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  • Day51

    Prague - night tour

    July 27, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅

    Our night tour started with a 45-minute tour through the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter and the New Town after which we boarded a boat and embarked on a 3-hour cruise along the Vltava River which included a buffet-style dinner and welcome shot of Slivovice an alcoholic beverage made from plums - comes in a shot glass and you drink in one gulp - burns in your throat for a few seconds and then leaves a nice warm feeling down to your stomach. It is a digestive aid - you need that for all the cabbage!! The weather was not great but we still had lovely views of Prague.Read more

  • Day52


    July 28, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅

    We have been without Internet for a few days so some late postings.
    Friday 28 July - Relaxing day walking around the Old Town. We walked around the Jewish Quarter then onto the Charles Bridge again and down to the riverbank where there are restaurants, pubs and cafes as well as some lovely parks and interesting artworks and sculptures. Then we just randomly chose laneways and alleys that we had not walked before - nice easy day. Tomorrow is our last day in Prague. We plan to go to Karlstjen Castle making our own way there by train.Read more

  • Day8

    100kc is 5$

    June 27, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅

    WE FINALLY GOT A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP due to our WONDERFUL AirBnB. So, we took advantage of sleeping in a little.

    As Bree and I got ready, Tay got our lunches ready. We were so cultured of course as we had PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA sandwiches. Okay.... we may wanted to have a little taste of home, but we brought wine and cucumbers for our picnic. Once we were ready, off we went.

    We walked along St-Charles Bridge. There was significantly more people this time than there was when we first got there. Our first stop was St-Ni St-Nicholas Church. Last time in Prague, Niki and I missed opening hours, and I was very excited to see where he was baptized. Taylor and I tried to get into the church through the exist, but unfortunately this did not work. Bree and Tay stayed outside on the steps, when I went in to see. Let me tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL. I have not seen a church so gorgeous - and talk about bringing emotions a long while I took steps along Nikis past. So incredible.

    Then, Prague castle it was. We walked up the steps leading to the castle, saw a beautiful view of Praha, and the St-Vitus Cathedral. It was breath-taking the first time and still is.

    After Prague Castle, we head to the square. I walked the girls along the way of where I stayed last time in Prague. It looks the same, yet so different. I'm in love with this city. We ate lupper in this beautiful park before continuing on with our souvenir shopping as we're typical tourists.

    Tay and Bree decided to get another ice cream donut cone. While sitting on the red bench (again), the Canadians walked by. They talked to us again about their wedding, their trip, and their work. Very incredible people. Again, we met some Americans that were in Prague for ball hockey (and one player was Brandon McCullough's twin). We also met a German soccer team that travels together once a year, at the end of the season. Don't we all wish our teams did this?

    After, the girls and I headed out to experience the party life in Prague. We'll we did just that - we had a great time. Thanks momma Tay.
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  • Day8

    We shouldn't have trusted the Pöbel.

    June 27, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅

    Day three... Our last day in Prague before takinf an overnight bus to Amsterdam. We woke up after no sleep and had to try and get ready to check out of the apartment by 1030am. Let me tell you... It was difficult. Have you ever tried to pack while you still feel like you just came from the bar? I blame the Pöbel.

    After grabbing our stuff, we walked over to the bus station that we were departing from later that day and dropped off our backpacks before searching for some MUCH NEEDED MCDONALDS. I HAD A MCROYAL AND I DONT REALLY EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WAS BUT IT WAS SO GOOD AND NECESSARY.

    Our bua didnt leave until 630 pm so we had about 6 hours to kill before having to be at the station, so we explored more! We had a bit of last minute shopping to do, and Shaunessa wanted to try and get Niki a Czech hockey jersey as a gift. I am NOT JOKING when I say we LITERALLY SEARCHED EVERY SPORTS STORE IN PRAGUE FOR SOMETHING WITH CZECH HOCKEY ON IT. What ia it with this place and not selling hockey gear in the off season? That's like Canadian Blasphemy!!

    After being SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED BY THE LACK OF HOCKEY IN PRAGUE we headed to the fanous dancing buildings.. Which were cool even if we have no idea what the point ia or why they are called the dancing buildings, to be honest.

    Theres really not a lot to report except that we walked WAY TOO MUCH. When it was closer to the time to load the bus, we went to the teeminal amd waites around for WHAT FELT LIKE FOREVER. HONESTLY WHY DOES TIME FLY WHEN YOU DONT WANT IT TO AND CRAWL ALONG WHEN YOU DO?

