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  • Day9


    September 21 in Croatia

    We arrived yesterday and went out for a dinner of local specialties, capon beef and fish.
    This morning was a walk of thevold city walls. Beautiful. And very unexpected for me. Breakfast at city walls wasvavgreat start.

  • Day9

    Funny little place

    September 21 in Croatia

    So moved to otherside of town and have a room with a view and a garden to sit in. Nice people, only 3 rooms but only 3 blocks from bus and sea. Too bad it is all stairs to bus but will figure that out on Tuesday when i head back to Split.
    Today I went grocery shopping at farmers market and bakery. I arranged to go on a 3 island kayaking adventure tomorrow. So early night

  • Day11

    Experienced the local bus

    Yesterday in Croatia

    Took bus into old town, walked all over and the place. Then hiked up to gondola for panoramic overlook. Great day since a bit cooler and finally a breeze. Walked back down to old town for lunch of risotto with beets, apple and walnuts very nice. Back on bus to my part of town bought a snack and beer for dinner. Will try island of Milje national park if weather holds for tomorrow
    Pictures are firstvthe climb and crowds to getvto top of city walls, every alley is used for restaurants , a crazy candy store, play ground in the dry moat, views from top of gondola.Read more

  • Day146

    Dubrovnik Winter Festival

    November 19, 2016 in Croatia

    Our final project before heading back up north towards Austria, was to visit Dubrovnik Winter Festival on its opening night. We'd been advised by the campsite owner to travel the 10km in by bus to avoid parking difficulties. We haven't used public transport much but thought we'd give it a go. We got the right bus (even though it displayed a different number to the one on the timetable) and got off just after the closest stop to the Old Town. We failed to find a stop to return from, but set off down the hill on the 2km walk to the festival. We worked out on the way that there were shuttle buses within the Dubrovnik area that linked to longer distance bus routes (one of which we'd used to get there).

    It was about half past 3 when we reached the festival and the imposing stone fortress walls of Dubrovnik Old Town. Alongside the usual Christmas decorations there were garlands made out of bay leaves arched over entrance ways and wound around stone pillars. Olive and orange trees stood in large hessian wrapped pots with a carved wooden decoration hanging from their base. Oh, and it was warm - 18°C warm! White wooden huts lined the main street selling snacks, hand painted baubles and other trinkets.

    While it was still light we took in the beautifully ornate stonework on the churches, halls and towers. The city oozed history and grandeur and while the crowds assembled in the main street grew, we seemed to be the only ones winding our way through backstreets soaking in the city's charms, watched only by the numerous cats!

    Returning to the main square we were just in time to see a newly wedded couple emerging from the church to a corridor of friends and family holding sparklers. They stood for a while then threw brightly wrapped sweets into the crowd from a wicker basket.

    Dusk fell as we sipped tea and coffee at a table in a side street. The Christmas lights had been turned on while we were there and re-emerging to their festive glow brought forth 'oohs' and 'ahhs'. Dubrovnik had pushed the boat out with very tastefull decorations, many of which made use of and enhanced existing grand buildings.

    Food was next on the agenda and due to the lack of traditional Croatian cuisine at the wooden huts, we chose hotdogs, only discovering after we'd ordered that it was an 'Irish Pub' stall - they get everywhere!

    Leaving in plenty of time, we waited for a shuttle bus to take us to the main bus station. The stand we waited at said the bus we needed stopped there, but after watching another that was supposed to stop there, pick up passengers over the road then fly by, we switched over and hopped on the one we needed. The driver waved us past when we tried to pay. We waited patiently for the bus to pull into the main bus station, but became increasingly worried as it drove further and further away from Dubrovnik. In a panic Will asked the driver, who told us we'd missed the stop but if we got off now and hurried, there was another bus coming in the opposite direction that would take us back. We legged it over and down the road with the driver shouting "Quick! Go left!" There were no street lights as we ran along the dark country pavement but we could hear voices ahead and managed to get to the stop just in time. It turned out the shuttle buses were free, perhaps to encourage people to the festival. We kept a vigilant eye out for the bus station that Vicky thought she'd seen on the way out. It was 3 minutes until our next bus was due, when we got off outside the station, found our way in and on to the bus bearing the same number that had brought us in. This time we asked the driver to tell us when we got to our destination!
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  • Day57


    June 3, 2017 in Croatia

    A.K.A Kings Landing for all you Game of Thrones fans out there! For those of you who aren't, Dubrovnik doubles as this fictional city for some of the filming of the series.

    We are actually staying in Mlini, which is a resort just south of Dubrovnik, as Dubrovnik would have bust the budget! The reason for coming here was of course to visit Dubrovnik itself but yesterday we were pretty exhausted after the ferry ride that was a journey in itself.

    It involved complete and utter confusion. From the moment we boarded - about 3 hours before the ferry left - until getting through passport control in Croatia we, and seemingly everyone else including the staff, had no idea what was going on. Firstly our sat-nav took us to completely the wrong place for the port in Bari. When we found it and 'checked in' as we should we were just told to wait in a big carpark where people were still trying to sell us selfie sticks... Chaos at the gate continued into the car deck so we were relieved to arrive up to our cabin. 2 tiny bunk beds - one broken - and a wash basin. The facilities on the ship do not appear to have been changed from the 1970's and the CD selection since the 1990's. The crossing itself was fine and in the morning the chaos continued with a 45 minute wait to be allowed off the ferry and a further 1 hour 45 to get through passport control.

