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  • Day2

    Beachlife part1

    August 3, 2017 in Croatia

    A terv mára az volt, hogy átmegyünk egy szomszédos szigetre, ahol homokos (vagy legalábbis kis kavicsos) és ezáltal gyerekbarát a part. A hajóút zseniális volt, egy kis "ladik" egymás hegyen hatan tele turistákkal, mi már (szokás szerint) megint csak a fedélzeten kaptunk helyet. A sofőr olyan volt mint egy pirat, raadasul tuti szabályt szegett azzal, hogy ennyi embert felengedett- meg is állított a vizi policija feluton. :) de aztán ékes horvátsaggal kidumalta magát a pasi.
    Szigetre érve meg kicsit kutyagolni kellett, amit nehezen viselt a csipet csapat, szerintem lehetett vagy otven fok. De cserébe egy gyönyörű, kristálytiszta vizű, lassan mélyülő öbölben töltöttük a napot. Napozas, fürdés, röcsi, olvasás, kis cevapcici- hmmm, nem rossz!
    Ja, a hajamat Katrina csinálta meg, meg itthon, egyszeruen hihetetlen hajakat varázsol pillanatok alatt.
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  • Day3

    Beachlife part2

    August 4, 2017 in Croatia

    Mai nap is hasonlóan telt, kelés, közös nagy isteni reggeli Marti langosaval (amit a norvégok a tejfölon, sajton felül meg bacon kockakkal tuningoltak fel- mindenhez bacont esznek:)), aztán irány a strand- Isti vitt minket három fordulóban.

    Ezúttal másik strandra mentünk, nem kellett athajozni, ez kevésbé volt puccos mint a tegnapi, de nekünk Marcival sokkal jobban tetszett. Ejtozes, olvasás, Leaval folyamatos "baden", kavicsgyűjtés, Ella baba pancsiztatasa- ezek voltak a progik. Sőt, délután Marcival meg a paddle boardot is kipróbáltuk- nekem nagyon bejött, és tok jól tudtam rajta állni, egészen a vegeig, amikor is egy hatalmasat sikerült csobbanni, de úgy, hogy a napszemüveg lerepult a fejemrol és elnyeltek a habok...:( Marci meg hősiesen próbált egy ideig lebukni és megmenteni nekem, de sajna pillanatok alatt olyan melyre került, h nem jött össze. (Este így kénytelen voltam Hvarban venni egy másikat.:))

    Este az egész társaság felkerekedett es bementünk vacsizni a központba. Én nem gondoltam volna, h itt ekkora élet van - minden tele éttermekkel és barokkal es tengernyi fiatal hömpölyög a szuk utcacskakban, a kikotoben es a főterén. Ide érdemes eljönni nagyobb korunkbeli társasággal is mert zseniális a hely!
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  • Day84

    Dalmatian Coast Sailing

    July 29, 2017 in Croatia

    We've spent the past seven days sailing the Dalmatian Coast with the most incredible group of girls!! When we arrived at the Dubrovnik Marina, Hollie and I were hoping we had a mixed boat of boys and girls and when we heard it was a boat of 9 girls we were a little disappointed. But we were so so wrong and had such a good time with our boat full of estrogen! It was a great mix of three Kiwis, three Aussies and two Brits plus our English skipper. Hollie and I have become really close with the two Brits, Alice and Louise, and it's made such a difference to the trip! We visited Mjlet, Sipan, Korcula, Vela Luka and Hvar throughout the week, with each island having something different to offer! Sipan was tiny with only one restaurant on the island while Mjlet is a National Park full of beautiful swimming spots. Our boat went for a hike into the National Park and found a jumping spot off one of the bridges with a crazy strong current underneath! Korcula was a bigger town where we visited Massimo Cocktail Sunset Bar and it was one of the best sunsets we've seen since being in Europe. Vela Luka was a lovely old town where Ho, Lou, Al and I jumped off the boat and went for a run up to the caves and along the marina. It was great to do a bit of exercise on land because most of the week is just swimming and eating!! The next morning was my 26th birthday and it has to be one of the most memorable birthdays I've had. I woke up to balloons throughout my cabin, the girls singing birthday songs, loads of nutella treats and a champagne breakfast!
    To be so far from home, it was so special to be with a group of awesome people, even if we'd only met them a few days earlier. We arrived in Hvar that day only to be told there wasn't room for us to moor and as it was my birthday, our whole boat jumped ship and booked an Airbnb on Hvar while the rest of the MedSailors boats left. It was such a spontaneous decision but so much fun with the girls! We woke up the next morning and the four of us laid in bed singing songs and watching YouTube videos. We then rejoined our boat and had our last night out with the group for the week. Hvar is the party island of Croatia and every one has a crazy time here! Randomly I bumped into Jan Rowsell and Adam Nesbitt on two completely different occasions and it just reminds you how small the world is when you're all on the other side together! The whole week has been spent in a bikini, soaking up the Croatian sun, diving off the yacht into crystal clear waters, enjoying cocktails and making the best of friends. We've had a few things go wrong or unexpected costs due to the company we travelled with but the people we've met has been totally worth it and we've turned the shitty situations into some of the best memories! Croatia has to be my favorite country I've visited and I'd love to come back for sure!!
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  • Day6


    September 18, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    Just arrived on next island, get to do some swimming and lunch before biking to dinner 😋
    Swam in ocean and pool, walked into town and now prepping for the 28km bike ride to dinner at the winery on the other side of island.

