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  • Day30

    Sooooo many steps!!

    July 17, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    So this morning we walked the bell tower/spire of the beautiful Lutheran 'The Church of our Saviour'. There were 400 yes that's 400 and just to reiterate that- 400 steps up to the top and then 400 coming down! Views from the top worth it as you see all over Copenhagen, including Sweden in the distance - connected by a bridge. The spire at the top is black and gold. When we finished the church was open and the organist was practising on the pipe organ- magnificent. (Even though I could hardly walk at that stage!)Read more

    Juliane Blackwell


    Desley Lanham

    This becoming the European tour by steps. And swans

    Roslyn Brown

    You have no idea how much my legs are hurting right now! And I have a plane to catch in the morning to Berlin! I may need to have a wheel chair.

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  • Day12

    Kopenhagen in grün-weiß

    June 7, 2019 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Kopenhagen ist heute von grün-weiß gekleideten Fussballfans geflutet, da am Abend Dänemark gegen Irland in der EM-Qualifikation spielt.
    Aber auch ansonsten war die Innenstadt voller Besucher.
    Ein vorgezogenes Abendessen nahmen wir im Cock´s & Cows, einem guten Burger-Laden, ein. Nach dem ausgedehnten Spaziergang machten wir es uns im Hotel gemütlich.Read more

  • Day83


    June 25, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Oh send help.
    We are so tired.
    I folded myself into a ball to sleep on the train which has left my neck in a bit of a neck crink. I went to "sleep" around 2am.
    When I stirred at 5, you could tell Will hadn't sept much either.
    We spent the last hour wishing we could just slip into a coma and not get off the train.

    We got off the train and I got a pasta that after one bite went in the bin 😩
    We just sat there in silence for a long while until we tried finding food again.
    We found a baguette.
    We then started the 3.7km walk to the house with the intentions of stopping several times to waste time.
    When we walked out of the station there was this massive theme park called Trivoli. Stupid William. Why cant he like rides 😩😩😩😩😩😩
    The city was quite empty and clean. It was about 7:30 on a Sunday so maybe everyone sleeps in.
    We walked walked walked and found a park where we decided to waste time where we fed some ducks! 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
    I had to walk a bit up to get their attention then slowly threw bread in the direction towards us to make them swim down to our bench.
    We gave them about half a loaf the fat heads. They were loving it.
    I tried to feed the ones doing a crappy job racing for food separately, so they didn't miss out 😍
    We then lay down for a nap. Me on the grass and Will on the bench. I did get some sleep but only very very minimal.
    This is not summer.
    I was wearing my poof jacket and wind breaker AND borrowed Wills warmer jumper and was still shivering. He thought I looked ridiculous so he took a photo as we carried on our journey looking for our place.
    It was easy enough to find.
    Only problem was we were still an hour early... so we just sat on the side of the road.
    We took turns walking up the street to amuse ourselves.
    The sky started to spit. *mumble groan* lucky for my waterproof jacket lol.
    Our host, Mark, turned up at 11:30 and let us drop our bags off. While he got our room ready.
    We went and bought cereal. Will needed to poop so we went back to the apartment and I had a bowl of coco pops 🤗
    Our room was finally ready 😭😭😭🙌🏼😭😭🙌🏼😭🙌🏼 🎉
    Will knocked out pretty much straight away.
    I did final organizing for our free ferry ride and organised a lift at our next hosts house. We then both slept through until 8pm. Heheh we were tired.
    We have gone out in search of Thai food for Will. 2km later, it wasn't open -.-
    We walked back to a supermarket to get me a drink and he is now getting a kebab.
    This party bus has been going up and down the street absolutely pumping music. They are all in sailor hats and looks like they are having the best time hah they are so drunk. Will reckons locals must hate the buses cause they are just so so so so so loud. Louder than a club and just playing the music into the city. I tried to film them but I missed it :( I'm sure there will be a next time lol.
    We walked home and Will is so upset lol. It's the worst kebab he has ever had apparently hahaha
    I guess that means Coco pops for dinner for him hahah
    We remembered to buy soap at the store. Pretty pleased with ourselves.
    Just trying to organise a basic itinerary for us for the next few days and then probably going back to bed. Keen for the walking tour tomorrow. I booked for 2pm to make sure we make it lol

    Randi must really like me 😍 even though we are going to stay with her in Norway she still wants to see me tomorrow. She is in Denmark for a festival.
    Because I'm FRIGGEN HILARIOUS, I have been sending her photos of me slowly undressing my feet.
    She hates feet and she has stopped replying. I've told her I'm going send her a new photo every 5 minutes of me slowly taking my socks of and zoom in on my toes until she replies
    😂 I should have a comedy show.

    Bed time.
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