    I am learning a very important lesson this trip. No-one queues like we British but I think they could do with learning ;)

    Back to Croatia. Mlini is a nice quiet resort. We are staying about 150 steps up from the beach area but this is getting off lightly compared to some of the places. Yesterday we swam in the sea and chilled and had a beer by the water.

    Today we headed into Dubrovnik by boat. The majority of our time was spent in the Old City where it is surrounded by walls, a bit like St Malo. Being Game of Thrones fans ourselves we booked into a walking tour to hear about the filming of the show and the history of Dubrovnik.

    It really is a great looking city. Thronging with tourists again (us included!) and most of the Old City is just restaurant, souvenirs, restaurants, souvenirs and so on. Our landlady - who I would estimate to be in her 60s - did say its not like it used to be when she was younger. The tour was interesting and included a visit to the Fort Lovrjenac whose entrance has an inscription in Latin reading “Freedom is not to be sold, even for all the fortunes of the world”. Which is particularly interesting as for 450 years Dubrovnik paid the Ottoman Empire a fortune every year to remain independent... At the end of the tour we got to sit on a replica of the Iron Throne so unlike most of the characters in the show, we had a happy ending.

    Tomorrow we move north to a place called Kastel Luscik near Split for four days and hope to finally do some washing!!
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  • Day74

    Mr Hedderwick... you're the best!!

    October 12, 2016 in Croatia

    After two and half months on the road, what could be more welcome than a luxurious stay in an incredible hotel in Dubrovnik. The valet wasn't quite sure what to do when we asked him to park the tandem in the underground car park! I let him off in the end. Saunas and steam rooms were much appreciated. Thank you Pix for a great wedding present.

  • Day10

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    August 12, 2017 in Croatia

    Dubrovnik was another tender port. It was very rough and caused a 3 foot difference between tender and ship. Luckily there were 4 crew members that literally carried you from ship to tender.

    This is a beautiful city with fortress towers that curve around the tiny harbor, and a World Heritage Site.

    We met our private tour guide at the dock. We walked old town with its square, narrow alleys, and a lot of steps. We then met our driver who drove us outside the city. We visited small villages, went to the top of a mountain for fantastic views and saw the Kupari Hotel ruins where the Yugoslavian army was bombed out.Read more

  • Day10

    Dubrovnic sticker shock

    August 14 in Croatia

    Our bus ride to Dubrovnik from Kotor was about 100km. But we're in the Balkans. Everything leaves on schedule and arrives like my tenant's rent cheques. Took 5+ hours instead of the scheduled two hours.. aye yie. Getting through customs was about 90 mins alone. Fueling up ate another 30+ minutes.

    But forget that, we were finally in the grandest of citadels. The fortified walls were 20-30 feet high. Everything is marble flagstone and pedestrian only, but main through fares are wide enough for three lanes of traffic. Off the main strip, narrow corridors rise up sharp inclines, littered with restaurants and shops everywhere you turn. Some led to castle wall openings and cafes on the sea and views of nearby mountains and blue waters. It is all incredibly impressive and grand. Except...

    We weren't the only ones here. Unfortunately, the hoards of people drowned out the beauty of it all. And that's quite the feat. I don't recommend visiting in August. Also the prices of everything were inflated and far beyond what we had been paying everywhere else. Instead of paying $2-$3 for a beer, now it was $9-$11. Same for food and accommodations. If we had arrived here from Canada, it wouldn't have seemed as bad. But backpacking through Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania and even Montenegro lowered our cost expectations considerably. Plus there was much more of an 'off the beaten path' feel to many of those places. Prior to Montenegro, we had hardly seen any backpackers or heard any English. In Dubrovnik, British and Americans dominated the masses.

    Still, had a great meal in a cute narrow corridor cafe, and drinks on the water, trying hard not to think about those pesky price tags on everything. We missed climbing and traversing the high fortifications as we didn't know it closed at 7pm... So we found a really pretty spot in the middle of a plaza to sip on cold beverages and marvel at the pure volume of people trying to slip past each other. There was something very satisfying in being a spectator and not one of the herd. -SP
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  • Day8

    Dubrovnik Schnorcheln

    September 6 in Croatia

    Wir sind gerade einmal durch die Altstadt gegangen, wo es sehr voll ist, was natürlich auch Sinn macht.
    Durch Zufall sind wir auf der anderen Seite der Stadt rausgekommen und einmal von außen so weit es ging um die Mauer gegangen, wo wir eine optimale Badestelle gefunden haben. Ein perfekter Ort zum Schnorcheln und wenige Touristen, da die meisten vorher schon wieder umdrehen.
    Es gibt sogar Duschen, welche in die Stadtmauer eingelassen sind.
    Wirklich empfehlenswert!
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