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  • Day18

    Fijians love God and Rugby

    October 25, 2016 in Fiji

    I have never experienced a place where they love rugby as much as they do in Fiji 🇫🇯!

    The country is littered with bill boards with photos of the Fiji sevens team who won the gold medal at the Olympics. As they call them now the "Fiji Heroes".

    To prove how much they love rugby, take a look at the dive shops post on Facebook about me. Clay (Kiwi friend we made on the cruise) mention that I played for the springboks (he did not specifying which level 😜) and immediately I had celebrity status, everyone wanted to take a photo with me and after the dives they asked if the crew can take a photo with me for their Facebook page, i did not think they will really post it but they did, haha.

    They love God slightly more than rugby judging by the number of people you see with "Jesus" arm bands and bill boards with scripture next to the roads. Wonderful to see how a country can be so open about their faith in Christ.

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  • Day18

    Aqua trek - Fiji Shark dive

    October 25, 2016 in Fiji

    Bula (Hello) friends!! Another adventure which I can't describe adequately. The french say "incroiable" which means unforgettable. The thrill, emotion and beauty that I experienced today left me teary and overwhelmed. It was one of the best days of my life if not the best. I am so blessed to share this with my "celebrity" rugby husband (Everyone young and old big and small wants take pictures with him - I believe they confuse him with the side angle of Francois Louw LOL)

    I remember what a panicky diver I used to be and now I jump into the middle of the ocean with these giant creatures without thinking about it. We saw white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, massive bullsharks and I loved the suckerfish. Oh and meeting nemo in the wild was magical.

    The Fiji 🇫🇯 Shark dive is definitely a must do! The very friendly dive crew have a passion for their environment and we learned so much from them & their culture whilst being on the boat.

    I am thankful that all our stars aligned so we experienced the Shark feed. Life works in incredible ways; We met Clay, a fabulous Kiwi guy, all thanks to Roedolf's beyond rugby t-shirt. He has been to Fiji many times before and knows the ropes so he sorted the dives for us, regardless of all the variables out of our control.

    The only thing that can make this better, is to be fortunate enough to have this all over again & visit beautiful Fiji again.

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  • Day259

    Pacific Harbour, FJI

    May 16, 2017 in Fiji

    In Nadi selber gibt es nicht so viel zu sehen. Daher mussten wir unsere nette Gastfamilie nach 2 Nächten leider verlassen. Nach einer dreistündigen Busfahrt durch das schöne Inland kamen wir in Pacific Harbour an und checkten in das bisher schönste Apartment ein. Wow wir sind erst Mal eine halbe Stunde durch das Apartment gelaufen und haben es bestaunt. Die Aussicht auf den direkt davor gelegenen Seerosenteich war das Highlight. Wir haben zwei gemütliche Tage im Apartment und am nahe gelegenen Strand verbracht. Nach Pacific Harbour sind wir aber nicht wegen dem schönen Apartment gekommen (zumal wir auch nicht wussten, dass dies so schön und groß ist 😎), sondern zum Tauchen und zwar mit ganz vielen Haien.

    Heute am Morgen war es dann soweit und wir wurden von der Tauchbasis abgeholt. Nach circa einer Stunde waren wir dann auch schon im Wasser und die Jungs von der Tauchbasis haben angefangen die Haie zu füttern. Wow das war gigantisch. Direkt vor unseren Augen haben die Haie die toten Thunfische, welche ihnen von den Jungs direkt ins Maul geworfen wurden, gegessen. Die Haie waren wirklich sehr nah bei uns. Einer hat mich (Eva) sogar leicht berührt. Insgesamt haben wir 25 Bullenhaie, 11 Schwarzspitzenriffhaie, 8 Weißspitzenriffhaie und 1 Amenhai gesehen.

    Das Erlebnis war unglaublich keine Frage, wir fanden es aber trotzdem schade, dass es so unnatürlich war und z.T. waren uns die Haie auch zu nah (nicht weil wir uns gefährdet gefühlt haben, sondern sie nicht im Ganzen bestaunen konnten).

