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Departamento de Cuscatlán

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  • Day156

    Pupusas fürs Volk

    June 21, 2018 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Der Abstecher hat sich echt gelohnt. Suchitoto ist ein bezauberndes Städtchen und die Leute einmal mehr überfreundlich. Es gibt hier sogar noch ein paar weitere Touristen und so freunden wir uns schon nach zwei Minuten mit zwei Holländern an. Also mit einem Holländer und einer Holländerin. Sind aber kein Pärchen, sonst hätte ich ja "mit einem holländischen Pärchen" geschrieben. Nach einem späten Lunch - diese Pupusas haben es mir angetan - gehen wir mit den Holländern saufen. Als Zeit für Dinner ist, hole ich einfach noch eine Runde Bier. Damit hat sich das Thema auch schon wieder erledigt. Endlich mal normale Leute. Und da das so lustig war, machen wir vier das tags darauf - nach Pupusas zum Frühstück und einem Tag die Gegend erkunden auf der Ladefläche eines PickUps - nochmals genau gleich. Diesmal stiehlt sich Sue allerdings davon, um kurz vor Küchenschluss doch noch was zum Znacht zu bestellen. Bei ein paar Pupusas machen dann sogar nochmal alle mit. Ich glaube ich eröffne als nächstes eine Pupusa-Kette in Europa und kröne mich selbst zum Pupusa-König. Der beste Kunde steht dann zwar hinter dem Tresen, aber das ziehe ich der gefrässigen Sue dann einfach vom Lohn ab.

    Und das wars dann wohl mit El Salvador. Falls unser Plan aufgeht und uns niemand daran hindert, passieren wir als Nächstes die Grenze zu Honduras. Wobei, wer soll uns schon aufhalten? Bei meinem unaufdringlichen Charme und Sue‘s gülden wehendem Haar ...
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  • Day23

    First day in El Salvador

    January 25, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Wake up feeling tired. Hot room and rock hard mattress so on the denco rub goes.

    Decide to take a tuk tuk for $2 (50 cents for a local) down to the lake (Lake Suchitlan) as bus (35 cents) was taking too long.

    Have to pay either $1 or $3 to enter lake area. As I have no idea whats what I go for the cheap option!

    Turns out the $3 gains you admission to a pool with a view of the lake!! Nice. Pity our guide didn't bother to tell us this! I would have swum in undies and crop top with no towel but decide just to chill by the lake.

    Its so lovely and peaceful and no tourists which is wonderful. I have the whole lakeside to myself so I just sit and relax with the dog who joined me.

    You have got to love the dumped car right in the middle of the money shot!

    Next it is lunch in the most fabulous place. There are lots of little places to choose from under the one roof. Each place had its own table setting.

    And have a look at the chicken and avocado sandwich I ordered!

    I spend a while here and run into Suzanna my buddy from the tour group. We think she has bronchitis but its been getting worse so she saw an El Salvadoran Dr who was actually an obstetrician! last night and has been put on all this medication.

    We hang out then I catch the public bus up the hill while Suzanna walks.

    Wander around the town which is lovely and peaceful. The handicrafts are way over priced.
    Indigo dye is big here! Go figure.

    Then a banana and chocolate crepe sitting watching the town centre activities! Lovely day.
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  • Day87

    Cerro Verde NP to Suchitoto

    October 23, 2019 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Day 84-86- Suchitoto

    Itinerary DRAGOMAN:
    After our trek up the volcano, we will take a short drive to the beautiful town of Suchitoto, where we will have a free afternoon to explore the town, with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses, and to learn about the incredible work of the Dragoman-supported community centre in which we stay. In Suchitoto we will stay in dormitory rooms at the Centro Arte Para La Paz community centre, which runs many programs for the local communities to build cultural identity, unity, teaching skills, self-sufficiency, environmental equality and a culture of peace. Estimated Drive Time - 4-5 hours. Next day we will have a day to explore Suchitoto, have a guided walking tour of the town, head out on a sunset boat trip or take a day trip to San Salvador.

