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    • Day 155

      Chill times

      October 9 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Havent had much to update you guys on recently because we've just been vibing out and doing nothing (as you can see from the map ahaha). Spencer had an appalling cold all week so he's just been watching Seinfeld and coughing constantly and I've been taking myself to the beach and relaxing :). I started doing laps at the beach to get fit for Morocco and lucky I did because I'm in catastrophically bad shape atm, much worse than I expected. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll be back to normal and ready to rip!

      Peace. 😎
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    • Day 7

      7. Day Nikosia (Trip to Girne) II

      August 31, 2022 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

      Kyrenia Castle

      The oldest remains of the Kyrenia harbour fortress date back to the 7th century. In the 10th century the fortress was expanded by the Byzantines and at the beginning of the 12th century by the Crusaders. In 1373 it was almost completely destroyed by the Genoese. The Venetians, in conflict with the Ottomans, further extended the fortress and gave it its present appearance. The British used the castle as a prison before it became a tourist attraction from 1960.Read more

    • Day 169

      Last days and cool sunset

      October 23 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Just a couple pics from the last few days. There's a building site next to our apartment that's really tall so we went there for a beer and a sunset, it was superb, too bad be kept forgetting to go there all trip ahaha. We also stumbled across a more touristy looking plaza area when we were roaming around looking for an extra suitcase yesterday. It was good to see that this town does have some nice tourism infrastructure, I was thinking it was a bit bleak. Getting free food was a great success this whole trip, we saved a fortune. Unfortunely we ended up getting a bit carried away on Saturday and ordered too many cocktails which meant we weren't gambling with our usual discipline. I ended up losing the $20 I had been stretching out all week but its fine it was a fun night.
      Excited for Egypt!!
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    • Day 166

      Castle on the mountain

      October 20 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Ever since we got here it has been my ambition to climb the big mountain that we can see from our balcony and today we finally did it! Theres an old castle at the top and I was certain we'd be able to get to it by walking straight up instead of following the path that goes around the back. Unfortunely, Spencer was really against this idea and because he had the backpack and I didn't want to carry my own snacks, we ended up taking the path. The castle was 12km walk away, and for 90% of it we were walking along a freeway, which sort of sucked. Eventually we found a trail which seemed to be a bit of a shortcut. We followed it but it ended up stopping about 500m short of the castle driveway entrance so we then had to struggle through spikey shrubs, steep, unstable slopes and tons of spider webs to get back on course. Once we were on the driveway, we learned that the castle was right next to a Turkish army base, and that they don't let people walk through, you have to drive, so we spent an hour trying to hitch-hike until we eventually found a nice guy who agreed to drive us past the army checkpoint to the castle. At this point morale was pretty low due to the many hardships we had endured throughout our journey, but once we were at the castle we were well rewarded with a sensational view! We roamed around for a few hours and spent the majority of our time discussing how we were going to get back past the army base. In the end we were able to wave down a lovely couple from Denmark who agreed to drive us past the army checkpoint, they ended up taking us most of the way home. The walk up the mountain had left us completely shattered so it was a god-send that things panned out the way they did because I'm not sure we would've gotten home too easy. All in all it was an awesome trip :)). For dinner we went back to the casino, we've gone there most nights this week for free dinner, it's been awesome!!Read more

