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  • Day288


    June 13, 2015 in Costa Rica

    Arrived at one of the world's famous surf spot. For those of us who cannot ride the big waves here, there is a un-marked forest trail up the Miro Mountain. There is a beautiful look put to Jaco beach. I also saw 8 monkeys, 3 coatis, 1 poison dart frog and bunch of birds and lizards.

  • Day46

    Zwischenstop Jaco

    September 12, 2016 in Costa Rica

    Kleiner Zwischenstop auf dem Rückweg nach San Jose - es geht Richtung Heimat...
    Auf dem Rückweg vom Corcovado-Nationalpark auf der Osa-Halbinsel machten wir nach 6Stunden Fahrt und 240km Zwischenstopp für eine Übernachtung im berüchtigten Jaco, der Stadt des Glücksspiels und der leichten Mädchen... Neben unserer bisher günstigsten "Absteige" gab es auch hier wieder bunte Vögel wie auch Arahs zu erspähen. Nach einem Frühstück bestehend aus Fruit-Loops, Cornflaks, Toasts und Kaffee ging die Heimreise über die Panamericana und schließlich über drei Mautstellen, welche die ersten und einzigen auf unserer Tour waren, nach San Jose zu dem Ausgangspunkt unserer Rundreise.Read more

  • Day133

    El mar y el sol

    January 17 in Costa Rica

    Endlich Meer und Sonne! In Jacó haben wir uns eine Nacht im Beach Break Resort inklusive Frühstück eingemietet mit Pool und Meer direkt vor der Tür! Das tat gut! Ich wusste gar nicht, dass meine Tante das Meer so mag! Sie ist eine richtige Wasserratte und kann stundenlang dort verbringen.

  • Day101

    Visa run to Costa Rica

    April 7, 2017 in Costa Rica

    As I'm moving a lot slower than originally planned I was about to extend my 90 day visa for the CA4 countries. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua have an agreement that establishes free movement between the 4 countries. But this also means there is only one visa for the 4 countries. As I entered Guatemala on January 9th I had to leave to Costa Rica before April 9th.
    Luckily this worked out perfectly with the planned trip to Costa Rica to buy surfboards for the camp. Originally it would have been only me and Luis going but the night before we left Anna-Lena joined our team as she was excited about a little adventure and was keen to see another country besides Nicaragua. We left early in the morning and took a taxi to the border in Peñas Blancas. The border crossing was easy for Anna-Lena and me. They even accepted my fake plane ticket as proof I was leaving Costa Rica. Unfortunately Anna-Lena didn't have anything and they made her buy a $25 bus ticket for a bus from San Juan to a destination outside Costa Rica which couldn't really be identified on the ticket. I wonder if you could actually use these tickets to get on a bus or if they are really just sold for the immigration?
    Luis had a pretty hard time at the border leaving Nicaragua. His passport looks pretty smashed and as he has been doing visa-runs between the 2 countries for a while now they asked a lot of questions. But in the end they let him pass. We rented a car and continued our journey on to Jacó. Once in Costa Rica the vegetation changed right away. Which is weird. Nature doesn't care about borders, right? But everything was a lot greener. Also the streets were better and once we made it to Liberia (the first proper city behind the border) we were hit by the american influence in form of all the typical fast food chains. We actually did stop here for "breakfast" at Burgerking. It's been a while since I have eaten there even before I went on my trip but somehow it fit the situation.
    After about 5 hours of driving we arrived in Jacó. Definitely not a place I would recommend to anybody except for buying cheap surfboards. The guy from the surf shop told us he makes most of his money with lessons for one-time-customers. Usually bachelor-parties who are already drunk and won't stay in the water for longer than half an hour.
    Food and accommodation is expensive. Once the sun is down hookers wander the streets. And all in all it's not even a nice town or beach.
    But the hostel we stayed was a nice little green oasis in this overloaded party place and we had great sushi at a nice restaurant.
    We picked up the boards the next morning and started our drive back towards Nicaragua. As it was the first Saturday of Semana Santa (the week before easter when lots of people are of work and go traveling) the streets leading towards the Peninsula de Nicoya were a lot more crowded but we still managed to get to the border within a decent time. The border crossing was a little adventure. We were only allowed two boards per person. But we had 8 boards for only 3 people. We thought we would just find someone helping us bringing the boards over but somehow it wasn't that easy to find someone willing to carry two boards across the border for us. We ended up paying one of the guys who carry your luggage $20 for taking all the boards around the building which was the actual border and customs checkpoint. Everybody could see we didn't put the boards through customs but no one cared.
    But the hardest part was again to get Luis across the border. They really don't like his fucked up passport.
    But once they let him go it was just another taxi ride back to San Juan and from here a 4x4 to get back up to the camp with our brand-new boards.
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  • Day1

    Jaco, schöne Badebucht

    August 24, 2016 in Costa Rica

    Hier kann man auch ein paar Tage relaxen und Abends los gehen. Sehr touristisch. Wir hatten ein schönes Zimmer direkt am Meer mit Pool, wo wir komplett alleine waren. Auch hier jede Menge Echsen, die sogar mit in den Pool kamen.