    The main highlight of the time in the station was this amazing fresh caprise salad sandwhich I had on these ridiculously soft, fresh baguettes. Probably one of the best sandwiches I have ever had, and I am definitely copying thay rexipe when I get back.

    We loaded the bus at 6:00 and found a spot that has 4 seats around a table, so we settled in for a long, long night.
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  • Day3


    July 17, 2015 in Czech Republic ⋅

    Idag har vi gått. Massor! Ätit brunch på ett mysigt café/restaurang, gått upp på ett berg och ner igen, fikat lite och gått ända tillbaka till hostellet. Nu ligger vi utslagna på sängen med våra mobiler/ipads och bloggar och äter godis. Mums!

  • Day7

    Weiter gehts nach Prag

    August 3, 2018 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Nach 2 Ruhetagen sind wir dann in Richtung unseres letzten Zieles gefahren: Prag stand noch auf dem Reiseplan. Über unsere App hatten wir uns den “Caravan Park Camping” ausgesucht da er Zentral liegt aber dennoch sehr ruhig ist. Vom Platz her ist er für einen kurzen Aufenthalt sehr zu empfehlen, die Sanitäranlagen lassen aber etwas zu wünschen übrig. Mit einem WoMo aber kein Problem, da man eh alles an Bord hat. Prag an sich ist eine wunderschöne Stadt und man sollte wirklich einmal da gewesen sein. Es ist zwar sehr überlaufen aber das ist in jeder historischen Stadt das Gleiche. Wir haben uns natürlich die Karlsbrücke (14tes Jh), die Prager Burg (9tes Jh) und die Altstadt angesehen und was unbedingt sein musste war eine Moldaurundfahrt die auch durch die kleinen Nebenarme führte. Insgesamt waren wir 2 Tage in Prag und haben viel gesehen, soviel das wir noch heute von dem Erlebten zehren. Wir werden definitiv nochmal hinfahren und uns auch die Stadt um den historischen Kern anschauen.Read more

  • Day50

    The 'Eiffel Tower' of Prague

    October 23, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅

    Took the morning off and then headed out for late lunch/early dinner (4PM) at a vegetarian place nearby. Chilli with rice and a mushroom risotto. Rice was a little undercooked and not enough sauce on the risotto. But nice to have vegetables. Had a pilsner Urquell (the famous ish beer). Wasn't a huge fan - I preferred Staropramen.

    Then a walk up Petrin hill. Right behind where we were staying. Pretty easy walk, view was great (and trail was through autumn leaves - very pretty). At the top there's an observation tower (the 'Eiffel Tower'), so we took the 300 steps up. Great views from the top (through glass) and from just below the top (open air).

    Then walked around more. Prague very pretty at night. Had crepes for dinner/dessert (not amazing but nice enough). Bought some souvenirs. Overall had a great time just walking and talking.
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  • Day51

    Picturesque Prague

    October 24, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅

    Walked to the castle area. Bought more souvenirs. Checked out a gingerbread store - very cute! Saw a crowd gathered at the castle for someone famous entering prague castle. Think it was someone from Saudi Arabia. Band played a song or anthem and there was a salute. Interesting.

    Then had some lunch - two types of soup. Wade had the meaty goulash inside a trencher of a hollowed out bread roll. Quite nice. Meaty soup mixed well with spongy bread. Then more wandering and browsing shops. Found a bookshop called Shakespeare and Sons. Got another disposable paperback (most were a bit pricey for used books for travelling). Radi was super surprised to see Wade reading a book on King Charles Cavaliers... could it be that he's coming around to getting one?! To be continued...

    Saw the new old synagogue but didn't go in. Then saw the astronomical clock - pretty. Then took a tram to yet another board game café. Not as good as the Haarlem one but still fun. Beer on tap and a modest collection of games. Run by an American but the chef was evidently an Aussie. They had pies named after cities, including a steak and cheese "Auckland". Did not partake but they were probably nice.

    Considered playing Alchemists but too complex for us. Played Mice and Mystics. Was OK but not amazing. Bit dull so gave up halfway through (not enough choices for players). Then tried Eight Minute Empire. That was more fun although took more like 20 or 30 minutes. Then home to pack for Italy!
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