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  • Day738

    The three of us have made it to Denmark, the 15th country we'll explore on our 5 year tour! We are parked up at the end of a single track road, with fields all around us, looking out over puddle pocked sands to the distant island of Rømø.

    We didn't need to travel far to get here, in fact we haven't left Wadden Sea National Park. The wind is blowing a fine spray of rain in from the sea but we managed to fill and empty the van before it started and set off from our two day camp at Südwesthörn. We have two bags of rubbish sitting in our shower cubilce because the bins have only been small at our last couple of stopovers. We'll need to keep a keener eye out for disposal opportunities for a while.

    Five flags and the familiar blue sign with its circle of 12 golden stars were placed at the side of the small road to herald our entry to 'Danmark'. Routes through the little villages seemed narrower than on the German side and we continued to see large cottages with well maintained thatched rooves. There is a ready supply of reeds that grow in the wetlands around here. We'd been keeping our eyes open for a bread shop but now began looking for a bank in order to withdraw some Danish kroner. We didn't manage to find either before arriving at our overnight spot, but we can get by fine without them while we are here.

    On the way in to our wild camp, the van passed within a metre of an Oyster Catcher perched on a post, 50m or so from where we parked. On a reddish brown, wooden picnic table were oyster shells; these shellfish thrive in the mudflats and in turn, draw thousands of wading birds to the area.

    After lunch we went for a walk, following the mown track on top of the low dyke. We are really enjoying the network of walking and cycle tracks in this area - they seem to be everywhere! Passing a potato field in flower we saw the small village of Vesterdende Ballum in the background. We had already looked on to see if there were any shops, but there were only a few guesthouses and a church. Continuing on along the coast we allowed our senses to soak up the surroundings. Redshanks and Oyster Catchers with their high pitched pips to seaward and the multi-toned melody of warbling from what our friend Jenny calls SBJs (Small Brown Jobbies), joined with the chirping of cicadas to landward. The scent of pink shrub roses infused the air as we passed small bushes and visually, the 360° views beneath the steely grey clouds seemed to go on forever.

    We came accross a path layed in rounded stones, leading out 100m or so onto the mudflat. Following it out we found and foraged a little samphire to taste, but sticking to our rule of 'decimate don't obliterate', decided there wasn't enough to gather for a meal. A few oyster shells lay further out on the mud but knowing that winter is the time for oyster gathering, we didn't delve any further.

    Miles of wideopen countryside and shoreline may not be everyone's idea of paradise, but if our experiences today are any sort of indication, we are going to really enjoy our time in Denmark!
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  • Day739

    Our niece (who is also called Vicky) has been good enough to check the post and let us know that Vicky's next appointment in the UK is on 7th August. We now had a timescale to plan around and decided that 3 weeks was enough to explore the length of Jutland; Denmark's western peninsula. The large islands of Funen and Zealand, where the capital is, could wait until another month.

    Last night we'd stayed within sight of the far smaller, but at 50 square miles, not insignificant island of Rømø, somewhere that is flagged up as a highlight of Southern Jutland. Wild camping is prohibited but we decided on a day visit and made our way over the 10km causeway. Like the mainland Rømø is very low lying and sandy. Mature pines helped guard against soil erosion and in pockets of the dune-like land nestled either idyllic looking cottages with thatch rooves or clapboard coated cabins painted in a smart dark grey. Although many of these appeared to be holiday rentals, some had honesty stalls selling products like honey, jam and stawberries (jordbær).

    Parking up at Havneby, a harbour settlement on the southern tip, we managed to get a few groceries at a medium sized supermarket, paying by card because we didn't want to fork out for the transaction fee at the atm. The need to convert prices from kroner to pounds in our heads was an extra hurdle on top of the language barrier. We are so used to using euros that we don't usually have to think about conversions, with approximately 8 kroner to a pound, it wasn't an easy calculation for Vicky at least, although it helps to define Denmark as somewhere distinct in our minds.

    Taking a stroll along the boardwalk towards the ferry port we passed some smart concrete holiday apartments on stilts. Veering off to visit the harbour we had a look at the large and well maintained fishing boats and the menu for a fish café, but in the end decided against paying 85kr (£10) for a crab sandwich.

    Our next destination was Sønderstrand, whose name translates as daylight beach. As the narrow road crested the low dune, what seemed like the biggest beach ever, was revealed. Miles upon miles of fine pale sand stretched out to either side and the sea was a long way off. A troop of Icelandic Horses were making their way back up the beach, while to the left, land yachts zipped back and forth. It was the kite buggies' domain to the right and close to the dune, motorhomes were parked in an orderly fashion, many of which had their own wind powered rigs.

    Parking in the small gravel car park to save any risk of getting stuck, we took Poppy down to the sand and let her off the lead. Maybe it was the other dog she saw or maybe she was feeling tired but she chose to turn around and toddle back to Martha Motorhome. Oh well... We had a little walk on our own and marvelled at how, without the normal frames of reference such as houses and trees, distances had become distorted. The flat Sønderstrand reached the horizon in both directions and sometimes, things that appeared far away were actually close and visa versa. Another strange optical illusion was the sight of a large ferry seemingly sailing over the sand, when in fact we knew it must be in the channel between Rømø and the nearby island of Sylt.

