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  • Day126

    Day 126: Mais que nada

    November 23, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    More than anything or more than nothing, in both ways it feels like the world trip is at an end. Only there is more than nothing left, I am just going in the direction of home 😉. I have done so much in the last months and in Rio I did so many things yesterday that today was going to be more relaxed. I planned the busy day because I knew the weather was going to change and it had. Clouds everywhere and they covered all the nice peaks and views. There were some drops but not to stay inside for. So after breakfast and some exploration from the rooftop to see if there was some clear sky (not really) I went to the beachfront and walked to the Military fort to see what history they had to show. The view was good on Copacobana also so worth the walk. When I was back near my hotel I did some more workouts on the beach and on a home trainer. After the neccesary shower it was time to try and find some food and a place where they dance samba. The food was easy, the burgers at the yellow M are easy to find, buy and digest 😉. The Samba was harder, I went to Bip Bip for some local live music but I was to early. Mas que nada came on my path and was starting up and this was really nice because more people came in but all seem to now each other and played allong is this group that produced brazilian samba sounds. Very nice, though even in this place were the music was right for it nobody danced the Samba 😯. I left after a while and passed allong Bip Bip again and that looked like an older people gathering sitting outside with no movement at all except the musicians inside 😉. This meant bed time for me ;-).Read more