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  • Day765

    Munkebjergskovene, Vejle Fjord

    July 31, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Mature Beech forest shades the dell we are parked in and we can see the pale blue-grey of Vejle Fjord through the trees. A warm breeze blows crisp, curled leaves from their branches and flurries of them scuttle along the nearby road. At 28° it is far from cool but at least we are protected from direct sunlight.

    This morning we got some shopping in, filled and emptied the van at motorway services then set out in search of tonight's stopover. After refuelling with LPG we are heading north once again. With 2km to go to our destination we turned into a road warning of a 3m height limit. Martha measures 3.58m with the canoe on top. Vicky wasn't keen on continuing but Will persuaded her we should at least take a look and see if it was an arched bridge whose middle we could fit under. Descending a 12% hill we stopped a little way back from the traffic light controlled bridge. It was indeed arched. Pulling over with some difficulty into a layby, Will used his fishing rod to measure the height and when he was certain we could get through, persuaded a beleaguered Vicky to walk backwards under the bridge, directing him through without any scrapes. The woodland parking was almost immediately after this point and while we could hear cars passing on the road and the occasional train on the bridge, we had very few people pull into the oval of gravel we'd chosen as our overnighter.

    When the temperature rises beyond a certain point, we have two very different reactions. Vicky will slow down and do as little as possible and Will seeks water. Vicky therefore stayed with Poppy, watching with bewilderment as troops of cyclists powered up the steep hill and Will took his snorkelling gear to the nearby shore of the Vejle Fjord. The fjord is yet another finger of the Baltic Sea poking into Denmark's East coast. The head of the fjord is a town of the same name, some 20km inland. Will really enjoyed cooling down and investigating the weeds that grew up from the sea bed. Crabs scuttled along and even scaled some of the underwater plant life. Tiny fish darted in and out of cover and one even let Will hold it in the palm of his hand!

    The following day, after savouring the dell's cool air during the morning, we lugged the canoe over the road and down the dirt path to the fjord's narrow sandy shore. Pushing off with the paddles we were amazed at the glassy surface of the water. At points it was like floating over mercury. Even the occasional wake from boats wasn't rippled and it was a somewhat surreal experience to travel through it, without anything by which to guage the waves' height. We took advantage of the calm conditions and canoed over to the other side of the fjord, where Will got out for a swim to cool down. Vicky held on and enjoyed an ice cream when we returned to the van.

    You can watch a video of our paddle on the VnW Travels You Tube channel here:

    On the third day we ventured out for a walk in the beautiful Beech forest. Strong, old tree trunks reached up to the sky and the sun flooded through the canopy, backlighting the vibrant green leaves. The woodland was managed, but trees had been allowed to fall and lay naturally. Gnarled bracket funghi clung to the dead bark of tall, snapped shafts. You could imagine using them as footholds, like on a fabricated climbing wall. We climbed up to a viewpoint near a hotel, from where we could see a section of the fjord framed by green flora. Taking a path down the hill, we found a few small rasberries to munch on, then a good handfull of ripe blackberries; our first of the season. Once we were back in the depths of the forest, Will was some way ahead when Vicky heard the crackle of branches being snapped underfoot. Looking down the long slope she caught sight of a doe, picking her way through the undergrowth and soon disappearing.

    Carrying on there was heather and low bilberry bushes growing at the side of the path. Looking closely we did manage to find half a dozen shrivelled berries that clearly hadn't fared well in the drought. Approaching a small settlement we did come accross a huge redcurrant bush from which Will foraged a few good handfulls of fruit- yum!

    Dropping back down to sea level we emerged near the bathing place where Vicky dangled her feet off the side of the wooden jetty and Will dived off the end. It wasn't apparent at first, but looking closely, there were hundreds of tiny transparent jellyfish being pulled back and forth by the waves around Vicky's legs. Fortunately they were too small for any stings to affect us.

    Back at the van it was cool enough and we had sufficient LPG for Vicky to heat some water and get stuck into some clothes washing. The pile had grown considerably of late!

    We ended up spending a total of three nights in the forest dell and enjoyed both the shade and the centred feeling this gave us. However, even if the toilet hadn't been full and the batteries low, we felt ready to move on and explore new places by the third morning.
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  • Day402

    Royal Bath Day for Prince Peter

    July 11, 2017 in Denmark

    Waking up to the sound of rain in the morning creates two feelings:-
    - mmmm! weather enforced lie-in! Snooze the alarm until the rain stops :)
    -Shhhh.. .. wet tent to pack :(

    Today's rain was particularly relentless, we had dried and packed all but the outer tent when the next downpour began. We moved into the newly-vacated shelter box to ride out the storm and to try and pack the tent. The nice part about our late departure was meeting a Danish walker, Jesper, who kindly made us a warm tea and gave us lots of native knowledge- the negative part was waiting until 3-30 for breakfast 😊 but when you're travelling you make your own rules which can mean chocolate for breakfast or 2 ice creams back to back. (Rules made by Peter Haupt).

    The rain stayed with us into the afternoon so we decided to turn in to one of the closer "legeplads" (the primitive free campsites). It was a good find, a handful of tents and an empty shelter box! We laid claim to the box and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to our very cool 63 year old swedish camp neighbour , Mai, - travelling solo on a shopping bike (no gears!) with trailer. Despite being unable to help fulfil her herbal supply chain needs, she provided us with lots of useful info about these free campsites throughout Denmark. She also helpfully informed us of the availabilty of a warm shower down the road..., after i'd spent a cold ten minutes hopping about in the forest behind our shelterbox, washing my hair (with "hot" water Peter mixed into the cannister from the stove) 😨!

