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  • Day61

    Day 61: Bondi Surfing

    September 19, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Yeaaaaah woohoooo awesome weather. Breakfast.... missed it again, these hostel breakfasts are impossible to catch and to simple to call breakfast. I took the opportunity to get a proper breakfast on the beach that's way more like it :). From here I started my beach walk to Coogee I heard this walk was a must do and especially go off the track and over the rocks. This was defenitly a nice boulder tour for the climbing fanatics. Half way I crossed paths again with someone from the east coast tour. How can this keep on happening?? Australia is bigger than Europe all together, I actually meet people only twice a week in places smaller than Haarlem and than most of the time we were heading to the same event or walking there almost every day. This is like finding a needle in a haystack twice in a row while you're blindfolded. All right way to much fun to complain about it, I walked the walk and the sun was out. The waves at Coogee were not present so I headed back for Bondi. Rented a board with wetsuit and jumped in to give it a first try since years. Well I found out that A. The waves were really big and strong. I barely managed to push through all of them and when I did I needed to catch my breath for 5 minutes. I felt old like 30 or so... shit....That's when I realised that party's and traveling is really draining a lot of energy. Well the waves looked scary but good, so here we go. I tried one of the big ones but thankfully it didn't workout. It was to much to start with anyway, I waited for the high ones to pass and went for the third. The third appeared to be bigger than the first and fell short also. I had to go and when I did I was already to late, it picked me up and it was time to embrace for impact. I managed to not hit my head but it still felt like I was in the washing machine. When I surviced I tried 3 waves that had already fallen once. Foamy boarding went not too bad, but I should have started with this. I needed water and energy I was done, so done that I couldn't get water. First lie down, after 20 min I got food and drinks, met up with some dutch and went for another shot. With my gopro on me, just to see myself fail afterwards haha, I went 2 times through the high waves but couldn't do the third. It was to much for me today, I know how to do it again, but different board (hard board) or smaller waves is a must next time. The big boards float to much and makes breaching through the waves a pain in the ass ;-). Rather have less stability and fall off than not be able to try a few times. Ok I was done at 1630, returned my stuff. Cleaned all up and made myself ready to head for New Zeeland. Since I felt like a piece of laundry in the sea, I did the laundry also. While I was doing that the salt water came from my nose in streams, even after 2 hours when I picked stuff up from the floor. Diner time had come, after a walk the place under my hostel was the gezelligste (nicest). Schnitzel and beer, wunderschon, after this sleep came easy, guten nacht ;).Read more

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  • Day60

    Day 60: It's raining, let's regroup.

    September 18, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    I had great plans for today, wake up at 8:00 have a good breaky and head for the blue mountains to be there before the crowd. I already bought the hop on hop off friday and the public transport opal card so I was ready to get there. I packed my stuff and opened the curtains, aaaah.... "f...k"... it rained and not just a drop. It didn't seem to clear out soon, it was foggy and dark. I checked online and ,especially in the Blue mountains itself, all day rain and 10 degrees. Ok not a good idea to go trailing and try to get a good view over canyons and mountains. After checking out I slowly moved to Bondi, with my even bigger backpack and through the rain because on Sunday no buses went from here to the station. Well a morning walk is not too bad, but the combination of packpacking last weeks and doing 55000 steps on the Defqon party yesterday was something I noticed in my legs haha. 2 hours to Bondi, not that bad a connection actually, walked in the hostel around 1400. Dumped the weight and moved to central, because on rainy days you should not sit by your own or go try and see the city. You go to your mates and have a bit more party, where else to go than to the Dutchies from Defqon yeah. I kept contact with sweet raver girls Shannon and Jolien haha, actually when not in Orange at a party the rave part is hidden and the sweet part remains. Like all the rest who were at the bar by the way. Such a nice and lovely group. We went to the appartment of this cool couple from Den Haag Cliff & Nikky. We had a great time and it turned out to be a really cool after party thanks for that everybody. Heading back to Bondi to prepare myself for a sunny day on the beaches.Read more

  • Day59

    Day 59: Defqon1 Australia, hell yeah.

