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  • Day5

    Dubrovnik- auf den Spuren von GoT

    May 28 in Croatia ⋅ 🌬 19 °C

    Erster Landgang .Heute werden wir eine GoT Führung machen.Saschs löst damit sein Geburtstagsgeschenk ein.Nach einem relativ schnellem Frühstück im Atlantik ging es los. Der langersehnte Tripp zu den Schauplätzen unserer Lieblingsserie. Mit Taxi vom Hafen in die Altstadt und dann ging es los, nette Reisefüherin, leider hat das Wetter nicht mitgespielt , das war echt ne Schande🤣.
    Trotzdem haben wir viele interessante Dinge über die Dreharbeiten erfahren. Zum Schluss sassen wir dann auch noch auf dem Thron !!
    Anschliessend sind wir dann auf eigene Faust durch Dubrovnik gelaufen und haben noch eine Kleinigkeit gegessen. Die Stadt ist tagsüber überlaufen mit Touristen, interessant wäre es mal zu sehen wie es am Abend aussieht, wenn alle weg sind.
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  • Day213


    November 2, 2017 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    one of our room mates went m.i.a and ended up in another room in a girls bed and the other guy brought another girl into our room and they spooned all night. Very odd. We were just thankful they didn't have sex 😂 we have heard some horror stories from other travelers about people simply not caring about privacy and just going for it ha. Thank heavens they didn't.
    Terrible sleep - it was so cold omg. They have a switch they had to stay on for the heating and some goose switched it off so the whole house was an icicle.

    We checked out at 10 and they let us leave our bags as we went to old town.

    Dubrovnik has so many stairs and hills it's insane!!!
    But yeah, the stairs are plentiful. You couldn't be handicapped here and yet funnily enough I have seen more people with canes than usual. They probably fell down the stairs. they aren't exactly even 😂

    Loss of puddings on our walk. )My new name for all the puddy cats 😻)

    Made it to old town gate after about a 30minute walk.

    The main gate is kinda cool but we figured it would probably be cheaper outside the wall than in so we went to the closest resturant.

    CHEAPER HAHAHAHA I PAID $6.50 FOR 220ml of Coke.
    that more expensive than the easter show. That is ridiculous!!

    We both had to get breakfast combos side that's all they had. Lucky they were delicious cause it was $20 each.
    The view was nice but we have realised the sun doesn't move and that's the problem. It doesn't go over the top but stays on the same side and just moves across the sky. So basically it is always in your eyes.

    We entered through the gate and I could immediately imagine Cersei walking around (game of thrones is filmed here mum)
    The walls were so high and it was clean.
    We walked around the city and we found the stairs where Cersei does her naked shame walk through the city. That's the only spot we found I know for sure what scene it belongs too but so many spots looked familiar or could have easily been used.
    We walked around the rocks/piers and the water is transparent- it's beautiful. You can see ever fish and leaf.

    One lady was using a drop line to fish which I think is cheating if you can see them but her 3 cats sitting next to her anxiously waiting probably disagree. I would guess she is quite successful - they are all really fat hahah

    There were a few different rock boardwalk type things I could envision scenes of too. Whether they were used in it or not in not sure - this city has a lot of space and options!

    So even though the price to get up onto the city walls is eye watering. A whopping $30 each - we decided to fork it up because it we didn't then I would feel like we didn't do it properly and have the need to come back.
    Exciting news: For once I actually feel I got my moneys worth.

    It's a one way circuit and I'd say all up 1.5km walk around the whole thing. Maybe even more.
    It starts with views of the fortress. I don't know what to say other than it was awesome.

    We climbed many stairs, turned many corners and took hundreds of photos between the 2 of us.

    All the roofs are the orange/ red.
    It's so obviously Kings landing.

    The entire wall is completely in tact and in perfect condition. IT IS SO COOL.

    Looking out to the ocean was also incredible.

    It wasn't too busy either which was super duper! Still a lot of people but not too many That i felt cramped.

    Some of the bells and statues/gargoyles around the place were so old and special.

    So many hidden corridors and streets.

    so many STAIRS. If I had to climb them to school everyday I would rage quit.
    We did go past one school whose classroom windows were open. I don't know how they get work down with thousands of people always walking past making noise.

    Considering how clear the water and easy to spot the fish we were surprised there were no birds other than pigeons (of course - world most common bird)

    Probably the coolest city we have been to medieval wise because it's intact and you can interact with it.

    I liked how obvious it was that this was people's home. Knickers and socks were out drying everywhere. 🙊

    At one stage I started feeling dizzy.
    I had been wearing My jumper to avoid having to carry it but I gave in and took it off - also skulled the rest of our water.

    The walls kept getting higher and higher and the view better and better.

    I enjoyed humming the opening theme song as we walked around haha :)

    We got to a fort lookout thing and climbed it. Asked a stranger to take a photo - they were old and didn't know the phone was a touch screen.. Must remember to ask young people. LOl it's a terrible photo too but still happy.
    I asked more people along our travels to Wills annoyance heheh

    We finished the wall circuit.
    Sweat everyyywhere.

    We then walked over to the Lovrjenac fortress which is included in our entry price.
    It's $10 to see the fortress alone which I don't think is worth it just by itself.

    We saw we think is a Kuna (weasel type thing) so that's exciting :)

    The fortress had a great lookout of the whole city inside the walls.

    It's also where Cersei has her big Westeross floor map I believe.
    She is so easy to see walking around here too.
    Just because the rock is so clean and crisp and the space is open.

    We learn that the palace we were at in Split yesterday is where Daenarys kept her dragons chained up. It's underneath though which we didn't realize we could go down into. Oh well.

    We went and got me a magnet that cost too much and then started our long walk home up one million stairs.

    We waited at the hostel an hour before walking down to the bus stop to hopefully post our box BUT NO ITS CLOSED AGAIN.
    I guess the box is coming to Bosnia..

    Waited for our bus and it's the first bus in ages that hasnt already been there waiting for people. It was late and Will was stressing lol.

    Now on tthe bus 2 hours into the journey - we have been through both borders.
    The bus has spare seats so we are serperated but it's our favorite bus company so far - Will fits 🎉🎉🎉🎉 and it has phone chargers. 👌🏻

    Arrived and got picked up by our hosts dad.
    " look for a man with a bicycle and a mustache" were our instructions. Lucky it's not a busy stop cause that could have been any number of people lol

    Found the dude and walked to our place. He stomped at a cat on the way - not impressed, it's going on his review!! Lol

    Our house is really lovely except the tv is too old and doesn't have a USB port. Oh well no Big Bang hahah

    The host eventually arrived and introduced himself and told us some stuff as we were talking a random Chinese lady came in 😂
    Eermmmm??? She thought it was a hostel hahah
    Wrong place lady.

    Very strange.

    We dumped our stuff and went to the supermarket which basically only sold snacks and sauces.
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