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  • Day1

    Travel time 12 hours, distance 8086km

    January 5 in Aruba ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    The sun is far from home apparently. Since it took a while to get there but movies make it go fast.
    Waiting is also fast forwarded when you have someone in a wheelchair. On the Dreamliner life is good and flyjng with time makes the day very long but sleep got me only a short hour. After more than 11 hours we landed, but not on Bonaire.
    The stop on Aruba was short but long enough to go through al the unnecessary security checks again.
    The plane was also suddenly full and we got scattered through the whole airplane since this time we were last to board. No worries but made it complicated getting Petra from board when we landed since there was only a staircase and no tunnel. But 4 strong men came to the rescue and we arrived on Flamingo Airport. The transfer brought us to the hotel and here the luggage was scattered. After retrieving this from another guest we could enjoy the check in and went to rooms. From door to door it was 8086km and took us 16,5 hours (with 5 hours time difference). After a search for food which wasn't available anywhere at 22:00 we enjoyed some cocktails and some smoothys. It was all-in so we managed to still the hunger with that ;-). Sleepy time not to long after and ready for a sunny day tomorrow. Bye now ;-)
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