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  • Day15


    September 24 in Croatia

    Die Perle an der Adiria. Ja die Stadt ist wunderschön, hat ihren Charme und auch für Gastronomen was zu bieten.
    Leider weis das die ganze Welt. Es ist so überfüllt von Touristen, Touristenfallen und dämlichen Shops. 1000 Dinge die die Welt nicht braucht.

    P.S. Parkiere auserhalb beim neuen Hafen und nimm den Bus.😉

  • Day10

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    August 12, 2017 in Croatia

    Dubrovnik was another tender port. It was very rough and caused a 3 foot difference between tender and ship. Luckily there were 4 crew members that literally carried you from ship to tender.

    This is a beautiful city with fortress towers that curve around the tiny harbor, and a World Heritage Site.

    We met our private tour guide at the dock. We walked old town with its square, narrow alleys, and a lot of steps. We then met our driver who drove us outside the city. We visited small villages, went to the top of a mountain for fantastic views and saw the Kupari Hotel ruins where the Yugoslavian army was bombed out.Read more

  • Day10

    Dubrovnic sticker shock

    August 14 in Croatia

    Our bus ride to Dubrovnik from Kotor was about 100km. But we're in the Balkans. Everything leaves on schedule and arrives like my tenant's rent cheques. Took 5+ hours instead of the scheduled two hours.. aye yie. Getting through customs was about 90 mins alone. Fueling up ate another 30+ minutes.

    But forget that, we were finally in the grandest of citadels. The fortified walls were 20-30 feet high. Everything is marble flagstone and pedestrian only, but main through fares are wide enough for three lanes of traffic. Off the main strip, narrow corridors rise up sharp inclines, littered with restaurants and shops everywhere you turn. Some led to castle wall openings and cafes on the sea and views of nearby mountains and blue waters. It is all incredibly impressive and grand. Except...

    We weren't the only ones here. Unfortunately, the hoards of people drowned out the beauty of it all. And that's quite the feat. I don't recommend visiting in August. Also the prices of everything were inflated and far beyond what we had been paying everywhere else. Instead of paying $2-$3 for a beer, now it was $9-$11. Same for food and accommodations. If we had arrived here from Canada, it wouldn't have seemed as bad. But backpacking through Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania and even Montenegro lowered our cost expectations considerably. Plus there was much more of an 'off the beaten path' feel to many of those places. Prior to Montenegro, we had hardly seen any backpackers or heard any English. In Dubrovnik, British and Americans dominated the masses.

    Still, had a great meal in a cute narrow corridor cafe, and drinks on the water, trying hard not to think about those pesky price tags on everything. We missed climbing and traversing the high fortifications as we didn't know it closed at 7pm... So we found a really pretty spot in the middle of a plaza to sip on cold beverages and marvel at the pure volume of people trying to slip past each other. There was something very satisfying in being a spectator and not one of the herd. -SP
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  • Day16


    August 30 in Croatia

    In Dubrovnik stand die Luft und so kamen uns die 30 wie 60 Grad Sauna vor und wir waren kurz nach Verlassen des Parkhauses etwas verschwitzt 😜 eigentlich wollten wir dann auf den Aussichtsberg hoch, aber das haben wir schnell aufgegeben. Zu großer Wasserverlust bei zu wenig mitgeführtem Wasser. Deswegen wollten wohl alle mit der Seilbahn hoch. Das haben wir dann sein lassen und haben zufällig noch einen schönen nicht offiziellen Ausguck gefunden. Danach ging es weiter runter in die Altstadt. Dort sind wir erst durch die Gassen gewandelt und dann wohl bei DER Treppe aus “Game of Thrones” angekommen... hab ich nicht geguckt aber ich hab auch noch nie so viele leute fotos von ner treppe mache sehen... Danach ging es weiter auf der Stadtmauer schwitzen. Die Ausblicke waren es aber absolut Wert. Als das geschafft war brauchten wir eine Stärkung. Für mich griechischen Salat, mit dem leckersten cremigsten Feta den ich jemals gegessen hab, für Christian Lasagne. Im Anschluss sind wir noch etwas geschlendert...Read more

  • Day6

    A beautiful stunning place should be on everyone’s bucket list, however it is hight of the season very very hot and crowded added to the fact it is quite small made getting round tricky but that did not take away the beauty of the place.

