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Departamento de La Unión

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  • Day138

    Mirador Esperitu de la Montana

    January 23, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    As the love motel wasn't too cosy and as it was going to be hot again, we were on the road by 6:30am. Furthermore, we didn't have breakfast, so we had to stop in Usulutan to buy some bread and bananas.
    The road was pretty busy but at least relatively flat and the asphalt was good, so we could complete this stretch quite fast. All the time, we could enjoy the views on the volcano de San Miguel.
    After 50km, we could finally leave the busy road. This however came with a deterioration of the asphalt and a 450m climb. We also had to share the road with some cows who didn't care about cyclist who wanted to pass at all...
    We had heard about a great lookout where you could also camp. Apparently, there's transport available every day at 3pm from the village Conchagua and you can take your bikes. We didn't know if we could make it on time, so didn't organize anything in advance. When we realized we can make it, I called Luis, who runs the tours, and he told us we can go up with him. So we went to the central square in Conchagua and bought food and water for the night while waiting for Luis. Once he arrived, we put our bikes and luggage on the truck and jumped on the back as well. The ride to the top took about 45min and the road was very steep and bumpy, so it was an adventure itself. However, the lookout is absolutely amazing. You can see the bay of El Salvador, Honduras and all the way to Nicaragua. And we can put up our camp right on the wooden platform, so we can see the stars and the sunrise out of our sleeping bags. Really looking forward to the night and the morning - but definitely not to ride down!
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  • Day25

    Up the volcano I go but land in hell!

    January 27, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    So we get a great sales pitch on this volcano visit by our tour guide. Easy he said - two hour drive there and back in a pick up truck plus 60 minutes hiking. Ok I thought. I can do that.

    Back by 1pm at the lastest - so that leaves plenty of time for hammocking and margaritas!

    The pick up truck arrives and there are 12 people - first sign of trouble. A mattress goes in the back and seven people are expected to cram into the back with five inside. I'm not stupid - as everybody eagerly jumps in the back I make it to a seat.

    An hour's drive there? Three hours later we get to the volcano but the driver takes us to the wrong volcano!!

    But let me back up abit. We assumed it was a drive on a road as we were not told otherwise. Part was a road then a very bumpy dirt track uphill followed by very steep cobblestone! It was so bumpy we were being thrown all over the place. Thank christ I was inside.
    And this pickup truck wasn't a four wheel drive!

    There was not even a remote bit of commonsense from our tour guide - who I might add has done this trip three times before.

    So we are struggling up hill and the truck is basically sliding backwards down the hill! So we all yell stop and stumble out of the truck. Not sure if the driver or tour guide would have made this crucial safety decision!

    Then half get back in and half start walking. The truck finally makes it to the wrong volcano. So while waiting for the others we walk to the top of this volcano which has telco towers! No much of a view so we trudge down. Turns out a large chunk of this volcano is owned by one person who likes to live alone. He charges $5 to get to the other side of this wrong volcano. The tour guide does say this is his fault and then says he will pay the $5 (to the wrong volcano I might add) and has rung for another truck. I just want the last 5 hours back!

    The $5 volcano has a lovely view and it looks like they are building a cafe and there is a half finished viewing platform.

    Then back to the new truck which you stand in hanging onto a rope which gives you rope burn because the truck shakes so much going over the rocks!

    There is a vote as to whether we carry onto the planned volcano. Majority vote means we do so we start hiking. I'm over it and am thinking of my hammock.

    At the top is a timber lookout which can only hold four people at a time - its pretty shaky though - hope no one is on it when it eventually collapses.

    Back down the volcano in the rope truck then we have to cram into the original truck. Will this nightmare never end.......
    We put another person in the front sitting between the gear stick so there is more room in the back and the guide sits in the back this time.

    Once we arrive back we all rush to order lunch as that can take an hour. I go straight in the pool then to the hammock to have lunch.

    I won't bore you will the bill saga at the hotel but I wasn't going to pay $9 for a piece of chicken when you can get a massive dinner of chicken rice beans and vegetables for the same price. The perils of ordering off menu.

    Day over thank heavens.

    Lovely view.
    You can see the wrong volcano with the telco towers!
    Examples of rural life.
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  • Day254

    Leaving El Salvador with New Looks

    April 12, 2016 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 36 °C

    Our morning ride got us to La Union where we found a cool Internet cafe and had a hard time leaving. We looked into taking a boat across the gulf straight to Nicaragua, but decided we ought to actually ride through Honduras. There was a beauty salon just across the street from our Internet perch, so the two of us got our hair cut for a total of US $7 before we were ready for an afternoon push into Honduras. We stopped at an air-conditioned gas station near the border and spent our small change pigging out on pop and chips before checking out of El Salvador in good spirits and with new looks (no more beard for Karl, that thing was getting a bit ratty!)Read more

  • Day351

    Tortuga Verde

    May 2, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    We FINALLY left Zonte and drove about 3 hours south along the coast road. We arrived around 2pm on a bank holiday and unsurprisingly the place was heaving.

