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    Daar gaan we dan, heenreis deel 1/2

    October 1, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Daar gaan we dan in de ochtend spits met stakende boeren aan de andere kant op de A4 met Max als trouwe schiphol taxichauffeur. Ruim op tijd met inchecken van de koffer en door de douane zonder gekkigheid. Een lekker ontbijtje om mee te beginnen en maar naar de gate voor het eerste deel van de vlucht naar Sydney. Na wat eten drinken en een Alladin, Dumbo, Rocketman & how to train your dragon Hidden World en een kort slaapje van 2 uur was het dan zover. We waren over de helft en de volgende ochtend om 5:30 aangekomen in Singapore.Read more

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    Dag 1: 24 hours of crazy

    February 3, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    Dit was me toch een lang dagje waar de tijd toch mega snel om was... Net ff over 24:00 waren we over de grens en om kwart over 7 waren we al in Sankt Anton. Het idee was om de reis te beginnen met bier en flugel en de Bob elke 3 uur te wisselen. Maar na de eerste flugel viel Kevin in slaap en Menno kreeg je niet meer rustig. Menno was weer rustig 2 uur voor t einde en reed dus t laatste stukje. Precies op het moment dat we aankwamen ging t appartement open. Dus inchecken met die handel en we hebben echt mega veel ruimte in dat hok met al die afhakers;-). Kohlereck ligt dicht bij de mooserwirt daarom hebben we het ook uitgezocht. Maargoed nu ski spullen aan en gaan... nog ff langs intersport om kevin ze bindingen te verstellen... durven ze het gewoon niet te verstellen omdat de ski's al ouder waren dan 15jaar wat een droevers. Zelf even afgesteld maar helaas leeft Kevin op grotere voet dan de eigenaren van deze ski's. En dus huren voor Kev en dumpen die oude ski's. Misschien maar beter want kleinere ski's voor Kev is wel handig. Op naar Stuben en door slecht zicht helaas niet veel verder. Lunch was heel welkom na een nacht doorhalen. Na de lunch terug richting Anton en bijna Kevin afgeschud ;-) . Gelukkig belde Kev voordat hij misging. Rond 4e kon het dak eraf bij de Mooserwirt en na 1 bier al veel te beschonken om normaal te doen. Tomorrowland kaarten bestellen werden we ook best nuchter van... helaas geen prijs en dus ons maar verder bezatten. Altijd leuk om daarna nog naar beneden te skiën of vallen is t meer. Een welkome pizza ging er al snel in en nog wat dronken acties verder begonnen we te lopen naar het appartement. Kevin liep vlak achter ons en na 20 min lopen waren we er... ik zag kev even ver achter menno lopen als menno achter mij liep.. ongeveer 200meter. Menno was 3min na mij in de kamer en kev.... die kwam maar niet. Binnen 10minuten gekeken of ze ski's er al stonden en of hij aan t bellen was ofzo.. maar nee nergens te bekennen. Wij bellen maar ze mobiel was uit... dus Menno liep terug bijna de halve afstand en ik liep de kanten op waar een dronken Kevin heen zou kunnen lopen... na 30 min zoeken belde ik menno en gingen we terug naar t appartement. Ik was er 1 minuut en ineens kwam Kevin binnen. Hij was nog verder doorgelopen en heeft staan schreeuwen tot 2 skileraren hem oppikte, zijn mobiel hebben opgeladen bij hun thuis en hem terug brachten naar kohlereck wat hij niet kon herinneren en op internet moest opzoeken hahaha. Eind goed al goed wij waren heel blij onze kevin terug te hebben. Nu konden we lekker slapen ;-).Read more

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    Day 135: Home is where the heart is