    Gegen 14:30 sind wir in einer deutlich wärmeren Höhenlage von ca. 500 müN zu unserem Ziel gefahren. Morgens schlendern wir durch den bezaubernden Ort “Suchitoto”. Definitiv ein Highlight. Zentralamerika war in der Nachbetrachtung in Sachen historische Orte und Städte mit Flair eher eine Enttäuschung. “Suchitoto” war da eine der wenigen positiven Ausnahmen.

    Koordinaten: 13°56′13″ N 89°1′32″ W
    Höhe: 390 müN

    Editiert am 31.10.2020
    Text von Wolfgang und Heidi
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  • Day87


    October 23, 2019 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Am Nachmittag nehmen wir an einer geführten Tour durch das wunderhübsche “Suchitoto”* teil. Wir klettern zuerst zu einem schönen namenlosen Wasserfall. Das ist ziemlich schweißtreibend. In einer kleinen Cooperation schauen wir uns den “Indigos”* Prozess an und wie man kunstfertige Muster erzielt. Wenn ich alles richtig verstanden habe, ist der Unterschied zu Batik, dass bei Batik die Muster mit Bienenwachs erzielt werden. Im Ort besuchen wir eine Zigarren“Fabrik“ . Hier rollen die Frauen (die jüngste ist 74 !) bis zu 1.000 Zigarren täglich. Die Zigarren werden nur lokal verkauft (25 für 5 USD). Vorher dürfen wir den Guerilla “Chaparro”* Schnaps probieren. Nach dem Kippen beißt man in eine Zitrone mit Zimtglasur. Guerilla deshalb, weil der Schnaps illegal produziert wurde (keine Steuern) und im Bürgerkrieg haben hier in El Salvador die lokalen Produzenten die Guerilla damit versorgt haben. Die Tradition der illegalen Produktion lebt fort. Alles sehr authentisch und interessant. Am Abend gehen wir in die “Revolution bar”.

    Editiert am 31.10.2020
    Text von Wolfgang und Heidi
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  • Day122


    June 20, 2016 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    How long: 3 nights
    Travelling with: Solo

    The multiple buses to Suchitoto actually didn't take half as long as expected and so arrived into Suchitoto mid afternoon. I immediately liked it. Bus dropped me near the central square and I set off to find my hostel. Lovely colonial little town with a really nice friendly ambience. Like a lot of towns in El Salvador its on a grid so not too hard to find your way around so found my hostel pretty quickly and checked in to the dorm to see only other person staying and although they were not there I recognised the stuff and laid a bet with myself that it was Wei.
    Just dropped my bag and headed out for a wander in this lovely little town. Although the guidebooks had said weekends were busy in Suchitoto I was struck by how quiet it was....even in the main square. There were some stalls out and a few people strolling around but all in all very quiet. Beautiful Cathedral overlooking the main square...which seems to be the template for most Central American towns and cities.
    Was wandering through the square and lo and behold met Quan....El Salvador really is a small country. He was with an an El Salvadorian girl who he had appeared to be driving him around the country! Another example of the amazing El Salvadorian hospitality...she wanted to make sure he enjoyed the country and had easy travel so she drove to one town to pick him up and drive him to another! Wish I had made a friend like that!! I do also think she fancied him quite a lot tho! :) So spent a lovely afternoon wandering with them and had a beer in the afternoon sun beside the cathedral. Went back to the hostel later to find that my roommate was indeed Wei.....and that we were only people staying there! Relaxed for a while and then went back to meet Quan for a beer and a pupusa.
    Next day headed off with the two guys to check out the lake. Ended up going down a random track to explore which brought us on a lovely trail down to the lake through woods ans maize fields. Stunning views and not a person in sight apart from a very helpful, friendly farmer. Walked for a few hours and then decided we wanted to try and get to the other side of the lake which was looking impossible until we spotted a fisherman in his boat who brought us across...and tried to sell us some fish which unfortunately we couldn't buy as no bag to put it in. Kept walking and then came to a group of shacks beside the lake which were restaurants so we stopped for lunch and had one of the best fish meals ever! So fresh and from a snack in the middle of a field!. Wandered home very happy with ourselves buying some more fresh fish on the way that we cooked up a storm with that night. On the walk home I noticed a lot of the houses had a stencil in different colours on the outside wall. It had a picture of the national bird and the words..."En esta casa queremos una vida libre de violencia hasia las mujeres" ....in this house we want a life free of violence against women. Great to see this initiative but very sad that it's necessary.
    Next day went to see the waterfall outside of town...which we needed a police escort for. These boys weren't taking any chances...three heavily armed police and army guys drove us out there and walked down to the waterfall with us. Unfortunately the waterfall was dry but there's an amazing rock formation there that reminded me very much of the Giants Causeway....more a vertical giants causeway. Very interesting...especially with our machine gun toting guides :)
    Next day I decided to move on to Las Palmas which would be a stop off on the way to La Frontera and Honduras. Quan heading same way so we decided to travel together
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  • Day23

