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  • Day8

    Tal der Könige

    September 13 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 37 °C

    Am 6:30 lüted s Telefon:" Good morning. Wakeup Call." und so stönd mier uf, packed de Rest id Koffer ih und checked nachem Zmorge usem Schiff us. De Hussein het üs gaanz vill Wasser und es paar Snacks für die langi fahrt am Namitag bsorgt. (er luegt guet uf üs 😂)
    Als ersts gönd mir is Tal der Könige wo mier zwüsche grosse Felse, drü Grabstätte besichtige chönd. Das vom Ramsses I, Ramses IX und em Merenptah. I die Grabstätte sind Reisefüerer verbote, und so hend mir de Hussein dusse gla und sind elei inegange. Da er üs aber scho vill verzellt het, hend mir scho sälber agfange die Wänd und Kunstwärch z interpretiere 😉. S Grab vom Tut Ank Amun sind mir nur vo usse go aluege, da das nid inbegriffe gsi wär und lutem Hussein au gar nid spannend sig. S Turistemässige Föteli vorem Igang het aber natürlich nid dörfe fähle.

    Witer gads zum bekannte Totentempel von Hatschepsut was au ser idrücklich gsi isch. Nach dem gids no en halt innere Steifabrik, wo handafertigunge us Granitstei, Alabastarstei und vielem meh gmacht wird.

    Es bizli müed vo dene viele Sehenswürdigkeite gad üsi fahrt im Auto los richtig Marsa Alam. De Hussein möcht üs für die Fahrt begleite, als Fründschaftlichi geste (wiener so schön gseit het). Und so fahred mier mitem Fahrer Tyson und em Tourguide Hussein dur d Steiwüesti vo Ägypte. Am ändi vo de Wüesti werded mier am Kontrollpunkt aghalted und de Fahrer mus usstige. Lachend und es bizli verläge chunder zrugg zum Auto und so gmerked mier, dases wohl au i de Wüesti au Radar gid 😂.
    Nach 4h Autofahrt chömed mier i üsem Hotel in Marsa Alam ah. Mier verabschieded üs vo üsem Fahrer und Reiseleiter und so gönd mir i das risige Hotel. A dem Abig hend mier nümm vill vor, so gniessed mier eifach s All Inklusiv und das feine Ässe wos hie gid. 😋
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    Oski della Torre

    Da kommen Erinnerungen von unserer Reise ano dazumal in den Sinn. War auch damals sehr interessant und vorallem eine Affenhitze.

  • Day3

    Temples, Tombs and Trinkets

    January 7, 2020 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    As I’m writing this it is 8.15pm on 7th Jan and we are cruising down the river Nile. It’s dark, but there are locals outside my window yelling out “holá” every 30 seconds. They are in small motor boats, powering along - or actually attached to our cruise ship by a rope - and are selling things! The idea is that they throw it to you, and if you like it then you throw the money down. Hectic!

    This morning was chilly and brisk as we crossed the Nile in colourful motor boats. Before we knew it, we were in the Valley of the Queens.

    Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple was amazing. Three levels of this queen proclaiming that she was actually the daughter of Amun, and thereby proving she should be Pharaoh. There is even a scene of Hatshepsut drinking milk from the udder of Hathor to further prove that point. Medhat explained exactly how it all went down, and boy were there some crazy family dramas!

    Just to add to her deity relationship claim, this temple is directly in alignment with Karnak (we visited yesterday). This just adds to her father claim, basically saying - see that’s my Dad’s temple just over there, we are so connected.

    We zoomed onto the Valley of the Kings! It’s easy to see why they chose to bury their pharaohs (and all their gold) in these mountains. You would never know a tomb was waiting behind all of those rocks. And what’s amazing is that there would be possibly hundreds more tombs waiting to be found in the mountain!

    Tutankhamen’s tomb. The most famous in the world - but not the most beautiful one we saw today. It’s quite small actually. It’s still hard to believe that I saw Tutankhamen’s ACTUAL mummified head today. So so so so many videos, textbooks, YouTube videos, BBC specials and National Geographic articles about the boy king - and I saw it today. To tell you the truth, I still expected it to be glimmering and gold, even though I knew it was all taken to the Cairo museum.

    We saw three other tombs in the Valley. Each was different and kind of the same. Merenptah’s has 2x sarcophagi because he thought the first one was ugly! When they built tombs, it was a big secret to everyone where they were located. So this meant that when they were building Rameses’ IX tomb they actually bumped into another tombs wall! They made a quick turn (very unusual in tombs!) and continued on!

    The day continued....

    We visited an Alabaster workshop and were entertained by a show and tell that had a strangely similar vibe to a seal show at Sea World; each worker was applauded after showing us their certain skill. The owner promised us a good special price as we are family. We are suckers. Medhat said our bargaining was “almost good”. I think a drop from 5000 to 2000 is still pretty good though.

    Our last big adventure for the day (and this is all before our 3pm lunch) was the temple at Luxor. Amazing. Incredible. These Egyptians knew a thing about building. But this has a super bizarre element! Right at the back, a Coptic Church had decided to repurpose the building. In doing so, they just plastered saintly painting straight over the hieroglyphs - and the remnants are still there! It’s strange how much they just didn’t care about the ancient buildings!