    September 17, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Finally waking up again in a nice motel, knowing that it's going to be a great party with 100% good weather. I had everything read and a good night sleep. So made my own breakfast and walked to the trainstation since buses don't go in the weekend here. From Springwood station it was only 30 minutes to Penrith were I joined the party people in the shuttle bus. Nice that the Australian people were easy recognisable while most dress up really collorfull or just extreme. There was also this guy who brought in this huge crocodile very fitting for australia and later that day a few sharks came by to make it complete. When I arrived at the gate, there were like at least 50 policemen and 3 dogs sniffing around for al kinds of drugs. I tought it would be a little overdoing it, but after a few hours of party it made sence to me haha. At the gate was a show going on with this guy dressed in a devils costume flowboarding while everybody was waiting there. At 11:00 the gates went open and I went to buy myself a Defqon Cap and a handfan because it was hot has dragons breath put there. Dragonblood was the them so it was very fitting ;-). After buying tokens and some beers which they give in cans, and for the collectors you can return empty cans for half a token. Well I had my hands full and was not planning to keep empty cans. On the area it was easy to see who was Dutch, they all were dressed on orange. So in no time I was sitting at a table with 12 Dutchies. I love the Dutch, especially because they now how to party. But I also like to experience Australia so I got to know this wonderfull Australian couple Jess and James. I came in contact through the one and only Rene, so that was already promising. The party was amazing, a little smaller than Defqon1 at home, but I love the music and the DJ's were the same. I hopped from the Dutch group to the Aussie group all the time and had great fun with both. Visited all stages and have seen the most strange people doing the weirdest shit haha. Some aussies go all in, probably because they finally get the opporunity. Next to the Aussies there are loads of Chinese dancing totally different and going wild with all kinds of fancy toys and tricks. At 1400 the Dutchies grouped together for a photo and it wasn't even all of them but so many Dutchies was hilarious to see gathering there. Haha it felt like home and I loved it. They day went by very quick, headhunterz didn't show up but the next best DJ's were there. The end show was a lot like the one at home, that means very good and brings back memories. After the endshow the Q dance sound was heard and everybody run off, but the time table showed one more hour at the blue RAW stage and one other stage. We went for it, and the funniest thing was that 80% was Dutch over there haha. We know how to party haha, we had the most fun out there and went for the shuttle when Adaro couldn't play any more songs after 2300. 12 hours die hard party, I did miss that, also felt that I was tired from the walks the last days with and without the backpack. Heading "home" and travelled with the dutchies to the station, some rebellious dutchies were walking around with wheeltires and shopping carts and when security said leave that here they yelled... noooo it is mine, don't take my wheel. Haha. From the station I had to travel on my own to Springwood but off course there were other easy recognisable Dutch to hang out with. I must say, a perfect day in down under with a Dutch tune haha. Slaap lekker dutchies :) ik zal jullie missen.Read more

  • Day58

    Day 58: The cold Blue Mountains ;-)

    September 16, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

    Checkin out at a normal time finally, walk with the already 24kg backpack to Kings cross in Sydney. I was used to it but it is getting literally heavier every day haha. From here to central station and I could wait in train heading for Springwood near the Blue Mountains. Time for blogging enough and arrived in Springwood around 1400. I walked to my motel becaus I guessed that the 1.5km would be quicker than waiting for the bus. The bus arrived at the same time haha, I hate waiting anyway ;-).
    Checked in and walked to the next station directly, again no bus but this time for 50 minutes, I tried to hitch-hike, no succes ;-). From Faulconbridge to Leura by bus anyway since I couldn't get a train ticket and the arrival time would be the same, this is what always happens with me and public transport it is never efficient. You need an opal card to digital check in and out and on this station you couldn't get any paper tickets. The bus arrived at 1618 and where I got out the plan was to hop on the hop on hop off bus ;-) but had to wait 50minutes again but it was freezing cooold in my t-shirt. So I took a picture of the list and run for the closest stop to keep warm. Leura Cascades a beautifull walkway next to multiple waterfalls. I tought I could wait here but I saw the sign and figured I could run to the next to stay warm. Gordon falls, well I could have made it but there were to many beautifull views on the route so I enjoyed those and hopped on a stop in between. Bought the ticket for 3 days and rode along for 20 minutes and got off again. Went looking for shops to buy a sweater but no shops were open, I bought my breakfast for tomorrow and had diner at an Indian restaurant, yes yes really good food. When I came outside it was even colder I, I hid for the wind on the cold platform and jumped on the train back to Springwood. Hot shower, coffee and some cleaning up. Time to prepare for Defqon 1 so enough sleep is welcome ;-). Music on and dream of partytime :).
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  • Day57