    Driving through El Salvador at night

    January 25, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Never thought I would be doing that!

    The drive to El Salvador seemed to take ages even though it was only six hours it felt like 10!

    The border crossing was pretty quick. Our guide told us it took him about four trips to have it run smoothly. He said sometimes they can keep you there for hours. The border police came into the van and looked at us and our passports even though they had already been stamped.

    When we cross the border the town has alot of bars on windows and doors, fences and barbed wire. The middle class homes are surrounded by fences and barbed wire and there is even barbed wire on their balconies.

    Plus for the size of the town there are alot of funeral homes!

    The countryside is hilly and brown and the rural homes are similar to Honduras and Guatemala.

    As the sun goes down I just want to get to the hotel, have a shower and go to bed.

    After hotel checkin we are briefed on all the tours. The tour company really presses these tours and doesn't cater much for the budget traveller so you really have to press the guide for information on how to do things yourself and then half the information is left out.

    None of the tours appeal - a three hour town tour (no way) and a boat trip to watch the sunset with alot of drunk aussies and poms (shoot me now).

    There was a very interesting tour which would have shown us where all the guerilla warfare took place, given us the history and allowed us to meet a former fighter who joinen up when he was 12. Then the tour finished at a waterfall. Fabulous I thought but only two of us were intetested and they needed four.
    They offered to drive us there and back for $50 when the tour with an English speaking guide was $35!!
    No thanks was the response.

    Kayaking to watch the sunrise on the lake sounds nice but not sure I could keep up with two hours of kayaking or get up st 5am.

    No hot shower so out I go and after alot of fiddling around I am told there is hot water. When I have my shower its barely luke warm. They must have a different definition of hot here! Too tired so cold shower it is and to save time I wash my clothes in the shower. The joys of budget travel.
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  • Day92

    Big Travel Day

    September 16, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    We were up at 5:30am, the view from my bed out to the ocean was stunning.
    We caught a boat with our belongings and had to carry our bags across the mud as the tide was out very far. We traveled for a couple of hours with a stop for breakfast at a gas station. We waited two hours at the boarder from Nicaragua for a boat. The boat took two hours and I was on the side of the boat in the sun which seemed a good spot but I ended up getting splashed with salt water most of the trip so was quite wet. Another girl on the boat was drenched from it. We then arrived in El Salvador!! We put our passports in at immigration and went to a chicken shop for lunch/dinner. When our passports were returned I had to pay US$10 fee as an Aussie! It would have been a bit tricky to swap to my English passport mid way through traveling.
    We then drove for four hours in torrential rain with massive lighting strikes. It was like driving through a river on the main streets. We stopped at a servo which was guarded by two people holding guns.
    We arrived in Suchitoto after a long 15.5 hour travel day! We had some beers at a bar across the road listening to more Spanish tunes!
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