El Salvador
Centro Urbano Montserrat

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    • Day2

      San Salvador - Day 2

      April 13 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Today i wanted to see some sights of the city before heading into the countryside of el salvador. Had lunch near my hotel and then took an uber downtown. There were a few nice buildings like the cathedral, the theatre and the palace, but otherwise all of downtown is completely consumed by street markets everywhere. And i mean everywhere. And most buildings were in really rough shape.

      After walking around in the heat, i wanted to find a restaurant to sit down and have a cold beverage and eventually use the wifi to get an uber back. But i literally couldn't find one. I came across a couple of really rough looking places but thats it. So i walked about an hour towards my hotel until i found something decent. My hotel area has endless awesome restaurants and bars but centro area is completely devoid of it. So weird. And oh boy was it hot.

      Ubered back my hotel around 4, grabbed a couple of things and then took another uber to a nice restaurant up on the side of a volcano with awesome views of the city. 35 minute drive but my uber cost 5 dollars haha. Its ridiculously cheap for transportation in this country.

      Once i got dropped off it occured to me it might be hard to find other uber drivers on the volcano haha... and the wifi at that restaurant wasnt working. Slight problem. so i walked down the mountain about 15 minutes to another really nice restaurant, sat down for a beer and watched the sun set over san salvador and another nearby volcano in the distance. And began the long process of trying to summon a driver to get me back to the city.

      Eventually got one and arrived back at the hotel around 8pm. Finished the evening at a really nice lounge spot. Super tired as i think all the travel and heat caught up with me. And needed a good sleep to be fresh for driving around the country tomorrow.
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    • Day1

      San Salvador - Day 1

      April 12 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Mostly a long travel day. But not uneventful either. Not always for the right reasons :)

      I let my cat outside the night prior to my flight, and when i got up at 5:45am, he wasn't anywhere to be found. Usually he's at the front door. But i had to pack still and leave by 615, so priorities shifted unfortunately. Luckily just as my uber pulled up, so did my cat. Phew!

      Had a long layover in Toronto and met a nice American at the barstool next to me. Chatted for a bit and eventually learned she is from el salvador. What are the odds? Apparently not bad haha.

      On the houston flight, i had the chattiest 86 year old ever next to me. Incredibly interesting guy from moncton but he also feels ukraine is equally part of the problem so we weren't exactly simpatico. Once we got past that awkwardness, it was just both of us spewing travel stories over and over for 4 hours.

      At a pub in Houston, met a nice guy named Colin who does emissions testing all over the US... which made me laugh a lot .. cuz yknow... trump, Republicans, etc. If i didn't have a quick connection, we would chatted forever.

      And finally arrived in el salvador. The airport is literally next to the ocean and san salvador is waaaay up in the mountains. So, that was a very long drive into the city. The equivalent to Ottawa having its airport in Cornwall. Weird. I asked for a taxi and got a 15 seat van to myself for an hour ride for $35. I'm sure there were cheaper options but i noticed most people were riding in the back of pickups! 35 is fine, thank you!!

      Settled in, showered, and went across the street to the Cadejo brewery (perhaps not coincidence). San salvador has a lot of unsavory areas but zona rosa is a giant safe area and my hotel is amazing. I can't believe its a third world country hotel because its pretty swank. Nicest place i have stayed in, for years.

      Live band at the brewery and everybody bouncing off their seats (my vid unfortunately is not depicting it). Surprising for a Tuesday. Then went across the street again to a very lively outdoor establishment. Feels like a Saturday.. fun vibe.

      Fun day, despite a million airport hours logged. I traveled a gazillion miles and as soon as i arrive, 50 feet is my boundaries somehow, apparently haha. Everything fun is literally right here. Perfect for a late arrival. Tomorrow, i explore.
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    • Day563

      San Salvador City

      December 9, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      In die Stadt San Salvador wollte ich eigentlich nicht, musste aber hin um den Covid Test zu machen, damit ich weiter nach Guatemala reisen kann. Um die Wartezeit bis zum Resultat zu überbrücken, unternahm ich eine kleine City Tour. Die historische Altstadt ist recht klein und überschaubar, doch durchaus sehenswert.
      Mit dem neuen Test in der Tasche kann nun die Reise weiter gehen.
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      Dann gute weiter Reise 🙋‍♀️

      Berni Maria Südamerika

      Hallo Ruedi wir können jetzt auch wieder herumreißen fahren nochmals in den Süden von Argentinien 👍 Gute Reise 👍🤗


      Super, das freut mich. Euch eine gute Reise und viele tolle Erlebnisse.

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    • Day6

      Ataco / San Salvador

      April 17 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Yesterday did not go to plan at all, so today was about rectifying some of yesterday's unlucky events. Set off hoping to see the "seven waterfalls" and Ataco, a part of the rutas de las flores - a group of small colonial towns high up in the mountains and volcanos.

