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  • Day128

    Day 128: Stuck in Brasil, could be worse

    November 25, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    A day extra in Brasil, it's not too bad to have a flight cancelled if you know that a solution is ready (and doesn't cost you anything extra). I rather be (and could have been) with my family at the moment, but waking up in a hotel on the beach with perfect weather is quite all right ;). I did enjoy the free breakfast and went out for a walk along the beach and in to the old center of Fortaleza, It was a nice walk along the beach and finally into the city. It was a bit to warm for comfort so I returned when I saw the highlight. A beautiful catedral that was a lot bigger than I expected. On my way back I bought some food and drinks at the supermarket. When I walked outside this guy sitting on a bucket asked me if I had some water. If people ask for money, you actually don't know what they are going to buy with it and if you really help them. But a person that asks for water... can't say no to that so I gave him the whole bottle. He was happy and I was happy. I went to the beach for a swim and did some reading with a beer and after the sun had disappeared behind the skyline of Fortaleza it was time to find a courtesy room in the hotel to take a shower. I had some food after that on the beach at a place with the name Sate-hut. Run by dutch people haha, I had missed the Chicken Sate with peanut sauce. ;-). The place was very nice and a lot happend, there was this guy that sold me a nice puzzle which he did in a very nice and smart way. I loved that he spoke dutch also haha.
    Furthermore there was this Brasilian girl who didn't hide that she liked me, I was glad that she sat 2 tables away, so there was only the long distance flirting. It made it easy to leave and get my Taxi to the airport to try again to get out of Brasil ;-).
    Way to early at the airport at 2130 because the taxi was to early and they scheduled him also to early what made me wait for an hour to see the first employee of Cabo Verde.I already was trying to get through customs but this whole section off the airport wasn't even open. I checked in at 22:30 this time not to keen on waiting for people to check in the luggage because I just needed a sticker on my boarding pass. I thought I didn't even need that, I found out on my own with a coincidence of being at the service desk at the right time (it was open for 5 minutes). It was a messed up chaos at that airport with Cabo Verde and no wonder things go not as planned. Ok they arranged a new flight and after the checkin in and waiting for customs to open I found out that they used an Euroatlantic to solve their problem. The 30 to 40 people that had my cancelled flight were added to this flight and didn't even fill it up. I think the rest of my previous flight were going to Recife and this one came directly from Sao Paulo (I guess) going to Fortaleza, stopping at Praia for us and moving on the Lisbon in Portugal haha. What a flight. Ok there was space enough, but I sat in front of this guy that was singing his lungs out out loud. When I said that everybody wanted to sleep he didn't get a word I said or my meaning. He was a dumbass with a bad attitude witch I solved with my headphone and really loud music that cancelled out his stupid singing and before I knew it I slept the whole 3 hours that took us to Praia haha ;-)
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