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  • Day46

    La Frontera a Nicaragua

    November 17, 2014 in Costa Rica

    Lange waren wir in Costa Rica und super wars! Viel Wildlife ??und viel grün ist es – und dazu teils teurer, teils günstiger als bei uns zuhaus.

    Nun gehts mit 35° ? Körpertemperatur (gemessen von kompetenten Grenzdoktoren in Nica) ins Land der Vulkanbesteigungen ?.

  • Day131

    Bordercrossing to Costa Rica

    May 7, 2017 in Costa Rica

    After being in Nicaragua for almost 3 month it was time to leave for Costa Rica. Luckily I wasn't leaving by myself. Rozsa had decided to come with me to Santa Teresa and Anna was joining us till Rivas from where she was heading to Granada.
    Of course my last night at the surfcamp involved some passionfruit mojitos but as we had a long day ahead of us we had decided to leave on the 8:30 shuttle from Playa Maderas. So I enjoyed one last free hangover breakfast with eggs and gallo pinto. Packed my pancake as a snack for the journey and said my goodbyes to everybody. It wasn't easy leaving the camp after over 6 weeks of working there but I was also excited to be back on the road and see new things. But first we had to make our way to Santa Teresa. I knew how to get there but wasn't quite sure if it was possible to get there in a day as the last ferry from Puntarenas to the Nicoya Peninsula was leaving at 5pm. So I figured to just take one step at a time and just stay somewhere overnight in case we can't make it.
    So Johannes gave us a ride from the surfcamp to Casa Maderas from where we took a shuttle to San Juan del Sur. Here we probably jumped on the wrong bus which was leaving 30 minutes later as the busdriver told us the other one was going another way. I was a little annoyed by that but decided not to get into it. This 30 minutes won't make us miss the ferry in Puntarenas, right? Also I could use the time to by some rope as new straps for my little backpack in SJDS.
    We took that bus to Rivas. Back to that crazy bus station where you can't trust anybody as everybody is just trying to sell you a taxi. Again they told us the next bus to the border was running in an hour but it left almost immediately after we got on it.
    The bordercrossing was fairly easy as I had been here before on my visa run a few weeks ago and new exactly where to go. Once we made it over to Costa Rica the bus for Liberia was already waiting and again left right after we got on it. Things seemed to work out fine. Until we made it to Liberia. It was 1:30 by now. From here we had to take the bus to Puntarenas. The next was running at 2:30. According to the one bus driver this was taking 2 hours. According to another it was 3 hours. So all we could do was hoping the first one was right so we would make it in time for the ferry at 5. We met Laura at the bus stop, a girl who was also going to Santa Teresa. She was Colombian living in Costa Rica. Funny thing was that she came over to asking us how to get there. We told her what we knew and traveled together from now on.
    It would have been a pleasant surprise if the bus would have made it to Puntarenas in the promised 2h. But unfortunately the second bus driver was right - we made it to Puntarenas at exactly 5:30pm. Half an hour to late - maybe that half an hour we lost due to the wrong bus in SJDS? ;)
    But luckily there was another ferry running at 8:30pm. This one just didn't have a bus waiting on the other side bringing us to Santa Teresa. We decided to find a restaurant with WIFI to figure out what to do next.
    Turned out hotels in Puntarenas were really expensive and as we all just wanted to get to Santa Teresa we decided to go for the last ferry and pay a taxi taking us from there.
    We spend the time waiting for the ferry in the restaurant with greasy hangover food while Laura told us the story of her life. She was so funny and open hearted. It was fun listening to her and it definitely made the waiting less annoying!
    The ferry ride was kind of interesting as it was completely dark and you couldn't really make out where we were going. The following taxi drive was pretty crazy and fast but still it was 11:30pm when we finally arrived at our hostel. This 14hour journey was a nice welcome back in the world of traveling :)
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  • Day27

    Costa Rican hospitality

    March 25, 2016 in Costa Rica

    Arrival to Costa Rica was not the most welcoming one. Other border crossings have been quite ok but in Costa Rica this merciless lady behind the counter insisted on putting me on a transit through the country towards Panama. So my intended stay of two or three days was about to be cut short. With a little help from the bus line personnel and a show of a flight ticket from Panama finally granted me a 5 days (instead of 90) permit of residence in Costa Rica. Yeah, I should have listened Juha better and have a fake ticket to continue from Costa Rica and that would have saved me from all the fuzz. But this was the only time during this trip that it was actually necessary. Lesson learnt, again.

    On the way we made a stop to have 20 minutes lunch at some pitstop point in the middle of nowhere where all the buses seemed to stop to kick people out to enjoy some overpriced pieces of junk food for no apparent reason, except if you consider not letting stupid people keep their money to be one. I decided to opt out and just wait there, walking a bit around in terrifying heat. They didn't have an ATM there, nor did I have their money yet anyway...

    But I finally made it to San José and made my way to the hotel. In Costa Rica I didn't have anyone to host me so I decided to stay in a hotel instead. I had some contacts to show me around in the city though so actually it felt good to have a hotel night at this time, allowing me to have more privacy and time for myself only if I wanted to. So, I checked in and went looking for that lunch that I had passed a couple of hours before. And of course the first ATM I found was not working so I had to look for another. Usually the ones that are within a bank are accepting my card so that was the safest bet that worked miracles also this time.

    Then to look for a place that was actually open during this semana satan here... Mostly just the typical junk food joints and finally I had to choose one of them. I chose the one that I thought might be local and that was serving baguette, quite similar to Subway (which would have also been open though). Cheap and pretty tasty anyway. I was going to meet some people later in the evening so I chose to walk around in the quiet center and after checking the popular places in a moderate heat (+28 °C) I dropped into a small bar on the side of the street since they first seemed to play good music there but that turned out to be a false hope when the next song started playing. Nevertheless, the place was cheap, just 500 CRC (less than 1 €) for a bottle of Imperial.

    Later in the evening I went to Costa Rica Beer Factory to meet Caro. I was supposed to meet some other people too but as it has been throughout this trip, things just don't seem to happen after all. But I have nothing to complain, the evening with Caro at CRBF was absolutely fantastic, she is a remarkable girl. She is an AD who has been doing project management for years so we had a lot in common and a lot of stories to share while pouring down some local brew. If I had had a bad experience of Costa Rican hospitality at the border, Caro more than made it even with her presence. Another great night and great person to remember from this awesome journey I've had so far.

    Coyones, time to catch some sleep and prepare for another day in country of coffee.
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  • Day409

    Grenze Costa Rica

    August 19, 2016 in Costa Rica

    Nicht ganz so zufrieden ist der Abschied an der Grenze und der Eintritt nach Costa Rica. Insgesamt beansprucht das Pozedere 4 Stunden, 10 Stempel, einen Halbmarathon Gehstrecke und einen sonst nur für Lastwagen eingesetzten Wagen-Scan (Sandy's erster full body X-ray). 38°C und Kompetenzbestien sind wenig hilfreich.

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