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  • Day12

    Wälder, Seen und keine Elche

    July 18, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Von Hamburg ging es über Fehrmansund nach Dänemark. 🛳
    Im Nærum Camping bei Kopenhagen machten wir es uns für zwei Nächte gemütlich. 🏕
    Beim Besichtigen der Hauptstadt, zeigte sich das Wetter von seiner besten Seite. ☀️
    Am Sonntag machten wir uns auf den langen Weg bis zum Preikestolen. Am Abend übernachteten wir an einem See in der Nähe von Larvik.
    Gut ausgeschlafen fuhren wir (beziehungsweise immer Lukas, Natascha fährt dann auf dem Strassen wo nur Elche und keine Autos mehr entgegenkommen🦌) weiter zum Preikestolen. Diesen erreichten wir am Montagabend und richteten uns eine Bleibe für eine Nacht ein.
    Um 4:30 früh klingelte der Wecker ⏰ um auf den schönen Felsvorsprung🏞 zu wandern, doch es regnete so stark, dass wir dies auf morgen verschieben. Die Wetterprognosen von morgen sind besser!
    Heute machen wir uns einen gemütlichen Tag.
    Darum hatten wir auch wieder die Gelegenheit ein Internet-Café aufzusuchen. ☕️
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  • Day3

    Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles

    July 1, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We arrived safe and sound in Copenhagen yesterday. Those transatlantic flights really take a lot out of a person. I think I faired a little better this year as I was able to sleep a little bit. We took the LRT and walked to our apartment in Fredericksburg where we were met by the owner Henrik who would appear to live here when he is not renting it out. He is a retired architect who is doing this as a side hustle. We kept awake as long as possible even doing an after supper Zombie walk. Andrew gave in about 7 and went to sleep waking up at midnight while the rest of us persisted until 8:30. Being a Saturday night the street in front of our house was quite noisy but I slept until 4:30. Madeline and Chris slept until 8.

    So far if there is one thing that defines Copenhagen I would have to say the bicycle. I always knew the Danes were active bicycle commuters but I was absolutely stunned by the scale of things. The city is incredibly well set up with bicycle lanes everywhere. There are an incredible number of cyclists using the system. Everyone looks so fit and healthy on the bikes. On Saturday night everyone was elegantly dressed heading out on the town all on their bikes. They also like to use cargo bikes which you see people transporting their children, their girlfriends and their dogs. We were so motivated that today Sunday, we rented bikes and cycled around to see the sites. Highlight were Christiana a commune started by squatters on an unused military base in the 70s. It was hippy marijuana ville. Chris was told off for picking some bud growing up in what he thought was a public garden.Lots of tourists and gaunt looking men sitting around smoking and drinking Carlsberg beer at 10 in the morning. I am sure they were waiting to break the bud out. After an hour everyone decided the place was too seedy and we left.

    We biked north through the harbour district to Amalienborg castle home of the royal family. The harbour was over run in tourists. We caught a little of the changing of the guard before biking north for lunch at St. Albans Anglican Church. A little bit of England here in Denmark. The little mermaid was just beyond St. Albans. We just had to follow the tour buses. The statue was prettier than I thought it would be. We headed south to Rosenberg castle. I thought everyone should experience one Scandinavian castle. It was filled with Royal family junk and the Royal jewels. We have been getting our friend Russell to buy us a souvenir for our trips from a garage sale in Edmonton these last couple years so we thought we would have him keep his eye out for some Scandinavian Crown Jewels for us this year. He was quite successful finding us beer steins from Germany.

    Everyone was running out of steam so we biked back and returned the bikes at the rental shop and headed down to the harbour away from the tourists to swim in a 50 metre harbour pool with the locals. There was a 2 metre diving board which kept the little ones busy.

    I figured we must have biked about 15 k and swam .5 km. And walked for about an hour. It was the Copenhagen triathlon.
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  • Day4

    Vikings, vikings, vikings

    July 2, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Today we travelled a little out of Copenhagen to Roskilde which until 1450 was the home of the Royal family. It is today better known as the home of the Viking ship museum. In 1969 they found the wrecks of five Viking vessels from 1100 which had purposely been sunk in a fjord close to Roskilde to block it from potential attackers. Although the wrecks which consisted of planks of wood mounted on metal frames of between 30-70% completeness weren't that exciting, they gave a very good tour in English explaining all about the history of the boats and of the Viking era. They had also established a Viking ship building shop where they had recreated all of the ships using original techniques. These ships were fully functional and they allowed one to get on them although we didn't go for a sail. They had also been building replicas of other ancient ships so there were a lot of ships. The boys and I had a go with axes to shave down a 1/8 size split log. There were also opportunities to make jewellery, a little boat, practise basket weaving and make rope. All of the trades workers were very friendly and engaging. We were exhausted after a few hours so we decided to take a miss on the Roskilde cathedral where many of the Royalty from Denmark are buried. We took the train back to Copenhagen and I realized the cost of the round trip 16k on the train was $80 which is more than the cost of our one way trip to Stockholm. How can that be?Read more

  • Day10

    The saddest morning

    August 23, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Самое лучшее воспоминание - ехать ночью на велосипеде по Берлину. Самое печальное воспоминание - утро на пароме по пути в Копенгаген и прогулка к безлюдному парку в 9 утра. Именно там я ощутила всю грусть и пустоту.

  • Day10

    Enjoying to the max.

    August 23, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Бессонная ночь,и вот я в городе,в котором хотела побывать больше всего. После Берлина меня не оставляло ощущение,что я покинула летний лагерь,где случилось много всего с разными людьми,поэтому воспринимать Копенгаген было очень сложно. Единственным планом было посещение парка Superkilen, а в остальном я абсолютно бездумно гуляла по городу, подъедая турецкие сладости из Берлина и печалясь.Read more

  • Day11

    Coming back to Copenhagen

    August 24, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Еще одним пунктиком в моем сыром плане было посещение музея дизайна. Мне было очень интересно посмотреть на историю датского минимализма,но был еще один приятный бонус-бесплатный вход для молодый людей до 26 лет. ( хорошо быть молодым:) ) Экспозиции музея конечно просто рай для моих глазах,они пестрят теплыми оттенками,если серовато-коричневые предметы мебели вообще могут пестрить) А в целом,мрачная погода как-то даже идет Копенгагену больше,чем солнечная. Не знаю,хочется ли вернуться сюда ещё раз,может быть в компании веселых людей,потому что датчане,как мне показалось,веселиться и устраивать праздник особо не умеют.Read more

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