    Prince Peter then adjusted the shower making procedure and enjoyed a beautiful warm shower, fit for a king. I'm not jealous at all! ;)

    Goodnight from the spider box, in a field, up a hill, half way down Denmark!!.
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  • Day459

    Day 460: Stevns Klint & Jelling

    May 20, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

    Long day of driving westwards across Denmark today. Stop number one was at Stevns Klint, a popular spot for locals to have beach trips. Not for us though - the "beach" was large smooth pebbles, and the World Heritage site here was an inch-thick black line running along a 20 metre cliff. This is where some people studying the cliff realised that black line coincided with 65 million years ago, and was rich in cosmic material - they realised a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs. Interesting piece of scientific history, but not the most exciting place to visit.

    Back in the car where we crossed the long 20km bridge to the mainland of Europe, and then northwards to the town of Jelling. Here there's a couple of burial mounds that were intended for Harald Bluetooth's parents, but only one mound was used (and was eventually found to be empty anyway).

    There were also some runic stones, one from Harald's father Gorm dedicated to his wife, and the other from Harald himself bragging about unifying Denmark and Norway, and about converting the Danes to Christianity. It was an interesting spot this one, since it showed the line between pagan vikings and the Christian Danes. Also the first time "Denmark" had been used to describe the area, at least in writing!

    Another couple of hours driving where we arrived at the city of Esbjerg in the evening. Staying in a small spare room in the apartment of a lesbian couple; they're nice enough but there's a lot of shut doors. Oh well. Supermarket food for dinner!
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  • Day12

    Kobmandsgard Bindeballe

    September 4, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Im September 1897, als die Eisenbahnlinie Vejle-Vandel duch das schöne Tal gebaut wurde, eröffnete Jeppe Kristensen einen Kaufmannsladen in Bindeballe in der Hoffnung, dass sich dort, wo die Züge eine Haltestelle hatten, eine kleine Ortschaft entwickeln würde.
    1957 wurde die Eisenbahnstrecke Vejle-Vandel stillgelegt, doch der Kaufmannsladen besteht noch heute und war im Laufe der Jahre ununterbrochen in Betrieb. 1973 übernahmen Maja und Reinholdt Jensen den Bindeballe Kobmandsgard und begannen mit der Renovierung des Gebäudes. Gleichzeitig machten sie sich auf die Suche nach altem Ladeninventar aus der Zeit um 1900, um das Haus wieder so zu präsentieren, wie in seinen Anfängen.
    Der Bindeballe Kobmannsgard in Originalgebäuden von 1897 ist das älteste Kaufmannsmuseum Dänemarks. Die ältesten Regale und Ladentische stammen aus dem Jahre 1894. Es sind über 5000 alte Artikel mit Originalinhalt registriert.
    Für Fotografen so wie mich ein Augenschmaus.....leider schloss der Laden um 17.00 Uhr und ich musste den Laden verlassen, sonst würde ich wahrscheinlich jetzt noch dort fotografieren.
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  • Day41

    Schlafen im Shelter

    June 18, 2017 in Denmark

    Dänemark bietet unter dem Label 'back to nature' verschiedene Übernachtungsplätze ausserhalb von Campgrounds. Dazu zählen gewisse Waldabschnitte in welchen übernachten im Zelt erlaubt ist. Dies wollten wir natürlich ausprobieren. Unser erster Versuch endete allerdings bei einer Kindergartenstunde im Freien (wörtlich gemeint). Die BetreuerInnen waren etwas überrascht von unserer Idee dort zu schlafen, hatten aber nichts einzuwenden. Allerdings gab es kaum Platz für unser Zelt und wir entschlossen deshalb auf den nächsten Campingplatz weiterzufahren.

    Als Konsequenz davon recherchierten wir vor dem zweiten Versuch (so schnell geben wir uns nicht geschlagen) dann etwas ausführlicher und steuerten am nächsten Tag einen Shelter an. Dieser war zwar auf einer Seite offen, doch wir schliefen wunderbar darin und genossen das schöne Plätzchen.
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  • Day52

    Rain Day Touring

    October 7, 2017 in Denmark

    We all slept in a bit this morning in Vejle thanks to the great dinner and lovely company last night.

    It's a totally different day today, grey and raining. We went for a little driving tour of town and a walk around the harbour with Pia and David. Some brave souls were out in the rain with us but not many. There is a lovely gated forest in Vejle and we walked through there, just in time to see the deers being feed. I haven't seen a wild deer yet and these are technically wild although they do have a fence around their very large forest, and someone to come feed them every day.

    On then to Smorrebrod lunch at a typical Danish restaurant with Johanna's parents and Aunt and Uncle. Smorrebrod is different toppings on rye bread. I had the curried herring which according to everyone was a brave choice... Um had me a bit worried, but it was delicious and they were all so proud of me for eating it.

    Off for a couple of hours drive up to Jonas's parents place in Hunstrupvej near Thisted. Lovely place in the country with dairy farms, grain farms and small crop farms all around. They had cake and coffee waiting for us and then we went for a quick drive before dinner to see the worlds tallest windmill! They were over 200 meters tall. Huge, and they had a great display building there explaining how the windmill works and how it's made!

    Back home then for a 3 course beautiful dinner Jonas's Mum had ready for us. Oh my goodness we have had some beautiful food and tonight was no exception!
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