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  • Day10

    Sacha Lodge

    May 27 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Nice spot here in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Situated on a lake, you can find river otters, lizards, monkeys, caymans, tarantulas, and a multitude of birds. The cabins are comfortable and walking from your cabin to anywhere is done on an elevated walkway that keeps you out of the swamp. Amazingly, there are not too many mosquitoes. There are quite the number of bats around.Read more

    Brenda Hodgins

    Sounds amazing, other than the tarantulas😂!

    Bruce Michie

    Nice and relaxed

    Bruce Michie

    Cool at night?

    Lorna Cummins


  • Day10

    Ich und mein Holz

    January 12 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    Okay, der Song beginnt und er bekommt ein Thema - ich und mein Holz
    Und das Thema heute, es heißt Holz - ich und mein, ich und mein Holz
    Holz sieht sehr schön aus, Holz ist vielseitig - ich und mein Holz
    Du kannst es verbrennen, du kannst es sägen - ich und mein, ich und mein Holz
    Ja, wenn du es verbrennst, dann spendet es Wärme - ich und mein, ich und mein Holz
    Aber wenn du es sägst, dann nicht - eh!
    Und jetzt mal alle in this wood, joa

    Dieser brecher Hit stammt von keinen anderen als den 257ers und beschreibt unseren dritten Tag im Regenwald unbeschreiblich gut. Früh Morgens um 6:00 machten wir uns auf zum Observation Tower. Dieser wurde 2015 erst fertig gestellt und befindet sich mitten im Regenwald. Auf einer Höhe von knapp 40 Metern hat der Yasuni Stamm ein Baumhaus auf einem … Baum gebaut. Über ein Stahlgerüst mit 250 Treppenstufen gelangt man zu den Wipfeln des Regenwaldes. Dass die gesamte Konstruktion mittels Kanus (nicht motorisiert) und per Hand transportiert und zusammengebaut worden ist, ist weiterhin unfassbar.

    Oben angekommen hatten wir einen fantastischen Blick über die gesamte Gegend.

    Zusammen mit Remi und dem ursprünglichen Gründer der Lodge (der zufällig auch gerade die Lodge besucht) suchten wir die Baumwipfel nach Vögeln ab. Während wir und auch Chrissy & Jared nur Holz sahen - schaffte es Remi einen spektakulären Vogel nach dem anderen per Teleskop einzufangen. Leider gesellten sich mit der Zeit ca. 1,5 Milliarden kleine Moskitos 🦟 zu uns aufs Baumhaus, was die Vogelbeobachtung zu einer echten Herausforderung machte (da hilft auch kein Anti-Brumm mehr). Nach einer kleinen weiteren Tour am Boden, gab es etwas Napo-Time und einen Power-Nap.

    Am Nachmittag machten wir uns dann mit dem Kanu auf die Suche nach einer Anakonda. Leider sahen wir und auch Remi nur grün. Dafür entdeckten wir eine kleine Fledermausfamilie 🦇 und gingen mit unserer Action-Cam auf Tauchtour nach Piranhas 🐟.

    Nach einem ausgiebigen BBQ 🍗 gingen wir mit Remi noch kurz an den See, wo wir mit seiner Taschenlampe 24 Caimane entdeckten - Grüsse an Schnappi.

    Zurück im Zimmer begrüsste uns natürlich wieder einmal Anton und Antonia - obwohl wir sie heute Morgen liebevoll nach draussen begleitet haben (mit wir ist Flo gemeint). Als Überraschung haben die beiden aber noch Helene 🐸 mitgebracht - die uns jetzt irgendwo im Dachstuhl sitzend - ein Schlaflied quackt.

    ⛰ 200
    🌤 noch heisser und schwüler
    Read more

    Wer ist Helene? [Lena]


    Na unser Frosch im Schlafzimmer 😂 nicht nur Bilder schauen sondern auch Text lesen 😜

    Susanne Stade

    Oh, ich habe eben die 8 Fledermäuse am Baumstamm entdeckt 😂 LG 😘😘

  • Day11

    Spotting jungle surprises!