    We parked up on the road and wandered down the beach a mile or so to Tortuga Verde (Green Turtle), which is a pretty big resorty hotel place, but a very nice one. We whiled away a few hours until Hora Feliz started, and then whiled away a few more!

    It was seriously hot and damn humid too, and we were really glad of a hookup and our air-con. The next day we chilled at our place in the morning, hit the pupuseria for lunch, walked a few miles down the wide flat beach collecting sand dollars, and then ended up back at Happy Hour!

    A nice place, but not a patch on some of the INCREDIBLE places we have stayed at so far.
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  • Day48

    Playa el Cuco

    February 13, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    "La Tortuga Verde" on Playa el Cuco was a weird little paradise. It was a resort for the rich local people who would come on the weekends and a backpackers hang out at the same time. We were afraid our stay there could become a little expensive but it turned out not to be like that at all - especially as the staff forgot to put lots of things on our tab.
    They had daily free Yoga Sessions, you could go rent boards by the hour and every night there was a boat going out to watch the sunset.
    The place also took care of hurt pelicans and collected turtle eggs from the beach to protect them from any kind of harm and released the turtles into the ocean after they were born. So there was always something to do or to watch if just hanging out in a hammock got to boring.
    It was a 45 minutes walk from the resort along the beach to town which I took one day to check out the coastline here. It was the first beach you could actually walk for that long and it was pretty beautiful.
    It was my last stop with Sebastian before he would go back to Germany and I would continue to Nicaragua. It was nice traveling with him and Sandy for a while but now I'm also looking forward to be by myself again...
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  • Day54

    Auf nach El Salvador (Teil 2)

    April 24, 2018 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Honduras habe ich im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes verschlafen. Nur an der Grenze von Honduras nach El Salvador konnte ich die landestypische Speise „Baleada“ kennenlernen: Ein Tortilla, der mit Fleisch, Bohnen und Käse gefüllt ist.
    Gut gestärkt ging die Reise weiter. Aber halt.. „wo ist der Australier?“ Den haben wir wohl an der Grenze vergessen. Also nochmal umkehren und den zurückgebliebenen Backpacker einsammeln 😅 Ziemlich müde und k.o. kamen wir am Nachmittag in unserer Unterkunft in El Tunco an. Nach einem ausgiebigen Nachmittagsschläfchen, erkundeten wir am Abend noch das Örtchen und ließen den Tag mit einem leckeren Burger und frischen Fruchtsmoothies ausklingen.
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  • Day106

    La Union, El Salvador

    June 4, 2016 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    How long: 1 night
    Stayed: Portobello Hotel
    Travelling with: Susan and Andreas

    Planes, trains and automobiles!! What a journey.
    Got a collectivo from Leon to chenindenga. We had to be in Potosi to get the boat at 10.30am but when we arrived in chenindenga at 8am we were told there no collectivos going there...just the big chicken bus and that wasn't going til 9.30. So we had to get a taxi...for $40. Needless to say this did not help my mood at all.
    Arrived in potosi which is a one street shithole to find that the boat we were supposed to be travelling on was not a ferry as I had been told...but a panga...fine for short trips but this was going to be over two hours. Then we had to wait for immigration to open and process our exit and then wait for a group of 14 people to turn up....which they did 3 hours later....by which time I was no longer able to speak with rage. One more hour to process them thru immigration and finally at 2.30 we set off. Straight into a massive storm. Driving rain, thunder and lightening and driving in circles to avoid capsizing. Joy. Arrived in La Union over 3 hours later soaking wet but thankfully alive. I was expecting an admission from Susan that maybe the shuttle might have been better..
    considering the journey we had just had. But no...the mad woman was elated!! Amazing journeym..loved it! More proof she is totally mental :) Made our way to immigration and our first taste of El Salvador.
    The rain as like nothing on earth so we were like drownded rats arriving into the immigration office. But they couldn't have been nicer. I was decked out in my sexy raincoat (black bin bag) and the immigration officer was loving it. Taking pics and generally acting the maggots. He even made us coffee as we were there so long avoiding the rain and trying to work out a way to get out of there. Certainly not what you'd expect from an border immigration office. We had planned to go straight from La Union to the beach at el cuco but cos of being so late the bus was gone and no taxi would take us cos of the rain and bad roads so we were stuck in La Union...which lonely planet had written off as one to avoid.
    Susan had met a nice Chilean guy (Andreas) in potosi and on the boat (i was too cranky to talk to anyone) and he was also stuck there for the night so we teamed up and went in search of a hotel...a search made so much easier as he was our translator. Eventually found somewhere and quickly changed and went out for a much needed beer and dinner. Went to La Bahia which is basically the only place in town and this was even deserted cos of the rain. But we had the most delicious seafood meal ever!! La Bahia also the town nightclub so after dinner we popped over for one beer and a dance. Very few people there but they all having a great time so we joined in. And what a night. Great dancing and lots of $1 beers. Susan won a dancing competition with one of the local boys even tho she didn't know it was a competition ....and the prize...more beer! :) straggled home in the wee hours after a really unexpected amazing night out in La Union.
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