    December 5, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

    The end: this part is for all the followers especially non dutch, I want to show you a little bit of what I call home ;-).
    For me home is where my family and friends are and since most of them are in the Netherlands it's obvious that coming back from a long journey and seeing that a lot of them are waiting for me at the airport already made me feel very happy and emotional. I didn't expect them at all since I was focused on seeing Mariska which I knew would be there. So when my dad said to wait for them to come I was like.... why should I wait here and not with her? It raised the question but when I saw them all even with welcome home signs I was sort off speechless. Everything went quite fast from here and I couldn't remember saying goodbye to everyone but apparently we were heading straight to my home (the place I normally should sleep ;-) . In the car I was thinking about some reasons why we did some things differently than normal, to Maris I said that it also would be nice to have the house for the 2 off us. Somewhere I expected more welcomes somewhere but at my doorstep I checked the street for familiar cars and when I couldn't find them I was already somewhere else with my thought and didn't expect anyone any more. It was also nice and quiet and I was already thinking of what to do next... but when I opened the door to the living room and saw food standing. Suddenly the whole room came alive and confetti popped through the air. Even more people were here than at the airport, actually I asked a few minutes ago if some were at work because they would have been at the airport if they had known ;-). So all the pieces fell in place and so did I. Back in my place and time to party haha. Thanks everybody for the good time.
    Now about the Netherlands being home. It started Friday already with going to familiar places where family worked or lived. Some arrangements for Sinterklaas which is not Santa Claus but a Dutch festivity about a Saint who gives presents to little children. A lot of things go hand in hand with this, especially black Pete which is not allowed to be black by some people :p. But almost everybody helps Sinterklaas by buying presents and making poems for each other which are given around the 5th of December. So that is what we did on Saturday after I tried to settle my stuff at home. The evening was very amusing with even more family around. Sunday it was time for more nice and funny family business and buying a Christmas tree. Decorating this together with Mariska is a good way to spend time together, as was it to go out for diner and to the cinema in Amsterdam next to the Arena were a soccer game just finished haha very busy suddenly. In a very long time I had not visited a cinema, it's not something you do while you travel I guess ;-). Inferno was very good as a movie but better as a book which I read on my trip ;-). Monday normally everybody goes to work but I first have to arrange my stuff and find some work. On my first day off at home I tried to collect all my photo's and movies. I needed tuesday for this as well because I wanted to meet and be with my best friends, so meeting up with them and exchanging stories to get everybody more up to date haha. On monday evening I went back to my rhythm off sports and tried to wield my favourite weapons again: Swords. A thing I missed for 5 months and thankfully still handled quite well. I took it easy to avoid injuries and safe my energy that I needed to not get sick of the cold weather in the Netherlands ;-). After some drinks in the bar I noticed that it doesn't matter how long you go away only a few things change and a lot will stay the same because the concept is just to good to change :D. Tuesday also was a busy day with looking back at the photo's of my trip and looking forward to see my girl again in Apeldoorn. Driving through half of the country to get to her seems for all non Dutchies like a long distance. But this country is only 300k long by 200k wide. 41528 square km with 1700000 people. So when I drove off I made sure that I passed Amsterdam before 17:00 since traffic jams will be a big problem and doubles your time to get somewhere easily. My trip took me only 1 our and 20 minutes and I could be with Mariska again who was so sweet to make diner. I actually had not made diner for a long time, maybe once or twice in New Zealand in the Britz Lightning? I should pick that up soon enough, so far I was lucky with Mariska and my friends wanting to cook for me ;-). I like cooking, I just need time to do it :D. So the evening with my girlfriend is off course non off all your businesses ;-). So Wednesday morning was a morning on the couch watching TV series until the traffic jams dissolved. At home I could finally have an overview off all my photo's and movies. I went through my mail paid some overdue bills and looked a little for work, friend Tedson who took care of my house came by to fill me in on all that happened and with beers and pizza we had a great time also.
    That brings us to today and the end of blogging my world trip.
    You can follow me on Facebook if you're not already doing that. I will come back to you with some nice stories of my world trip and if you were there with me... you will be in the stories :D. This blog will go from public to private very soon because it actually is ;-). So for the non facebookers mail me on daniel.prijt@gmail.com to stay in touch :D. Thanks for everything I had a wonderful world trip :D
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    Day 0: It all starts home.

    July 21, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Time to say goodbye, it was not that easy, the letting go was hard but to imagine that your life is without your loved ones for 4 months is even harder. The solution is to just live the trip day by day and enjoy every second :). Well we all know Schiphol right? Let's fly off. I was surrounded by chinese that's a weird start... no one to talk to but ok.... The first 10 minutes I was trying to put myself and some lovely atrributes on the picture ;-) when my paparazzo brother was trying to catch me in the air... on his camera. Well done bro L.O.L. ( yes double meaning, both apply :) )Read more

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