    Day 57: Sydney here I come.

    September 15, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Early again what a life this is haha good that I don't need much sleep. Shuttle to the airport and on to the 7th flight of my world trip. Equal to the number of train rides I had so far yeah flying rocks ;-). Arrived in Sydney 11:20 took a Shuttle which first didn't show up, than wouldn't take me and finally I forced myself in the next one. I really was not happy with the way Airbus shuttle service did this for 18 dollar I better had taken the train. Especially when I was the second last stop, I made the best of it to see it as a sightseeing trip. When I arrived in Darlobar hostel at 14:00 I crashed on my bed and slept for an hour. Apparently I needed this, set my alarm and passed out. At 15:30 I went for down town Sydney and walked quickly from sight to sight to be on time for the sunset at the one and only Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I tought that a quite moment would be nice to see the sunset but enjoying this with some nice fellow backpackers was way more fun anyway. The sunset first looked like a normal one bit suddenly it turned purple red and was one of the most beautifull skies I had ever seen. We stayed untill dark and with 3 of the backpackers we went for diner. A very good steak with a beer in good company was a perfect way to enjoy the first day of Sydney. We walked to central station to check on the train times, found out that you can not get to the early morning flights by train on time and not go the night before and stay at the airport... strange... After this conclusiib we went back to our hostels. I tried to arrange my stuff and went to bed at 00:30. Sweet dreams in Sydney.Read more