  • Day5


    September 11, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Depois dos copos de ontem, só ao meio dia é que conseguimos estar no centro da vila para alugar um barco.
    É o primeiro sitio que visito e dão te um barco para as mãos sem teres qualquer tipo de experiência com barcos. Depois de 5 minutos de explicação, estás pronto para andar de uma ilha para a outra, atracar, ancorar, etc...
    A verdade é que estive eu e o Valentim a guiar barco de um lado para o outro sem qualquer problema. Foi a melhor coisa que fizemos, tínhamos 6 horas pela frente para explorar algumas ilhas junto a Hvar, são várias ilhas pequenas, com muitos sítio para ancorar e dar um mergulho, ou fazer snorkeling.
    Logo na primeira vez que lançámos a âncora, achámos que a corda não estava presa ao barco e lá vai o Ricky, o nosso salvador, mergulhar com os óculos era perceber que a corda estava presa por baixo do barco. Noutra praia, os meus óculos de sol caíram a água, mas só demos conta quando o nosso salvador, tirou a t-shirt a alta velocidade e mergulhou, como um nadador salvador numa missão de resgate. Não encontramos os óculos, mas mesmo que os tivéssemos encontrado, era demasiado fundo para os ir buscar.

    Na volta, conseguíamos ver um incêndio por cima de Hvar já com uma largura significativa, felizmente chegaram 3 canadairs, em 15 minutos apagaram o fogo. Uns atrás dos outros, em círculos iam buscar água ao mar e largavam a água por cima do fogo, 15 min depois foram-se embora, estava tudo resolvido.
    Portugal devia aprender com estes senhores a apagar fogos.

    Antes de jantar num restaurante de comida mais tradicional, ainda deu tempo para ver um belo pôr do sol no Hula hula.
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  • Day15


    August 29, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Eigentlich wollten wir uns Hvar ja gestern schon angucken... Aber da mussten wir ja chillen... Also sind wir direkt nach dem Frühstück los. Hvar ist ein schönes Städchen (mit schönem Altstadtkern natürlich, wer hätte das gedacht...).

  • Day3

    Day 3 - Row, row your boat

    July 28, 2016 in Croatia

    Today we booked a boat to the island of Hvar not realising it was a 3 hour boat ride away. To say the least both Hazel and I were happy to put our feet on terra-firma in Hvar city.

    Hvar is a lovely little island which is the haunt of the rich and famous as born out by the 100 million pound super yachts and the posh totty in the habour.

    It's well known for its all night parties but unfortunately I am writing this on the top deck of the boat on our way home, although it is 9:20 pm we are unlikely to dock in Split until gone midnight. Hazel has found herself a bean bag and so is riding out the waves while zzz'ing. I am amongst a group of muscle bound americans and a lone ozzie who are resting before the partying starts again in Split, the night is young apprently!
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  • Day27

    Day 27: Hvar, Croatia

    July 17, 2017 in Croatia

    We got to Hvar and it's just simply gorgeous. Our Airbnb has such a nice view and the beach is just in our backyard.

    We took a walk and bought a few things at the grocery store and ended up by this really nice beach bar by the water.

    When we arrived, we asked the taxi driver what is there to do in Hvar. He said eat, swim and drink... so that's exactly what we did. :)Read more

  • Day28

    Day 28: Hvar, Croatia

    July 18, 2017 in Croatia

    Today we woke up and went straight to the beach till lunch when we went to Tango Bar. Fresh lemonade here in Hvar is certainly not like home. They essentially squeeze a few lemons into a glass and voila! Where's the healthy added sugar for my tastebuds?

    After lunch, we went back to the beach and then got ready for a nice dinner. We had the best time at Dalmatino's. The food was delicious, we got two free shots and dessert wine, the service was great and the waiters were cute (bonus).

    We then headed back and Zoe posted a snap pretending like we were at Ultra (but we totally weren't as it was a fortune). But the music was good and we enjoyed it from outside the big fences with the thousand security guards.

    Overall, it was a good day, but off we go tomorrow to Dubrovnik!
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  • Day102

    Split to Hvar

    July 13, 2017 in Croatia

    We had to be out of the hotel by 11am so we left our bags at the hotel and walked into the palace for brunch. Our meals weren't too exciting which was disappointing. We worked a bit more through the palace, then out along the waterfront, we then sat down in park for a while to refresh and watch the world go by. We walked back along the waterfront, deciding we might have a look at the markets but it was a bit hot so instead we opted for a beer at a cafe. We then braved the heat again and walked through the markets, Q bought a nice shirt so mission successful. We decided to head back to the hotel and thought we'd wait there but the lobby was so hot, it was cooler outside so we grabbed our bags and went to the ferry terminal. Q asked where our ferry was leaving from, once we knew we headed over to line up. We left Split at 3pm and arrived at Hvar by 4pm. Our hotel was only a 10 minute walk around the harbour. We checked in, then went for a swim at rocks only a minute away. We came back, showered then went to the supermarket for some snacks and stopped at a 'cheap' place to eat. Over $10 for Q's sad hot dog, and same price for my greasy tortilla 😬 back to the hotel to relax. 🤗 We also came across two dogs just like Blayze & Jax!

    HOTEL - Delfin Hvar Hotel
    INCLUSIONS - Wifi & Breakfast
    LOCATION - Awesome location on the harbour waterfront
    ROOM - Old.. needs renovation, no air-conditioning. Wouldn't stay again until this changed.
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