    May 28 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    In order to get to our intended destination, a Ketchwa cultural site, we must first travel by canoe across the lake and down the canal through the swamp until we reach a walkway that allows us the traverse the swamp without sinking. The canoe ride is around 25 minutes and the walkway about the same. Then we are at the river and continue by motorized canoe for another 35 minutes.
    Along the way we spot birds and three different species of monkey, as well as other interesting flowers and insects. This makes the journey even longer than stated, but more fun. We also go off trail, through the mud and jungle for a bit to get a more in depth view. The rubber boots we were equipped with are more than handy, a necessity. While we were trying to get pictures of monkeys high up in the trees, with our cameras looking straight up, Dianne looses her footing and ends up in the swamp on her back. She has skillfully saved her camera and big lens from the swamp by holding it all above the muck, but was unable to break her fall because she had to keep the camera safe. When I turn to see her, she is lying on her back holding the camera above her chest. My first instinct is to aim my camera at her and catch this heroic moment in a picture. Self preservation and the desire to not be remembered as a total cad replaced that idea, and I held out my hand to help Dianne up from the swampy ground instead. The backpack she was wearing kept the back of her shirt somewhat dry but her butt was muddy and wet. Everyone was asking if she was ok, was she hurt? I knew it would take a lot more than a fall backwards into the soft swamp to bring her down. The others were polite and didn’t laugh. One of our two guides, Geranio pulled out his knife and began picking leeches off of the back of Dianne’s shirt. There were only two and they were small. As a group, we pulled ourselves together and continued the journey. This is entertainment.
    Read more

    Sean Campbell

    OMG She always has been a tough girl. Well done

    Lorna Cummins


  • Day10

    Hot pools to the Amazon

    May 27 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    It is a bus ride back over the pass and down the mountain to Quito airport. The pass is 13400 high and is the highest road in Ecuador. We are at the airport 2 hours before departure and it is 7:30 am. We had an early start. Plane ride to Coca is only 30 minutes air time. Bus ride to Sacha Lodge’s welcome centre in the city is located. Next is a two hour boat ride down the Nopa river. I wish I didn’t drink coffee at the welcome centre. I’m considering jumping overboard just so I can take a whiz.
    The motorized canoe stops along the bank of the river and conveniently there are Baños. Now we walk for 25 minutes, partly along the river and then into the swampy rainforest. After that it is another canoe ride, this one powered by armstrong. It is a pleasant 25 minute paddle, first through a canal and finally across a lake. We are at Sacha Lodge.
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    Brenda Hodgins

    What an adventure!

  • Day11

    Visit to Cultural Site

    May 28 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    The cultural site is an opportunity to learn about Ketchwa indigenous people and their traditional life style. Most of the presentation is around diet. We sample some food, drink some strange brew, have a blow dart competition and to top it all off, we also adopted a river turtle. There is too much to tell about it in this short piece, but the highlight for me was when Casey, a young girl from Boston who is travelling with her aunt, eats a live weevil larvae. It is part of the traditional diet, and I had the opportunity as well but I declined. Casey bit the head off that nasty weevil and downed the rest of him whole. That is a crowd pleasing moment, and it drew a round of applause.
    Last was the release of the baby river turtle into the river. Ours was named for Norah and Hendrix.
    Read more

  • Day13

    Leaving the Amazon

    May 30 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    The journey out is longer than the journey in because we are going against the current of the Napo river. We wear our rubber boots to the motorized canoe and huddle under ponchos for the rest of the trip back to Coca airport. It was an early start as usual.Read more

  • Day12

    Hold on tight!

    May 29 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    We hiked again this morning. This time for the canopy walk. It is a suspension bridge high above the forest, 140 feet high
    . More than one member of our group was not comfortable with heights, and walking the 900 foot length of the bridge was challenging. We took plenty of pictures from the three towers of the bridge and used a spotting scope to see things like three toed sloths, toucans, howler monkeys as well as other small birds. When we traversed between the first and second tower, Dianne held onto the side ropes so tight, she gave herself blisters. Dianne must have used a different technique between the second and third, because her hands were no worse arriving at the third. Probably some yoga breathing.Read more

  • Day12

    Piranha fishing!

    May 29 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Alan wanted to fish for piranha, so someone got us the bargain basement fishing gear and out we went. Didn’t catch any piranha, but they ate all of our bait. So you might say this was an exercise of piranha feeding !
    Our guide did say if we stuck fingers in the water or fell in, the piranha would not be interested as they prefer dead food. I am not to sure about that! We didn’t test the theory.
    Read more

  • Day9

    Sacha Lodge im Regenwald

    October 5, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Ein motorisiertes Kanu bringt uns vom Casa del Suizo via Coca zum Sacha Camp noch tiefer im Regenwald. Die Fahrt dauert etwa 5 Stunden. Hier ist es noch heisser und noch feuchter. Wir machen hier fünf geführte Excursionen und sehen unterschiedliche Arten von Regenwald mit einer unglaublichem Vielfalt an Pflanzen. Mit den Tieren haben wir etwas weniger Glück, gehen aber nicht gamz leer aus.Read more

    Arnold Schaltegger

    Superstimmung.Ich gratuliere.

    Arnold Schaltegger

    So mächtige Bäume hab ich noch nie gesehen.

  • Day11

    Trip to the Tower

    May 28 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We all hiked to a 160 foot tower in the forest. It is situated beside a Kapok tree that is taller than the tower. Some trees grow on that thee at the top and they drop roots from the top to the forest floor. It creates an interesting look.Read more

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