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  • Day319

    Auf zu den Yasawa Islands

    September 11, 2018 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Heute morgen verabschiedeten wir uns von Niels 🤗und lernten auf unserer Fahrt zum Hafen Juliane aus Nürnberg kennen, deren Mutter witzigerweise ihre Wurzeln in Parchim, unweit von meinen, hat. Da ihre ganze Verwandtschaft in der Gegend wohnt, kennt sie sich dort auch gut aus. Wieder solch ein Zufall.😉 Auf alle Fälle unterhielten wir uns sehr gut mit Juliane, während wir die knapp fünf Stunden mit dem Yasawa Flyer durch die schönen Yasawa Islands schipperten,
    ...immer mal wieder bei den einzelnen Inseln stoppten, um Passagiere zu wechseln...ein bißchen wie Hopp on Hopp off Tour.... , bis wir bei unserem Safe Landing Eco Resort auf Nacula Island gut landeten.
    Irgendwie begrüßt uns Fidschi immer mit Wolken und Schauern....💧☔⛅☁️🌧🌬😔 ....und so hofften wir, dass ab Morgen wieder Sonnenschein ist.
    Da rundherum nichts ist, essen alle Gäste in der Lodge gemeinsam an einem langen Tisch. So lernten wir heute zwei niederländische und eine deutsche Weltreisende und eine polnische Urlauberin kennen.....und tauschten ein paar Reiseerfahrungen aus.
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  • Day3


    November 17, 2017 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    In the night it was really hot that you didn't even Needed a blanket and the mattress was about 2cm thick. But I had a good night. We left really early in the morning to Nausori. The family of sawi lives here, unfortunately his brother's wife has passed away last week. Today and tomorrow is the funeral.

    The town is on the other side of Fiji, the drive took us around 2 hours. On our way we had to wait for roadworks that had to get a lot of mud of the way. Due the rain there was an mud slide and that blocked the road by 2 meter high mud.

    When we arrived in the village everyone greeted us with bula (hello in Fijian). All the houses here are metal plates with some wood. No windows or anything. And when you enter the house you have to take your shoes off. Most people there walk bare foot or with flip-flops. All year long it's around 30 degrees.

    At the house we had a warm welcome. Got thee and cake. Afterwards we chatted with a lot of people. Luckily they already had a lot of other backpackers h
    Who went here and they know all basic English. I'm together with Luca the only foreigners in the village.

    On the day we only sat around for about 5 hours. Then went to the mortuary and helped to get the coffin. With a mortuary car. We had to wear special clothes, white top and black skirt. When we came back they layed the coffin in the house and we had dinner afterwards. Later in the evening we had kava thats a local drink where you can get drunk from if you drink a lot. It taste like water with nut, but it is a root. Kava is power from the root of a pepper plant.

    Late in the evening there were people singing in front of the coffin. All the people here will stay awake the whole night to pay their respect to the family member that passed away.
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  • Day3

    Nausori day 2

    November 17, 2017 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    I slept on the floor with light on and people talking. It didn't really helped but I got some sleep. At least enough sleep to do nothing 😋. We started with some curry and root for breakfast. And of course tea because Fijian people drink a lot of tea. And they drink out of a bowl in stead of cup. Then afterwards we got a shower, there's no hot water but no need with 30 degrees. Afterwards we got in the nice clothing again and walked around he town. Around 10 we went to the church and the a few people carried the coffin into the church. One of the kids he was with us in stead of his family because we where guests. Afterwards we walked to the hill in the village. Without coffin it was not easy to get up so I can't imagine how the people went up with the coffin on a steep mud hill.

    It was a really nice place to be buried. During the whole day you didn't had the idea that someone died. Many everyone was happy and the songs in the church sounded happy.

    Then we went down again and went for lunch. Oh yeah most people in the village walk everywhere barefoot. The lunch was really good! It was super tasty. After lunch we finally could get our normal clothes on. Then we lay around and chatted with some people.

    Before we went they called us to drink kava together. We were sitting with a big group of 20 people and they where making kava and drinking it. Even with the sigaretes they shared. They just passed it through to the next person.

    Around 6 pm we left the village, while we where walking towards the car, everyone waved goodbye while we where walking past. It was so nice to see.

    Now on our way back to nadi, what is about 3 hour drive.

    Everything in the village just seems so unreal. All the luxury we got and always complaining about every little thing and never enough money. They have to do everything with a wage of 300 euros a month... Also they don't go to the dentist or brush their teeth, more that half the people above 25 are missing several teeth.. It's just so intense to see this different world!
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  • Day4


    November 18, 2017 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Sawi woke us up 7in the morning. When had to get up and pack our bags. We ate our breakfast in the car and we arrived at the docks. A boat took us to the furthest Island and there they pick u up with a smaller boat to be dropped off at the island.

    We had lunch there and in the afternoon learned to know some people who were also traveling. We hired a kayak and went around our beach and tried to reach another island what was pretty close by. Later we had dinner and a few beers before going to bed.

    The next morning It started dry and cloudy. We had breakfast and around 9 we left to the caves, it was around a half hour boat trip with a small boat. The cave was beautiful. You could jump of one of the walls. And there was also an entrance to another cave but you had to go unter water to reach it. It was really dark there and that cave was also really big! It was kinda a small tunnel.

    On our way out it started to rain already. The whole way back was a bit cold with a wet shirt. In the afternoon it was pooring rain. Played pool and when it was dry got some mango's and opened a coconut. Some slacklining.

    Next day went reef hopping. So snorkling in different corals and lots of fish. It was beautiful just as the great barrier reef. But only for 15 dollars in stead of 150..
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