      Sonia had not seen the 7 waterfalls yet, so she tagged along. Didn't depart until 1045, and the mountain roads are slow, so we didn't arrive in Ataco until 1230. Ataco is a gorgeous village filled with artisan markets, nice restaurants and most famous for its brightly coloured murals on many of the houses and buildings. Its quite a wonderful experience no matter what direction you wander. And of course the awesome mountain backdrop in every direction too.

      From there, headed to the 7 waterfalls area just outside of juayua. Had to hire a guide for 10 dollars each and i can see why. It was a complex trek through dense jungle with several different paths forking different directions. The walk itself was not easy. Lots of uphill and steep downhill parts and much of it with a steep drop on one side too.

      Uniquely, the water was coming out of a high rock wall and spread out over a very wide area and then over a cliff edge. We were on top of that cliff edge. Really pretty spot. We had to traverse through the running water to get to the largest part and from there i climbed up the biggest part of the falls. About 45 minutes to get there and another 45 minutes back. And then the 2 hour drive back to san salvador, arriving just as the sun went down.
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    • Day5

      Juayua / San Salvador

      April 16 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Had exciting plans to hike up the santa ana volcano but the sky was totally covered in clouds and looked like it might rain too. Its a 5 hour expedition and didn't want to exert all that effort with bad weather and no views from the summit.

      So i decided to drive to Juayua instead to see the cute town and see more waterfalls. The drive was great winding around and over mountains and volcanoes for 90 minutes.

      The town was consumed with semana santa celebrations (Easter) and had streets barricaded for pedestrians only with lots of food tents and entertainment. Took that in for a little bit and then drove to the waterfalls. Crazy rough road. I came across 2 people standing aside so i rolled down my window and asked how far away the waterfalls are and they told me it was closed right now. Bummer! They were returning from a different hike so i told them to hop in and i would drive them up the hill.

      Went back to the town, got some food and watched the festivities take place around me for a while and then drove back to san salvador. I was invited to hang out later with Mauricio who i hung out with the first night i arrived. And before that, i went to a bar next to my hotel. Made a new friend sonia there, who spoke perfect english (such a rarity here) and we ended up chatting the night away. Such a novelty being able to speak freely to someone without having to translate everything. Never made it to where Mauricio was. Hopefully can meet up with Mauricio another night before i head home.
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    • Day66

      Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen

      March 11 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Musée instructif et textes souvent traduits en anglais.
      Partie 1 : massacre de 10 à 30000 indigènes en 1932.
      Partie 2 : vie et oeuvre du prêtre Oscar Arnulfo Romero
      Partie 3 : guerre civile de 1981 à 1992, hier en somme..
      Partie 4 : vie dans les camps de réfugiés au Honduras, broderies sur napperons relatant le quotidien et messages d'espoir
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    • Day67

      Catedral San Salvador y Iglesia

      March 12 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      La Iglesia del Calvario est le premier monument que nous découvrons dans ce centre historique mouvementé et densément occupé en ce samedi matin.
      Une fois extraits des dédales du marché et éloignés des nombreux vendeurs de rues entassés, criants et se déplaçants de partout, nous rejoignons la grande place où se trouve le palais National, la cathédrale et prochainement une bibliothèque financée par des chinois.Read more

    • Day608

      San Salvador

      August 29, 2021 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      …is the capital of El Salvador.

      I met a Swiss girl and two Israelis after I came back to my hostel from late lunch. We were chatting and decided to go for dinner and then to a nightclub afterwards.

      After a beer and some tapas in a bar everyone was tired so we didn’t execute our former plan and went back to the hostel instead. The next day I could drive the rental car of this group up to the volcano San Salvador better known as El Boqueron. The girls and I enjoyed the cold morning (20°C) on top of this inactive volcano (1893m) and at midday we went back to the city where I hopped off and the girls continued to the beach to return their rental car.

      I spent one more night closer to the historical center of the city before I took the bus to the coast.
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    • Day67

      Rues du centre historique

      March 12 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Quelques bâtiments et coins de rues à capturer mais nous restons uniquement une heure à l'arpenter. Première fois depuis le début de ce périple que nous parcourons un peu ces grandes villes où tout se densifie mais que les travaux de salubrité ne sont pas entrepris. Odeurs nauséabondes, ordures, bâtimens abandonnés,.. alors que les salvadoriens sont plus entreprenants que d'autres nationalités à conserver leurs grands axes routiers et rues de village propres, ce centre historique insalubre est un autre reflet de la réalité.Read more

    • Day1


      July 16 in El Salvador ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      Am Flughafen in Frankfurt habe ich kein Visa für den Transit in Washington, USA. Man kann das ESTA aber am Flughafen beantragen, ist natürlich teuer. Gerade rechtzeitig wird es bewilligt und dann drängelt ich mich beim Security-Check vor. Knapp im Flugzeug angekommen sitzen noch 50 Minuten rum.

      Isabella und ihre Eltern holen mich ab und wir essen direkt Pupusas, das Nationalgericht hier.

      Von meinem Balkon aus kann man den Vulkan San Salvador sehen.
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      Ich erfreue mich an deinem Strahlen!


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