🌿🐒☀
    Mit nur knappen 4 Stunden Schlaf (man bedenke die Zeitumstellung raubte uns auch noch 1h) ging es für uns Vier um halb 2 Uhr morgens los Richtung Flughafen Schwechat. Dort darf Lukis Auto am Mazur Parkplatz verweilen. Unsere erste Flugstrecke ging nach Madrid ✈. In diesen knappen 3 Stunden in hohen Lüften hatten wir neben Schlafen nur einen Lichtblick- ein gutes Frühstück und ein eis kaltes Cola. Doch angekommen in Madrid fragen wir uns, ob wir den Getränkeservice verschlafen haben? -Nein. Fluglinie Iberia lässt einem verdursten. Da gönnten sich die Männer in der Wartezeit am Anschlussflieger gleich das erste spanische Biertschi 🍺. Währendessen machten sich Katrin und ich Gedanken um die bevorstehende Flugdauer - uns wurde erst jetzt richtig bewusst, dass wir gleich länger als einen ganzen Arbeitstag, und auch länger als unsere Nächte, nämlich 11 Stunden im Flieger sitzen werden. Stretching und Yoga sollen uns auf diesen Flug gut vorbereiten.
    Am Monitor im Flugzeug verfolgten wir dann wie die 11 Stunden und 8500 km Stück für Stück weniger wurden. Ein Lob diesmal an diese Maschine: Iberia gönnte uns Essen und Trinken, Film, Musik und Spiele, geile Kopfstützen, Pölster und Decken. Und dann verzehrten wir über der Dominikanischen Republik (und die ist wirklich so türkis wie in den Reisekatalogen!!) mitten in der Karibik Margit's köstlichen Germstriezel (vom stolzen Rezept ohne Eier :D, danke)
    Ein wirklich ruhiger Flug geht dann doch relativ “rasch“ vorbei und wir freuen uns, dass uns die Sonne in San José begrüßt.
    Nachdem wir 8 Stunden durch die Zeitverschiebung hinter uns lassen kommen wir mitten am Tag in Costa Rica an und wir merken gar nicht dass wir schon über 24 h unterwegs sind. Wir werden am Flughafen gleich problemlos von Rent a car “adobe“ empfangen und ins Büro gebracht, wo wir alles zur Autoübergabe checken. Obwohl wir Mädels immer den Traum von einem offenen Jeep mit Ladefläche, sind wir aber vom Hyundai Tuscon auch ganz begeistert. Zwischen Country Festivals fahren wir bei Sonnenuntergang zu unserem Quartier Old House und bekamen einen ersten Eindruck der Stadt Alajuela.
    Ein gemütlicher Ausklang auf der Hausterrasse mit Bier, Wasser und Christines Keksen. Ein langer und anstrengender Tag geht zu ende. Um 19 Uhr fallen wir geschaffen ins Bett, gute nacht 🤗
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  • Jun25

    Kreativer Nachmittag in Costa Rica

    June 25, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Ich habe mich ein wenig ausgetobt in der Joaquin Chaverri Oxcart Factory in Sarchí und habe mein eigenes kleines Kunstwerk im Stile der bunt bemalte Ochsenkarren (die typisch für Costa Rica sind) erschaffen! So schön bunt!

  • Day85

    So I flew in yesterday to Costa Rica and got a cheap place to stay in San Jose for the night. A nice little place next to the park. The park is very 70/80’s and use to be the old airport. I dropped my bags about 10:30 and went off to have a look around. Considering I didn’t want to fly or go to a capital city, this was my only exception so far.
    San Jose appears to be quite modern and really multi cultural with a lot of different people walking around. The city centre is pretty standard, busy, lots of places selling meat and some veg places on the street. I think I’ve hit the Avocado stash, saw a guy selling big avos, 5 for 1000 colones. About £1.30! I also saw some avos as big as a guinea pig, I don’t know what type they are, but they are huge!
    I headed back tot the hostel and dropped off all the stuff I’d bought to make guacamole. It came to about £2, which is awesome as CR is supposed to be expensive!
    I then headed to have a little look around the park. Not much to report, kind of a poor mans run down Albert Park. The swimming pool was closed. Yawn.
    Now, I’m sat on a bus waiting to leave San Jose to La Fortuna in the north. I don’t know what to expect apart from more volcanos and some hot springs, maybe a sloth or two!
    Just arrived and it seems biblical rain is standard every afternoon
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  • Day19

    Mountain adventure

    February 16 in Costa Rica

    Driving in the montanas with luis and he takes us this very quiet tree house resort where noone goes, after he gets us lost in the hills. Toucans in the trees, we can see Nicaragua in the distance. Swimming in the rivers that we crossed on the questionable bridges. Running shuttle for luis so he can paddle. Random moments of wifi!! Very nice palm wine and tequilla. Now luis has to drive.

