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  • Day236

    Quick Stopover in Quito

    March 22, 2018 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    From the Galápagos Islands, we returned back to Quito for two nights, staying close to the historic centre. Our first day back in the second highest capital city in the world was spent revisiting some of the sights in the historic city, punctuated with bouts of eating. At lunch, we couldn't help but notice a number of sex workers and their pimp plying their trade up and down the street. The sex workers, wearing skimpy short skirts and sporting Kim Kardashian-style buttocks, strutted as they waited for their clients. In the evening, we meet our new Colombian friends, los Colombianos, Eylen and Carlos, for a drink and a bite to eat. After practising our Spanish with los Colombianos, we vowed to hunt them down in Medellin and then returned to our hotel to prepare for our next destination. There was nothing more to see here. Time to move along now.

    Next stop: Otavalo
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  • Day12

    Back in Quito - Ecuador

    September 1, 2016 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    I went back to Quito after the butterfly farm. There I checked into Community Hostel recommended to me by my friends from the zip line. Great little place where I met lots of cool people.

    That night I met up with my friends from the Canyoning at the famous Bungalow. Pretty normal club if you ask me but they were super hyped up about it. It was fun, I got drinker then I thought I would and danced a ton and around 3:00am took a taxi back to the hostel.Read more

  • Day24

    On the equator

    November 4, 2016 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Arrived in Quito….. and what a surprise! Other places we had been to in South America showed signs of poverty and with no concern for the aesthetic appeal such as gardens and well maintained homes. In fact many houses appeared unfinished mainly due to the fact that they did not have to pay land taxes or rates until the home was finished, therefore houses were never complete. Flew into Quito to a near new airport, beautiful smooth roads into the city, and very attractive city too, set amongst quite steep hills (actually make that volcanos)

    Stayed at the Dan Carlton Hotel (very nice) and after the usual tour around the old town (another church, another market Square, another presidential palace, another statue on the hill – this one of Mary / Madonna, not Christ) we had a free day to do as we pleased. Fortunately we were aware that we were very close to the equator and our guide organised a group tour to the real equator. I say this because there are 2 equator points – one with the big monument etc. that was determined in the 1930’s but it's actually out by about 200m or around 7°. We went to the real equator (as determined by GPS) and it was really interesting. Standing on the equatorial line we saw the corealis effect demonstrated (not sure of the spelling but it is the direction water drains according to which hemisphere you are in). The guide filled a sink with water, placed it over the equator line, pulled the plug, and the water drained straight down. Repeated it just 2m in the northern side and the water drained in an anticlockwise direction, repeated on southern side and drained in a clockwise direction. (I may have mixed them up but you get the idea). Also the wind speed meters were spinning in opposite directions on either side of the equator and yet they were only about 5m apart. It is like one side cancels out the other. It is for this cancelling effect that Ecuador does not have hurricanes or cyclones or tornados (but they do have earthquakes and volcanos). It was all really fascinating and I'm glad we went.

    Nearly at the end of our South American trip… next stop Galapagos Islands.
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  • Day11

    A little culture

    November 27, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    As requested, something a little more cultural for this post. The following is from our tour guide today, augmented with my own thoughts.

    Today is Ecuador’s Independence Day, commemorating liberation from the Spanish Crown. Ecuador has two favourite sons, Simone Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre. They were aristocrats of Spanish descent who, like the United States’ founding fathers, were dissatisfied with subjugation to a distant monarch. They raised an army together and drove the Spanish off the continent entirely. Bolivar had dreams for a united South America (‘Grande Colombia’) but this never eventuated. South America is rich in resources and, organized, Grande Colombia could have rivaled the US. Instead, the continent’s fragmentation, conflict and abuses of power means it has been left seriously underdeveloped. Who wants to invest in a country where everything you work for can be nationalized in a heartbeat?

    Ecuador’s recent political history is similarly chaotic. It’s been invaded three times by Peru since 1941 over some random valley. It had 10 different presidents in the 1990s, then one for 10 years, who was finally forced out this year when he tried to enact laws allowing him to rule indefinitely. The current President, Lenin Moreno, is crippled by a gunshot so was installed by his party as a pitiable public face amidst discontent. He’s gone off script, apparently, and has impeached the former President for corruption. Probably just cleaning house to consolidate his own position though. Madness.

    There’s a doco on Youtube, Civilization: The West and the Rest, which touches on South America’s untapped potential. You need stability, security and accountability to create great countries, something in short supply here.

    Also, do let me know what you want to hear more of. Otherwise you’ll just get me ranting about crappy hostels or South American mismanagement.

    Pics: (1) The Independence Day parade. President Moreno is on the balcony; (2) Pinatas of politicians - one of them is Trump apparently.
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  • Day12

    All for one, and one for all?

    November 28, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    The Three Musketeers is a story of loyalty and brotherhood in the most trying circumstances. Their unity is embodied in that famous line above. I like to think our triumvirate shares a similar bond, strengthened by time and shared experience. Sometimes, however, the musketeer bond finds itself tested:

    (Note: Names censored after threats of defamation from my fellow musketeers)

    1) The hostel room window: Undoubtedly the biggest point of contention. Two musketeers feel hot and want it open, one doesn't and tries to close it secretly. Words have been exchanged over this, but no duels yet.

    2) Hygiene: I'm not particular about this, but one musketeer has had a mere 3 showers in 10 days. He's beginning to smell..