    We enjoyed our time on Rømø and afterwards drove back over the causeway on route to Ribe, but that's a footprint for another day...
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  • Day51

    Fahren auf Sand

    August 5 in Denmark

    Mein Motorrad hat eine weitere Art von Fahrbelag kennen gelernt. Vom Asphalt über Schotter gehört nun auch Sand dazu. Das Gefühl mein Motorrad ans Ufer der Nordsee zu parkieren, ist schon sehr aussergewöhnlich. Die Bilder sprechen für sich selber.

    Tusind tak, Lise og Carsten for gæstfriheden og de store erfaringer!

    My motorbike got to know another type of driving surface. From asphalt to gravel I added sand today. The feeling of parking my motorcycle on the shores of the North Sea is very extraordinary. The pictures speak for themselves.

    Tusind tak, Lise og Carsten for gæstfriheden og de store erfaringer!
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  • Day2

    Ankunft in Dänemark

    August 25 in Denmark

    Die Fahrt durch Deutschland brauchte extrem viel Geduld, der Stau um Hamburg war extrem, so dass wir jetzt schon sicher sind, dass wir auf dem Rückweg sicher einen anderen Weg fahren. Die ganzen Autobahnbaustellen sind nicht gerade der Hammer. Aber nach Hamburg wird es langsam besser, leider macht uns aber der Regen die Fahrt auch nicht gerade leichter. Endlich kommt die Grenze näher und das Ziel kommt unter die 200km Marke und somit wird es langsam absehbar.

    Am alten Grenzposten überqueren wir die Grenze und ein Geocache begrüsst uns in Dänemark😄
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  • Day2

    Ankunft in Rømø

    August 25 in Denmark

    Rømø kennen wir von unserer Auszeit in Skandinavien sehr gut und ein Zwischenhalt lohnt sich hier bestimmt.
    An der Reception ist sogar noch unser Name im Computer vorhanden, so buchen wir und bekommen einen schönen Platz direkt an den Dünen. Anschliessend begrüsst uns der Regen und der Hunger trieb uns in Richtung der feinen Restaurants. Natürlich darf ein feines Gelati nach dem Essen nicht fehlen, wäre ja auch eine Sünde an dieser Bude einfach vorbei zu laufen.
    Nach diesem feinen Nachtessen nach der langen Fahrt, geht es anschliessend nicht mehr lange und wir schlafen zufrieden ein.
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  • Day2


    August 6 in Denmark

    Morgens wird nach dem Frühstück noch etwas eingekauft, bevor er losgeht Richtung Rømø, unserem ersten Ziel.
    Wir kommen gegen frühen Nachmittag auf Rømø an. Der erste uns zugewiesene Platz ist zu kurz und wir bekommen einen neuen. Schon kurz nachdem wir dort stehen ist der erste Nachbarsjunge bei uns und Jonte spielt. Wir bauen zum ersten Mal alles auf: Markise, Vorzeltteppich, Tisch und Stühle. Dadurch dass wir das Wohnmobil aus dem letzten Jahr schon schon etwas kennen, klappt alles ziemlich gut. Allerdings stellen wir dann fest, dass der Platz keinen eigenen Wasseranschluss hat und wir nochmal los müssen. Das Wassereinlassen mit unserem Filter dauert ganz schön lange und hinter uns wird gewartet...
    Wieder am Platz, bauen wir unsere Outdoorküche auf, stellen fest, dass Kupfer nicht auf einer Induktionsplatte funktioniert und Jonte baut mit 2 neuen Nachbarjungen an der Murmelbahn.
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  • Day3

    Rømø Tag 2

    August 7 in Denmark

    Nach der doch eher unruhigen Nacht in Flensburg schlafen wir uns heute aus und machen uns erst gegen Mittag mit unseren Frühstückseinkäufen (Brötchen, Joghurt und Ymerdrys) und dem Wohnmobil auf an den Strand auf Rømø, der direkt neben unserem Campingplatz liegt. Hier gilt der Strand als Straße und darf befahren werden. Um einen Platz direkt am Wasser zu ergattern kommen wir viel zu spät, aber wir finden einen guten Platz direkt an einer kleinen Düne.
    Wir verbringen den Tag mit ausgiebigem Frühstück, Wikingerschach und Baden und parken dann am frühen Abend doch noch mal in der ersten Reihe.
    Für die Nacht muss man dann zurück auf den Campingplatz, das übernachten am Strand ist nicht gestattet.

    Bo hat in den letzten Tagen gelernt sich sowohl vom Bauch auf den Rücken als auch anders rum vom Rücken auf den Bauch zu drehen. Das hatte ich so früh nicht erwartet und führt dazu, dass man Bo auf dem Bett hinten immer im Blick haben muss, damit er sich nicht runter rollt.
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