Punta Suárez

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  • Day24


    December 7, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    Heute waren wir auf Española. Wandern und Schnorcheln. Ich bin mittlerweile in dem Rhythmus der gleichbleibenden Abläufe. Aber auch wenn die täglichen Abläufe gleich bleiben, sind die Inseln selbst sehr unterschiedlich. Jede hat irgendwo eine andere Charakteristik. Man merkt, dass wir hier im südöstlichen Teil des Archipels sind. Hier sind die Auswirkungen des Humboldt Stroms viel stärker. Das heißt, dass das Wasser kühler ist als im nördlichen Teil. Wenn ich Vormittags nach dem Schnorcheln aus dem Wasser komme, habe ich die Befürchtung, dass ich nie wieder warm werde. Bei der Wanderung am Nachmittag ist es dann wieder so heiß, dass ich liebend gerne wieder ins Wasser möchte. Es gab wieder sehr viele Seehunde und Iguanas zu beobachten. Es ist so schön zu beobachten, wie verspielt die Seehunde teilweise sind. Dieser Tag war ein sehr schönes Geburtstagsgeschenk an mich selbst 😇😎Read more

    Stefanie Braun

    Die sieht ja klasse aus. Sowas habe ich noch nie gesehen.

  • Day4

    Espinola - Punta Suarez & Gardner Bay

    November 12, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Morning hike over rocky terrain in Punta Suarez. Greeted by an abundant population of seaions and iguanas throughout our path. Saw albatross (on their runway), blue footed boobies, all the Islas finches, blowhole and more. BBQ lunch on deck - made Ecuadorian ceviche!
    Afternoon snorkeling with a sealion briefly, then beach walk.
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  • Day3

    Espanola Island & Gardner Bay

    July 1, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    It turns out that if the time on your phone doesn't change correctly and, even if you remind yourself before you go to bed that that is the case, you are still likely to wake up at the wrong time! Lucky for me, this was an hour earlier than I intended. So, up at 5:45 for me after a night of pretty impressive rocking (of the boat variety!) I went up to the sun deck and found a fellow passenger to chat with and then went to the lounge for coffee and a snack. They always have food out in the lounge - fruit, cakes, crackers /cheese, and a wonderful coffee machine! Got a chance to get to know our program coordinator (lead naturalist) Gabby who was there as well. I went to a 1/2 hour 7am stretch class on the sun deck with one other guest and it was a really nice class - my speed - short, not strenuous and relaxing!
    Breakfast at 8:30am with Ken and the kids and then off to get on our wetsuits and grab snorkeling equipment. We took zodiac's to a deep area near the island and our group jumped off. It was COLD! 70.5 degrees. My wetsuit definitely helped. Cooper and Addey only have shorties so definitely colder for them. They did great though. We got to see angel fish, sea urchins, sea stars and, best of all, got to snorkel right around playful sea lions.
    We stopped back at the ship to drop off the snorkel gear and headed back to Espanola Island (also known as Hood Island) to enjoy an incredible beach/coastline. The sand was fine, the water incredibly teal and the sea lions adorable. We only had about 30 minutes to enjoy and wish we had alot more!
    At 12 we were back on the boat for lunch (an Ecuadorian buffet). All the young explorers on the boat (aka kids) got a tour of the bridge after lunch and then the resident photographer /naturalist gave a talk, to anyone interested, on photo composition - good for Jace.
    The boat was quite rocky in the afternoon which caused Jace and I to have very mild queasiness, but this quickly resolved with an afternoon excursion to the other side of the island at Punta Suarez. We had a near 2 mile hike over very rocky terrain but the views were stunning and we saw great stuff - brown pelicans, many marine iguanas (ugly things!), lava lizards, sea lions (of course), Galapagos doves, mockingbirds, blue footed boobies and, our favorite, the wave albatross now in mating season and performing their courtship dance.
    Per national park restrictions, nobody is allowed on the islands after 6pm so back to the boat we went (though I could have spent many more hours there taking pictures).
    We had a pre-dinner drink/appetizer with the guests in the lounge and listened to tomorrow's agenda. Dinner tonight was with a couple from Indiana. Jace and Cooper have made fast friends with a boy from Phoenix and Addey sat with a bunch of kids and was in her element!
    One cute thing from today: at lunch, the bartender found us in dining room and asked if Addey was ours. When we said yes, he said 'congratulations, she is wonderful' Apparently, she went up to the 'bar' to get a soda and he said 'how are you? '. She replied :'estoy feliz y tu?' he said 'you speak spanish??? And of course, she replied' un poquito'. He was very impressed! We are encouraging them to try speaking Spanish whenever they can. Apparently, she listened. 😊
    Now 10pm and off to a very swaying sleep...
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    Joani Lesser

    Looks like a great day. Hope the water is not too rough. I think that's pretty unusual. Love looking at your notes and photos!


    Me too!


    Love the Addey story!

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  • Day15


    March 15, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ 🌬 18 °C

    Odstrčený ostrov na jihovýchodě souostroví. Je známý hlavně jako hnízdiště albatrosů, ale na ty jsme netrefili správnou sezónu.
    Přesto stal ostrov za to. Mořští leguáni jsou tu krásně barevní, to samé platí pro ještěrky. Samice zrovna vyhrabávaly hnízda a viděli jsme i několik leguánů zdolávat útesy v bouřlivé vodě.
    Hnízdí tu i mnoho ptáků, viděli jsme boobies, pelikány, fregatky i hodně malých pěnkav. Speciální zážitek je vždycky kolonie lachtanů se spoustou hravých mláďat.
    Na ostrově bylo pekelné vedro, ono vyskytovat se v poledne na rovníku pod oblohou bez mraků na skoro holé skále není zrovna chytré, ale měli jsme povolení jen od 12 do 14h.
    Nesmělo chybět ani šnorchlování u nedalekého ostrůvku Isla Gardner. Voda byla velice čistá, překvapivě studená a ryb nebylo moc. Ale viděli jsme želvu i lachtany ve vodě.
    Nejhorší byla cesta. Malá loď s patnácti lidmi na palubě byla přeplněná a nepohodlná. Bylo horko, minimum stínu, všude smrděl benzín a plavba k ostrovu trvala dvě hodiny. Ale přežili jsme to. Poučení zní, že kvalita různých výletů se může hrozně lišit a podle ceny to nejde předem odhadnout.
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