    Back to the boat. We set sail. Saw a sunset over the Nile and are heading to Edfu tomorrow.
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    So great! Bit jealous 😆 loving reading and seeing your photos ❤️ - Mim


    Epic! And it’s only day 2! ❤️ Fee

    Jeremony Ryan

    Matt in that pic so pharaoh so good

    Jeremony Ryan

    So pharaoh so good

  • Day101

    Louxor 2

    November 13, 2019 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Journée sur la rive Ouest du Nil, où se trouve la plus grande partie des sites archéologiques. Visite du temple mortuaire de Hatshepsut, une femme phararon (pharaonne?) du 2e millénaire avant JC. Chaleur écrasante dans la Vallée des rois. Les peintures des tombes sont dans un état remarquable. Bon, on ne comprend rien à toutes ces petits hiéroglyphes qui recouvrent les murs... mais ça fait un petit effet déco sympathique. Pour terminer on cherche de l'ombre au magnifique temple de Medinet Habu et on retraverse le Nil en bateau. A la fin c'était un peu le bazar, le guide a failli étrangler un touriste chinois qui était pris dans une frénésie photographique interminable pile au moment de partir et des Américains qui voulaient absolument aller au McDo. Un Egyptien expliquait à des Coréens qu'ici les gens aimaient deux choses : le hashish et la bière. Ah bon?Read more

    Khalid J

    Je savais que ce type était bizzare, je l'ai su au moment où il a sorti de sa poche un bocal de jus de cornichon qu'il a bu en scred.


    Excellent !!!

  • Day3

    Tal der Könige

    October 15, 2019 in Egypt ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    Wer in Luxor ist, schaut sich zweifellos das Tal der Könige an. Das galt natürlich auch für uns. Für die Besichtigung des Grabes von Tut Ench Amun ist neben dem allgemeinen Eintritt ein zusätzlicher Obolus zu entrichten. Ashraff riet uns davon ab. Alles aus dem Grab sei auch in Kairo im Ägyptischen Museum zu bewundern. Dort würden wir ja auch noch hin fahren. So schauten wir uns das Grab von Ramses IV an. Es zählt zu den am Besten erhaltenen Grabstellen. Wie gut, dass wir mit Ashraff unterwegs waren, sonst hätten wir eine falsche Entscheidung getroffen. Und wieder kamen wir ohne Wartezeit und große Menschenmassen gut durch. Als wir mit unserer Besichtigungstour fertig waren, strömten riesige Touristengruppen ins Tal. Vor vielen Gräbern bildeten sich enorme Warteschlangen. Wir fuhren weiter zu den Alabaster Werkstätten. Dort erlebten wir eine typische Touristenshow, die uns Ashraff nicht vorenthalten wollte.Read more

  • Day9

    The Valley of the Kings

    April 17 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Possibly related to attempts to deter tomb raiders, it is said that architect Ineni was asked to find a new place for royal burials. He located this isolated wadi at the foot of "ta dehent," a pyramidal peak reminiscent of the pyramids (see 1st 2 pictures). It is in a remote area that was extremely hard to access up until a road was excavated and rock cut to provide easier access. The 3rd picture looks around the valley.
    I visited 4 tombs which each will have their own posts.
    To date 63 tombs have been found and these are identified as KV 1 to KV 63.
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  • Day9

    KV 8

    April 17 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    This is the tomb of Merenptah, son of Remeses II who ruled in the late 13th century BCE. It is the deepest tomb I saw.
    The first picture is looking from the entry down the long corridor into the tomb. 2nd is a visual representation of the tomb. 3, 4, & 5 look at some of the art work, while the last is the sarcophagus.Read more

  • Day3

    Alabaster, eine Kaffeefahrt auf ägytisch

    October 15, 2019 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Der Besuch der Alabaster-Werkstatt war eine Verkaufsveranstaltung mit schauspielerischen Einlagen. Die sogenannten Arbeiter saßen auf dem Boden und erklärten uns in Sprechchören, wie schon vor 3000 Jahren der Alabaster bearbeitet wurde. Ich fand es interessant und amüsant zugleich. Anschließend warfen wir einen Blick auf die Memnonkolosse und fuhren dann zu „unserem“ Schiff. Die Kreuzfahrt konnte beginnen. Auch auf dem Schiff betreute Ashraff uns persönlich. Unsere Gruppe bestand nur noch aus drei Personen - was für ein Luxus.Read more

  • Day9

    KV 16

    April 17 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    This is the tomb of Rameses I, founder of the 19th dynasty and dating from early in the 13th century BCE. This is the smallest tomb I visited as Rameses I only ruled for 2 years. So there are no carvings, only painted walls.
    The 2st picture is the schematic. The next 2 are of art. As it is not as extensive as others, I took fewer pictures.
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  • Day9

    KV 11

    April 17 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    This is the tomb of Rameses III, dating from the middle of the 12th century BCE. He ruled for more than 30 years until he was assassinated by a son. Given the long reign, there was plenty of time to carve and decorate the tomb.
    As this is what you've been waiting for, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The last, of course, is the tomb schematic.
    The paint is all original. No restoration. I find it mind boggling that such stunning art work has survived more than 3 millennia.
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  • Day9

    KV 62

    April 17 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    This is the most famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings. This is the tomb of Tutankhamun who died in about 1325 BCE at the age of 18. This is the tomb found and opened in 1922 with all of the famous artifacts that are now in the new Museum of Civilization in Cairo.
    This is a video of the chamber around the sarcophagus. It is the only only part open
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