  • Day56

    Day 56: Friends everywhere

    September 14, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    The title of this day was first "snorkel with whales" it definitely was a highlight of the day but it wasn't the only one. They are my friends as well so it still is a fitting title. I had to wake up very early again to go back to the wharf and on to the boat. We searched for 45 minutes with no whales in sight bit than there was one with a little one so the boat went for it. Trying not to scare it but draw the attention by making it curious with noise seemed to have a little effect. The whales come closer to check you out but with a little whale it doesn't stay around. We had to get in with all 22 snorkelers and swim to it. Because I am one of the faster swimmers for me it was easy to get there in time to see it take off. Under water you see the shape of the tail very clearly, the camera catches less but above the water you can see further than 8 meters. I swam untill 3 meters from the tail fin and dared not to go closer, afraid to get hit by it. So the first attempt was a great succes but.... I only saw the tail and a vague shape of the little whale under water. Attempt 2 was on a different one and failed when it just passed by, attempt 3 was a tough long swim and I managed again to come really close and this time see the full whale plus attached fish all around. Awesome sight for like 8 seconds than it took off, I would to if 22 noisy snorkelers came up to see me. We had time left to try 2 more attempts on a group of 3 male whales but all failed when the my went under, passed by to quickly and were to far off for the group to check out. Nevertheless an amazing experience to see in the wild.
    I took off with the Greyhound to Brisbane (first time for me, isn't that great?). I checked in at my hostel, met my wonderfull roommates already and had some drinks. I got picked up at my hostel by Nikki who I knew from Darwin. This is so awesome in Australia, you are welcome everywhere and Nikki is a great person and a local who showed me around Brisbane how awesome is that? We had a great diner (since ages that I had such a royal diner ;-) ) and exchanged stories of the last month what felt like a year to me. Brisbane is beautifull, a modern city but with a great atmosphere, nice skyline and the river and bridges gives it a nice feeling as well. Nikki brought me back around 11 and actually I was ready to call it a day, but my roommates said to go to the down under bar before. I thought of that in time and just went for a quick look. I said goodbye to Nikki who proved again to be wonderfull to drop me off. I hope I meet her again some day as well. I walked through the bar to look for my new roommate and didn't find her but within 5 minutes Tom showed up haha. I thought I had said goodbye to him for a long period and that he was in Noosa, but there he was and with the whole group from Fraser haha. So from no friends at the bar to 10 friends over there was a hell of an improvement haha. But the story gets better, the coincidence that it was to meet the 3 Norwegian girls here were totally of the charts. We shared the taxi in Cairns when I came from Darwin, I saw them on the streets there, on Magnetic island we crossed paths at the snorkel spot, we met again on the steps of my hostel in Airlie beach, before and after the Ride to Paradise, we crossed paths again on Fraser when I was coming back from the champagne pools and they were going to it, than you would think that was the last they just showed up in the Down Under bar in Brisbane when you would think it is not the only bar to go to and definetly not the same time frame as I had. After meeting all, my new roommate showed up as well so with all of my new friends I had a great time when I planned to go to bed early I stayed untill 3:00. Said goodbye to Michael since all others were vaished haha. Michael is an amazing guy who really supports my blog and really enjoys life. I hope to meet him again as well, we called him Tarzan and he sure lives up to that name, so for all the single girls out there ;-) go get him haha. I walked back with people from my hostel to finish my day in Brisbane talking with my roommate and dutch as well with this cool guy from Maastricht haha. Slaap lekker voor 3 uurtjes ;-).
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  • Day54

    Day 54: Dolphins on the beach ;-)

    September 12, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    After digging in my memory ;-) I remember that we visited a river yesterday where the guide said it would be 28 degrees and i think it wasn't even 18 haha. He just wanted everybody to go up there haha. So we took our floating devices and everybody came down the river with an estonishing maximum speed of 5km/hour. It was fun nevertheless, we played some frisbee and after that we headed back... right or was it today? Haha whoops.

    So this day started with a visit to the dunes that were going down in to a lake, it's a bit strange but actually the dessert like dunes had at the lowest point a fresh water lake which made it look like a sort of oase. Everybody was still a little hungover so I put some music on my wireless speaker and chilled out on this typical beach. After this we had lunch on the beach and went for the last stop at Fraser at the ferry point where at that moment a large group of dolphins were playing. How awesome was that, just 20 meters away from us. We all left Fraser with a wonderfull feeling. At the hostel we all started we had a good evening together, Georgie cooked for me, that was really nice and good also. A bit tired she left early to bed and I stayed not that late as well but checking photo's is addictive you know ;-). Good night y'all.
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  • Day53

    Day 53: Champagne to cliffs and T lakes

    September 11, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Aaaaah there is to much to tell and it all happens so fast that I forget what happend on what day after 3 days already. I forgot to tell something about lunch after the forrest walk, the wreck and the sand dunes. The lunch was nice. That's all. No it made up from wraps ham cheese and salad, and everybody needed it or 2 ;-). The wreck on the beach we visited was the biggest ship in the world before the titanic and again after the titanic sunk. It washed up on Fraser island when the Japanese were returning it and failed to do this for a good or a bad reason ;-). Than the ship was used as a succesfull bombing practise and blew half of it all over the place. Still very interesting remains. After this we went back to camp and walked to the Sand Dunes called blow hole or something just next to our camp. Very beautifull sunset as well but mainly a lot of fun. And than we made diner. Sorry about that now we can continue ;-).