    Croatia is a little different from the other ex-Yugoslavian countries in that it is not in the EU and not adopted the Euro. Ironically they fought a bloody war of independence with Serbia in recent memory and now Serbia are supporting in their quest to get into Europe. This will be a very beautiful corner of Europe and the people are great, they are concerned joining to EU as they are small and could not cope with the influx of people. However excited about the economic benefits to the region

    Back to our day here. A short bus ride from the boat took us to the cable car that then took us high above the old town of Dubrovnik, the cable car held about 20 people and swayed about quite a bit, Nyah was a bit white and hanging on with white knuckles! But he view was worth it some of which are attaché wow !

    It was again 32 degrees but felt hotter at the top we doesn’t probably half an hour then back down for a small tour of the old town. Really a stunning place with so much history I could not do it justice this blog so you would need to google it if interested I intend to when I get back home

    We had the rest of the morning for some shopping with the girls which mostly consisted of pick and mix, we did visit one historical building a church and we rubbed Marin Dvoric’s nose supposed to give us good luck.

    Back to the ship in the afternoon and usual round of kids club, swimming and quizzes.

    In the evening we went to the 47 lounge for dinner, Lillian had spaghetti, then off to see the show which was Chaplin story which was very good, then in the Venue we had the dance class through the decades the girls loved it very funny.

    Off to Montenegro tomorrow to sail up the worlds sothern most fiord...... can’t wait
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  • Day7

    Dubrovnik old town

    August 16, 2016 in Croatia

    Végre rászántuk magunkat hogy megnézzük az óvárost, bíztunk benne, hogy hét elején kevesebben lesznek. Hát nem így lett. Csak hömpölygött a tömeg az óváros főutcáján. De a látvány így is lenyűgöző, ezt egyszer az életben mindenkinek látnia kell!

  • Day74

    Mr Hedderwick... you're the best!!

    October 12, 2016 in Croatia

    After two and half months on the road, what could be more welcome than a luxurious stay in an incredible hotel in Dubrovnik. The valet wasn't quite sure what to do when we asked him to park the tandem in the underground car park! I let him off in the end. Saunas and steam rooms were much appreciated. Thank you Pix for a great wedding present.

  • Day7


    March 28 in Croatia

    Eine traumhaft schöne Altstadt!🇭🇷❤💙
    Und im März kaum Touristen. 💪
    Leider nur wenige Stunden Zeit zum Erkunden, aber alleine der Rundgang auf der mehr als 500 Jahre alten Stadtmauer hat sich schon gelohnt.

  • Day10

    Tag 10 Dubrovnik

    September 11, 2017 in Croatia

    Heute stand Old Town auf dem Zettel, leider schon morgens um zehn von Touris überlaufen, auch die 150Kuna (ca. € 22) um auf dem Burgwal zukommen sind Recht frech. Das ganze habe ich mir dann geschenkt und habe lieber eine Boot Tour gemacht. Fazit, man muss das schon ist den eigenen Augen gesehen haben dann ist auch gut... Später bin ich zum Strand Schwimmen. Insgesamt relaxter Nachmittag mit zuviel Bier.Read more

  • Day5

    Und dann ist es Zeit für den absoluten Höhepunkt des Tages: den Rundgang über die Stadtmauer von Dubrovnik. Natürlich ist es voll hier oben, gefühlt sind alle 3 Kreuzfahrtschiffe, die im Hafen liegen gleichzeitig hier oben. Deshalb ist die ganze Mauer auch Einbahnstraße 😎. Und trotzdem ist es ein einmaliges Erlebnis. Nach etwa der Hälfte der Mauer gönnen wir uns im Schatten ein kroatisches Eis, ja auch kleine Cafés gibt es zwischendurch auf der Mauer. Jede Biegung bringt neue Ein- und Ausblicke und am Ende ist der Akku leer und der Chip voll und Hase und Ritter müde aber glücklich...Read more

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