  • Day8

    Jaco Playa

    March 27, 2017 in Costa Rica

    On the transfer from Monteverde to Quepos we came by the town of Jaco.
    Our driver made a stop to give us a chance to see the beautiful view over
    Jaco Playa. It was also our first view of the Pacific Ocean. :)

  • Day32

    Jack Blù Beach Club

    January 28 in Costa Rica

    My last days in Costa Rica

    Without getting any sleep after partying the whole night I had to take the bus at 5 a.m. to get to Jacó were I would meet Sandro who also stood with us in Lazy Loft in Puerto Viejo. Tired as I was, I slept through the whole bus ride. When I finally arrived in Jacó I had to ask various people to get to the hostel. It was 9 a.m. but hot as usual and packed with my backpack I was sweating to the fullest! In the end I asked a man who told me that I had walked too far and that I had already passed the hostel by far. I think he saw my horrified facial expression and felt very sorry for me that he borrowed me his bike. When I arrived at the hostel I was bathed in sweat but happy to have found my final destination! Sandro hadn’t arrived yet so I decided to leave the luggage and bring back the bike. Lucky me, I could already get into my room when I came back and take a shower. The hostel is really beautiful and the best accommodation I had so far during my trip in Costa Rica. The room was very spacious, with private bathroom and the best thing was that a typical Costa Rican breakfast and the Swimming Pool Club nearby was included in the hostel price. Therefore, I decided to try out the the Jacó Blù Beach Club where guests normally have to pay 20$ to get into the club. When Sandro arrived we went to beach which is located directly outside the Beach Club. I had really low expectations of Jacó because all the opinions I heard so far about this place were that Jacó is no special place and that the beachside is not worth to visit - however, we really enjoyed our stay here in Jacó. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, shops and Jacó is famous for its good surfer waves. There are two beautiful beaches in the surrounding near Jacó - Playa Herraduras and Playa Hermosa. Both are quite beautiful and very tranquil.

    The second day we spent the whole day at the beach in Herraduras and the third day we rented a moped to discover some waterfalls and Playa Hermosa - such a pity that the quads were too expensive to rent, so we had to reject the idea. Still it was pretty fun and we would have never expected the waterfalls to be this beautiful. The waterfalls were pretty hidden and we had to pass some gravel paths. But the torture was worth it. There were 5 ascending waterfalls with a basin each to jump in which was loads of fun!

    In the end of my travelblog, I want to say a big thank you to all the people I have met during my stay who made my stay to be a real special experience - especially to Mia, Aina, Patrick, Luca and Sandro!!
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  • Day17

    Jaco, Puntarenas

    October 24, 2014 in Costa Rica

    Aus einer geplanten Nacht wurden drei! Uns gefiel es hier so gut, dass wir einfach länger bleiben mussten ;) Nicht dass Jaco wunderschön und idyllisch wäre, nein, aber im Hostel Beds on Bohio waren einfach zu tolle Menschen!
    E-Thaifood, Lilly con Carne, Jamon Queso und Strawbelli sind nur einige von ihnen. Ah ja, und a girl called " Ladiesnight" !

  • Day25


    August 25, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Am Donnerstag ist Jessy endlich endlich angekommen. Mir ist inzwischen ganz schön langweilig in San José, da es einfach nichts zu tun gibt. Deshalb hab ich beschlossen, über das Wochenende nach Jaco an der Pazifikküste zu fahren und von dort aus zum Manuel Antonio Nationalpark, während Jessy sich mit ihrer Familie und Freunden trifft.
    Im Terminal lerne ich ein paar Leute kennen, die auch nach Jaco fahren, ein Schweizer Pärchen und ein Gruppe von drei ziemlich betrunkenen Jungs. Sie scheinen ganz witzig zu sein, aber vor allem auch nervig.
    Nachdem ich im Hostel angekommen bin, gucke ich mir erst mal die Stadt an. Ganz schön touristisch. Hotel, Restaurant und Souvenirshop reihen sich abwechselnd aneinander. Immerhin gibt es einige schöne Restaurants und sogar Acai-Bowls! Der Strand ist nicht wirklich erwähnenswert. Es gibt viele Surfschulen, wie überall an der Küste.
    Ich entscheide mich, zur Abwechslung mal ordentlich essen zu gehen, auch wenn es was teurer ist. In einem hübschen Restaurant treffe ich zwei der drei Jungs wieder. Nüchtern sind sie wirklich angenehm und wir unterhalten uns gut. Ich bestelle mir einen dicken Burger mit Bacon und Gorgonzola -yum! George ist aus England und Conor aus NZ und die beiden sind schon seit einer Weile zusammen unterwegs. Da es Chase's Geburtstag ist (der Dritte im Bunde), trinken wir abends zusammen RumCola und gehen zurück ins Restaurant, um ein wenig Live Musik zu hören. Ein insgesamt entspannter Abend mit den drei, dem Schweizer Paar und einem anderen Deutschen.
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