    Good morning we had a typical australian camping breakfast, it is the same as a free hostel breakfast and is the same as: toast, jam, peanut butter, more toast, jam, peanut, butter and coffee or thee. Sometimes there is serial and milk... that's the luxurious version. After this we went in the cars again and up to north part of the Island. We went in the Champagne pools (probably because the sea water comes bubbling over the sides of the natural pool and because the living organisms at the side shoot water when you press it. I sat there on the rocks and watched the waves for a while. It's hypnotic to see them smash the rocks. After this we went with the 4WD's to the cliffs and on top we could do some whale spotting since they coincidentaly passed by. Back for lunch and when that was done we saw the dragon (komodo varaan look a like) near the toilets. Back on the road again past the airstrip made of beach and to the Thee coloured lake, very beautifull but more cold this time. I did the 40 minute drive back to camp and driving with max 80 on this beach is really so much fun. Than diner and I helped with cooking and off all the things I hate to do it is cutting onions aaaarg. Ok well, Idid it for the group, I cutted like 7 big onions and cried, but was done after that. I liked the food, I loved the beers and my Goon boxes but not with wine, but with Pina Colada and Mojito. We played games at the fire and when I was drunk enough we visited Bratt Corner and there the party started haha. To bed around 2:00 I guess, don't have a clue since I almost got lost finding the toilets haha. Time to rest, the sleep is most welcome ;-). Photo's from yesterday and from today: in the champagne pool, dragon, cliffs, on the rocks at the champagne pools :).
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  • Day52

    Day 52: Pippie's tour to Fraser

    September 10, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Early breakfast, everybody in the 4x4x4 ;-), to and on the beach up on the ferry all the way to Fraser Island (5min haha) from there we rode all the way up to a beautifull lake with crystal clear blue water and a forrest walk. The trip on the beach was for some a bit difficult since 1 car was swinging on the beach and an other almost rolled over, that would have been a short trip on Fraser. We had a good view on the rest since I was in the last car with the best squad you can wish ;-). Thanks Elin, Do, Annelies, Jenna, Michael, Tom and Carlo for the amazing time and not crashing our car :-) haha. The whole group was pretty awesome by the way. After the beach drive we went to this beautifull lake with almost the same sand as on Whitehaven beach. I drove the group through the forrest and this was a beautifull area, it started to rain and when the complaint came about this the guide was yelling over the radio that is was a fuckin rainforrest so rain is kinda obvious. I loved his down to earth remarks all the time, great tour guy called Bratt. I will never forget him saying every time "gather around my little minions". Apperently he lives on Fraser and I can understand why. It's bigger than you think and for mostly being sand it is extremely fullgrown with beautifull forrest what reminds me of my bedroom wallpaper by the way. From this walkway through the forrest we headed for camp and settled and had diner made by our own volunteers that day. Very good sausages and self made burgers. After that we tried to drink half our alcohol since we had 2 night there but we all failed around 2200 ;-). Everybody had a beautifull long day and tomorrow would be even longer. So to our tents and sleep tight in my never used sleeping bag that I carry around for 3 weeks now ;-). Sweet dreams.Read more

  • Day51

    Day 51: Hervey bay to Rainbow beach

    September 9, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Another 2 hours drive today to get at Rainbow beach so we had all the time to explore Hervey Bay but there was not that much to do besides walking the Esplanade. The sea also has not that big waves I hoped for so after a good breakfast we went through a traffic maze down to Rainbow beach yeaaah. Arrived at Pippie's hostel around 1400 and settled in, bought some more food for our tour to Fraser and waited untill the breefing at 1600. That was mainly about the program and how you should drive on sand, well that wasn't new for me but good to see it works the same here as in Holland. We socialised with the group (32 people for 4 cars) and had some self made food. Beer time came next and it was an easy going evening. To bed early since we leave at 7:00 tomorrow to Fraser yeaaaah. Good night. ( oh yeah the pictures of the trip down: Georgie sleeping ;-) and drive at the right side which is left here ( if you can high five upcoming traffic you're all good), straight roads, hervey bay beach, k mart lunch time, strange sand creatures, and diner time ;-).Read more

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