    • Day 159


      October 13 in Cyprus

      It seems like the main reason anyone really comes to cyprus is because you can gamble here. There are a bunch of casinos all over the place and a really large proportion of the cars we see driving around are fancy sports cars. We've been quite slack so far and haven't done much touristy stuff so the other night we decided we'd go check out a casino (the only tourist attraction we know about in our area ahah). We walked because it was only about 1km away from our house and when we got close we saw there was a bunch of smoke billowing out of the top of the building, it almost seemed like it was a fire. When we got in we found out that youre allowed to smoke inside and literally everyone does but the room isnt smokey so I think all the smoke outside was literally just everyone's second had smoke being pumped out. w
      We weren't really feeling it at the start because barely anyone spoke English and it took us ages to figure out how to get chips n stuff but we stuck it out and thank god we did because we had a sick night! There's tons of waiters roaming around and if you call them over you can ask for anything you want to drink or eat and they'll go off and get it for you for free!! We ordered a ton of cocktails and straight spirits and I also had like 5 fajita wraps. I had terrible luck and lost all my money ($20) in the first 30 minutes so I spent the whole night pretending to gamble and ordering as much as I possibly could. Even though I lost I walked away kinda feeling like I'd made a profit ahah. Spencer won about 50 bucks so he was even more stoked. I think for the rest of the trip we'll be going to the cas for a quick pretend bet and a free dinner :). Only thing that kinda sucked was that all the table games had $50 minimum bets so we could only play pokies and the automated roulette.

      Had Arabic the other night, it was about $30 each to share that big banquet. Pretty expensive tbh but it was tasty
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    • Day 187

      Im Saint Magar Monastery angelangt

      April 21 in Cyprus ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Heute sind wir in der Ruine eines armenischen Klosters angekommen. Und, was soll ich sagen? Wir waren sehr beeindruckt davon. Gut erhalten und etwas mystisch konnten wir uns dort frei bewegen und alles erkunden. Inmitten der Ruine stand ein Mandarinenbäumchen, das untenrum abgeerntet war. 🥳Read more

    • Day 168

      Frodisia - Strandzeit

      April 2 in Cyprus ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Gerade angekommen, fährt sich ein Auto am Strand fest. 😵‍💫Nach kurzer Zeit ist auch der befreit und wir können Schnecken sammeln gehen. Wir wollen das Moskitonetz pimpen. Mal schauen, ob das so geht 🥳
      Total nett ist, dass es hier viele Marienkäfer gibt. 😍Sie tümmeln sich gemütlich im Schatten.
      Und die vielen Margeriten und Mohn Blümchen. Sooo schön!
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    • Day 167

      Sightseeing Stausee

      April 1 in Cyprus ⋅ 🌬 17 °C

      Auf der Suche nach einem Stellplatz sind wir an diesem schönen Ort vorbei gefahren. Ein wenig bergauf und bergab. Mist, wir stehen dort nicht wie wir es wollen. Also: weiterfahren. Diesmal zu einem Stellplatz am Kloster. Navi sagt, fahr links, wieder mal den falschen Abzweig..... Wir stehen in einer Sackgasse, müssen wenden. Es wird dunkel, der Hunger kommt. Also ab, an den Platz von letzter Nacht. Wunderbar 🎈so easy hier, da die Insel nicht groß ist.Read more

    • Day 166

      Wir sind entzückt 🎈Lapta

      March 31 in Cyprus ⋅ 🌬 14 °C

      Nordzypern ist jetzt schon ein Highlight. Die grünen Wiesen, die blühenden Bäume und Blümchen, die duftenden Orangenblüten, gepaart mit Meer und Bergen. Das Wasser ist klar und die Menschen entspannt.

    • Day 166

      Ankunft im Norden von Zypern

      March 31 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Angekommen im Hafen Girne (Kyrenia) sind wir gegen 11 Uhr. Damit begann das abladen der Fahrzeuge.
      Zypern empfing uns mit strahlendem Sonnenschein und ein wenig Wind. Die Berge entlang der Küste sehen herrlich aus. Auch hier in Girne wird fleißig gebaut. Jedoch sieht es nicht so überdimensioniert aus. Wir sind gespannt, was uns erwartet.
      Wir haben uns - wie so oft- nicht viel im Vorfeld erkundigt, nur das notwendigste abgeklärt. 🤭Um 13 Uhr war dann doch alles erledigt. Passkontrolle, Auto inspizieren, Versicherung abschließen (ca. 15 Euro für 30 Tage) und noch eine Passkontrolle. 🥳Fertig.
      SIM Karte besorgen, Brot und : endlich guten Käse holen. Fertig!
      Sehr spannend ist der Linksverkehr!
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