  • Day292

    No Way San José

    May 17 in Costa Rica

    San José was never on our itinerary but plans changed when we got to the north of Costa Rica and discovered that the political situation in Nicaragua had worsened. While there were no immediate threats to the personal security for tourists, the number of road blocks had grown across the country and the word was that it was becoming more difficult to travel through the country. Rather than risk getting stuck in Nicaragua, we decided to turn around and head to San José. The only possible way north was to fly to another country, either to El Salvador or Guatemala.

    To get to San José from Playas del Coco, we needed to take a one-and-a-half-hour bus trip to Liberia, followed by another five-hour bus trip. We had been warned about San José and told to spend as little time as possible in the city. We were on guard but didn't feel that our personal safety was threatened. We did stumble upon one area that appeared a little dodgy but quickly retreated. The police presence in the area was a little reassuring. What wasn't reassuring was that the Subway manager was wearing a gun on his hip as people casually ate their sandwiches and salads. We quickly scoffed down something to eat and then returned to the safety of our hotel. Now that our plans had changed, there was a bit of re-organising that needed to occur.

    The following day, we had a few hours to kill before our flight and, considering that we had only been able to find one sloth in the wild, we decided we would check-out the zoo in San José. Normally, we don't go to zoos but this one was a bit different in that all of the animals had been rescued, including one sloth. The anticipation built as we entered the zoo, walking past a variety of monkeys, coatis and a grey fox before we came upon the solitary sloth. There in an enclosure curled up in a ball was a two-toed sloth. The ball of fur could've easily been an old, disused rug from someone's lounge room. Disappointment set-in but maybe the jaguar would change the mood. Further disappointment came as the nocturnal animal (unsurprisingly) hid away in its enclosure. It was obviously never meant to be. And there will be no other opportunities to see a sloth on the next part of our adventure.

    Next stop: Guatemala City

    For video footage, see:
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  • Day6

    Day 8, goodbye

    December 28, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Just a little shout-out to all the friends and families we met on this trip. You were all terrific! Thanks to Clarence, our guide, and Lolly, the best driver I have ever seen! The 28th was his birthday, Happy Birthday Lolly!

    Random pics that didn't make the cut before, including the dragonfly on the croc this time!!

  • Day67

    Costa Rica!

    May 27, 2015 in Costa Rica

    We arrive into San Jose airport and are immediately confronted by hourds of locals outside hustling to give you a ride into town. It wasn't too bad though, they were still surprisingly friendly about it. We are quite surprised by how well most people speak English. It ties in with what we had heard about Costa Rica being quite commercialised now by the tourism industry and consequently things are quite expensive.

    We pick up our hire car (a nifty Toyoto Corolla) and head to Monteverde.. a 3 hour drive up to the 1200m elevation cloud forest! Once we get out of the city the landscape becomes beautifully green and lush. We check into our hostel, find our bearings and settle in for an early night after a long travel day, ready for a big day tomorrow!
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  • Day71

    Back to San Jose

    May 31, 2015 in Costa Rica

    3 hour drive back to San Jose to drop off car. Lesson learnt: No more driving in Costa Rica unless you like very narrow roads, heavy rain, windy bends and drivers who stop anywhere and do whatever they want. We're sticking to buses from now on!

    Goodbye "Bumpy!"

  • Day29

    Last days in Central America

    October 2, 2016 in Costa Rica

    The capital San José was the last stop of our journey together. The city was a lot bigger than we expected, so we enjoyed strolling around the busy streets, visiting the jade museum, drinking great coffee at a small coffee festival and eating our last "casada", the typical meal of Costa Rica. Nadine headed home now, starting new adventures back in Amsterdam and I am on my way to Peru.

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