    3) Directions: Despite travelling Quito a mere 3 days, each musketeer is adamant he has developed an ingrained map of the city. Disputes arise at cross-roads, where each musketeer will insist on a different direction, split and beginning walking down it, before we all rush back, realising we need each other. Google Maps is no help as we've all run out of data.

    Humanity's success comes from our ability to pool talents and work together. We're plainly more successful than other animals, who just kill and steal from each other most of the time. The fate of this group will depend on our ability to suppress selfish primal instincts and compromise. The signs are good though - no one's punched another yet.

    Pics: (1) One of the disputes breaking out into open violence; (2) The top of some church - Virgin Mary statue framed by the two clocks, each showing a different time (neither correct); (3) Another Ecuadorian street for Sophie - this is what most look like.

    Final note: We are actually having a great time together. Mostly. If only they'd close that damn window.
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  • Day36

    Ciao Colombia, gracias por todo

    December 4, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    So that's it. We leave you be for now.
    Ecen if the way out has become a "pain in the a...",
    still... there is so much to say about you, but let's keep it simple
    We loved all you offered us and you had so much more to offer.
    You made a great impression on us, muchas gracias for that. We are glad, you've been first on our list.
    Now let's see what's more to explore in South America.
    Bye tierra de la diversidad... Adios belleza.. Ciao Colombia.
    Y un gran saludo a Ecuador 😊
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  • Day20

    Nicolas de toerist in Quito D2

    November 10, 2014 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Heb veel geleerd vandaag tijdens de wandeling langs pleinen, kerkjes en huisjes. En wat hebben we dan geleerd vandaag?
    1. Uitgebrande theaters worden, maar gedeeltelijk gerestaureerd wegens niet noodzakelijk en het geld is op.
    2. Jezus zijn liefde is zo krachtig dat het brand kan stichten
    3. Sucre (standbeeld) heeft het blijkbaar gemunt op de Virgen de Quito
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  • Day39

    Eindelijk daar

    September 25, 2015 in Ecuador ⋅ 🌙 7 °C

    Bekaf. Na een keer of twintig een seconde te zijn weggedoezeld in de taxirit, zijn we eindelijk aangekomen in ons Ecuadoriaanse paleisje. Nog een halve dag in Quito over terwijl we gevoelsmatig een nachtje hebben overgeslagen.Read more

  • Day253


    January 12, 2010 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C


    We zijn gisteren aan het einde van de middag aangekomen in Quito Ecuador. De reis was lang maar redelijk voorspoedig. Nadat we onze laatste dansles hadden gehad zondag zijn we gaan pakken en hebben we nog geprobeerd om twee uurtjes rust te pakken. Voor de laatste keer zijn we de sexta opgelopen om wat te eten en vervolgens zijn we iets voor acht uur met de taxi vertrokken naar de Terminal Sur van Cali......met een vrolijke taxi chauffeur....lekkere salsa uit de radio....en met een rotgevoel. Een beetje hetzelfde gevoel als toen we Granada in Nicaragua verlieten. We hebben een erg leuke tijd gehad in Colombia!
    Bij de terminal van onze busmaatschappij was het een enorme drukte...toch vertrokken we op tijd naar laatste halte vóór de grens met Ecuador.
    We mochten van de chauffeur de laatste twee stoelen achterin de bus nemen...achter twee latino´s....welke beide Hollands bleken te spreken. De één, een Chileen, had in 2003 een jaar in Groningen gestudeerd en sprak nog perfect ander, een Peruaan van origine, woont in Amsterdam....en was onderweg naar Peru om familie te bezoeken.
    Om 6.30 uur, na een ijskoude nacht in de airco en nauwelijks geslapen te hebben, kwamen we bij de grens aan. Bijna 3 uur later hadden we uitgelogd en ingelogd en waren we met de taxi onderweg naar Tulcan....het eerste plaatsje in Ecuador waar vandaan bussen richting Quito vertrekken. Heleen ging met haar stadgenoot dollars pinnen (USA Dollars is de munt eenheid van Equador) en nam op de terugweg wat verse warme broodjes mee voor in de bus. Om tien uur waren we op weg naar Quito....nog eens een uur of 6 voor de boeg in een reguliere streekbus.
    Er werd veel gestopt onderweg....veel peages....vier paspoort controles waarbij mensen uit de bus werden gezet...het gangpad in de bus stond regelmatig vol....een periode hebben we met z´n drieën op twee stoelen chauffeur reed erg hoekig....regelmatig kwamen er verkopers aan boord met etenswaren....en uiteindelijk later in de middag kwamen we aan in Quito op de terminal Norte....maar dat bleek niet de terminal bij het oude centrum te zijn. Quito is een langwerpig gevormde stad en dus moesten we nog een uur bussen voordat we op de terminal Sur waren.

    Eindelijk...we waren beide gaar!
    We hebben een taxi genomen (nog ruim 40 minuten) naar ons Hostal...Jumbo Lodge. Onze koffers neergegooid en even de stad ingelopen om wat te drinken en te eten. Daarna zijn we een paar uurtjes plat gegaan en werden we rond 21.00 uur wakker. Het werd ons sterk afgeraden om lopend de stad in te gaan omdat alles reeds dicht was en het gevaarlijk op straat was. We hebben een taxi genomen naar het nieuwe centrum waar een veilig uitgaansgebied is met bars, restaurants en discotheken...een paar straatblokken bij elkaar. We hebben ons neergestreken in een Thais restaurant en hebben weer eens wat anders gegeten.

    Voor drie dollar stonden we weer aan de andere kant van de stad voor ons Hostal....en lagen we snel in bedje.....dicht onder de evenaar...
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