    Nach dem Erlebnis haben wir uns noch einen gemütlichen Nachmittag im Apartment gemacht, zumal es auch immer wieder ein bisschen geregnet hat. Wir genießen es auch mal, wenn es regnet, da wir jetzt schon über ein Jahr Sommer haben 😎.

    P.S. Einmal bekamen wir sogar einen süßen tierischen Besuch in unser Apartment (siehe Foto).
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  • Day110

    Day 9 - Suva, Fiji

    April 30, 2017 in Fiji

    Today I woke up feeling great after a decent night's sleep and Mom and I took off for Uprising Beach Resort. I still managed to sleep the entire bus ride there and home despite a good nights sleep... Guess Asia has just made me used to it! I think I slept on every single travel vehicle we were on haha.

    Anyway, the bus ride was about an hour to the resort and we spent about 4 hours there. Compared to Mystery Island, the beach was underwhelming. The water was a murky colour and there was hardly any sea life to see below the water! It was a good place for swimming though I do have to say. And I stayed out in the water for about an hour straight just putsing around. I met up with Mary and Elizabeth while in the water and the three of us tried to discover marine life. We did see two fish between the three of us lol. But hey, now we can say that we've swam at a beach in Fiji! That's really all that we wanted to accomplish with the day. Especially because Suva itself isn't really a city that any of us wanted to spend any time in... It was nice to get away from there. I suppose we spent the night just so that the ship could restock as we now have 7 or 8 straight days of sailing ahead of us. Anyway, we had lunch at the resort and I sat by the pool afterwards reading my book and enjoying a local beer. I will say one thing about Fiji, the people are insanely kind and some of the nicest people I've met! They definitely go out of your way to remember your name and be kind to you. Something to be said about that :)

    We hopped back on the bus back to the cruise ship and made it back just in time for last call before they were set to sail away. I hopped in the shower before going up to the pool deck to see the sun set and there I ran into Joel. We had a couple drinks before I set off to find Mom. Mom and I had dinner in the dining room again. We had the same table again and the waiters are getting to know us pretty well haha. I don't even have to ask for my after dinner espresso anymore, he just brings it to me ;)

    After dinner Mom and I decided to go see the Accountant, playing in the theatre. Joel met up with us for that as well. It was a pretty great movie! All about a man with Aspergers who did the books for a a few criminal organizations and got into some trouble. An action movie, well researched, well done. I enjoyed it!

    After the movie Mom wanted to go to bed so Joel and I went to the bar next to the theatre and grabbed a drink. We then went to head up to the night club, Dizzy's, but got distracted at the Casino Bar chatting to Paul, an older gentleman that I've met on a number of previous occasions; he sure loves to drink haha. So we missed Dizzy's after losing track of time. We were going to head up to play another game of basketball but instead stood out on the balcony watching the water go by for a bit. It was a nice and relaxing way to end the evening instead of getting my adrenaline completely going by jumping around and what not. A very nice, low key evening, and I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight because I wasn't at the nightclub drinking to excess! Loving this trip.
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  • Day3

    Mein dritter Tag bestand hauptsächlich aus Busfahrt und Erkundungstour in Pacific Harbour an der Südküste Viti Levus. Dabei habe ich ein super süßes Café entdeckt, das auf den ersten Blick ziemlich verramscht aussieht, in Wirklichkeit aber einen Kaffee (oder in meinem Fall: einen Tee) wert ist.

  • Day35

    Der zweite Tag der Rundreise führte uns entlang der Coral Coast bis zum Uprising Beach Resort. Dabei durchquerten wir auch überraschend trockene Gebiete. Letztendlich landeten wir aber wieder in einer Landschaft voll grüner Pracht. Am Nachmittag unternahmen wir eine Wanderung zu einem nahegelegenen Wasserfall. Dort winkte dann die wohlverdiente Abkühlung in Form eines ausgedehnten Bades.Read more

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